July 23-29

Last Sunday, the Sun joined with its one and only signsake Leo. The peak of summer has begun. So the next four weeks will provide us with new beliefs and experiences that help us claim our Leo ruled ideas like courage, worthiness, passion, confidence, and joy.

While times are bleak and culture’s appetite is hungry for guilt, blame, and despair, the Sun in Leo's assignment is two fold. Number one, Leo decrees us to liberate our hearts behind the prisons of fear our ego builds in the name of “self-protection”. So we soften in to moments of joy, love, and belonging. Number two, once you leave fear behind and experience the changes that only love can bring in to your life, then you can transform the guilt, blame, and despair the culture is hungry for to innocence, compassion, and hope in your Kingdom. Why? Because you - no more or less than anyone else - are worthy of becoming your highest, most royal self. You are meant to recognize the divinity within and express it outward. You are obligated to sit on the throne of your life and claim the kingdom of your experiences.

If you need a bit more time to grasp the two-fold Leo Assignment - we all do! - Mercury will Retrograde this Thursday in Leo until August 19th. And so planet of communication and consciousness will ask to us to review, reconsider, and reintegrate how we hold our self-esteem, confidence, and personal worthiness.

This Friday, the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century will shine in Aquarius. Its twenty minutes of totality will supercharge not just our weekend but our lives with a deeper understanding of the glory of friendship, activism, and collaboration. This is the last Solar/Lunar Eclipse in community centered Aquarius for the next eight years. Given the enormity of this transit and its timeliness in our current moment, I suspect we need to elevate our framework on spirituality from “me” to “we”. We need to go higher than a narrow personalized context. There’s a bit of danger if we’re relegating our spiritual seeking to systems and dialogue that are all about you or me. We need a broader force for “us”. Aquarius transits uplift and expand our perception to hold an energy for the collective. Under the Lunar Eclipse, spend twenty minutes in deep contemplation on how you might utilize your personal gifts and privileges to serve the mission of the moment.

The Universe’s battle cry for children of the deity of war is simple - live and love loudly, Aries! The Sun in Leo and Mercury Retrograde transiting the same lion will inspire the bravest Rams amongs us to fan the flames within that burn for confidence, romance, and worthiness. Let the belief that you are already worthy of love, belonging, and purpose guide you. If Mercury retrograde calls forth difficulty and tension in applying the worthiness or grasping it, that’s to be expected. We don’t learn how to handle discomfort when everything is going well. Stay resilient, disciplined, and focused on burning your powers within. Gather round your best friends under Friday’s Lunar Eclipse as a Full Circle moment to your friendships and community.  Like the cliche says, “If you want to move fast, go alone. If you want to move far, go together.”

There’s no place like home, Taurus. A practical, loving, and comfort seeking sign, you’re looking for emotional safety in “shelter” this Leo Season. Which could be your interior place of rest or your exterior space. So finalize plans on moving, cleaning, or redecorating your home. Along the way, sensitivities could come up for you during Mercury Retrograde in Leo. So stay curious not confrontational. And if you’re feeling funky about something, air it out calmly. Refrain from conspiracy and certainty. Ask questions to yourself and all people involved. Career changes are coming after this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius! You’ll be pushed much closer to professional situations that align with your highest purpose. 

You’re putting the “commune” in communication, Gemini. With Leo Season helping you shine, you’re modeling best practices on communication as both listening and speaking. Even if listeners or your audience don’t have the language to vocalize appreciation, know that so long as you’re inhabiting the best of verbal communication, you’re making a quantum difference in someone’s life. Mercury Retrograde could bring conflict in these miscommunication experiences so you can be mediator if necessary. Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius sends you jet-setting to experiences that broaden your understanding. Interior or international adventure awaits you. Bon voyage!

Clutch your pearls, Cancer. This Leo Season, you’re developing a higher financial literacy and context of personal security. And Mercury Retrograde in Leo will provide you with the royal strategies of abundant success. In the meantime, I’ll recommend you to be very disciplined about spending and saving your precious pearls. A Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday provides you with a weekend of some of your favorite things: intimacy, bonding, authenticity, and sexual healing. The total Truth with a capital ‘T’ is likely to be revealed. So if its uncomfortable, allow yourself to adapt, receive, and understand. And if you had a part to play in the discomfort, own your mess, forgive where appropriate, vocalize responsibility, and make way for higher wisdom and a commitment to do it better.

Happy Birthday, Leo! The Sun and Mercury are shining with your royal constellation up high in the heavens above. Even though Mercury will retrograde throughout your solar return this Thursday, your birthday task is to keep your thoughts, emotions, and behavior as supremely high to the skies because you’re a master manifester while these transits blaze through Leo. Even without evidence, your responsibility is to lay claim to both optimism and flexibility. Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius offers more changes and a depth of passion for your royally romantic stories. If you’re currently single, rest assured - a new love story is beginning. If partnered, you can choose to deepen the level of intimacy and commitment. Or you may realize the relationship has served its purpose and you can end the physical proximity chapter. No matter the circumstance, ask the Universe to help you with your thoughts on relationships, listen for direction, then do it. Wishing all your birthday wishes to come true!

You’re not losing your brilliant mind, Virgo. It really is getting surreal in here. Not only is the Sun blazing through Leo but when Mercury Retrograde begins on Thursday, it’ll expand your vision to see not only the physical but the pictures of your dreams and visions and intuition. If you’ve considered a dream journal, acupuncture, a spiritual healer, or therapist - consider these resources now. Monitor your feelings for the best wisdom on where to go next. Health on the brain? Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will promotes stronger practices on exercise, nutrition, wellness, and the responsibilities to sustain them. Your life works better when you work hard at life!

Beware the “ambivalent” friends, Libra. Defined as “having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone”. Not only is the Sun shining in these areas but Mercury Retrograde in Leo beginning this Thursday could confront you with imbalanced, mixed, or contradictory friendships. All you need to do is keep the ones who can’t show happiness for you at a wide distance. Cherish friends who cheer for your success and can hold you in crisis. A romantic, fun, and high-energy weekend is all yours thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Your beautiful Venus ruled confidence and otherworldly charisma will shine under the Full Moon. Know it and use it well!

My Grandmother - a Venus in Scorpio - said you can find your life purpose if you know what you can spend all night talking about. That’s where you’ll find your best case scenario for career. While the Sun shines in Leo and Mercury Retrograde tours the same sign on Thursday, the Universe is trying to align you with professional success not simply job security. Be brave and take risks in the direction of these goals. Lucky and benevolent Jupiter in Scorpio will help! A weekend at home is ordered by the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This Full Moon could inspire you to reimagine emotional safety, home, and family. Listen to the wisdom of your intuition and swim in the feels for answers on where to go next.

You’re almost off and running, Sagittarius! Now that the Sun is in fellow fire sign Leo and Mercury Retrograde will tour the same sign on Thursday, the transits will ignite your passions to explore corners of the unknown in books, education, dialogue, and travel. This is a wonderful time to sample all of your curiosities without commitment just yet. You’ll know where to book the ticket or submit the tuition deposit soon. For now - sample. Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius has your social graces at the center of wherever you find yourself. Tell stories, ask questions, and enjoy the spotlight! No one enchants a crowd like you, centaur. Now do it!

As the zodiac’s mythological Seagoat, you’re half mountain-climber and half deep-diver, Capricorn. While the Sun shines in Leo this month and Thursday’s start to Mercury Retrograde in the same sign, it’ll flex your fish tail. You’ll be asked to climb less mountains but swim in the low depths of intimacy, authenticity, and transformation for the remainder of the summer. Without question, uncomfortable emotions could arise down there. So rather than denying, numbing, or distracting yourself from these feels, develop the righteous strategies to process and ultimately transform them to incorporate the experiences as empowering wisdom not embarrassing shame. This weekend’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius supercharges your finances, personal security, and values for the better. Enjoy the abundance!

Ghosts from lovers passed walk among you! Now that the Sun is in Leo and Mercury will Retrograde in the same royal sign on Thursday, these transits will blur the past and present romances as one. This is good news! Since it offers you a chance to possibly heal and let go of passed shadows and heartbreak. So that you might enjoy the current moment in love without attachment to shadows of the past. Friday’s TOTAL Lunar Eclipse is in Aquarius. So thus is your highest, most accessible opportunity to transform your life if you’re willing to receive the wisdom. Ask the Universe what changes you want to receive, develop the inner ear’s capacity to listen and inner eye’s ability to see the direction and then - happy manifesting!

I’m lol’ing imagining the Pisces fish do pushups. This Leo Season and Mercury Retrograde in Leo beginning on Thursday - these transits are getting your physical and emotional health back on track. So drop and gimme twenty, Pisces. Along the way, take your personal development seriously and  the Universe will have no choice but to seriously reward you for your efforts. A Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius this weekend offers you prime opportunity to receive closure and surrender peacefully in any of the life areas you need it most. Lovingly let go of all low-level things during this once in a lifetime Eclipse and give yourself a radical new beginning. A life unlike the past. Be brave!