March 19th-25

We’re slowly rising from the ocean floor. Since February 19th, our subconscious emotionality has been released from the Pisces depths to the surface of our conscious consideration. If you look in the mirror or or take a review around you, you’ll quickly locate an existential reality that emerged from Neptune’s waters. Protect it like a pearl. Our culture stops at nothing to prevent rigorous emotional curiosity and exploration. So treasure this finale wisdom. The zodiac calendar begins again.

On Tuesday, Aries Season starts on the Spring Equinox with a big bang! If you missed January 1st and the Chinese New Year, Tuesday is another reset button. In the fires of Mars, we can offer our identities a rebirth. It’s completely acceptable if you’re in a space of radical beginning where you don’t even know where to go, what to do, or what to say next. Stay receptive, surrendered, and optimistic about uncertainty.

A Mercury Retrograde in Aries starts on Thursday and will give a moment of integration for 22 days. Since Aries rules the relationship to Self, the way we examine and speak on our identity will feel redefined through this powerful transit. I’m not a fan of Mercury Retrograde pandemonium because I know the Universe is invested in our self-actualization. So no I don’t think it gets a kick out of fucking up our days. But I do think we unconsciously self-sabotage regularly. The Universe doesn’t do that. We do. We prevent our highest Self from expression consistently. So until April 15th, let us not identify with the habits that prevent our joy and power from expression. It won’t be easy because this alternative path is so different, but do your best to allow your glory and your Selfhood to shine without you own sabotage this Mercury RX .


Aries: Your zodiac season begins on Tuesday! Happy Birthday to the Zodiac’s first born. The powerful sons and daughters Mars - God of War - who’s sense of confidence is supremely in tact at their first breath. Reminding us all that our personal worthiness is not negotiated. You’ll feel the fire burn bright in your heart and mind again just in time for all the birthday celebrations coming your way. With 3 planets in Aries, your gift from the Universe is a reinvention. Let go of the pain from the past when Mercury Retrograde begins on Thursday. The next three weeks promise powerful moments of release, surrender, and review. Full disclosure, you won’t have the forward movement until April 15th. But you will have the spark in your heart and mind again for reinvention.

Taurus: If it is closure you’re seeking - it’s yours this month, Taurus. Aries Season will help you identify something that doesn’t serve your highest purpose and help it lovingly come to an end. Giving yourself the gift of closure could be a challenge for a tenacious sign like you. So be delicate but firm with yourself and/or people while you do what’s necessary to close this chapter. Know that new opportunities aligned with your joy are making their way to you right now. In the absence of what you release, so the Universe will call forth what advances you next. Full disclosure, when Mercury Retrograde begins on Thursday it’ll show you the hidden wounds and low-level realities that need to be released. It could be psychically and emotionally difficult. So keep your loved ones close for empathy facilitation.

Gemini: The office is officially closed. Go have fun, Gemini! The Universe knows you’ve worked your ass off last month so now it’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labor during Aries Season. You’re walking tall with major career consciousness. Knowing the next strategic move for your professional purpose. So check in with your friends and plan fun activities since you’ve been off the radar while working. Mercury Retrograde will usher in friends from the past on Thursday. Reconnections, reunions, and reviews among your network are abound. So is the potential to fly off the rails. So reality check yourself and others if conflict rears its ugly head. Celebrate how far you’ve come together and push each other closer to the next finish line.

Cancer: Is a safe and secure job truly the highest professional outcome, Cancer? When you’re looking at it through a spiritual lense, of course not. Aries Season gets you ready for a career of courage. Where you can contribute your creativity, gifts, and abilities in service to making the Universe a little more loving. It’s not an easy task but I can’t imagine what’s worth your time and effort more. So do your best to align with optimistic beliefs that support your wildest work dreams coming true. Since Mercury Retrograde will checkpoint your professional life beginning on Thursday and eclipse what no longer serves your work life for three weeks. Stay secure, very confident, and psychologically flexible for the changes coming your way.

Leo: Call the royal pilot, your majesty. You’re ready to jetset during Aries Season! After an unusually sensitive month locked inside the castle, you’re feeling eager to explore far off places, people, and ideas. Let your restlessness and intuition guide you to exciting opportunities that serve your divine mission. Along the way, Mercury Retrograde’s commencement on Thursday will begin to show you the mental blocks that prevent you from adapting to contrast for 3 weeks. Seek the divinity within the big-picture. Refrain from aligning with anything that purports your identity as separate from others during your “travels”. Imagine the Mercury Retrograde experiences as aerobic instructors trying to teach your psyche the power of social flexibility.

Virgo: Can you handle the Truth, Virgo? With the right Mercury mindset, of course your brilliance can. Aries Season will give you meaningful moments of authenticity and transformation. But it’s not all work and no play! Sexual healing, intimacy, and deep soul bonding can be given you. If you’re expressing and receiving the truth of the relationship dynamic. Intimacy needs radical honesty remember. So think deeply about how you can handle the Truth. To help in your efforts, Mercury Retrograde beginning on Thursday will reveal limitations that prevent you embracing the current reality. It’ll show you limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward with your transformation and serious relationships.

Libra: Romance is all yours, Libra. Ruled by Love Goddess Venus, we all know it’s your favorite. The most romantic time of year will begin on Tuesday. Beautiful experiences with an opposites-attract magnetism is yours in the passionate the fires of Aries Season. You’re fascinated by the excitement of contrast style chemistry. And in this space, you’ll be inspired to redefine your relationship with relationships thanks to Aires helping you see balance. What expanded theories promote your highest interpersonal outcomes? Full disclosure, Mercury Retrograde could return partners from your past for 3 weeks starting on Thursday. Or inspire reflexive confrontation. Hear them out. If it was a timing issue, you could always begin again. Or find the closure you need to move on and be available to the next suitor.

Scorpio: As a fixed water sign, you sure do love your routine, Scorpio. A master of emotional focus, you’re happy to stay consistent and persistent in place. When Aries Season begins on Tuesday, you’ll want to organize these daily activities for self-development and wellness. Sounds like a given but when left to your own devices, self-annihilation can be your middle name. So recognize your limitations towards embracing recovery and joy. Then get to work. Because on On Thursday, Mercury Retrograde could uncomfortably show you growth-opportunities and blind spots for the next 3 weeks. Make mea-culpa your first response. Offer apology and forgiveness where appropriate.  

Sagittarius: I’m so relieved to tell you - your emotional staycation is over, Sagittarius. As a trying sensitive time around matters involving security, family, and how you define “home”, you’ll reemerge into the social scene with confidence and vitality after Tuesday’s beginning to Aries Season. Without question, you’re holding a pearl of emotional wisdom. Inform your next courageous moves with this understanding. Hold it while you gallop into the sunset; pursuing your happiness and creative outlets. Deep contemplation will serve you when Mercury Retrograde stars on Thursday. Merge your emotional self with your definition of personal worthiness for now. You can begin making moves about it after April 15th.

Capricorn: Only the closest to you know, that home is where your heart is, Capricorn. When Aries Season begins on Tuesday, you’re ready to nest. You’ll feel inspired more than ever to
settle in with family or people who keep your heart safe. Yes, you too Capricorn are allowed to have sensitivities that need protecting. Throughout, ideas on home and mother figures are at the forefront. This foundation will be checked by Mercury Retrograde on Thursday for 3 weeks. If you need healing and forgiveness for family and relationship to home, reach out for it. Many miracles can occur in the present by thorough healing of the past.

Aquarius: If anyone can put the “commune” back in communication, it’s you Aquarius. You’re the sign of the “community” after all. Beginning on Tuesday, you’ll be the most articulate thinker, communicator, and listener in every room. People think they’re talking but so often it’s just parallel monologues. Initiate interfacing communication. It’s up to you to help others and yourself realize how communication is truly at the heart of every meaningful matter. Speaking of, Messenger Mercury will Retrograde is in this arena on Thursday for 3 weeks. So your practice on thinking and speaking will be tested.

Pisces: What did you wish for at the birthday candles, Pisces? Keep them in your thoughts. Since you’ll need to find the values that promote these wishes coming true. Tuesday’s start to Aries Season gives the zodiac’s fish the focus they need. Whether it’s personal, financial, or romantic. You’ll develop and swim towards beliefs that strengthen the likelihood of your wishes coming true. Don’t fall into the Pisces shadow of sloppy unconsciousness because you didn’t even know there’s another way of living your life because you didn’t look or attempt. Mercury Retrograde will test your financial foundation on Thursday for the next 3 weeks. So be careful with your coin. And make sure you remember that security is an inside job.