July 9 - 15

Happy Eclipse Season! Thus begins the grand finale of 2018’s Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Which marks July as one of the most transformative months of the year. Throughout the next three weeks, it’s of critical importance to have a two-fold value. Interact with the next experiences with the tool of "both/and". Yes there will arenas is your life that come to a close, but a new beginning is sure to arrive. When we're in the dark night of the soul, shame tells us the there is no dawn. But rest assured - the dawn will come. 

Venus and Jupiter transits light up the celestial skies this week and a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Thursday night. On Monday, Love Goddess Venus cozies up to sensual Virgo. Venus will help us crush a bit more on the practical, reliable, consistent, and intelligent suitors for the next three weeks. Venus in Virgo sanitizes your romantic vision clean from adoring the dark and tortured ones for the responsible and ambitious.

On Tuesday, Jupiter ends its a five month retrograde in Scorpio. We’ll feel our inner optimism and outer luck return to not only our summer goals but the way we interact with intimacy, commitment, transformation, and sexuality. Since October 2017, Jupiter has uplifted all of Scorpio’s mighty themes to the forefront of consciousness in the likeness of #MeToo, #TimesUp, Parkland High School shooting, Texas Detention Centers, etc.

Jupiter in Scorpio continues to remind us that until and unless America’s three most life-threatening psychic wounds - race, gender, and class - are righteously ameliorated, so the country will stay in violent white supremacy, abusive patriarchy, and oppressive income-inequality. Through a metaphysician’s eye, you could liken the focus on these events as the necessary prerequisite for its transformation which is its identification as crisis. Now we develop a plan of action under Jupiter’s direct motion in Scorpio.

Speaking of America, a Solar Eclipse in Cancer is exactly conjunct America’s Sun on Thursday. This Solar Eclipse as a New Moon is an exceptionally powerful moment for us to declare our national intentions. I’m a big fan of throwing many solutions at a multicausal problem so give it a try! On the personal level, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer will reset our intentions around emotional safety and home. So keep your thoughts as uplifted as possible for maximum manifestation.


You’re used to coming in first as the first zodiac sign in the calendar. So it’s no surprise that you’re supreme in achieving this summer goals from health, organization, to responsibilities and wellness. Venus beautifies these pre existing efforts so enjoy the results of your hard labor over the next three weeks. On Tuesday, Jupiter ends a 5 month retrograde in your intimacy, sexuality, and commitment sector. Reflect deeply on what you’ve learned about these experiences in your life because you’ll have to let the rubber meet the road so meaningful contemplation will help. No place like home? The Solar Eclipse in Cancer powerfully changes your emotionality, safety and the people/places that help you feel like home.

Turn up the volume, Taurus. Since it’s time to love out loud! We all know your sign likes to find security before opening yourself up to love, romance, and partnership. Venus in Virgo wants you to open yourself up to love loudly first to find the security you crave on the other side. Switch the paradigm! Especially since Jupiter is ending a retrograde in your love life. Your prospects and experiences have felt a bit stale since March. Now the chemistry returns in divine timing! Along the way, remember action speak in tandem with words. The Solar Eclipse inspires you to think, communicate, and listen in alignment with your highest desires. Use your words and both ears as intelligently as you can this summer to receive the gifts of mindfulness, focus, and awareness.

A romantic homecoming Gemini? Venus in Virgo is helping you find a supportive romance that feels like the safety of a carefully built home for your heart. The world knows you’re as sharp as a tack. Now you’re ready to reveal to suitors/partners not just your brain but your heart and vulnerabilities. On Tuesday, Jupiter ends a five month retrograde in your health, wellness, and organization sector. If you’ve felt a bit nutty because you’re out of your routine, Jupiter moving direct will put you bad to your schedule. Let it rain! The Solar Eclipse in Cancer supercharges your financial aspirations. So keep your intentions and thoughts on money very optimistic.

Happy Birthday, beautiful Cancer! Venus in Mercury ruled Virgo will give you the gift of the gab for your birthday. You’ll be charm others with how beautifully you speak and how attentively you listen. Don’t be shocked if you start crushing on the nerd with glasses type, too. Intelligence is the biggest turn on and Shakespeare wrote the love begins with the mind. Jupiter returns your creativity and confidence when the mighty planet goes direct on Tuesday. Clear your Thursday because the Solar Eclipse is for Cancer is receptive for your birthday wishes and your desires are the closest to the Universe’s ear for speedy manifestation. May they all come true!

The royal treasurer’s very busy this summer! Venus in Virgo is bestowing financial generosity, increased literacy, abundance, and security to you Leo. Appreciate the wealth and let your money work for you. Jupiter ends a difficult retrograde in your deepest sensitivities, emotionality, home, and family. You’re holding higher wisdom in your mind on these experiences so now that Jupiter’s direct - let the wisdom move from your head to your heart. Seeking closure, your majesty? Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer closes the door on a low-level experience(s) that keep you stuck in fear, insecurity, victimhood, and/or blame. Tell the Universe exactly what you want to be released from then show up ready to do it.

Hey, Miss Popular! Venus radiates for Virgo for the next 3 weeks! Your Mercurial charisma, romantic pursuits, and beauty will be on display for admirers and friends to enjoy. Enjoy the summer lovin’ and social influence. Since March, Jupiter retrograde might’ve felt like a consistent headache and writer’s block while it toured through your communication sector. Jupiter moves direct on Tuesday so you’ll get a bigger grip on your thoughts and verbal techniques! Searching for more meaningful belonging? This Solar Eclipse in Cancer helps you understand your role and skills within a loyal and loving community or friendship circle.

Surrender can be so sweet, Libra. Venus in Virgo is beautifying your closure, surrender, and final-chapter sector for the next three weeks. Not only is it a profound moment to receive deeper spiritual principles, but it ask you to let go of people, places, and ideas that prevent you from accessing the highest joy and relationship mutuality. When Jupiter ends its retrograde, the direct movement will ask you to quickly find the values and principles that inform your behavior. Meditate and define on words like authenticity, courage, integrity, etc. Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer has the potential to reset your career in a mighty big way. So stay brave, prepared, and focused in the direction of your dreams for your triumph is certain!

Are they a friend, a lover, or a  fuck-buddy, Scorpio? Venus in Virgo will blur the boundaries between romance, friendship, and even casual sexual partners. I’d recommend you love your friends more romantically. Make your romances more friendly. And sexual partners more respectful. The best dynamics incorporate a universal social standard of excellence. Jupiter ends a long ass retrograde in Scorpio on Tuesday. Phew! You’re receiving your optimism, momentum, and bravery again just in time to make this summer a memorable one. Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer could send you jet setting to far corners of your mind or the even globe. Think big. Enjoy the education, travel, and expansion!

Of course you’re the M-V-P, Sag. Venus in Virgo making you the most valuable professional. So your influence and loyalty is at its strongest in career related spaces. Maximize this magnetism to help you advance to wherever your goals are. Since last-March, while Jupiter (your ruling planet!) was retrograde, it’s likely you didn’t know which end was up. Jupiter moves direct on Tuesday where the fog is lifted from your vision and clarity restored to you. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer excites your urge to merge completely and is likely to begin or continue a very intimate, authentic, and transformative six months.

Chemistry’s in the contrast, Capricorn. Venus in Virgo is putting hearts in your eyes for people who are vastly different than you Since their opposite perspective gives you the perspective to grow. Receive their feedback with generous assumptions about their intent and keep the armor off. Jupiter ends a retrograde in your social scene so you’ll be hit with the impulse to paint the town red this summer. Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer resets your romances and partnerships in one of the most powerful transits in over a decade. It’ll ask you to confront your desires on love internally so that you can align future experiences with honesty and preparation.

The summer’s about to get hotter, Aquarius. Even though Mars is still retrograde in your sign so you’ll need to move thoughtfully, Venus electrifies your erotic experiences, intimacy, and sexuality. So go deep where you feel very called to. Enjoy these moments as places where you can soften your skills in meaningful connection. Feeling stuck at work? Jupiter ends its retrograde in your career sector and puts your professional success at the top of the Universe’s itinerary. Reflect on what you professionally learned since last March and embed the wisdom in your behavior to take off! Routine sets you free. A Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Thursday recharges daily strategies for your inevitable successes!

It takes two, Pisces. Since Venus has entered Virgo, your most romantic time of year has begun. So approach dating and love from a place of worthiness and joy. Chemistry and Cupid’s arrows are flying everywhere this summer. Especially with those who inspire an opposites-thermonuclear-attract vibe. The more of a contrast they are from you, the better. Since their different resonance in your life helps you find growth opportunities. Jupiter ending its retrograde on Tuesday returns higher optimism and motivation to your thinking. Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer inspires you to create and/or tell a big story. You’re ready to leave the confines of the safe fish bowl. It’s your time now to be seen, heard, and appreciated. So make it happen!