June 25th - July 1st

In the first summer days of Cancer Season, Mars (the zodiac’s fire planet and aggressive ruler of dynamic action, sexuality, and assertion) begins a two-month long retrograde this Tuesday. It won’t drop the temperatures too low during Summer ‘18 so don’t panic. Mars will retrograde in Aquarius first then Capricorn; which helps us stoke the heat within. Additionally, Mars Retrograde will help us develop safe and strategic practices around conflict transformation and boundaries.

One of my favorite angles on boundaries is of course by Scorpio Dr. Brene Brown and her question is “B-I-G”. In other words, “What Boundaries need to be in place proactively in order for me to stay in my Integrity and make the most Generous Assumptions about you?” Let this be your eternal flame during Summer ‘18. I have a feeling people will be tap-dancing on our crossed wires so we’ll want to be thoughtful about our methods for approaching conflict, expressing discomfort, and identifying boundaries. It’s essential that we develop clear values that inform our integrity so that when we express a broken-boundary, we can back it up with the values that inform them. Much to discuss this summer! 

A Full Moon in Capricorn takes to the nightsky on Thursday and offers practical wisdom to our emotional security. It’s miraculous when Astrology aligns in divine, such complementary energies to the other transits. A Full Moon in Capricorn is a call to arms from within that asks for discipline, discernment, responsibility, and work-ethic. It’s also the timeless Saturnian wisdom which reminds us all: change your inner world to a more peaceful, forgiving, loving, and compassionate place and the outer world has no choice but to align. Which is a transit so perfectly complementary with Mars Retrograde. They both instruct us - a perpetually raging, emotionally offloading person cannot steward peace. Only those who use emotional discomfort as a catalyst to transcend anger and arrive to love and understanding can bring light to the world.

Speaking of light, Messenger Planet Mercury enters Leo on Friday and which sets a beautiful flame to our psychologies and communication styles so that we might have the confidence to pursue our dreams. If you are struggling with developing the right practices on personal worthiness, confidence, and courage - Mercury in Leo can work wonders. Tell the Universe you’re willing to think, perceive, and speak differently about yourself in a more loving, capable way and listen to direction to become the royal you’re ready to be.




Stand down, soldier! This week’s horoscope reminds you - the quality of the collaboration determines the outcome, Aries. The Universe needs your motivation and power while collaborating with others compassionately. So Mars Retrograde will help you and others connect more authentically for the mission at hand. Along the way, it’ll checking selfish behavior and/or social laziness this summer. So if you’re met with resistance in social situations ask yourself, “What part did I play in this? How can I ask for what I want while balancing the concerns of the collective?” A Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday helps your career transition and gives you major ambition while you stay confident, motivated, and worthy. We can’t wait to see what you inevitably accomplish! 

Is your Profile picture on Linkedin polished and ready Taurus? Is your resume professionally edited and updated? It’s time to put out feelers in your professional network. Let them know you’re on the market. This summer’s Mars Retrograde inspires a review of your next steps for career. If you’re feeling like there’s no room to grow, communicate it with the powers that be and begin your exit strategy. If you’re happy with where you are, reflect on ways for you to become your professional best. Caught in the weeds? A Full Moon in Capricorn expands your vision beyond the quagmire of the low-details to the freedom of the big picture on Thursday. Don’t get stuck in the small stuff. Get sentimental, too. Call your family and plan a heart-centered gathering!

Aren’t you a size queen, Gemini. Of course, your brilliant brain appreciates the micro focus. You really do find joy in the details and you’re so capable at executing little projects. This summer Mars Retrograde will help your intelligence make sense of the macro because it’s time to focus on the big picture. So make adaptability and curiosity your first responders while exploring new ways of holding different ways of seeing identity, relationships, career, etc. Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn turns on the light in your sexuality, authenticity, and intimacy sector. You’re known worldwide for your intelligence now it’s time to show your passion, sensitivities, depth, and erotic intelligence. It’ll make the weekend a sexy one to dish to your friends about!

Happy Birthday, Moon Children! Throughout Cancer Season and onward, my wish for you is that all your wishes come true. Enjoy the birthday festivities, gifts, and support from loved ones who love you as much as deeply as you love them. (A secret wonder, I know) To help, let Mars Retrograde inspire you to examine the root of your desires. Ask yourself -  do my desires advance, stall, or limit me? This summer is hoping to help you understand that not desire is not created equal. If it’s self-indulgent appetitive and all-about-you, that’s not of the highest energy. Align desire with interpersonal awareness and generosity. A Full Moon in Capricorn places a full circle moment in your commitment, romances, and relationships. Embrace the transition with helpful relational beliefs!


Call the royal locksmith and have them install their latest prototype on your mouth, Leo. Develop a pondering pause and the reflex to count to 3 before flying off the rails this summer. Mars Retrograde in your romantic and relational sector inspires reflexes of confrontation and anger. So if it heals the partnership, express it. If it’s impulsive, lock your mouth. Unless you’ve mastered the technique of asking curious questions when emotionally hijacked, I think you should err on the side of silence until you know what you need to ask. A Full Moon in Capricorn uplifts your health and wellness and reminds you of your 2018 resolutions. Let this Full Moon center you back on track for personal growth and excellence.

Health is proactive, Virgo. Wellness is achieve through consistency. You know this! And Mars Retrograde will promote a serious and thoughtful habit of nutritional and/or organizational strategy that allows you to operate at peak performance. You’ll get gluten-free brownie points from the Universe if you keep your habits proactive and preferably first thing in the morning. Which will prove a lovely foundation for the Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday that encourages courage, romance, and joy for hard earned work. If you’ve worked hard at making your life work, you’ll feel ready to lean in to the Full Moon’s energy. Speak your feelings sensitively to someone who needs to hear it this weekend.

Is your to-do list getting a bit longer, Libra? You’ve had a wonderful month of exploration, socializing, and adventure. Now Mars Retrograde gives you a nudge to err less on your divine right for happiness and more on responsibility this summer. In other words - get to work! Accomplish the items on the to-do list. Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn could call in the waters of the emotion ocean this weekend. Let it happen and call your trusted friends to help you facilitate the emotionality you’re experiencing. If hunches on home, moving, redecorating, or family come up for you this weekend - trust them! Don’t forget what your intuition shows you. Then you can make decisions based on your inner wisdom next week!

There’s no place like home, Scorpio. This summer, Mars Retrograde puts your heart and perception on the real estate market in an active search of places and people who make you feel safe. Who make you feel like you’re home. You’re allowed to feel sensitive and vulnerable so it’s up to you now to search for the context of trust, safety, and home. The Full Moon In Capricorn on Thursday inspires you to proactively open up to people about your newfound “homecoming” and hear their feedback for direction. Ask only those who are doing a wonderful job managing their own lives, please! Your brain and communication at work are going to impress everyone so be brave and outspoken.

You don’t really like the taste of your foot in mouth anymore, Sagittarius. Sure it’s funny to be blunt but Mars Retrograde gives your thoughts and words more pause this summer. So give yourself the gift of time to contemplate before speaking. Get very comfortable with saying, “I’m unsure, can I let you know by (insert date)?” You don’t owe anyone certainty. So contemplate. A Full Moon in Capricorn lights up your financial sector and will encourage a bit more literacy on economy and values. A Sagittarius told me, “Your money should work for you. Not the other way around!” So get to learning on ways that your money can work for you.

What guideposts help you climb to the mountain peak, Capricorn? The pinnacle of human success is your birthright. But you need to be very conscious about the map to get there. So Mars Retrograde will put your values on divine audit and you’ll reassess the beliefs that inform your decisions and experience. Remember - not all values are created equal. So identify only values that place power within you. Place no value on circumstance-dependent scenarios - like work, money, relationships - because you’ll give you power away since those experiences are not in your control. On Thursday, during your half-birthday let it all go during the Full Moon in Capricorn. This is your annual, spiritually cleaning, and detoxing Full Moon. It’ll inspire a massive cosmic reset to surrender whatever is no longer serving you.

Reserve your mojo, Aquarius. It’s not on unlimited supply this summer. Mars is retrograding in Aquarius so your energy is more precious than ever and you’ll want to ration it a bit. Align only with things that uplift you and examine your priorities. Monitor your levels of exhaustion, take extra steps to get sleep, begin a vitamin regimen. Your health is the priority! And make self-care the bottom line. The Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday will do its part in giving you the closure you seek while you ask for it. Consider this Moon another way reserve your energy. Since it will be a prime opportunity period to offer the circumstances that take away yours if you willing release it. It could also be romantic so offer forgiveness, apology, where appropriate.

You’re not imagining things, Pisces - it really is getting surreal in here. Mars Retrograde will invite surprisingly spiritual, dreamy, otherworldly, and serene summer experiences in your life. It could be hard to tell the difference between the stories you’re making up in your head and reality. So healthy skepticism, questioning, and acceptance will prove helpful during this transit. Join with friends on the Full Moon in Capricorn and start summer soirées early. Invite your closest over for a dinner and emotionally connect the way you know and love. Maybe you’ll want to discuss plans and expectations; like a summer bucket list so you can all do your part in having the best summer ever!