March 26-April 1

Happy Aries Season! In first days of Spring as we warm up by the Mars fire, the theme is two fold - individual and relational proficiency. On learning who we are through our relationships. Our personal insight can’t develop too highly if we’re living in isolation. Since Mercury is retrograde in Aries till April 15th, our emotional intelligence - not our thoughts - will guide us to the circumstances that fortify this theme.

There’s merit within the African proverb, “Beware the naked man offering you a shirt.” In other words, we cannot give what we do not own. And we cannot advise others on existential arenas we’re doing a terrible job managing ourselves. But when it comes to romance, it’s more nuances. While it’s difficult to give love to another if you’re not giving yourself love, I think 24 hours is enough time to work on both. In fact, social research puts forth that our individual competency is dependent on how meaningful and connected our interpersonal relationships are. Not the other way around. It’s case by case, of course, but be skeptical of the trend that encourages “wisdom” like: I’m going to work on me first, I’m going to focus on myself, I need to have self-love before I do this/that. Because then it’s still all-about-you … so how are you practicing relational skills? And then when your beloved arrives you’ll just magically have the technique mastered? No way. 24 hours every day is enough time for both.

So while it’s popular and seductive to enroll in the idea that we have to be totally ready and perfect before entering relationship, it’s just simply not true. Theoretically, romantic relationship promotes your growth and capabilities. So maybe you’ll want to start before you’re ready? Be discerning and sophisticated in approaching romance. Since Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra reminds us that relationships allow us to be the best version of ourselves because we’re in a partnership that reflect, honor, and support our individual pursuits.

Aries: Happy Birthday, Aries! It’s your annual time to shine beautifully by the birthday candles. Don’t let Mercury Retrograde stop you from enjoying your celebrations. Assign an earth sign friend (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) the responsibility of double-checking itineraries and plans for efficiency. You might even blow out the candles arm in arm with a special someone! In the first full week of your season, it’ll help you learn which suitors make your heart burn even brighter. Yes your season is all-about-you but the Universe wants to: put you in the arms of a beloved, deepen the intimacy with someone you already love, or help you lovingly transition out of a relationship that served its purpose. Since your Mars ruled romantic style is fun, direct, dynamic adventurous, and charismatic, make sure you’re aligning with those who cherishes it. Especially by Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra in your relationship sector where you’ll know who has staying power.

Taurus: Make no mistake, Taurus is a tough sign. They mean business. But they’re tender too! And this week has you feeling particularly sensitive on family matters, emotional security, and motherhood. Your practical heart deserves safety too. So spend time this week meditating on what emotional security look like for you. Then speak on it to those who make it happen. Your loved ones aren’t mindreaders so the onus is on you to identify verbally exactly what your expectations are proactively. So they can consent, dissent, or return with negotiation. It’s vulnerable and messy but it’s better than stewing in resentment assuming everyone sucks on purpose. This Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra puts Spring Cleaning on your itinerary. Check in with your 2018 resolutions. How’s your progress? Then get to organizing and prioritizing your mental and bodily health.

Gemini: This week’s superlative for “Most Talkative” goes to you Gemini! Surprise, surprise. Ruled by Messenger Mercury, your mind and mouth are a mile a minute. Even while your ruling planet is retrograde, you’re still feeling curious and communicative with those around you. So spend this week planning mentally magical activity with trivia, documentary viewings, or a museum visit. Learn something new and download the podcast that you’ve been thinking about. But this week isn’t all mental. It’s romantic too! The Full Moon on Saturday in Libra has the story of your heart shared with a person who needs to hear it. It could be lovely, vulnerable, gracious, daring, and open-hearted. So don’t hold back. Be courageous!

Cancer: Imagine your “crab shell” was a necessary symbol, what does it mean and look like in your life? What do you need to feel protected? What “shell” do you desire to feel safe? Use this week to discover what external circumstances strengthen your inner happiness. It could be financial, relational, or professional especially while Mercury Regrade transits your career sector. Your thoughts on this are causative, Cancer. So think deeply on what you need to feel safe so you can find the shell! The Full Moon in Libra on Saturday will put you in a very deep dive in the emotion ocean. Given your water sign soul, you can handle it. Surround yourself with whatever feels like “home” And give yourself permission to experience uncomfortable emotions on home, family, and maternal figures.

Leo: “Monday blues”? Not for you this week, Leo! The transiting Moon shines behind the Leo constellation just for you in the first half of the week. You’re feeling motivated and joyful to simply be you. Harness the productivity well. Especially while Mercury Retrograde transits your optimism sector. So do, say, feel, and go wherever your lion heart feel happy! Saturday’s Full Moon in diplomatic and compromising Libra will inspire you to not just speak but listen more mutually. You’ll want to put the (commune) back in communication. So have an open-hearted conversation with people who’ve observed your communication styles and ask them for feedback on how you can be the best speaker and listener.

Virgo: I can only write this monthly so I’m happy to tell you - please give yourself some tender love and self-care, Virgo. You’ve earned it! The transiting Moon will inspire a desire to spend more introspective time this week and recharge your battery from giving so much to others. Don’t deny your indulgence, pleasure, or self-care. Because you give so much to others, you can’t fill from an empty cup. So fill your cup! Saturday’s Full Moon in harmonious Libra will help you get to work on personal, financial matters. Consider consulting with a professional for advice on cleaning up financial health. I write often on values, too. This is a Full Moon that allows you to have value clarity. What morals guide your highest behavior? Pick 5 and lean on these values while you make critical decisions.

Libra: I know it’s a school night. But you should go out with the girls as often as you can, Libra!
This week has socializing, connection, and friendship all over it. With Aries Season and even Mercury Retrograde reminding you how adored and cherished you are, this is the time to connect. Life is meant to be enjoyed with the people you love so make time for it. Because the weekend might be served in solitude. Saturday’s Full Moon is an annual one in your sign. Think of it like a powerful cosmic reset button since we’re in the middle of your year. Reflect deeply on the last 6 months and review where you got it right and where you missed the mark. Define what you want to surrender so that you can begin again under the Full Moon’s alchemy. And then locate your intentions for what you’d like the next the 6 months to be. You’re the author of your life, Libra. Don’t give your power away to anyone or anything else. Make us proud.

Scorpio: Work won’t know what it when you arrive, Scorpio! You’re a Mars warrior on a mission this week. Feeling focused, energized, and competent. Mercury Retrograde is inspiring you to review routine and strategy that allows you to be the most capable professional. In addition to your own personal administration, speak on your expectations at work. So the colleagues who can help will. If possible, clear your weekend schedule because Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra will get sensitive as it activates your emotional closure. This is an annual moon moment of great power. Write down a list of the people you’re holding grievances against, and send them forgiveness. Intend for their happiness. You’ll set yourself free and move forward.

Sagittarius: Thing big-picture this week, Sagittarius. Which you do very naturally! Since you’re an adept thinker, find a big theme you crave in your life, and execute experiences that support it. Whether it’s deeper friendships, career success, romance, academics, or travel. You might have to tweak some realities to protect this new big-picture goal but do what must be done. Mercury is retrograde in your creativity, charisma, and joy sector. So be patient with yourself while you reassess your sense of worthiness. You’ll put the Super Soul in Saturday if you’re surrounded by loving friends under the Full Moon in socially gracious Libra. Collaboration, diplomacy, and understanding across friendships will help all your visions come true.  

Capricorn: You have to constantly remind yourself that your sensitivity is valid, Capricorn. Though emotionality isn’t always fact, you’re allowed to feel uncomfortable and uncertain while you navigate what experiences provide hypersensitivity. Sit with the edge without leaping to conclusion. Especially while Mercury is retrograde in your emotional security sector. Trust what your feelings are telling you on circumstances and people. Your heart will tell you what you need to know, say, or do. Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra lights up an emotional transition for your career! It it’s professional change or positive recognition that you’re seeking, then I’m happy to say it’s yours throughout the next few weeks.

Aquarius: Can you plan a date-night, Waterbearer? It doesn't have to be the weekend to enjoy a romantic. You’ll have hearts in your eyes early this week. So lean in to meaningful experiences that give you the love you’re looking for. Get out of your comfort zones and take the initiative. Even while Mercury Retrograde is assessing your communication styles. I think Aquarius would be served by leading dialogue. So be proactive! A Full Moon on Saturday in beautiful Libra inspires you to expand, travel, and broaden your horizons. Is it time to book a long-distance flight? Maybe return to school? Share a big message? You’re ready for diversity and expansion so do what must be done to move forward.

Pisces: Keep it simple and healthy, Pisces. Your week begins working on a routine to help you be the most responsible fish in the aquarium. Remember this - your life works when you work at making your life work. It’s as simple and complicated as that! So how hard are you working at making your life run smoothly? With Mercury Retrograde in your sector of values, you might want to connect yourself to values of discipline, impulse-control, and responsibility. Gone are the days of self-delusion, indulgence, and escapism. Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra is a very intimate and downright sexy one. You’ll feel motivated to make deep, committed, sexual, and transformative bonds with partners you’re safe with.