June 4-10

Messenger planet Mercury is in Gemini! So let’s talk. Listen. And then talk some more! Our relationship to verbal communication will feel Mercury’s magic the most so let your words flow. And align yourself with others who practice sharp intellect, curiosity, and interpersonal dialogue with ethereal air sign grace. Let’s talk about talking carefully and listen for listening.

You’ll need that powerful mind of yours for Tuesday’s Venus Pluto opposition. In the late Tuesday hours, Venus in Cancer stars down Pluto in Capricorn where we can find ourselves flying of the rails emotionally. Responses like neediness, clinginess, and emotional offloading (in the name of “connection”!) are likely when we are faced with Venus/Pluto discomfort. So count to 3 before sending that text or pulling the trigger. Ask inner or interpersonal questions for clarity and make no assumptions.

If we don’t blow it on Tuesday then this weekend could be a romantic one! Lead with seductive desire not a hungry appetite for connection while Venus in Cancer squares the Moon in Aries. It’ll be a clash - but a sexy one - between magnetic compassion and dynamic assertion. Play with both and see which, even if its a synthesis, gives you the results you crave.

Aries: Curiosity might’ve killed the cat but not the Ram this week. Mercury’s transit in Gemini will light up your sector of intelligence and curiosity. Imagine it like an exciting scavenger hunt for your heart’s desires. Consider every thought or idea a clue to find your purpose. Then start researching! These mental impulses are pointing you in the right direction so put on those Mercury winged sandals and fly right to it. Buy the best selling book that writes on it and monitor the inspiration that comes up for you during your reading. You’re craving romantic security this weekend. So speak on what that looks like to people you’re co creating it with and make sure you’re giving it to the other suitors too! 

Taurus: Money talks this week, Taurus! So listen carefully to what it’s saying to you. Mercury in Gemini helping you speak the language of finances. So you can monitor your abundance and savings. Take time this week to learn more about your budget and ways to save. If an impulse buy comes up this week, I wouldn’t. Save your coin while your learn more about financial security. An open-hearted talk with partners this weekend could give you both healing and greater intimacy if you’re willing to open up about imperfections and shame. Don’t be afraid of vulnerability. For greater results, try initiating it!

Gemini: As the zodiac’s consummate speaker, Gemini - you’re blessed with the gift of the gab. Like my Mom always says about our sign, “...it’s Iike satin ribbons fall out of your fucking mouths!” She’s right. Mercury in Gemini is sharpening your speaking and listening skills with astounding efficiency. Any kind of former writer’s block is gone. So get to typing! Or producing mental, intellectual work quickly. Seeing as you’re receiving the gifts of Mercury the most during this transit. A wonderful weekend with friends is yours during the Venus/Moon square. Since it’s Gemini Season, your assignment it to take the talks deep for emotional support among you all.

Cancer: Grab your dream-journal, Cancer. You shouldn’t leave home without it. If you decide to leave home at all! While Mercury is in Gemini, your visions and imagination are not just fantasy. So write them down. They’re highlighting points of interest for you while Mercury tours your spiritual sector. Write down what you feel and review in few weeks. Images of people, places, circumstances, and events may come up for you that need more forgiveness and closure. Just identify what it is. Then you can get to letting go later. I know it’s the weekend, but reach out to women in the workplace who inspire you! Since the Universe is intending for a helpful collaboration.

Leo: Friend, lover, or both Leo? There’s wisdom in seeing similarities and applying the same expectations between friendship and romance. Mercury in Gemini is electrifying your ability to find this intersection between friendships and lovers. Especially when it comes down to how you speak to one another. So pay royal attention to what comes up for you in both of these social dynamics and apply it! Think big picture this weekend when it comes to matters of the heart. Since Venus square Moon could keep you jailed behind the little details. So try to stay free from low-level drama and remember it, the minor shit, it has no choice but to pass.

Virgo: Ask a friend to take a new Linkedin picture, Virgo! Then upload that shit quickly. Since Mercury is lighting up your professional goals with brainpower and rapid-fire communication. Your Mercury ruled thoughts and ideas are giving you all the career competency and dialogue to navigate work successfully.. So be prepared for a promotion if you’re happy with wherever you are or a better role in a new field if that’s what you’re striving for. Link with your girlfriends this weekend for meaningful socialization. After how hard you’ve worked this week, you’ve earned it.

Libra: Get ready to jet set, Libra! You’re traveling off to far corners intellectually or globally to learn more and share what you’re understanding. Infuse these diverse experiences with as much proactive optimism and curiosity as possible. In other words, imaging everything going well for you before you evidence to support this belief. Like magic, it should happen right before your pretty little eyes. Plan a date-night this weekend that’s both romantic and sensitive with suitors. Your heart is looking for safety and you deserve it. So align yourself with those who demonstrate the capabilities to keep your heart safe and make time for them.

Scorpio: Look who’s dirty-talking, Scorpio! Surprise, surprise - it’s you. Mercury is touring your intimacy, erotic, and transformation sector inspiring you to talk on these experiences. Though you’d rather just do it and not have a press release about it, a little intellectual understanding on these existential arenas will serve your efforts. And you will have to speak on them with whoever is participating on it with you! Though it’s scary and vulnerable to let someone hear you inner feelings, it’s necessary now. Getting bit by the travel bug? Better believe it! With Venus squaring the Moon, maybe you’ll want to plan a getaway this weekend and see where your intuition takes you. Perhaps a new scenery could inspire you to understand a story of the past?

Sagittarius: Is it time for the talk, Sagittarius? Girl, it might be. Mercury is in your love-letter sector giving your romantic heart the words to say and the urge to hear them. Nothing wrong with that! If you’re ready for commitment, ask. If you need more time, say it. If you’re ready for love - tell the Universe. Heart-centered communication is absolutely sacred while Mercury is in Gemini so keep your heart open and your thoughts/words as optimistic as possible. Imagine your words as wands. Now go cast some spells. A night of sexual healing could be yours this weekend. Hang up the Do Not Disturb sign and have fun, Centaur!

Capricorn: You sure do love your routine, Seagoat. I totally get it. Yet is it time for a new one? How are the current ones working out for you? Mercury is in your ritual sector inspiring new and/or fortified daily strategies that support your highest success. In these efforts, trust your gut and instincts. But be patient. New practices take 6-8 weeks to show their efficiency so if you don’t fret if you’re not seeing immediate results. Thanks to the Venus/Moon square on Friday a romantic, but uncharacteristically sensitive weekend is yours. Be proactive on scheduling events that make you feel the most comfortable. Then align with suitors who keep your heart protected. Avoid emotionally offloading, Cap! You’re more disciplined than that.

Aquarius: Welcome all of the muses, Aquarius! Exploration and inspiration are whispering to you powerfully while Mercury in Gemini lights up your creativity and courage sector. Dismiss nothing, try everything. During this powerful transit of intellectual and creative motivation, one idea could change the course of your entire life. So take all the risk! Of course you’re a free spirit but a little structure could help you this weekend. When Venus squares the Moon on Friday, make sure you time-manage the next few days wisely and budget your energy appropriately for inner comfort.

Pisces: Bring on the feels, Pisces. Mercury in Gemini is taking you on a deep swim through the emotion ocean. It’s not all difficult of course as this swim can summon very healing conversations with family, Mother figures, and others who need to hear your sensitivities. Emotionally exposing conversation could help you on this deep dive. And courage, dear heart, will set you free this weekend. So be brave! And don’t let your fears of vulnerability prevent you from showing up, being seen, and being heard as imperfectly but gloriously as you are. The Venus/Moon square will inspire you to share the story of your heart carefully with someone who needs to hear it!