April 16-22

Rejoice with me, readers! Mercury Retrograde in Aries is behind us. After a 22 day firestorm through the Aries trenches of identity, motivation, and our notions on Self, we’re passed the battlefield. With some second degree burns to prove it. Since Mercury is direct, you’ll begin regaining your energy, speed, and focus. With a completion on the primary lesson by the end of its shadow period on May 3rd. Along the way, do your best to assimilate what you learned since March 8th into your behavior. So you can make righteous decisions throughout the zodiac’s new year. As I’ve said before, Mercury RX is not out to harm you, me, or anyone else. It’s a transit that, in quicksilver Mercury speed, calls your attention to the the existential aspects that prevent you from becoming the most loving person you’re capable of.

Biologically and spiritually speaking, we work towards this self-actualization through absolution. In other words, what prevents us from becoming our best selves needs to be identified albeit painfully. Then we’re left with a choice of grasping for that which gives us dysfunction or surrendering it. In all my retrograde experiences, that’s what the planetary reversals have done. They’ve focused my awareness to identify my life’s low-level circumstances and I’m asked to consciously review, remove, or release. On Tuesday, Saturn in Capricorn will retrograde until next September. The outer planets retrograde periods are longer given their distance from the Sun. Our relationship with discipline, self-management, and responsibility will be tested, complicated, and/or fortified. Additionally, Pluto will also retrograde in Capricorn this Sunday until next September. Despite different planetary frequencies, they’re focused in Capricorn and the question for us all now is - how hard are you working and how seriously are you contributing to your personal growth with 100% responsibility?

It’s not all strict, scary leather Daddy energy. The Sun enters beautiful, luxurious, and sensual Venus ruled Taurus on Thursday. It’ll give our momentum the daily commitment to make visions manifest over the next month. We can all soften the radical recovery work previously discussed with consistent activity that support our joy, safety, and wellbeing. I always imagine my Taurus friends like my best bodyguards. Archetypally, the mythological Bull represents the psychological values that keep us safe. I think the biggest rookie mistake we all make when approaching personal and interpersonal health is assuming we’re born knowing how. The Truth is, we do not perceive our own best interests. We are not born knowing how to be our best personal or relational selves. So if we work with Taurus energy, we can begin to learn the values and philosophies for the most responsible decision making in these efforts.

Aries: The bright and beautiful energy of Aries Season arrives a bit late after Mercury Retrograde affected your sign intimately. But, hey! It’s finally arrived to the birthday party. The Aries among us felt the struggle to find the right thoughts, words, and footing the most. It might’ve been particularly difficult so let’s give gratitude to the experiences that reminded you how resilient you are. Relief is yours since it’s over! Your fire is back. Burning brighter than ever. With Pluto and Saturn beginning a 5 month retrograde story in your career this week, focus most of fire and energy in reviewing professional experiences. And Thursday’s start to Taurus Season invites you to bring more momentum to your personal and financial goals. The Universe with all these retrogrades and Taurus Season are asking you to move more thoughtfully and pay attention deeply on the meaningful. No more mindless distraction and/or surface-level stimuli. So you better work, Ram!

Taurus: Living on a Prayer isn’t just a beautiful Bon Jovi Song. It’s your mantra for this week! Now that Mercury Retrograde is done, the “worst” is behind you now. It gave you a psychologically intense cosmic cleaning with moments of surrender and proactive closure. Honor this moment and what's ahead by staying adaptable, humble, open to uncertainty, and very forgiving to what’s come to an end. To aid in these efforts of momentum, Pluto and Saturn retrograde will give you the musings and inspiration to find alternative ways of examining situations that take you out of pain and into peace. Just in time for Taurus Season which begins this Thursday! The Sun shines from your constellation and is sure to provide new opportunities, experiences, abundance, and relationships as birthday gifts! Wishing you a bountiful Solar Return.

Gemini: The Spice Girls once famously said - “Make it Last Forever / Friendship Never Ends” Gemini. After a social audit from this Mercury Retrograde in Aries, you know which friends are forever and which ones are meant to stay in your life for a reason or a season as the saying goes. You want to stay adaptable, curious, and moving forward. Some friends don’t know how to do that with themselves and/or with you. With Pluto and Saturn retrograding in your sector of transformation and intimacy, you want to imagine yourself as forever leveling up with the right people. It’s a powerful time to focus on sexual health and issues on identity. On Thursday, Taurus Season begins a month long story of closure and sweet surrender. Give yourself permission for self-care, staying in, and letting go.

Cancer: Is it time for the two-weeks notice? Or are you promotion prepping, Cancer? Mercury Retrograde let you know whether or not you should stay or go at your current professional situation. If you know it’s time for something new but you’re waiting for the Universe to open the dream career door, be patient. Mercury RX hardly begins anything new on the level of experience. But it does open doors in consciousness that can’t but open new doors in the level of experience. So use this awareness and take direct action in the manifesting of your career goals. “Calling In The One?”,  Cancer? Pluto and Saturn will retrograde in your relationship sector inspiring new beliefs and strategies on healthy romantic partnership. Along the way, you’ll get by with a little help from your friends when Taurus Season begins on Thursday. Your network and social support is everything!

Leo: Did you feel like you had a headache for 3 weeks, Leo? Mercury Retrograde was back spinning in flames throughout your visionary sector of expansive thinking and it forced you to look within with questions like, “What am I thinking? And did I really just say that out loud?” Fortunately, your mind is back to monarch status. So use this momentum now by aligning your thoughts and words with righteousness. Don Miguel Ruiz asks in his 4 Agreements for us to be “Impeccable With Your Word”. Give it a try! Pluto and Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn will help you locate helpful personal growth systems that promote your radical recovery. So if a self-help book falls at your feet, don’t dismiss it at coincidence. Which is perfect timing since Thursday’s start to Taurus Season lights up your career! And you’ll need all the intelligence, responsibility, and focus to rise to the level you deserve to go.

Virgo: How’d you handle the big Truth, Virgo? Your attitude and ability to adapt to radical honesty, intimacy, and commitment in your life experience was your Mercury Retrograde in Aries test since March 8th. While the worst is over, it’s vital that you remember to see yourself, circumstances, and people as they are authentically right now. Pluto and Saturn retrograding in your creativity, romance, and worthiness sector will give you the pace to show up to the current moment to achieve just that. Don’t revert to hyper-functioning “fix it” mode. Just breathe and let other people show you who they are without workshopping their problems. Along the way, let Taurus Season beginning on Thursday uplift your thinking to see the big picture! Don’t sweat small stuff. Spoiler alert, it’s all small stuff.

Libra: Do you love them, or do you love them not, Libra? Don’t worry, my indecisive ones - you’re not being forced to choose one partner over the other right now. Now that Mercury Retrograde in Aries is over, you can continue exploring your romantic proficiency with as many suitors - from one to seventy! - as you want. When Pluto and Saturn retrograde in your emotionality and “home” arena, you’ll lean less on physical appetite when it comes to connection and more on a heart-centered desire to find those who protect your heart’s security. When Taurus Season begins on Thursday, it will help you narrow in on where your relational connections are safe and steady for some intimacy and sexual healing.

Scorpio: Whatever you do, Scorpio - don’t pay for the gym but neglect to go! Intellectually, you know by now what you need to do to stay healthy, responsible, and in great personal shape. Mercury Retrograde in Aries has trained you to stay vigilant in your efforts for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. With lucky Jupiter still in your sign, success can and will be yours. So long as you’re not protecting and aligning to self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The Plutonian and Saturnian retrogrades this week will help you focus on your intellectual and verbal techniques. But it’s not all work and no play because Taurus Season’s start on Thursday is your most romantic month. Rich experiences with suitors, love, and deepening preexisting bonds is ahead. You’ll want to be in tip-top shape while you share your best self generously with a lucky someone who deserves you!

Sagittarius: Madonna once said “Express Yourself”, Sagittarius. She was right! Now more than ever, you’re connected to what you need to feel joy, pleasure, worthiness, and romance. Since Mercury Retrograde in Aries worked hard to remove all the things that you held you back from actualizing it. And you’re ready to live it and say it out loud! Ready or not, express yourself. If you need more security for these efforts, Pluto and Saturn retrogrades will help you review your financial and personal foundation. Yes you’re the sign that gallops off to the horizons but what ideas and values inspire you to stay put for a while? Couple this effort with effective time management, scheduling, personal administration, and organization when Taurus Season begins on Thursday. Find love in the details.

Capricorn: Dry yourself off with a plush white towel because your deep dive in the emotion ocean is finally done, Sea Goat! Take a deep breath and relax now. Mercury Retrograde in Aries triggered sensitives and boundaries on emotional security you never knew you had since March 8th. Contextualize all these experiences, even the painful, uncomfortable ones as highly productive since now you’ll want to align your life with circumstances that keep your newly broken heart safe. Pluto and Saturn will retrograde in your sign which isn’t bad news. It’ll give you the extra time to work on personal growth and boundaries with the discipline and responsibility you love. Which will balanced by a month long story of joy, romance, and pleasure tour when Taurus Season begins on Thursday! Say “yes” to life!

Aquarius: It’s time to speak up, Waterbearer! You’ve concluded this Mercury Retrograde in Aries story with an important story and communication style/strategy you need to share. Since you’re a fixed sign and can stay passive unless you’re absolutely sure of something, the Universe wants you to be proactive. Apply urgency to this. Don’t want for an invitation. Invite yourself to the party, the dialogue, and let the magic happen! The Pluto and Saturn retrograde will help Aquarius let go of what holds them back. Whatever came to mind first is probably it. And if you don’t know, ask your best friends. They’ll tell you! Taurus Season beginning on Thursday is an extreme home makeover. You’ll know where and with whom you feel right at home for.

Pisces: Who’s your rock, Pisces? Who’s your bodyguard? When it comes to security, Mercury Retrograde reminded you - perhaps difficulty - the exact circumstances your sensitive heart needs to feel safe, protected, and trusted. Since you so generously make yourself available to the service of others, you too are deserving of mutual assurance. Now you’ll be asked to align your behavior with these experiences. Pluto and Saturn’s long retrograde will ground this social security efforts by giving your friendships a social audit. The Universe will check in with your network helping you identity which friendships are more one-sided, your role in allowing that occur, and which friendships are the most meaningful. Don’t hold back from speaking your truth as Taurus Season starts on Thursday and you’ll be the most talkative fish at the aquarium!