July 2 - 8

This week’s horoscope is the only July ‘18 one that’s allowed to be succinct. After a mighty Full Moon in Capricorn last Thursday, the zodiac intimately knows what we all have to work on with discipline and integrity.

But first - the holiday. A transiting Pisces Moon on the 4th of July could provide not only the imagination to dream new ways of experiencing the summer but of American life. Given how mindless and distracting our culture is, let this holiday offer a mindful way to experience the cultivation of joy and an American moment free from the chaos, violence, and greed that chokeholds us. 

This weekend’s horoscope is a sharp contrast between fun and possible fights. So take risks but don’t take bait for conflict!


Dare to dream big, Ram! Pay very close  attention to your visions, ideas, and dreams as they are trying to help you with the solutions to the problems keeping you up at night. Dismiss  nothing as “coincidence”. On the 4th, your energy could be a bit low while the moon shines in your sector of slumber. So stay receptive, flexible, and a bit detached with your commitments. To help, surround yourself with people who don’t feel like work. Your mojo returns this weekend when the moon enters Aries. So do what you do best - enjoy yourself and pursue your bliss.


What’s better than summertime, sunshine, and friends? You’ll have a lovely holiday if you plan a gathering with your closest support system, Taurus. Always know that you’re a wonderful party host! Carefully picking the best atmosphere, music, food, drinks, and people. The zodiac feels so joyful around you. After an active holiday, you may want some downtime, rest, and self-care this weekend while the moon sleeps in your sector of rest, closure, and endings. Take a weekend in if you feel up to it and do so without apology!


Whoever said politics and parties don’t mix never socialize with you Gemini. On the 4th of July, your intelligent mind could help initiate deep conversations that make people go “ah-ha!” around the areas of sociology and even politicians. So if it feels right, identify the learning outcomes and speak on it. Trust me, more are listening to your words than you know. The summer parties continue this weekend while you’re feeling social, adventurous, and curious. Enjoy the soirees!


Happy Birthday, Cancer! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams light up the firework sky and put the technicolor in your heart. You’ll put the Independence in Independence Day. The transiting Moon has you feeling more confident, courageous, and outspoken. So demonstrate the power and glory of having the sun shine in your constellation. After a joyful week of holidays and parties, this weekend motivates you to get to work. So do what you can to decrease that long to-do list and enjoy the relief of responsibilities accomplished.


While everyone’s looking up at the fireworks you want to go deep, Leo. The transiting moon on the the 4th inspires you to look for depth, realness, and perhaps some sexual fun. You want to go within or inside if you know what I mean. If you’re not finding it where you are, then sneak away if you have to. Ask for forgiveness not permission! Are you in the mood for a weekend getaway? Plan an short adventure with the people you love that fuels your fire sign passions and answers your burning curiosities.


Summer lovin’, Virgo - it’ll have you a blast! A romantic moon on the 4th of July puts all the fireworks in the skies and places them benevolently between whoever you’re near. Approach the sparks lightly and enjoy yourself in the company of who’s giving you the gaze. You deserve it. This weekend is less lighted hearted than the holiday and more deep. If you want to experience some sexual healing or bonding, then it’s all yours for the taking. Don’t be afraid to show or see imperfections in yourself and partnerships.


Health is your summer goal, Libra. And of course a little bit of balance - your favorite! - could be a gift you give yourself on the 4th of July. As you know, children of Venus - holidays are meant to be enjoyed. So find that sexy sweet spot between pleasure and responsibilities for the summer goals you’ve given yourself. Date night this weekend? I hope so! A romantic moon promises chemistry, attraction, and love with a special someone if single or a gorgeous context for intimacy deepening if partnered.


Are those fireworks in the Independence sky or is it just Scorpio being the belle of the ball? Dive, turn, work bitch! Be it known, the 4th of July has your story on blast. So lean right in to it. You’re hardly a conversational monopolizer on the day to to day so show the party what stories, anecdotes, and dance moves you got. They’ll eat it up! After you have a ball, this weekend is all about duty and work. So get to stepping on your to-do list and accomplish all those unfinished tasks.


Let me give it to you bluntly - people absolutely love hearing your sensitivities, Sagittarius. As it turns out, Independence Day might inspire an uncharacteristic longing for emotional connection and empathy. It’s a gorgeous side to you so let others see it and align with those who have the capacity to return the emotional support you’re craving. Especially because this weekend returns the pep in your centaur step and lights up all your fires again. Romance, fun, and pleasure abound while the moon transits your charisma and courage. Enjoy!


The most effective way to help ease your social anxieties in large parties is by asking questions, Capricorn. The 4th of July will have your mind racing to understand people’s histories, motives, and strategies. So soften the discomfort with the right questions to understand what you need to know. Make no assumptions. Your ability to storytell could prove a party hit! After the holiday, you might feel inspires to take a staycation this weekend. You’ll want to a quiet weekend in with family and cherished loved ones.


What do you value, Aquarius? Spend time giving this crucial question the energy it deserves. And Let Independence Day be a mindful holiday to help you understand the things, places, and people you love. Remember them dearly and make decisions based on what you’ve acquired in your value sector. Because claiming your core values anchor your ship when it’s hit by uncertainty, indecision, fear, and/of chaos. Your phone will be ringing off the hook this weekend! Friends will seek your presence and if you’re up for it, give the crowd what they want. You!


The Moon shines for you on the 4th of July, Pisces! So do the Universe a humble favor and take in the fireworks, joy, gathering, and love. Hold on to the experience and know you’re so worthy of it all; love, belonging, and success. This weekend has you looking to incorporate some practical moves in the right direction of personal success. Don’t dismiss the power of how little steps in the direction of responsibility, bring about big successes!