June 11-20

Gemini Season continued to keep the skies open for us so that it may shine energy of innovation, change, and curiosity to whoever needs. As a mutable Air sign, Gemini It’s not the season of staying grounded and practical. There’s a time and a place for that. But it’s not now. So take flight the wind, be curious, adaptable, and enjoy the momentum of this Mercury ruled sign.

Let emotions be your guide when Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday. After an easy, breezy transit in Gemini, a Mercury in Cancer story that lasts for 3 weeks inspires even more emotional depth. Perhaps some emotionally charged sharing? It’s a time to think differently about family, emotional safety and security, and the mother figures in our life.

A New Moon in Gemini on June 13th gives us a reset in the areas influenced by the Twins. Which explore below for you. New Moons ask us to complement the Gemini ruled themes with Gemini ruled attitude. So in other words - keep it intelligent, flexible, and light on your feet.

That same day, the Love Goddess Venus enters Leo and inspires us to be brave, romantic, and risk-averse in love. Life’s not to meant to stay small and all indifferent when it comes to love. So have courage. And tell the story of your whole heart.

Aries: Make way for the new, Ram! A brilliant New Moon in your intelligence, communication, and learning sector on Tuesday inspires changes from your action on new ideas. Set intentions that guide you to smarter choices in life-management. Its a New Moon that asks you to be very conscious about the decision you’re making. And what principles do you stay on to stay conscious when making decisions? Even if it’s as simple as honoring a value of authenticity. But It’s not all heady and intellectual since this weekend is very heart-focused thanks to Venus move in Leo. If feeling inspired, just say yes to all things involved with romance, joy, creativity, exploration, and courage. Venus’ orders!

Taurus: Call in the bodyguards, Taurus. It’s a time for tight security around you. Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini inspires a reset and recall in your beliefs/decisions that strengthen your safety. From financial health to better boundaries, your wellbeing is the bottom line. And the Universe wants you to imagine the context where you have everything your mind and heart needs to feel very safe. So ask and receive! Hometown love affair? Perhaps! Venus in Leo inspires romance, sensitivity, and beautification at home or a brand new lover from a similar background as you this weekend. Ooh la la!

Gemini: Happy Birthday, Gemini! All these new experiences during your solar season are manifesting change, expansion, opportunity, and optimism. Review them carefully during your annual New Moon on Tuesday because the Universe is listening to Gemini’s desires foremost. And will manifest them quickly! So now that you’ve received all these amazing birthday experiences from the Universe, you’ll want to ask yourself what you learned, what you’re grateful for, and how you can use these experiences to reflect on intentions for the year ahead.Put your emotionality in writing this weekend. Venus 8’ Leo inspires a wordy romance or sexy talk so speak your heart!

Cancer: It’s closure time, Cancer. As the solar season before Cancer, it often brings about endings of some kind, surrender, and healing where you need it most. If it’s been a difficult few weeks for you, trust and believe the Universe will call forth brighter days so soon. Practically next week in fact when the Sun enters Cancer. For now, it asks on Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini for your part in letting go of all the low-level things holding you back. So do a little ritual or something that allows you to feel like you’re letting go of what no longer served you Venus beautifies your bank-account this weekend. So indulge a bit and treat yourself to a little extra something-something!

Leo: What’s a Queen without her Kingdom? A peasant. You have a wonderful sense of the people, friends, and network your royal self serves. Because like it or not, as the Leo in the group, you’re responsible for leading your people, friends, and network to greatness. So Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini inspires you to elevate your understanding and capabilities in your friendship and socializations. So you can collaborate beautifully together and help each other on the way to the best case scenarios. Then Venus enters Leo and thus is your most popular time of year! This weekend is all about romance, charisma, and joy. You’ll be absolutely irresistible so enjoy the magnetism.

Virgo: Dive, turn, WERK, Virgo! One of your favorite life arenas - career - will be receiving the New Moon in Gemini magic and providing you with brilliant thinking and capabilities when imagining your professional pursuits. So receive this Truth powerfully with an open heart. Push aside your self-doubt. Since Tuesday’s New Moon is the most receptive for your career intentions and will set the stage for inevitable manifestation. I can’t wait to see what you’ll triumph this year. For the weekend though, schedule self-care m, maybe even a night in for some relaxation this weekend with Venus in Leo’s help. You’ll be feeling like you need to recharge, reset, and reel it in which is totally appropriate and very helpful for this transit.

Libra: Choose your adventure, Libra! Right now, you’re allowed to feel a bit bored, anxious, and restless. So Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini is listening carefully for your intentions to expand and imagine new opportunities for your success. From the wanderlust energy to considering evens higher-education. Whatever the adventure, it’s waiting for you! Connect with your girlfriends this weekend and empower each other. Venus in Leo is a moment of affirmations and support for you and your girlfriends. While inspiring each other to transfer the beautiful dynamics you have in friendship to perhaps romance. Could you treat your romances more friendly and your friendships more romantically? Venus in Leo will show you the way.

Scorpio: It’s about to get really real, Scorpio. And it’s a good thing you can handle the Realness. You’re feeling closer to truths on radically honest truths on intimacy, transformation, and opportunities for personal and relational growth. What you do now with this newfound authenticity is the answer you’ll want to offer to Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini. Tell the Universe your intentions of what you’re willing to give, surrender, and/or receive and it’ll quickly manifest it to your experience. Try to get some work done this weekend while Venus beautifies your career thoughts and network. Let your female coworkers help you!

Sagittarius: It takes two, Sagittarius! It’s taking you by surprise but your  independent self is happily looking for another person to run wild with. And you deserve that. Tuesday’s New Moon asks you to confront your desires on relationship, romance, and commitment. If you’re happily coupled, this New Moon could deepen the intimacy and health of the relationship. If you’re thinking of a healthy ending/conclusion, you’ll want to to talk it about this week to examine options. This weekend, you could find love in the unknown places. If you’re willing to explore new places and conversations which you do so well. Regardless, stay open to the magic of life’s uncertainty.

Capricorn: You’re a wonderful life-manager, Capricorn. And the Universe knows it. You responsibly rule the tenor of your health and wellness with careful consideration. Tuesday’s New Moon asks for even higher strategies in these efforts so you can keep climbing to new mountaintops. Because next month promises a new relationship story/chapter so the current moment calls for you expressing your best self before sharing it more deeply with another. Speaking of, prepare for some sexual healing and intimacy this weekend. If an occasion calls for it and you’re comfortable, go with it. You’ll feel recharged and grateful for such an intimate connection.

Aquarius: You’re ready to let the water spill from the jar you hold, Aquarius. Something is brimming within you. Whatever first came to mind just now is probably it. So Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini is asking you to lift your thoughts high to allow this project, relationship, or endeavor to move forward in the physical world. Stay courageous, optimistic, brave, and focused on making these visions materialize around you. This weekend begins your most romantic time of year when Venus enters Leo. So say yes to the date, explore new possibilities, and lean in to love and joy as smoothly as possible.

Pisces: There’s no place like home, Pisces. And you’re getting comfortable in your relationships with family, home, and emotional safety. Imagining “home” not just as a place you visit but a place within you. It’s an energy you bring. Tuesday’s New Moon in Gemini is listening to your intentions for renewing the role of these circumstances in your life. So if you want to change or improve your family dynamics, parent bonds, or housing situation - tell the Universe and it will quickly manifest everything you need to feel safe at home. If you haven’t spring cleaned your space yet, try this weekend. Since Venus is beautifying your health, wellness, and daily routine and there’s an inner peace that is given to you when you take your home based responsibilities seriously.