May 14-20

By now I hope you trust that when I forecast a monumental shift - I mean it. I don’t sensationalize the stars. Believe me when I say, Astrologers have prepared for Tuesday’s Uranus in Taurus transit for years.

Up first, it’s an annual New Moon in Taurus. The Universe is listening carefully to your intentions that reset your goals on materialism, financial security, and what you value. So keep them in the highest of places! I can’t value values enough. I use the word in my horoscopes and writings all the time. We say “value” often, but do we know its deepest definitions? Are values inherently righteous? I’d answer no to both questions

All you have to do is listen to boring conversations informed by ego-appetite like someone’s looks, social status, money, Instagram followers, and more sensation-oriented bullshit to know that all values are not moralistic. When we're distracted, the ego loves to place value outside of ourselves in the wrong places so we can set ourselves up for despair. 

The Tuesday headliner is when Uranus enters Taurus - the sign that rules our values - where it’ll stay and revolutionize our lives until 2026. This. Is. Huge. Whether we like it or not, the Universe will make sure we set ourselves free a la Uranus from values that prevent from accessing the deepest, most meaningful experiences of our life. Where and with whom we place our value will forever change. Especially on the personal, relational, political, and international arenas. This Uranus in Taurus transit has the potential to change the entire foundation of our lives.

One must simply ask the Universe what values that they need to know that’ll help adapt and maximize this transit. Touchstone on concepts like: courage, dependability, mutuality, reliability, equality, environmentalism, and authenticity as your guide.

On a lighter, more lovelier note, Planet of Love and Finances Venus enters Cancer on Saturday for a 3 week Love Story written with topics of emotional bonds, safety, and relational security. Now that we’ve developed intellectual rapport and sexy communication, we want to share our dialogue and emotionality with those who feel like home. Don’t be surprised if a love feels like home. What’s better than that anyway?  


Aries: Get used to asking yourself, “Do I value this?” on the daily, Aries. And spend a serious amount of time reflecting on the answer. This revolutionary Taurus energy will forever change the way your passionate heart cherishes things, places, and relationships. Of all the signs, Aries will be the one more responsible to identity the meaningful circumstances they love. Fortunately, you’re an adaptable, optimistic, and forward-thinking fire sign. So stay stay curious and flexible for the personality changes that are inevitably coming your way. Venus’ new love story in sensitive Cancer inspires a love that helps you feel safe, emotionally charged, and perhaps homegrown. You may even show a softer, more tender side to your suitors, partners. Or be looking for relationships where you’re given the permission to feel like you can be sensitive too.

Taurus: You say you want a revolution, Taurus? Well standby because Tuesday begins the single most transformative chapter of your life story ever. And I don’t say that casually. For one thing, you really love what you love. Change isn’t beloved to a Taurus. Yet that’s the single most definitive outcome of this Uranus in Taurus transit so let’s keep it really real. Know this, your attitude and ability to stay flexible, innovative, comfortable with uncertainty, and resilient will be your most successful strategy until the year 2026. If so, I guarantee your life will become more exciting than you thought possible. Full of surprises, joy, travel, romance, and success. To help, your thinking and thoughts will be beautified by Venus in Cancer. So stay positive and excited about the changes’ outcomes and I’ll watch you achieve inevitable triumphs.

Gemini: Despite the fact that you’re the zodiac’s premiere messenger, not everything in your life needs a press-release, Gemini. All this Taurus energy encourages you to maintain more privacy and discretion. Share what’s necessary with those who’ve earned the right to hear the intel. Speaking of intel, Uranus in Taurus is giving Gemini’s closest access to their spiritual source. If you quiet your mind, divine messages will grace your inner ear and inner eye first. So this might be the perfect moment to begin a meditation practice to help with your intuition accuracy. Another way to help these efforts is to avoid listening or engaging in gossip! Saturday is pay-day. Venus in Cancer is blessing your bank with more green and abundance.  

Cancer: Everyone in the zodiac knows you love deeply, Cancer. From family, to friends, to romantic relationships - your ability to emotionally support someone and love without limit is a beautiful sight to see. The Taurus transits remind you that deserve friends who love you mutually. Pay attention to what your network looks like now because your social support system will be revolutionized. It’ll be unrecognizable! New friends, colleagues, and partners arrive just in time to uplift you. Speaking of love and all good things, Venus enters Cancer on Saturday! The Goddess of Love will bless the Cancer born and influences with gorgeous magnetism, beauty, and popularity with suitors and/or current partners. You’re so willing to give and now you’re receiving. Enjoy the love!

Leo: It’s time for a career change isn’t it, Leo? All this Taurus energy and Tuesday particularly says “yes!”An influx of innovative and resetting energy electrifies your professional goals and outcomes. This energy has sudden endings, but powerful opportunities appearing out of the quantum blue, as your career’s ebb and flow for the 8 years. Stay adaptable, resilient, and focused on your conviction that you can’t help but succeed. Trust yourself and the Universe’s plans for your inevitable success. Saturday begins a sensitive swim in your feels when Venus enters Cancer for 3 weeks. Reach out to loved-ones for empathy and meaningful companionship in case your feels get triggered. Relational energies will be transitioned significantly. So identify what you feel like needs a healthy conclusion so you can begin again.

Virgo: Not just because I appreciate alliteration, but Virgo and Valedictorian are a perfect match in the energy ahead. Has higher-education crossed your brilliant brain? No surprise since all this Taurus is pointing the way to advancing your education through schooling, international travel experiences, or perhaps both. The bottom line of Uranus in Taurus for Virgo is that the way you think about thinking and experience and experience will forever change. You’ll be given different tools within consciousness that allow you to interpret your reality with an emphasis on the big picture. Your time for sweating the small stuff will be over! Friend, lover, or both? Venus in Cancer is a transit that inspires you rethink how you emotionally align with partners. Friendships become romantic and romances become very friendly.

Libra: Do you love them, or do you love them not Libra? As the sign that perfects balance, which is a delicate process - you’re allowed to feel undecided. It’s okay to love them not, on some days, but love them others. Such is the normal intimacy energy pattern. This dominant Taurus energy is reminding Libra that relationships are complex and ever changing. Connection requires adaptability, curiosity, and some spontaneous problem solving. Since our best mistakes are made when we move too quickly, it’s best to take your time while you navigate what intimacy given and received looks like for you. Get ready for sparks to fly at the office! Venus in Cancer is beautifully touring your career so some office fraternization is likely. Additionally, female mentors are rallying behind your highest career success. Reach out to your colleagues and discuss women’s issues at the workplace for maximal support. 

Scorpio: It’s all about “Love”, Scorpio. Whether single, complicated, attached, etc - this influx of Taurus energy will radically recourse your relationship experiences forever. You’re a very emotionally focused sign, which is your strength, but balance it with an understanding of opposites. The experiences ahead will remind you that your best soul-growth is achieved when your partners contrast you. So they’re not going to give in to your needs all the time. They could even help you re-examine your emotional needs to begin with and remind you that it’s not their responsibility to fix in the present what someone else did incorrectly in the past. The contrast might even be a partner hailing from another country? Venus in Cancer is touring your international sector. So romantic travels could inspire connection with the exotic.  

Sagittarius: You’re happiest in spontaneity, Sagittarius. You can make a plan but you’re happy to throw it out the window to let the Universe reveal surprises and mystery to you. Have you ever wondered if this free-spirited energy can coexist at work? This week’s horoscope says “Yes!”. Without question, non-traditional professional opportunities will be your road to success during the Uranus in Taurus transit. What once worked for you at work, no longer will. What you’ve never tried will be the way to your highest professional outcomes. So be the demonstrator of fortune favoring the brave. While you need breathing room at work, you crave commitment in love. Venus’ transit in Cancer on Saturday inspires desire for intimacy and meaningful relationships for 3 weeks.

Capricorn: What’s better than being creative, Capricorn? Inhabiting both a strong balance of business acumen and creativity. I think it’s the best of the double whammies. So Uranus in Taurus is asking you - are you thinking of launching a new project? And/or entering entertainment and media? Do it. This powerful Taurus focus is catapulting you to creative, entrepreneurial, and charismatic work opportunities. Don’t let fears of worthiness prevent you from showing up this once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Yes you’ll do it imperfectly but it’s better than sitting out. Do it. Fortunately, it’s not all work and no play when Venus enters Cancer on Saturday. This transit is your most romantic. Venus in Cancer will uplift relationships and inspire you to fall for the sensitive type that strives to keep your heart safe.

Aquarius: Have you found your “home”, Aquarius? I know you’re thinking not until you can live a different planet. Don’t worry, your relationship to home on Earth is about to change. Have you found who keeps your heart safe? All of this Taurus energy is reminding you that you’re allowed to have your emotions protected and a home base that promotes your security. You’re not as detached as everyone thinks! You’re also looking for dependability, reliability, and safety. When Mars enters Aquarius this Wednesday, you’ll feel less sensitive and more courageous. Run right to the direction of your dreams! Venus’ Saturday transit in to Cancer will help you appreciate the details for this plan for the next 3 weeks. Your ability to see innovation and alternative possibility is a gift. But the Universe wants you to focus a bit more on the details to achieve your vision.

Pisces: If I had to locate a sign most fluent in the mystery and poetry of nonverbal language, I’d point the way you to you Pisces. I away notice you listening to body-language, tones, and vibes like no other sign in the zodiac. It’s beautiful. But since the Universe is invested in our growth - not comfort - it’s focusing all this Taurus energy to help you move verbal communication at the top of what you need to practice and listen to. You can still do what you do best in the ethers but you’ll be challenged to use your words carefully and make sure they align with truest intention of the message you’re trying to say. Which should allow you to speak the words of your heart when Venus enters Cancer on Saturday! You have a story in your heart your need to tell and Venus in Cancer is giving you permission to say something if you feel something.