May 21-27th

Gemini Season has taken officially taken flight to the spring skies ! Now before you believe the Gemi(lies) - I’m looking at everyone who learned Astrology on Tumblr & Instagram so zip it over there - open your arms to receive the Spring breeze, intelligent communication, and fly away to do some social butterflying.

Gemini Season is a monthlong story of interpersonal curiosity, breezy dialogue, and social fun. Honestly, if I could I’d write “Lighten the fuck up and don’t take yourself too seriously.” for all the zodiac’s horoscopes, I totally would. But I’m a PRoffEsSionAhl so0o0o....

This weekend could be a bit watery with a Jupiter trine Neptune on Friday. Emotional sharing could be your success strategy this weekend. Saturday and Sunday could be a beautiful weekend for healing if you need it. With mental sharing from ethereal Gemini and a Venus/Jupiter trine in watery Cancer/Scorpio, stay adaptable with intellect and feeling. You can do it!

Aries: Look who’s yappin’, Aries! You, b*tch! As a Ram, you’re mostly action-oriented. You like to show not tell. And you inspire us all to understand the embodied behavior that allows us to prove intention. Now you’re learning how to use your words a bit more clearly thanks to loquacious Gemini Season the chattiest Kathy in the Zodiac! Now Remember, Ram - communication is both talking and engaged listening. So make sure you’re engaged in what you’re hearing from others as much what interested in saying. Friday feels much? Possibly! Let the weekend work its wonders if you need to express healing, apologies, or forgiveness with both family relationships and/or intimate partners.


Taurus: Abundance is thy middle name, Taurus. Woohoo! Keeping the high vibes from your birthday season up, Gemini Season opens the skies and lets the wealth rain down on you. Receive all security and opportunity with a grateful heart. Appreciation summons more of what you cherish. You could even treat yourself to a belated birthday gift. Heaven knows you’ve earned it! All kinds of relationships dynamics are the focus this weekend. Starting on Friday, from friends to relationally romantic or intimate partners, your solid presence is a powerful healing force to the people who love you.


Gemini: Happy Birthday, Gemini! The Sun shines behind the mythological Twins Castor & Pollux for your glory to rise to its maximum capacity this month. Look up, Look up! See the stars and remember to keep your thoughts, words, and behavior as high as they are so your success can be written there. Since the Universe quickly manifests Gemini desires during your season. In your star gazing, did you imagine health and wellness a desire? This weekend could begin a new practice on it. Pay attention to “out of the blue” musings for exercise, diet, and mental health. It’s the Universe tawkin’ to ya! Then commit to whatever comes up for you to achieve the desire you deserve throughout the week ahead.


Cancer: Trust me, Moonchildren. Surrender can be sweet. Since the month before your birthday has officially commenced, you can prepare by giving yourself closure and release from the low-level vibes that keep you stuck or crabbin’ sideways. Because when Cancer Season begins in 4 weeks, forget about it. I’m happy to give you permission to be fearless and unapologetic with your self-care all month long. As it’s necessary for proper self-care and closure. If you’re bored by being alone and feeling restless this weekend, plan a night out with your closest friends. Together you’ll all shine!

Leo: Who’s in your royal cabinet? Who counsels the Queen? You’re convicted in many beliefs but you’re also willing to hear perspective from trusted confidantes that can help your position on the throne. Starry eyed Gemini Season points the way to those trusted confidants who’ve earned the right to give you not only feedback but meaningful friendship. A weekend spent “within” beginning on Friday could help you sort out some messy emotions that prevent your fire from burning bright. You might want to lift the castle moat, lock the gates, and stoke the home based fires.

Virgo: Ready for career take-off, Virgo? Your work ethic and competence is impressing not just you - of course you’re absolutely excellent; don’t be shocked! - your collaborators, and even supervisors. Stay very focused on your ability to execute expectations so your leverage will be a powerful thing to yield during Gemini Season if you have to. Now that we know what you do well at work, let’s talk about how this weekend calls for a little mess. Friday calls for proactive vulnerability. Send the first text if you miss someone or if an apology is in order without waiting for your “needs” to be met first. If you initiate you can invite the healing in that much more quickly.

Libra: Thing B-I-G, Libra! Now that we’re off to the Gemini Season races, you’ll come in first place if you let go of one your favorite ideas - balance. The Twins will inspire major intellectual growth expansion, curiosity, and exploration. Take the trip, visit the museum, speak the truth, or pick up the book collecting dust on your bedside table. Your intellectual air-sign mind is your power and it’ll be more curious than ever during Gemini Season. Since it’s growing and changing, this isn’t about balance. It’s about aligning your decisions with your philosophies which is a trial-error sometimes messy process. Do it all without apology. Your values on health, diet, and exercise could use some healing this weekend. Be gentle on your body and mind. Perfection isn’t the goal. Embracing imperfection is.

Scorpio: You and the entire Zodiac knows you can  always handle the truth, Scorpio. “Realness” is not a cute category you sometimes pull out like a rabbit in a hat. It’s the very foundation of your life. The first air sign of the Zodiac Gemini will show you Truth as the very last thing left standing. So you need simply look and wait patiently for the realness to reveal itself and you will find it. You may need to share your discovery with someone who needs to hear it this weekend. Courage, dear Scorpio. Yes it’s scary and uncomfortable but the Universe isn’t invested in your comfort. It’s aligning in your courage! So express your realness compassionately with someone who needs to hear it if the moment reveals itself this weekend.

Sagittarius: What’s better than a romantic tag-team, Sagittarius? Easy, breezy, beautiful Gemini Season puts the hearts in your centaur eyes for the sexy intellectual. That’s right! You really do have a thing for the nerd with glasses. Verbal communication is a huge turn on and you’re looking for someone who can keep your interest high with how well they speak to you. Because you too Sagittarius are one of the most capable articulators. So embrace and align with it. With best case romantic scenarios as Gemini Season’s primary outcome for Sagittarius, use the weekend to let go of the barriers you built against love’s coming. Whether single and needed to surrender the past, coupled and trying to make it new again, or lovingly let go. This weekend will can only but help.

Capricorn: Double-check your schedule, Seagoat. Make sure you leave enough room to pencil “personal administration” in. By that I mean, proactive tasks that maximize your inevitable success. Consider meal prep, a head start on laundry, more exercise, or bill paying, etc. You sure do love your responsibilities so Gemini Season is prime time to fortify them. Since you’ve taken care of business as Capricorns do so well, then spend the weekend out with friends. You’ve earned! So reward your proactive labor with the joy of social connection and remember why you work so hard.

Aquarius: Live out loud, Aquarius. I get such a kick out of watching Waterbearers enchant the crowd with their beautiful generosity and Uranian sense of weird humor. Gemini Season gives you a boost of charisma and confidence to do what you do best - the uplift and humorous healing of others. If there’s something you need to say, don’t delay. Just speak your Truth with all the momentum you have working for you. Speaking of, are you working on the weekend? Perhaps. Not a problem. If after Friday, you get a “hit” to apply to a dream job or complete a task, don’t hesitate. It’s the Universe musing you to appropriate things that uplift your professional success. So don’t hesitate!

Pisces: Take a deep breath with me, Pisces. You’re going home to the ocean for a month long swim. Gemini Season protects and holds the waters for your emotional security, “home”, and family. You were born with the capacity to handle the depths of these experiences. So inhale passionately and swim deep in the direction of the who and what keeps your heart safe. Find the pearls of where your sensitivity is respected and returned. You may feel particularly emotionally exposed or vulnerable throughout so go where emotions take you but stay boundaried. This weekend, the cure for any kind of hyper-sensitivity is a dash of optimism and expansion. Look for opportunity and innocence in as many situations and people you can find.