June 18-24

Ready for a swim? After a month of easy, breezy Gemini air energy where we took to the Mercury ruled skies for 4 weeks, this week take us airbound to the moonlit sea. Especially when Neptune - Planetary Ruler of Creativity & Fantasy - starts its retrograde on June 18th so secrets can be revealed until November.

Already, my dreams are a bit trippier. I slept next to a Pisces Rising last weekend and her first words to me when we woke up where, "What did you dream last night?" Textbook! My intuitive interceptions are a bit more accurate. As are yours now! So I’m sure we can all download this energy into our inner worlds so we see its magic reflective in our outer worlds. Let the Truth be received with an open righteous heart. Avoid the temptation to distract, deny, or distance. The water and power of Neptune RX demands to be confronted.

Gemini Season ‘18 comes to a close in the morning of June 21st when the Sun enters Cancer on the Summer Solstice! Now that we think about thinking and have carefully spoken about speaking with a bit more efficiency during Gemini Season, matters of the heart and safety are up next for the start of Cancer season. The Sun in beautiful, homecoming Cancer summons experiences with emotional security and family. And so it is! So enjoy the weekend with loved ones surrounded by places that feel like home, sweet home.

Aries: Is closure a powerful gift you can give yourself? Absolutely, Aries. Neptune Retrograde inspires you to make this decision proactively and in doing so -  prepare for a gentle ending. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic or heartbreaking conclusion. Since you deserve a joyful summer, do what you can to release the shadows of past to enjoy the summer sunlight right now. Start with the level of emotionality. What feelings of anxiety, depression, “separation”, scarcity, or comparison do you want to release? Start there. Is it time for redecoration? Homecoming? Enjoy Cancer Season glamorizing and uplifting your home, emotionality, and family.

Taurus: The fact of the matter is - you have enough tenacity for dozens of friendships, Taurus. Since you have so much love to give! Though you prefer quality not quantity of course. Neptune retrograde helps you review the mutuality of your friendships. Just because you have all the stamina and propensity, does not guarantee others can rise to the occasion. If only! So ask yourself - are expectations being vocalized and/or met? Start there and work onward with friends. Cancer Season’s commencement on Wednesday helps you find the right words for emotional exposure at the most appropriate time. Along the way, remember to monitor and balance how often you speak with how deeply you listen.

Gemini: Indecisive about next career steps, Gemini? Quite alright. Let Neptune retrograde work its cleansing magic while it recalibrates your professional goals. Since I’m sure your birthday season helped you understand your heart’s desire for career. Happy Birthday this week if you're celebrating! You’re looking for a creative, communicative platform where you can be of service. Identify this and let the Universe self-organize itself to provide you with the means of its execution. Stay patient, flexible with experience, but convicted in beliefs that promote your inevitable professional success. Wednesday welcomes Cancer Season and inspires you to strengthen your financial know-how and economic security.

Cancer: How do you take your Truth-serum, Cancer? Neptune retrograde is serving it straight up. Head’s up! So stay resilient and receptive while authenticity/Truth gets revealed to you. If it directly contradicts what you imagined, don’t fall in to a shame spiral. Remember the Universe is revealing all the intel you need to be the most magnificent version of yourself. So hold all experiences as progression and you’ll find your way to success. Happy (almost) Birthday, Moonchild! Thursday begins Cancer Season and so your birth month of joy, success, and dreams fulfilled. May all your wishes come true. All my love to you!

Leo: What does sexual health mean to you, Leo? Or how about your definition of erotic intelligence, intimacy, and personal transformation? Neptune retrograde inspires you to review erotic-intelligence and sexual health in preferences that feel authentic to you. Only you can decide what is right for your relationship to such delicate experiences. Rest assured, meaningful contemplation will serve your efforts in this experiences. Is it time for a staycation? Cancer Season begins your month of closure, release, and downtime. Royally reign it in and relax at home this weekend.

Virgo: Feeling a little shaky and uncertain about romantic relationships, Virgo? Totally appropriate. So don’t beat yourself up for it! If you were ghosted, unsure, etc about dating and relationships over the last few weeks, Neptune retrograde promises to help reveal the Truth. Let it offer you closure, forgiveness, and/or transition where you need it most. Join with your girlfriends this weekend! Cancer Season rules your friendships and relationship to community. So start on Thursday and let it make you the most active socialite in town. Make it last forever. Friendship never ends!  

Libra: Your life works when you work at making your life work, Libra. It’s as easy and complex as that! So Neptune Retrograde works it magic through the offering of daily, consistent activities that help you work and making your life work. From waking up earlier, to groceries delivered - this little decisions will make a big impact. Even if they do not have observable effects immediately. Trust you’re opening yourself to receive profound inner peace. Which serves your Cancer Season career elevation momentum. You’ll be the most valuable professional so get ready to work, earn, and impress this summer!

Scorpio: You want a joyful life, Scorpio. But you must remind yourself of how deeply you deserve it. Since you’re human - crazy, I know - you may unknowingly set yourself up to postpone joy and love because you’re not reminding yourself of your inherent worthiness. Neptune retrograde reality checks the barriers between you and your happiest self. Do what must be done to let them go entirely. Summer school for Scorpio? Cancer Season’s start on Thursday inspires you to hit the books a bit more than the beach the next few weeks. So enjoy the learning and summer soirees this weekend! Because why? You deserve joy.

Sagittarius: “Sensitive” and Sagittarius are now hand-in-hand this first month of summer. Neptune retrograde promotes your emotional safety through possible experiences of emotional danger. So don’t be embarrassed to admit hurt feelings. Or reality-check yourself with questions like, “Is what I’m doing/saying/feeling right now in alignment with my deepest Truth?” Honesty is your value and the zodiac knows it so keep it 1-0-0 with yourself and others. So keep it up! Especially while Cancer Season begins on Thursday and thereby experiences with authenticity, sexuality, and intimacy begin. So lean in to vulnerability, risk, and emotional exposure this weekend.

Capricorn: Do actions always speak louder than words, Capricorn? Think deeply about that. Neptune retrograde helps you strengthen your verbal skills so you can walk it like you talk it in harmony. Don’t see communication and behavior as mortal enemies but necessary partners. Additionally, register others whose words and actions are strengthened by deep integrity.  Your most romantic moments of the year begin when Cancer Season rises on Thursday morning. It takes two, Cap! So schedule/accept a date night this weekend and sort out all dating/relationship/marriage desires this month. Enjoy the love!

Aquarius: Cha-ching, Waterbearer! Your finances are getting a potentially strong audit by Neptune retrograde. Stay relatively restrained about spending habits with a balance of indulging yourself. Your money should work for you; not the other way around. That way, when you’re proactive with the Universe regarding financial abundance - it can’t help but let it reign down on you! Wellness on the brain? Cancer Season’s start on Wednesday inspires strategies on being your healthiest this weekend. Don’t be afraid of a little routine, organization, and structure to make your goals come true this summer.

Pisces: Can you handle the Truth, Pisces? Your ruling planet Neptune is now retrograde so it’ll be cashing reality checks all summer long. If you’re met with psychological/emotional resistance or difficulty, let your psyche reflexively land on righteous responsibility. If you’re met with success and ease, give gratitude to your decision making and values. Along the way, refrain from denial or distraction. Receive the Truth with acceptance and the belief that you can change what you’re not happy with. Cancer Season’s start on Wednesday gives your courage and confidence momentum. You’ll be unstoppable this month if you maintain your worthiness and bravery!