April 30th - May 6th

After last Sunday’s Full Moon in powerfully alchemizing Scorpio, transformation has come to us all. You’ll easily notice the impact and inevitable effects of a full moon for the next two weeks. To help us with these immense Scorpionic transitions, the horoscope of this week is emotionally supportive, chronological, and calm. The best news of the week is that the Mercury Retrograde “shadow period” which are pre and post bookends for the Mercury Retrograde story ends on May 3rd. As it turns out, the pre-shadow began on March 8th so whatever existential stories that came up for you since will write their last pages by May 3rd.

Other than that, this a week of integration. Let’s be clear, 2018 hasn’t really given the zodiac a rest since it’s beginning. From the January/February eclipses and the chronological retrogrades of Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Why not Utilize this downtime to allow for lesson implementation? That’s why this week’s horoscope is short and sWeEt. The waning moon phases this week are joyful and optimistic about the changes to come. And the weekend’s energy is a productive and ambitious one thanks to a Capricorn Moon. Enjoy it!

Aries: The Universe knows you can handle the big Truth, Aries. So do you! Thanks to the Full Moon in Scorpio, you’ve processed a big reality, a powerful Truth in a momentous way. Give yourself the gift of longstanding contemplation. Allow a meaningful amount of time to continue understanding. Across the week, you’ll know when it’s time to share what Truth you learned with others. Particularly the people who are affiliated or co-create this Truth with you. Don’t keep your Truth silent. Mercury Retrograde taught you how to use your words. So let the rubber meet the road and use them! This weekend gives you plenty of ambition, focus, and productivity. Put it to good use!

Taurus: Happy Birthday, beautiful Taurus! Hope you’re enjoying all the celebrations in your rightful honor. And feeling deservedly cherished by your loved ones. Since financial security is a major value for you, I'm happy to report that Venus is blessing your finances. Whether it’s through cold, hard birthday cash or an earned promotion! This is a week for you to enjoy the fruit of your hard labor. So perhaps you'll want to plan a fun, adventurous outdoor outing under the Capricorn Moon this weekend with your closest friends? You deserve it!

Gemini: As the most “detached” sign, suddenly you’re feeling very curious about, what do you call it - love and commitment? Better believe it, Gemini. Romance is abound until May 20th. And your beliefs, experiences, and intentions for love are on top of the Universe’s itinerary for you. There’s a time and a place for work, friendships, etc. But now is it about how you experience love. So do what must be done to really achieve that. Plan a date night on Wednesday and say “yes” to prospects. And this weekend is bound to be a sexy one thanks to a Capricorn Moon lighting up your tantric prospects!

Cancer: I know dominant social “wisdom” teaches otherwise, Cancer, but know this - surrender can be sweet. In your experiences with romance, there’s a chapter or even a story that’s on it’s final page. Your commitment to making it “work” might be counterproductive. So if you surrender your powerful attachment to a specific outcome - many more that you couldn't even possibly conceive of will have the opportunity to flourish. And you’ll want to help lovingly let go of control so you can be prepared for the next one. This weekend has a beautiful “opposite attract” chemistry thanks to the romantic Capricorn Moon. Experience someone, something, or someplace new. Let the magic happen in the contrast.

Leo: You’re the Most Valuable Royal at work, Leo. Amazing accomplishments and career momentum are yours this month. Relish in the rewards of your hard work. If it’s a higher success at your current place of employment, prepare yourself for lift off. Collect a record of all the contributions you’ve offered so you can recall them quickly in a review. As it turns out, productivity is this weekend’s energy too thanks to the Capricorn Moon. If you’re looking to move careers, develop a royal exit in good form this weekend. Along the way, carry your momentum to home and get even more organized, scheduled, clean, and healthy.

Virgo: It’s not superficial or meaningless to remember that when it comes to work, productivity is important but so is your likability. Happily, your work, colleagues, and/or clients are falling in love with you all over again while Venus beautifies your career sector. Female colleagues want to help so make sure you’re collaborating, connecting, and socializing. Speak to the heart of your work’s conscience. Whoever you serve. And let them see how dedicated you are to improving their lives in your beautiful service-oriented way. Spend the weekend in pleasure and empowerment under the charismatic Capricorn Moon.

Libra: You’re an air sign so let’s play a word game, Libra. What does “intimacy” mean to you? What’s your definition? Esther Perel reframes it as “into-me-you-see”. So help define what your partners would see into you so you can experience the deepest connections. You’re more than qualified to love and support someone at their deepest level. So make sure you’re allowing yourself to receive that same level of support. Thanks to a cozy Capricorn Moon, a relaxing , emotionally secure weekend is yours. Spend time with your blood or chosen family, redecorating, or organizing your “home”.

Scorpio: Although it seems to go against every Scorpio dictate, I promise I’m telling the truth when I write - your ability to stay emotionally exposed and lean in to vulnerability determines your joy. Not your defense, armor, skepticism, or guardedness. Though you think it protects you - does it really? After a full moon in Scorpio, you may have a “hangover” from emotionality. I want you to be proud of your bravery. Stay proud of your courage. Along the way, try experimenting with intellectualizing your emotions. There are systems of emotional intelligence that can help you rebound from last weekend. Ask the Universe what it would have you learn on the matter, and the books will fall at your feet.

Sagittarius: You’re working really hard at both life and romance, Sag. I’m thrilled to tell you that the Universe sees it! And it will work hard to reward you for whatever proactive efforts you’re giving to these efforts on both life and romance. It’s a two fold process; stay secure with a strategy but remain open to life’s possibilities. Manage this paradox and see what miracle emerge with your adaptability and curiosity. This weekend’s vibes are so luxurious thanks to the Capricorn Moon! Indulge a little, spend more on a fancy dinner, and experience more joy.

Capricorn: When it comes to social support, you know which friends can meet you where you’re at, Cap. Not everyone is working with the same tool box and that’s okay. Though at this point in your life, it’s time to make room for those with the same strong social technique as you. Allow some room for difference but hold fast on friendship values because mutuality is the Universe’s bottom line. A Capricorn Moon holds all weekend. So be as upfront, emotionally exposed, and courageous as you can muster where it’s appropriate.

Aquarius: Well, well, well, the Waterbearer is Werking! You’re not only impressing yourself but others - particularly higher ups! - with how focused and responsible you are. After last Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio, it’s time to make those career dreams come true. Push rational considerations, practicality, and bullshit aside. You have the means of its accomplishment. So run right in to the direction of your dreams! But first, plan self-care and rest this weekend while the transiting Capricorn Moon lights up your slumber chapter. Take on the world NEXT Monday.

Pisces: You don’t want to swim or sweat in the stressful small stuff, Pisces. In the wake of the Full Moon in Scorpio, you’re realizing a bigger picture and your version of practical optimism can be found with an expanded vision on situations that keep you stuck. Trust me, it’s really not as complex as you think. Let the Universe prove it. Thanks to a fun-loving Capricorn Moon this weekend, connect with friends who share these beliefs on optimism and success so you’re reminded you’re not alone.