May 7-13

Don’t forget to daydream! Since it’s the last cosmically calm week we’ll have for a bit - just WAIT till next week’s horoscope - we’re all invited to explore our inner Universe. It can inspire wondrous interior journeys if we sit still long enough to let our imaginations show us what it’s meant to. With innovative and creative lunar cycles in Aquarius first and then Pisces, the Universe is giving you permission to take a visionary vacation. Maximize the downtime because you’ll lean on this calm throughout the weeks ahead!

For the hyper-functioning out there, wondering what the hell is so productive about daydreaming ... think about it! All of life’s monumental progress dawns from from breakthrough ideas and emotional insights. So please quiet the noise within, don’t indulge distraction, and focus your awareness to thoughts and feelings. Don’t attach yourself to them. Just monitor where they take you during your visionary vacation inside your the Universe within you.

A wise Scorpio author wrote that nothing in the Universe is a coincidence. At first I wanted to interrogate that idea, but now I know Dr. Brian Weiss is correct. This week, imagine all your thoughts and feelings as not a coincidence but the Universe’s way of getting all its messages in. As strengthening the accuracy of your intuitional intelligence. Or as A Course in Miracles calls it, your “internal teacher”.

Take this week to be mentally, emotionally, and psychologically receptive. Stay magnetic to the Universe’s wisdom. On Sunday, Mercury (the planetary ruler of consciousness, communication, transportation, technology, and commerce) will move in steadfast Taurus. If we stayed in touch with our interior place of rest, Mercury in Taurus will gift us consistent strategies to make those newly ascertained daydreams come true for the next 3 weeks.

Aries: Yes your independence is legendary, Ram. But you do get by with a little help from your friends! As an appreciative benefactor of many Aries friends in my life, I know how emotionally supportive it feels when a Ram is in my corner. Let this week reverse the helper/helpee paradigm. Let your people show up for you, too. If you could use a little help, simply ask for it. And I’d bet your friends will come running to your aid. Align with this mission for the first half of the week. Then schedule self-care, rest, and recharge for the second half. You’ll want to stay within this weekend while the moon ignites your sector of closure, sensitivity, and rest. Sunday begins a new story for your financial stability. Make personal security your goal and a begin a deep inquiry into your values. If done well, the Universe will help with your abundance!

Taurus: Happy Birthday, Taurus! Or “Solar Return” as they say in the astrological community. With the Sun beaming behind the mighty Bull, your personal and professional productivity is off the cosmic charts. Use it well! Because you’ll be impressing people, colleagues, and supervisors with your tenacity for getting it done. While you’re hustling with the Universe’s momentum, don’t forget to stop and celebrate with loved ones during your birthday soirees. The experiences of life are meant to be enjoyed. So temper your focused productivity by making joy purposeful. Mercury enters your sign of Taurus on Sunday where the Messenger God will elevate your practices on thinking, listening, and dialoguing.

Gemini: Ruled by the smartest planet in the zodiac, you know your power is found in your Mercury-ruled curiosity. Intelligently track the progress of all your thoughts, interests, and ideas. Let your brilliant mind take you on both an inner and outer adventure. Since all things are more connected than “random”, your interior exploration can help you contribute to your career in a practical way. Find the connections between what you’re thinking, seeing, and feeling to how it can serve your highest professional outcomes. Sunday begins a different course in consciousness curriculum. Since Mercury in Taurus will help you imagine, visualize, and connect to the muses for divine inspiration. It’s also a powerfully adept time to release low level theories that suppress your progress.

Cancer: Your passionate heart is always searching for depth. Theoretically, you’ll only feel completely at home in places, experiences, and relationships with emotional authenticity. In order to aid these efforts, this week asks you to allow life to identify the circumstances and people that’ve honestly earned the depth of your heart. Discretion goes a long way. I’ve noticed some Cancers give too much, too soon, to the lowest bidder. It’s best to slow down for now and ask yourself if 1) what you’re willing to give so readily is even desired by the receiver and/or 2) appropriate for the social dynamic. Along the way, stay patient, forgiving, and optimistic about current and future circumstances. Open-hearted talks with friends on Sunday will help you hear what you need to know on this search for authenticity.

Leo: Can you have a date night on Monday, Leo? Why not. It’s your royal world. We’re all just living in it! This is a week where experiences of romance and sexual healing are all on the Universe’s itinerary for you. No one needs to remind you that life is designed to be majestically enjoyed. So soften your duties, work, and responsibilities with a healthy pursuit of pleasure, too. Having experiences of joy inspire you to work harder - because you remember why you’re hustling so hard! - so think if it as encouraging your royal competency. Sunday’s Mercury in Taurus transit will put your mental powers to the test at work for the next three weeks. Your professional capabilities, observations, and communication techniques will secure success if used well.

Virgo: You’re one of the most dutiful signs in the zodiac, but friendly reminder - don’t skip the gym this week, Virgo! Or sleep through an alarm. Or deflect any commitment/responsibilities this week. Without question, your physical, psychological, and mental health practices are the Universe’s focus this week. So take all your goals very seriously for a very serious reward this weekend. A dreamy Pisces Moon promises a romantic, sexy weekend. So since you’ve worked so hard during the week, show up for joy and connection on Friday! Sunday’s Mercury transit breaks you out of your relationship with routine. And flies you off to far corners of the intellectual or international world for three weeks. Bon voyage, Virgo!   

Libra: As children of harmonious Venus, you know there’s a time and place for considering the appropriateness Truth sharing. Frankly, Libra - this week is not one of them. Receivers of the Truth don’t always get the luxury of getting an invitation first. The fact of the matter is, there’s something you need to say, so there’s genuinely someone who needs to hear it. It’s not about ensuring the message is polite. It’s about being honest, Libra. Speak a delicate balance of compassion and authenticity. If anyone can, it’s you! Mercury’s move on Sunday continues these efforts of truth seeking and truth telling for the next three weeks. 

Scorpio: Click your ruby red slippers three times every day because there’s no place like home, Scorpio. And this week reminds you of the critical importance of emotional safety, maternal figures (just in time for next Sunday’s holiday!) and the honor of family. Along the way, your deepest emotions could be triggered this week so stay adaptable. Investigate your feelings. Try not to offload them. Stay curious about your feels not confrontational. On Sunday, Mercury enters your relational sector of compromise, harmony, and partnership. There’s a part of your brain that can strive for a win/win if you avoid fight, flight, or freeze for three weeks!

Sagittarius: I wish every Sagittarius knew how deeply their heard needs relationships and experiences of intelligent communication. Fortunately, you’ll be reminded this week and you'll thrive off of smart interpersonal dialogue. Others will keep your attention - yes it can happen! - and you’ll learn more about your life through curious questioning and engaged listening to others’ stories. Remember, treat nothing as a coincidence. If someone is sharing a reflection, think of the wisdom in the story. And how it’s applicable to your current circumstance. Sunday begins a story of strategic self-improvement. Sanitize your health, emotions, health, diet, and schedule for maximal results.

Capricorn: You traveled and adventured, Capricorn. Whether on a jet plane of in far corners of your imagination. You enjoyed it but now you want to stay put for a bit. You want to firmly plant your roots with the learning of your travels. This week inspires you to lay claim to what makes you feel personally stable. You’re allowed to be tough and tender. So honor what you need to keep you tenderness safe. This permission will give you the appropriate balance for Mercury’s 3 week long transit beginning on Sunday. You have a creative, entrepreneurial, or pleasure-project that needs to be shared. This secure foundation will help prepare you for it to be seen and heard by the powers that be. The Universe is rooting for you!

Aquarius: This week, it’s all about you, Aquarius! The transiting Moon shines from the Water Bearer constellation until Weds. So you have the golden ticket to pursue your joy, speak on it, cherish it  - and make it all happen. Get the haircut. Buy the new shoes. Say yes to the admirer. You deserve your joy so sashay right in to it. Sunday starts a new way of thinking and experiencing what you need for home, emotional security, Mother figures, and family. This is powerful time to dispel the mythology that Aquarius is detached and cold by demonstrating your high-quality of empathy.

Pisces: It’s okay to get snagged by the Monday blues, Pisces. It’s the denial, distraction, or numbing of the blues that could get you in trouble. It’s likely that subconscious sensitivities could come up for you this week. So ask the pain and/or experiences, “What are you here to teach me about my “racket” and how can I be the most powerful Pisces I’m capable of?” See what the feelings can help you understand about yourself, blind-spots, self-destructive habits, and wounds. It’ll let Sunday’s Mercury transit work its magic. Because your thoughts, verbal communication, and curiosity will be strengthened significantly over the next 3 weeks.