May 28th - June 3rd

Our week begins with a big bang! A Full Moon in fire-sign Sagittarius on Tuesday will release many arrows of red, hot Truth thanks to the Centaur’s bow and arrow to the zodiac.

Full Moons are full circle moments in the areas explored next to your sign below. Adopting the energy and identity of the Full Moon’s sign is crucial to invoking its help. Since Tuesday’s is in Sagittarius, the best values and emotional responses are truth-telling/receiving, generosity, proactive optimism - meaninging thinking positively without immediate proof of its validity - and a comfort with the unknown.

Even if the breaking news of Tuesday’s Full Moon is painful for you to hear, try to see it as helpful. Imagine the Full Moon as liberating and intent to set you free. While the week begins in the fires, the weekend has us taking a nice little dip in the emotion ocean. A compassionate, romantically sensitive weekend is ours with help from a Venus trine Neptune on Friday. The bottom line for us all is to align with suitors who make you safe and who feel like home!



Aries:  Think back to las November/December, Ram. Since then, an idea, story, or project that you’ve been developing since will reach its climax and eventual transition on Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius. Whatever the outcome, beginnings must always following an ending. This project or story could send you to far corners of the world within your thinking or on the globe. So if the opportunity comes to explore a new horizon, run right for it. And adapt to the new as best you can. A dreamy, romantic weekend is possible this weekend. If you want to bond more deeply with your partners, the context is yours. And if you’re single, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden the sensitive type is sexy!.

Taurus: Tuesday’s question for you is - can you handle the Truth, Taurus? A mighty honest and perhaps blunt Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your sector of intimacy, authenticity, and transformation will put you face to face to very truth centered experiences. The bottom line of this Moon is we must be comfortable but boundaried with our shadow and other people’s. Yes recognize other people’s low-level stuff and yours too but don’t coddle it. If it’s not loving, forgiving, honest, and tender - don’t protect it. The most intelligent and well spoken are your weekend’s crush. Follow the nerd with glasses for maximum results.

Gemini: Relationship changes are yours, Gemini! This Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius puts a full circle moment and fiery in your current relationship dynamics. Whether single, complicated, or committed, this Full Moon offers a new chapter in your life long story with love to be written. It’s also a very powerful time to release the ghosts of partners passed from whence they came if you know what I mean. If you’re feeling like it’s time to move on, then it probably is. So allow yourself the opportunity to fall in love with someone new. The past is over. It can touch you not. Then it’s work on the weekend. Reflect on strategies that help you work where you love or love where you work.

Cancer: You’re the fittest crab on the shore, Cancer! You’re committing to helpful and efficient goals that promote you inner and outer best-self thanks to the help from this Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius. From diet, to exercise, to mental health - you’re covering all your bases. Good for you! The Full Moon supports these goals and will help lift to maximum possibility.  A beautiful weekend is yours while you see the big picture and don’t get swept away to see by worrying about the small stuff. And guess what, Cancer? It’s practically all small stuff. So don’t get stuck with the minutia. The big picture sets you free!

Leo: Speak now, Leo! A very passionate and truth-telling Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your creative and courage sector. Which will help inspire you to share the Truth in a big way. Brace yourself now while you can because I’m sure it’ll be a little scary and very vulnerable but the Universe just wants you to be honest. So don’t delay. Say whatever you need to say! Of course a vulnerability hangover might knock you out this weekend after your moment of emotional exposure. So if you need to stay in and have a self-care moment, do it.

Virgo: There’s no place like home, Virgo. A homecoming Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday puts you in touch with the where and who makes you feel so safe that you feel right at home. In these powerful fires, you could find it’s a sensitive day too. So let the feels come up if they have to and try not to dwell to hard on low-level feelings of victimhood or blame. They don’t serve you as much as you think you do. Once the feelings pass, connect to your friends this weekend! Since a beautiful social soirée awaits your intelligence and charm. Enjoy!

Libra: The superlative for “Most Talkative” goes to you, Libra! And the Universe firmly supports this. This Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius inspires you to speak up on, analyze, and teach others what you’ve learned since your Solar Season last September/October. Trust me when I say, more people pay attention to what you say than you realize. So use this occasion well to speak or write into a listening that’s waiting to hear your brilliance. Then it’s time to focus on work and health during the weekend. A lovely Venus trine Neptune on Friday gives you miraculous insight to to strategize, apply, and experiment for the best outcome in health, routine, and wellness.

Scorpio: What do you value, Scorpio? And I mean what values help inform the best decisions for you? Tuesday’s Full Moon sets fire to the philosophies that inform your relationship with life. It’s deep, for sure. Since it’s not the other way around. So often we think we’ll be in our best internal peace WHEN the external gets its shit together. Not true when your values are in order. Think of words like integrity, authenticity, adaptability, and loyalty to guide you to the abundance you deserve. This weekend has you taking care of business when it comes to your physical and emotional health. Trust your intuition for its success in this fields.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon shines for you, Sagittarius! Your annual reset button inspires renewal, release, cosmic completion, and beginning again. All that’s required of you is the decision to radically release the past. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. So tell the Universe what you want to let go of and it’ll do its part to manifest all the new things you deserve. Leave no stone unturned. Especially since this weekend, a sensitive, but courageous story could inspire emotional sharing dawned by whatever you realized throughout the Full Moon.

Capricorn: Persistence is your middle name and the Universe is proud of you for it. Though remember, too, Seagoat - surrender can be sweet. In the higher consciousness schools of thought, we imagine surrender as releasing attachment to outcome. Since on our best, most brilliant day - we can never imagine the perfection the Universe intends for us. But we get in the way of this perfection if we are too attached to outcome. The sweetness of surrender. Tuesday’s Full Moon is in your sector of closure, endings, and spirituality. So the bottom line is trusting that there is a cosmic intelligence that knows when things must end so it guides you to what can start. Listen to your intuition for direction on success. A lovely weekend of curiosity and companionship is yours. Plan a date-night!

Aquarius:  Align with Tribe, Aquarius. Your favorite! Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is a full circle moment inside your sector of friendship and community. You’re a loyal and very generous sign who seeks mutuality in your connections and rightfully. Let the Full Moon show you has earned friendship and what you can do step up the friendship glory. If you’re willing to impress the Universe, ask your closest friends how you can improve your competency at connection. They’ll lovingly and honestly tell you I’m sure. Find your joy in the details this weekend. A little clean-up in your schedule, home, etc. could do wonders for your inner peace, functioning, and joy!

Pisces: Career move, Pisces? A powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday shines a full circle moment in your sector of higher purpose and work. So the Universe will place you in the right aquarium that is best for your gifts and talents soon. Just make sure you’re ready to swim fast when it happens. If you’re happy with where you are, excellent! Prepare for promotion. If you want a new work situation, be proactive and start getting your exit strategy in motion. This weekend, thanks to a gorgeous Venus trine Neptune on Friday, lead with your vulnerability, sensitivities, and truth. Share your emotionality with someone who genuinely needs to hear it.