April 23-29

In the peak blossoms of Spring, Taurus Season arrives. The second in our zodiac, but our very first Earth sign, the most high-minded Taurus energy reminds us of the power within consistent values. Taurus asks us all: what ideas do you cherish? What do you own?

Of course you can answer on the level of materiality. And Taurus energy knows how amazing it is to burn the fragrance candles, dim the lights, curl your toes in Egyptian cotton, and devour gourmet chocolate. Though the deeper answer lies in how we own our convictions. A conviction is defined as a firmly held belief. How very Taurus. Convictions are inherently neutral. The owner decided where to place the conviction in the direction of love or fear. Harness the mastery of Taurus Season by allowing your convictions to uplift your thoughts, emotions, and behavior in the direction of both love given and received.

Speaking of both, Love Goddess Venus enters the sign of the mythological twins Gemini on Tuesday until May 20th. This transit will bless not just Gemini but the entire zodiac with fun, lighthearted, yet meaningful conversations that connect mentally us to suitors for 3 weeks. A Course in Miracles says ideas grow stronger when shared. So Venus in Gemini gives us a wonderful time to share our values and ideas in romantic conversations. All of a sudden, one’s intelligence and the nerd with glasses become the biggest turn ons. I’ll confess - glasses undo my jeans so fast, both of my heads spin. 

The Sunday skies have a sexy Full Moon in Scorpio where our emotionality runs karmically deep. You’ll find a full circle moment in the Scorpio ruled areas below. Full Moons are one of the most powerful opportunity periods to effectuate change where you need it. The way to do this on Sunday is to harness all of Scorpio’s radical authenticity, erotic intelligence, and consciousness that plunges deep. Let concepts like intimacy guide you. Embrace - on the level of personal and interpersonal - the light and shadow within. Perfection is not the goal. Transformation is.

Aries: Your Mars ruled Aries power is often passionately expressed by direct behavior and action. It’s what you do best! There’s no denying that when you want something, you go and get it. With the beautiful Venus in Gemini transit, it wants the Aries born to speak on their desire first. Use your words so that collaboration not competition becomes your modus operandi. Then you can act on it when the Mercury RX shadow period ends on May 3rd. Venus in Gemini put hearts in your eyes for the valedictorian. You want to get on top of who’s ever on top of the class. Intelligence is so charming! Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a very sexy, supercharged one. Schedule time for some passionate intimacy and sexual healing.

Taurus: Happy Birthday, Taurus! Your beautiful, bountiful birthday season is here. I hope all your wishes come true! The Universe’s first gift to you is continued financial abundance. Venus in Gemini puts 24k gold in your bank and serious security around your life. Receive the reward of the hard work humbly with a grateful heart. Along the way, look at generosity as a sign of self-care because you get to keep whatever you give away from a spiritual perspective. Speaking of the sharing, the Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday puts a powerful full circle moment in romantic relationships. No matter the form, this Moon is here to help you. If you’re single, put the shadows from partners passed in the moonlight once and for all. If you’re coupled, Is it time to deepen the bonds of intimacy, or lovingly let go if the relationships assignment served its purpose?

Gemini: Duck, Gemini! Cupids arrows are flying everywhere. Venus is shining for the Twins until May 20th so you’re absolutely irresistible to current and/or potential suitors. Relish in the indulgence and appreciate the romance from the Universe. It’s a time for joyful, lighthearted connection. So keep an open-mind and say yes to opportunities for romantic beginnings and closure. Begin again with someone you adore. Or let go if the relationship assignment feels complete. If you’ve yet to spring clean this season, you should schedule it on Sunday. The Full Moon in Scorpio supercharges and sanitizes your thinking, health, and living spaces. I call these activities “personnel administration”. So take administrative stock of your personal circumstances with the Full Moon’s help.

Cancer: One of the most underrated ballads is “Secret Love Song” by British pop band Little Mix. It’s about love you can’t speak on and it’s beautiful. It should be your anthem while Venus tours Gemini. Since the Goddess of Love is asking the Moonchildren to protect their sensitive feels by keeping them on the low … temporarily. You’ll speak on them in divine timing when Venus enters Cancer on May 20th. Now you have to detach, observe, restrain, and discern with friends ...  not romantic suitors. Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a powerfully creative one for Cancer. Plan a joyful, empowering day with guided meditations or something of the spiritual form that strengthens your security, worthiness, and charisma.

Leo: As the son of a Leo Father, let me remind you that a Leo companion is an emotional bodyguard like no other sign in the zodiac. Period! Venus in Gemini is inspiring you, the zodiac’s monarchy to loyally show the fuck up to support and protect their beloved friends. This is so vital because if Imagine your universal social technique as transferrable to romantic, friendly, and even family bonds, you’ll strengthen your capacity for what gives your life the most meaning - connection. On that note, a Full Moon in sensitive Scorpio this Sunday adds moon magic to your home, emotional safety, and royal family. I recommend a major cleaning or new strategy to help you feel safe in your castle.

Virgo: Dive, turn, werk Virgo! How lovely for you because Venus' tour of Gemini is beautifying your midheaven. In other words, the Goddess of Love bestows popularity and charisma throughout your career arenas. It'll connect you to collaborative female mentors in the field who want to see you succeed. Your influence is strong so be mindful of staying impeccable as you can while all eyes are on you. Speak on best-case scenarios so your network can make it happen deservedly. An active weekend awaits you while Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio gives your brilliant mind even more power. Schedule a visit to a cultural outing, a museum, or lecture that inspires authenticity and transformation.

Libra: Romantic chemistry thrives on the exotic, Libra. Though the exotic doesn’t begin on a transcontinental airline. Venus in Gemini takes you out of your harmonious comfort zone of familiarity and connects you to socialization from far corners of the world. Whether you’re actually doing some international traveling or simply listening to life experiences radically different from your own, Venus in Gemini reminds you to find the spark in the the relationship’s contrast. Cherish “the other”. Safety and Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio are a perfect match. Under this weekend’s full moon, reflect meaningfully on financial and personal values that keep your Libra life safe. Decide what behavioral steps you can take proactively informed by these values so you can align with thoughts, emotions, and decisions with integrity.

Scorpio: It’s getting steamy in here, Scorpio! Not only is Taurus Season your romance/relational month but the Goddess of Love is touring through your tantric Chamber of Secrets. Venus in Gemini gives you experiences with authentic, and very intimate relationships. This transit will make your already powerful sexuality even more magnetic. You mastered the physical side of the erotic. Now it’s time for integrate your imagination and wordplay in the act while Venus in talkative Gemini. Sunday’s Full Moon is IN Scorpio. Therefore, it’s the most powerful two-fold time to give yourself closure and live, love, and exist loudly. Do whatever must be done to surrender low-level racket and invite the exceptional opportunities within your life to begin again.

Sagittarius: Opposites-attract, Sagittarius? Better believe it. Venus is transiting your opposite sign, Gemini. And the Goddess of Love will waste no time introducing you to polar opposite partners or remind you of the mystery of the person you thought you had entirely figured out. Your naturally curious mind can’t get enough of this push, pull, power dynamic. Especially because you love connecting to people who challenge you and are different from your comfort zone. If possible, spend the weekend “within”. A powerful Full Moon in Scorpio is giving an experience the ending it needs on Sunday. It’s likely to be a sensitive, emotional weekend so give yourself the gift of letting go on whatever existential concept is coming to an end.

Capricorn: Isn’t it the sexiest thing when you notice someone else noticing the details, Capricorn? I know you know what I’m talking about. Your practical heart loves a pair of eyes that don’t miss a beat. Venus in Gemini is putting joy and romance in the little things and details. It’s extraordinary what can be discovered there. It’s also a powerful time to beautify your health, mind, and time-management. There’s a time and a place for healthy skepticism and Capricorn cynical jokes. But not now. Perceive opportunity and joy proactively. Plan a weekend getaway since Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio inspires you to see the big picture and explore new horizons. You’re brilliant but you don’t know everything. Let the Universe remind you how much there’s left to discover and see the beauty in that.

Aquarius: Put the megaphone on your heart and love out loud, Aquarius. Venus in Gemini is giving the Waterbearer three weeks of exciting romance, pleasure, luxury, and joy. To maximize these opportunities, speak the stories, emotions, and intentions in your heart and let the world hear your beautiful courage. Apply urgency to your life. And remember - if you feel something, say something. Try to balance the Venus in Gemini fun with a bit of disciplined work this weekend. Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio checkpoints your career progress. If you’re happy with where you are, amass a record of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved so during a review you can easily recall your contributions. If you’re looking for change, take proactive steps to align yourself with opportunities that promote your natural gifts, abilities, and talents.

Pisces:  Slip on your ruby red slippers and say “There’s no place like home”, Pisces. While you’re a free spirit who usually stays detached to places, you’re looking now to stay safely still and rest. Venus in Gemini is beautifying your interiors, family relationships, and/or inspiring a homegrown love story. No matter where, or with whom you write this love story with, make sure your heart’s safety is the bottom line in every circumstance. So use your words a la Gemini and explain what that looks like specifically so others can consent. Wait for no invitation to speak your Truth this weekend. Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio gives you power to be very direct, outspoken, and courageous while still holding on to your endless supply of tenderness and compassion.