July 16 -22

Without a doubt, the effects of last Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer are leaving us all sifting through our feelings on emotionality, safety, home, and family. Since Eclipses arrive in a series, note that in less than two weeks we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Followed by our last Solar Eclipse of the year in Leo two weeks later.

With these substantial Eclipses and Mars/Saturn/Chiron/Neptune and Pluto ALL Retrograde - I’d advise against implementing/expecting/asking for any binding agreement. Not a chance. There’s too much energy dealing with the: unknown, alternative possibilities, and surprise twists on the Universe’s itinerary for us to cling to certainty this summer. So don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know right now but I’ll tell you when I figure it out.”

I suspect that this Tuesday’s Libra Moon could motivate us to share our sensitivities with those who need to hear it. Particularly involving any realizations from the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Yes it’ll be very vulnerable and messy. But there’s no coming in to contact with our bravest moment without a prerequisite of vulnerability. So be honest, messy, and brave! Speaking of, Leo Season begins on Sunday and we’ll all be inspired to put our heart-centered strengths on the Universe’s grand stage for people to hear.


Sensitive sheep much? Thy name is Aries. By now, you should know - it’s totally appropriate to feel your emotions. You love to move, move, move. So use that momentum in service for emotional processing not emotional distraction or numbing. Your sensitivities could be under the romantic category. So you’re ready to bond more deeply with partners or lovingly let go for new opportunities. It’s important that you share the sensitivities with yourself and/or lovers so you can all operate within vocalized expectation and the best of integrity. Leo Season starting on Sunday  begins your confidence, joy, and charisma tour. You’ll enjoy a month of burning bright. So shine baby, shine!


Out of your comfort zone and routine, Taurus? You’re craving the consistency and reliability of a schedule because this spontaneous energy isn’t cutting it for you anymore. Tuesday’s Libra Moon promises you the grounding and centernedess your practical soul is missing. So be proactive with honoring pre existing expectations and responsibilities. Set yourself up for success with preparation, clarifying work and social schedules, and finalizing your routine. Leo Season starts a sensitive homecoming with a focus on family, rest, and nesting on Sunday which could surface deep sensitivities you never knew you had. Enjoy the swim in the emotion ocean!


Live and love out loud, Gemini! You’re usually very polite and considerate in dialogue but as fate would have it - this week doesn’t require it. You’re called to stay outspoken proactively without invitation. When I feel the need to lay it down thick ,I like to begin sentences with “Full disclosure…” for it requires no permission from the listener. And speaking candidly protects you because it keeps your actions in integrity. When Leo Season begins on Sunday, your communication skills will shine with the heat of the solar system’s center srar. And you’ll be impressing others beautifully with your thoughtful questioning and engaged listening.


Happy Birthday, Cancer! I hope last Thursday's Solar Eclipse reset your life and directed you to the infinite possibilities of the new. Stay grateful for the highs and even the lows from your past experiences. For both are contributing in helping you become the most magnificent version of yourself. Most importantly, hold a firm conviction of optimism for the new beginnings promised ahead. The Universe is aligning significantly for Cancer born and influenced so get ready for some of the most landmark experiences of your life. Leo Season lights up your financial and personal securities sector. Be firm about the personal beliefs that keep your inner joy secure!


Look who’s royally talking, Leo! You’re feeling passionate and curious to know more. Your mind is eager to speak on what you’re learning. Since we’re gaining entry to two eclipses that effect Leo deeply, I want you to approach communication spaces with the belief that dialogue will your dreams coming true. Examine your inner and outer communication with ensuring your words keep you in the direction of your triumphs. Then watch it happen. Especially since Leo Season begins on Sunday and you’ll be showing the zodiac why you were crowned reigning royal. May all your birthday wishes come true!


A little luxury never hurt anyone, Virgo. After working hard and exerting emotional labor, this week inspires you to indulge luxuriously with all the senses. The Universe firmly supports your efforts in taste, aroma, touch, and tantric sexuality. As you know, life is meant to be not only worked on but thoughtfully enjoyed too. As a reminder for why you work so hard! So your horoscope is to simply enjoy the pleasures of life and give in to joy. Especially because Leo Season’s start on Sunday schedules self-care, surrender, and the giving of closure you need all month long.


The moon shines beautifully for you Libra! The diamond in the night sky inspires your qualities of diplomacy, harmony, relationships, and love to the forefront of the week. Make yourself the high-priestess in whatever room you’re in and demonstrate that which you know flawlessly. After working hard this month, Leo Season begins to shine its powerful energy into your friendship and socializing sector. If you’ve felt like summer hasn’t started yet, don’t fret. Sunday kicks off the beginning of the best. Make sure you party hard with your girlfriends because you’ve earned it!


This week your horoscope is to make sure you schedule self-care, Scorpio. Tuesday’s Libra Moon moon inspires you to rest, recharge, and release. The Universe knows you give and give from the depths of your emotionality very powerfully to the efforts and people you love. So use this week to return your precious energy so you can keep doing what you do best - loyally love. On Sunday, Leo’s Season takes your career off to the races. All month long, you’ll be working your stinger off and impressing the Universe with your responsibilities and work ethic. An early congratulations to you on the inevitable successes!  


Even if Tuesday’s a stupid “school-night”, Sagittarius - paint the town red anyway. Who needs sleep, right? A lively Libra moon inspires your best efforts to socialize, laugh, and love with your closest friends. So your horoscope is to make the midweek feel like your weekend. The energy stays high since you’re flying off to far corners of your mind and/or world when Leo Season begins on Sunday. All month long, you’ll be jetsetting to new experiences whether that’s new countries, learning, and/or other experiences with cross-cultural connection. Bon voyage!


You’re allowed to stay later at the office this week, Capricorn. The Universe knows you’re happiest while working so this week inspires you to focus, contribute, and climb even higher mountains of professional success. So hold on your astounding resilience, perseverance, and ambition throughout. And Voila! You’ll get to the mountainpeak in no time. Sunday’s commencement for Leo Season brings not high mountaintops to your life experience but powerful depths with intimacy, sexuality, and bonding all month long. You’re ready to understand both the light and dark within you and embrace the light and dark in romantic partners.


Can they handle the Truth, Aquarius? We all know you can. So it’s your time to deliver your Truth to others. Whether or not they take it well is not your concern. All that matters is you speak your honesty compassionately and with a willingness to listen. Remember, you’re not in charge of how the Truth is interpreted by the listener. But you are responsible for articulating it with specificity and integrity. It takes two! Leo Season’s start on Sunday commences your most relational month so get ready to wine, dine, love, and romance!


Into-me-you-see. Or “intimacy”. Tuesday’s moon expands the desire to be understood and experienced intimately, Pisces. Allow your sexuality and its experiences to be a place where you’re safe, cherished, and understood. This isn’t a chapter for cheap, fun, and easy casual sex. This a moment to find yourself not avoid yourself in intimate experiences. If your person’s not on board with this intention - point the them to the door and push them out. You’ll tell the Universe you’re ready for the real deal if you make space for it. You ready to work? Sunday’s Leo Season chapter puts work, health, exercise, and responsibility at the top of your to-do list.