July 30th - August 5th

After a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius last week, the Universe’s high energy is calming down as its speed. While Mercury is in its first retrograde week, Mars is currently retrograde - as is Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron - the transiting Pisces Moon throughout the first half of the week could inspire a compassionate dive into our sensitivities and compassion. Go deep, then deeper. Don’t stop accessing your emotionality until you’re at it’s most meaningful foundations. You’ll know you’ve found it when you’re feeling peaceful and supported even on situations could trigger your insecurities, anxieties, and defensiveness. Like my SaturnSis Jessica Lanyadoo reminds us “You have to feel it to heal it.”

This focus of this entire week is the moon’s aspects to Mercury, Neptune, Mars, etc. So in sharp contrast to the five retrograde planets, the theme is clear - since the external activity has slowed down, get to work on healing the inner emotional activity. Supercharge the week’s midpoint under the transiting Aries Moon by remembering what’s needed now on the personal levels is us all striving to express our highest emotional responsibility.  

And so this weekend’s Taurus Moon beginning on Friday will inspire you to take your understandings and work on developing something practical with them. I don’t think “sensitive” and “practical” are bad bedfollows. So ask the Universe to help you find the ways in which you can express your heart in service to the progress, recovery, and adaptability of your life.

t is a case of the Mondays and the very sleepy Moon, Ram. Because La Luna in Pisces makes compassionate self-care, rest, and recharge your trinity values until midweek. When the Moon enters Aries, you’re on fire again. Rejoice as your legendary speed, passionate motivation, and vision return very quickly! Try to balance your momentum with a bit of discernment as your ruling planet Mars is still retrograde. So you’ll want to sustain courage and strengthen impulse control. This weekend under a Taurus Moon, a healthy dose of practicality and preparation will strengthen the longevity of your power.

You’re getting so damn good at a group dynamics, Taurus. I mean, honestly - who needs the belle of the ball when there’s the bull at the ball? You’re tending to the emotional concerns of your friends and connections in ways that remind them why they’re so loyal to your. Halfway in the week, a transiting Aries Moon inspires you to reign your precious energy back in. A lovely way to honor the retrograde activity. Have a few nights in where you to schedule rest and recharging. This weekend has your courage, motivation, and optimism on the itinerary when the Moon enters Taurus on Friday so make magic happen!

Dive, turn, twerk - Gemini! You have glamour and creativity on the job. So stay confident in your progress, innovation, ideas, and efficiency. Your intelligence and adaptability will take you to high heights. With five planets in retrograde - including your ruler, Mercury - I want your strategy to be twofold: ask questions and assume nothing. Raise your vibrations by gathering with girlfriends midweek under the transiting Aries Moon. Process last week’s sensitivities together and don’t be afraid to lower the blame sword and pick up the accountability balm. When the Taurus Moon begins on Friday, you’ll want to take a staycation. Catch up on sleep and self-care!

The biggest size queen on the block is you Cancer. I kid, I kid! The beginning of the week inspires an expansion of vision. Think big, baby! Try not get caught in the weeds. You have the entire power of the ocean in your mind so put it in valuable places. And like the cliche says - don’t sweat the small stuff! Midweek is a benchmark for your summer goals. Let your ambition put you in the direction of your dreams. Try not to double book your weekend plans because you’ll be in high demand. Have fun!

Happy Birthday, Leo! I hope all your birthday celebrations are of the royal caliber. I love seeing you receive the affirmation and support you righteously deserve! You’re like a feral cat in the summer heat this week. So your horoscope gives you the permission to explore your erotic desires safely and without apology. Remember to let the conviction of optimism be your guide so that all your personal, relational, sexual, and professional wishes can come true. Speaking of, you’re ready to work this weekend. Tell the Universe your dreams for career because it’s listening to the Leo’s heart first and foremost this month. Happy Manifesting!

Two is better than one, Virgo. The week begins with your heart a flutter. You’re feeling compromising, romantic, and excited to connect. Since it’s a transiting Pisces Moon, consider the opposites attract style chemistry. Like it or not, you won’t grow when you get your needs met from commonality based pairs right now. A Pisces Moon teaches you - you’ll grow around contrast. Ready to take dynamics to the next level? The energy gets sexy and authentic midweek. Don’t be afraid to get a lil messy this weekend maiden.

3..2..1 - ground yourself, Libra. The transiting Pisces moon inspires you to return to your precious habits, routine, and proactive prep for success. After weeks of adventure, controlled-risk, and exposure - you’re ready for security. If you set yourself up for it, it can’t but happen. Date night on Weds? Why not. Your focus shifts from work to romance to intimacy. Swipe right, say yes. Explore chemistry with suitors you wouldn’t expect. Deepen your bonds with those who deserve it and who cherish you.

Stand down, Scorpio. Do yourself a favor - lower the stinger and Scorpio’s claws. This week’s theme is simple: resist defensiveness. Difficult, I know. Assume people are here to help not harm you. Give it a try! You’ll realize the energy you proactively produce sets people up to rise to their excellence or make manifest your projected guilt. Check you out, Miss Thing - your productivity is off the charts. Slashing to-do lists left and right. Which inspires ease for fun and romance this weekend because you’ll feel less stressed. Plan a date night or sexual healing!

Click your ruby red slippers, Centaur. There’s no place like home! Your marching orders from the Universe are: rest, recharge, and get cozy wherever “home” is for you. If it’s inaccessible, ask where you need to go to find your safety. Along the way, let others see your vulnerabilities and sensitivities too. They’re what make you beautiful not weak. After your soul searching, you’re ready for excitement and bliss. Go a lil out of your way to have fun. Balance the weekend’s joy with taking care of business. And cross of those bullet points on the to-do list!

Use your words carefully, Seagoat. Absolutely, actions speak loudly. Yet this week’s moon transits inspire you to not just act in integrity but pay attention, speak, and listen carefully for integrity. You should try so hard as smoothing your your verbal techniques that you’re exhausted from it. Since midweek, you’re given all the permission for nights at home for relaxation and healing self-care. The energy shifts by Friday under the lovely Taurus Moon which will have you feeling more social, ready to romance, and soften in to pleasure.

Who said something about Aquarius being detached? Where? Not this week. Even while Mars is retrograde in your sign, you’re tenacious soul is arriving closer to cherishing values, people, and places that you adore. These experiences will help you protect what gives you happiness. And gently release what gives you pain. Then you’ll be the most talkative mid week. Charming others with your curiosities and storytelling. I love watching Weaterbears regail a crowd with their social elegance. Recharge your energy this weekend with a night or two within.

Congratulations, Merpoeple! The transiting moon shines for you, Pisces! So pay very close attention to ideas, visions, and dreams until Wednesday because they’re directions from the Universe on where to find your best success. Your intuition will prove very accurate so follow them! Midweek if you get the urge to splurge, I wouldn’t. Save, discern, exercise responsibility as much as you can. A beautiful Taurus Moon takes to the Friday skies and will inspire you to share what your intuition and spirit observed from your feelings this week with friends. Check in with your intuition again while you take your friends’ feedback seriously.