March 5-11

Happy March! The fire and beauty of Spring arrives on Tuesday - earlier than the Equinox - when Venus (Goddess of Relationship, Values & Finance) and Mercury (God of Consciousness, Communication & Commerce) enter Aries. Our thoughts, communication, and romantic experiences will feel the transformative power of Aries fire. With Mercury and Venus in the sign of the Ram, we’ll have to engage with brave, direct communication, and behavioral momentum. We need to move forward in the direction of love from a place of confidence. We need to think, listen, and speak from worthiness. Balanced with a only a tiny bit of moderation, charging ahead in many endeavors throughout the next three and a half weeks will enrich our personal and love lives significantly.

Jupiter (God of Abundance, Optimism & Wisdom) starts its retrograde on Thursday March 8th. Since October 10th 2017, Jupiter’s tour in truth seeking and telling Scorpio has inspired a cultural reveal on issues surrounding sexuality, transformation, violence, etc. What it’s reminding us all is that - things aren’t getting worse, they’re getting exposed. Nothing is new under the sun. Especially racism, misogyny, and aristocracy. In order for the Universe’s alchemy to begin, low-level shit needs to be consciously considered. Or brought to the light of understanding.

Now that Jupiter will retrograde until July, we won't lose successful progress on the #MeToo, #TimesUp, sanctions on the NRA, etc. In every research process, there’s a moment where we collect the cumulative evidence from the investigation and embed the learning into current decision making. That’s Jupiter Retrograde. Review what you learned since last October and apply the wisdom vigilantly now to your values and behavior. More on where Jupiter Retrograde aspects your sign below. Not everything is moving behind! Don’t forget to turn the clocks forward an hour this Sunday when Daylight Savings Time begins.

Aries: Ready to rise, Ram? When lovely Venus and messenger Mercury join in Aries, your time to think and speak sharply while you fall head over heels begins. On Tuesday, your communication styles and love life will get leveled all the way up for the next 3.5 weeks. Now that you’ve understood over the last month what thoughts, feelings, and people hold you back from rising to your glory, you’re ready to begin again. You’re ready to move forward more capably with help from Venus and Mercury. Throughout this endeavor, stay optimistic in your pursuit of of personal, relational, and romantic excellence. When Jupiter begins its retrograde on Thursday, schedule a meaningful weekend with a continued mental detox on intimacy fears. Incorporate beliefs that yield sexy and romantic results in committed relationships.  

Taurus: Surrender can be very sweet, Taurus. Especially because it’s far from quitting. Tuesday begins a chapter of psychological and relational transition. When Venus and Mercury enter Aries, your outdated ideas, desires, and experiences will feel like they’re coming to a powerful end. This is helpful. Since the Universe is firmly invested in helping you always, you must first let go of what isn’t invested in helping you. Get out of your own way. Remove what’s holding you back. So that in this space, you can begin again when Venus and Mercury enter Taurus soon. This weekend, evaluate significantly your relationship with relationships. Since we don’t always perceive our best interests, ask your closest friends, family, and partners what you need to know and do to be better in romance.

Gemini:  Are they a friend, a lover, or both, Gemini? Do you love them? Do you love them not?  The lines between relational boundaries become blurry after Tuesday. When Venus and Mercury enter Aries, you’ll begin a stage of equalizing your relationships which could feel confusing to yourself and others. Because your friendships become more romantic. And your romances become more friendly. Remember the wisdom in finding relational dynamics that have the best of both. Check in on your physical and mental wellness this weekend. Since October, your health, mental activity, organization, and commitment to structure are the Universe’s orders for you. How you doing in that homefront so far? If excellently, congratulations. If not, review and commit to a serious nutritional strategy.

Cancer: Dive, turn, and werk Cancer. When Venus and Mercury are set in the flames of Aries, Tuesday lifts your professional aspirations to the highest. Without question, you’ll prove yourself as the most valuable crustacean in the office. Stay as proactive, disciplined, and focused as possible this month for maximum reward at work. If you’re not where you want to be, locate your natural talents, gifts, and abilities as spaces of inspiration on where to go. This transit isn’t about playing it safe or practical. It’s about your soul-purpose. “What could you spend all night talking about?” my Grandma would always ask me. So I’ll ask you the same. Your answer is your purpose. Jupiter retrograde inspires review on your work and life balance. Remember your creative and pleasurable moments give your life the most meaning.

Leo: Not like I need to remind you, your majesty - but the Universe’s grand stage is all yours. When comrades Venus and Mars collide in the fires of Aries on Tuesday, you’re feeling wanderlust, curiosity, and the desire to share a meaningful truth in a very grand way on a big stage. So rise, roar, and run with it, Leo! Your sense of divine worthiness will take you to seeing dreams fulfilled. This weekend, try to balance that new pursuit with a remembrance of your emotional security and where you came from. You’re allowed to protect your sensitivity, courage, and what makes you feel safe. Fortify how you understand and experience “home” and family. Take time to recalibrate any moving, decorating, or family planning strategies that aren’t yielding the results you’re looking for.

Virgo: How do you like your Truth serum, Virgo? Straight up? I hope so. Know that you have a precious gift for calling forth the highest potential of almost everyone and everything around you. Identifying the vision and making way for its self-actualization. When Mercury and Venus enter Aries on Tuesday, you’ll be called to redirect your focus. It’s time to narrow your perception on seeing your life, people, and circumstances exactly as they are right now. Not potential. See your current experiences right now. Hold the vision of the current good, bad, and ugly. Then you can get to work on making the context for improving. Jupiter retrograde reminds you that dialogue is a space of interfacing communication, mirroring, and listening. Not parallel monologues. Do your best to sharpen your listening and vocal communication skills.

Libra: The first chapter of a new love story starts Tuesday, Libra! Your favorite time of the year. When Venus and Mercury enter Aries  - the ruler of your romantic relationships and serious partnerships - you’ll be enamored by partners with an opposites attract style chemistry. Contrast, balance, and “the other” becomes a huge turn on. As a seeker, you know that’s where powerful soul-growth can occur. Through reflection across the differences. Friendly reminder, make sure you’re investing as much energy into being understood and understanding different viewpoints. When Jupiter retrogrades on Thursday, reign in the spending and check your checkbook. Just in time for tax season, a very serious review of your financial health and your personal values are in order.

Scorpio: The devil isn’t the only thing in the details, Scorpio. So is your divine joy! Thank the Universe you’re a powerful fixed sign and can appropriately focus. When Mercury and Venus enter Aries on Tuesday, it’ll begin a process of personal administration, time-management, and a focus on small steps for big personal growth. Your thoughts, words, romantic relationships, and financial health depend on how well you can perceive the micro over the next three and half ways. Lucky Jupiter begins its retrograde in Scorpio on Thursday. Since October, opportunity and life change have surrounded you. So take the retrograde to recalibrate and review your progress so you can make the most of this favorable transit.

Sagittarius: The Universe’s loudspeaker is back on your heart, Centaur. When Mercury and Venus enter Aries on Tuesday, you’re understanding your courage in a powerful way. After an unusually hypersensitive and emotionally charged few weeks, you’re ready to get your joy back. You’re ready to walk taller with confidence and the outspoken pursuit of joy. Tuesday will begin your time to share it with those who need to hear it. To carefully speak on the who, where, when, and why of what gives your life meaning. Then go get it. When Jupiter retrogrades in your sector of recharging, relaxation, and rest -  serious downtime is on the itinerary. So balance your pursuit of joy with a staycation for maximum personal results.

Capricorn: You’re not just an expert mountain climber, Capricorn. Mythologically, remember, you’re also a passionate water dweller. Which you’ll remind everyone after Tuesday while you take a dip in the ocean of feels. On Tuesday, both Mercury and Venus enter the most sensitive area of your chart. So ideas and even romantic experiences on “home”, emotional security, and family wait for you on the ocean floor. Brace yourself now for the painful vulnerability that’s necessary to soften in to all these experiences. If you need expert help, connect to friends who feel like family this weekend. Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio reminds you which friends have earned the right to hold space for you and to mutually supporting each other’s wellbeing.

Aquarius: As the focused of the air sign trinity, let me remind you that only the best of mental chemistry takes your body chemistry off the charts, Aquarius. You’re hardly impressed by any romantic suitors unless they possess intellectual prowess, curiosity, and strong communication skills. Good! When Venus and Mercury enter Aries on Tuesday, seek to begin in a verbal, mental common ground and then let sexual chemistry takes over from there. Professional and purposeful success is on the Universe’s agenda for you. Since October, many work-related experiences have rocked your world. So now that we’re close to the midpoint, review your progress and strategies in your work life and find new beliefs for success.

Pisces: Happy Birthday to you, Pisces! I hope you’re passionately enjoying your Solar Season. Especially while the Universe makes it rain for you throughout your birthday celebrations. Much deserved. Mercury and Venus in Aries set fire to your financial sector and your value systems for the next 3.5 weeks. You’ll find yourself in deep touch with the specific contexts you need to feel personally secure. So now the Universe will inspire you to make the wisest decisions from these new understanding. When Jupiter begins its retrograde on Thursday, it’ll ask Pisces to lay claim to their most optimistic and wise convictions. These beliefs will help you swim passionately in the directions of your wildest dreams.