April 9-15

Just one week left of Mercury Retrograde! It ends on Sunday! Since March 20th, experiences centered on resetting, reeevaluting, and recalibrating identity textured many’s Mercury Retrograde story. The bottom line of this cycle seemed to be the question of what we choose to align our identities to. Our glory or our trauma? The Universe prefers one over the other. Social conditioning prefers its opposite. One gives you peace. The other gives you pain.

I’m not encouraging a total denial of where we mismanage our lives. Though I am pointing the way to the Truth that within each and every one of us is the power to move mountains. A Course in Miracles asks, “Why do you fly with the wings of a sparrow when the wings of an eagle have been given you?” We just place our power in counter-productive spaces. In the final days of Mercury Retrograde, recognize that all your identity’s power already lies within you. None of it is circumstance dependent on other people, love not given in the past, work drama, finances, etc. Choose right now to focus in the present moment and inhabit it so fully that the Universe can intersect with your thinking from the vertical and gives your power back on the horizontal.

A friendly, compassionate lunar cycle all week give us the moon’s tenderness and support where we need it most. Since a powerful New Moon in Aries on Sunday gives us the cosmic reset in all areas affected by the retrograde.

Aries: Happy Birthday, Aries! Whatever you do, don’t let the retrograde drama interrupt your birthday extravaganzas. You’re welcome to delegate planning and support to your closest friends while the Moon transits your social networks. Give comrades the opportunity to show up for you in service throughout your birth month like you show up for them all year. Sunday’s New Moon is IN Aries and it’s the end of Mercury Retrograde. Therefore, it’s your most powerful day to declare strategies, goals, visions, and intentions for the coming year. Be fearless in claiming the specific context to what gives you happiness. After this retrograde, you’re so clear on what needs to be done to move you forward in powerful and amazing directions. So let’s make it happen. Happy Manifesting!

Taurus: When it comes to spiritual success, you should love where you work, Taurus. Especially because you’re so capable of powerful contribution. Now it doesn’t have to be rainbows all day but you should feel a deep sense of connection to where you serve. Let this week’s lunar cycle direct you to invest more at your current employment location or help you redirect to a different opportunity that’s a better fit for your qualifications and preferences. A New Moon this Sunday in Aries offers you the mighty cosmic closure you’re seeking. What specific thoughts, emotions, circumstances, and/or relationships would you like to be set free from? Leave nothing aside this Sunday when Mercury Retrograde ends. Ask and it is given!

Gemini: The Emancipation of Gemini. This week’s lunar cycle reminds you how deeply the Twins crave independence and social detachment. The Universe is giving you the permission and experiences to have solo time and embark on your own adventures albeit internally or across far corners of the world. How else will you charm others with your prolific storytelling if you’re not out in the world living them first? Run right into the adventure Gemini. Enjoy every second of it. Sunday’s New Moon in Aries gives your friendships a restart and inspires not just the expectations but the experiences to be more mutual. Make sure you’re giving as much you’re asking to receive. And keep this equalizing standard among the rest of your social relationships.

Cancer: Let’s swim deep, Cancer. Ask yourself this question during the compassionate moon cycles  - where do you find your life’s meaning? All week, your ruling moon will ask you to search and find the experiences and values that answer this philosophical question. Look to place your meaning in virtue and experiences that give you a deeper sense of internal security, joy, and gratitude. To aid in this endeavor, some sexual healing could help you understand your relationship to intimacy this week. A New Moon in Aries on Sunday marks the end of Mercury Retrograde in your work life. It’s also the most powerful moment to set goals, intentions, and Law of Attraction exercises on best-case scenario for career! Be brave, Cancer, and make it happen!

Leo: The royalty in you seeks the royalty in a romantic partner, Leo. Which the Universe firmly supports. So this week’s lunar itinerary is giving you the powerful availability for romance and sexual bonding. Plan a weekday date-night and/or surprise your partner for some magical spontaneity. Don’t let anyone think they have you all figured out. The Universe knows you’re a hopeless romantic, after all. So keep your partners guessing. It sustains the romance and erotic intelligence. On surprises, Sunday’s New Moon in Aries will ask you to release your preference for control, managing/predicting outcome(s). So you can make way for the beauty of mystery and the glory of the unknown. You don’t have to have it all figured it out, Leo. That’s the Universe’s job. So sit back, pay attention, and let the Universe guide you to your highest good!

Virgo: Aaaand you’re back to the grind, Virgo! Where you’re happiest and where you belong. Your joy is in the details this week thanks to the lovely lunar cycles. It’ll help you sort out the schedule, routine, nutrition, and mental-health preferences that support your inevitable triumphs. I don’t need to remind you that those little steps you take in your life can/will make big differences in your experience. The Universe is breathless to see what you can accomplish. Sunday’s New Moon in Aries is an tantric, committed, and erotic one. You’ll want to allow yourself to feel intense desire where and with whom it’s safe to do so.

Libra: Live and love out loud, Libra. The Universe’s moon megaphone is smack dab on your beautiful Venus heart this week. You’re understanding a Truth on relationships in a big, courageous way thanks to Aries Season lighting up your romantic sector. If it’s time to share whatever you've come to terms with, don’t delay. Speak on it for a powerful reward. Make no mistake, the Universe always finds a way to give back to those who keep love, emotional exposure, honesty, and bravery in their value system. So while it feels scary, and it should - know that you will be divinely compensated for having shared your heart. Sunday’s New Moon in Aries is your annual moon moment to not only call in the best version of yourself but imagine best case scenarios for your relationships. Write a letter to the Universe requesting your desire and watch it manifest magically over the next 6 months. 

Scorpio: Trigger warning, Scorpio. This week could inspire intense Scorpionic feels around your relationship to home, family, mother figures, and emotional safety. Sit with the edge for as long as necessary until you feel like you’ve learned when the pain is helping you understand. The Universe isn't out to get you on this one. So don’t deflect or deny whatever is coming up for you in these experiences. A valuable teaching moment is here in this discomfort to allow yourself to vulnerably, perhaps painfully receive it. Since Sunday’s New Moon in Aires is a cosmic reset; a brand new slate for daily strategies on emotional cleanliness, wellness, and health. Your life works, Scorpio, when you work hard at making your life work. Not the other way around. So let the New Moon in Aries reverse your paradigm and watch the magic happen. 

Sagittarius: Look who’s talking, Sagittarius! This week's moon cycles is making your brain and speech run a mile- a-minute. Light it up! Use this brain power and intellectual energy well by letting it fuel your personal and professional goals for manifestation. When your motivation is unstoppable, there's nothing you can't do. Make sure you balance your curiosity with a strong willingness to observe and listen to your surroundings. Who knows, you might hear a problem’s answer from an unexpected source? A New Moon in Aries on Sunday inspires you to make a plan for a creative project and/or softening in to joy. This a powerful moment to intend on stepping in to your power and achieving your purpose.

Capricorn: You’ve taken the risk, Seagoat. Now you can do whatever it takes to secure your safety. A deeper emotional understanding on financial and personal security will take shape this week throughout the moon cycles. What will help this mission is if you approach no thought, emotion, or seemingly random circumstance as mere coincidence. It’s all the Universe’s way of helping you build your secure foundation through specific and comprehensive experiences. Similarly, Sunday’s New Moon in Aries gives you a powerful restart and emotional cleaning with your sacred relationship to home, mother figures, and family.

Aquarius: Throughout this week’s moon cycle, it’s all about you, Waterbearer!  Your days will be confident, secure, powerful, and motivating ones. So strive happily to the direction of your dreams! Along the way, don’t forget to speak on your goals and desires so collaborative people in the matrix will know how to support you since they know what you’re looking for. A New Moon in Aries on Sunday elevates your curiosity, communication, and listening skills. That same day, the planet of Communication - Mercury - ends its Retrograde and you’ll walk away with 3 weeks of history to examine your relationship to language. As an Air sign you’re called to be one of the best speakers and listeners in every room so do what must be done to inhabit that role. 

Pisces: Take it nice, steady, and slow, Pisces. This week’s moon cycle reminds you that you don’t owe anyone a quick explanation, response, or answer. How often do we make the biggest mistakes because we move too impulsively? So without apology but within reason, move at your own pace this week. And be sure to prioritize self-care, closure, and rest. This Sunday’s New Moon in Aries inspires brave commitment to strong values, financial health, and rigorous personal security. You need to be very proactive about measures that ensure your integrity and liveliness are safe. Remember what you’re swimming for on Sunday and you’ll get to the desired destination with the right bank account balance and bodyguards in no time.