March 12-18

In the final full week of beautiful, creative, and super spiritually focused Pisces Season, the Universe is working the zodiac hard. I don’t know if it’s the natural reaction to the last zodiac season and/or perhaps Mercury Retrograde shadow - it stations retrograde on March 22nd! - but it seems our momentum is slowing down. Though of course it won’t be permanent.

While wrestling with the slow pace and heavy sense of duty/responsibility,  I believe strong preparation is your answer. Tuesday especially puts our social skills to task when Venus in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. Venus (the indulgent Planet of Love, Beauty + Finances) and Saturn (the Strict Planet of Responsibility + Discipline) are strange bedfellows. But Tuesday’s horoscope will ask to explore the commitments and the work required for relationship. Ask - what am I willing to give and what am I willing to receive to keep my social connections meaningful? It’s so important to remember mutuality as your bottom line while signing on the dotted line. 

On Saturday - Saint Patrick’s Day! - Mars (the dynamic Planet of Sexuality, Motivation + Impulse) enters tough Capricorn providing months worth of powerful ambition for long-term success. Whatever ideas, conversations, stories, or projects begin on Saturday will carry an on-again/off-again dynamic seeing as Mars retrogrades ~in Capricorn/Aquarius~ this year. You might feel a bit stuck or inclined to review something done impulsively/recklessly from the past - particularly when Mars was in Capricorn last (September - December 2016) until September 11th of this year. I’ll do my best to keep you informed. Stay in touch with me and let me know what’s occurring in your Capricorn/Aquarius ruled situations!

Aries: When it comes to professional success, we know that higher-ups promote employees who have not just competency but likability. Lucky you Aries because you’re radiating both this week! It’s not as if it’s a popularity contest. It’s just that socially adaptable personalities work well with others. To really impress the powers that be, go the extra mile by affirming others in school and/or work to show you’re a collaborative team player. There’s a likelihood that you might even have uncomfortable, necessary, and growth-oriented conversations from someone who’s willing to hear your feedback. On Saturday, Mars in Capricorn will inspire motivation and many experiences for you to be noticed by your contributions. Reaping recognition and rewards for your work. Stay hungry, humble, and ready to hit the ground running.

Taurus: When it comes to a fixed focus on the facts, you’re incomparable, Taurus. You’re unassumingly paying attend to the detail, connecting patterns, and finding the certain Truth in many situations.  Though when it comes to personal growth, your focus will benefit from embracing uncertainty, Taurus. It’ll help you expand your perception beyond the small details to the big picture. Which is where so many of life’s beautiful surprises occur. You don’t have to know everything and in fact - you’re not supposed to. School starts on Saturday when Mars enters Capricorn where he’ll stay until this September. With this transit, you’ll feel more curious and motivated than ever for higher-education and learning. Thus allowing you to leave your security for certainty and increase your comfort level for uncertainty.

Gemini: I’ve heard it said you can identify your friends by the way they handle your success. So, with this is mind - who’s on Team: Gemini? Who claps for your accomplishments? And who shows up for your heartbreak? You’ll begin a deeper inquiry on Tuesday as to which relationships are the most meaningful to help you handle both highs and lows of life. Make sure you’re asking what you’re willing to give in friendly and romantic relationships. You might get lucky on Saint Patrick’s Day when Mars enters Capricorn. Very powerful Lessons on sexual healing, intimacy, and authenticity begin on Saturday and last until September. Do your best to disprove the mythology that Geminis are superficial airheads by showing up to handle the meaningful, uncomfortable, and painful to the people you love.

Cancer: As a Moon child, your soul knows beautifully - “It takes two”. Interpersonally focused, emotionally astute, and ever so happy to serve, your romantic skills are legendary, Cancer. On Tuesday, with the ruler of your relationship sector testing your boundaries, you’ll want to discern the difference between an appetite for codependency and a desire for relationship. Appetite is frantic, anxious, grasping, and fearful. Desire is magnetic, seductive, secure, and certain. So which relationships have the foundation of desire? Saturday starts your efforts of compromise with opposites-attract-style chemistry when Mars enters Capricorn. Since the God of War will tour your relationship sector, romantic confrontation is a possibility. Throughout this transit, please stay curious not confrontational. Ask questions, make no assumptions, and look at conflict as growth trying to emerge.

Leo: When it comes to love, Leo, do you prefer a strict schedule or sexy spontaneity? Perhaps you don’t have to choose, monarch. Maybe it’s simply a delicate paradox you can manage. Not a problem that requires one solution. Stay honest with yourself and have an internal and/or relational talk about it for the utmost clarity. When Mars enters Capricorn this Saturday, it’s time for Spring Cleaning. Use this powerful motivation by beginning a structured routine that promotes your health, mindfulness, and organization. Clean up the royal castle, throw away the garbage food and circumstances, and hold yourself to a very high standard of personal excellence throughout September for maximum results.

Virgo: Refined, high-minded, and critical - your heart is looking for the real romantic deal, Virgo. None of this lackluster, superficial social connection. The Universe firmly supports this! But in order for deep connections to emerge, you’ll have to be comfortable with your partner’ pain and joy. Intimacy needs both to survive. We all have our shadow and our light. Even you! So be a space to reflect your partner’s light and handle their dark to have the foundation of intimacy you crave. When Mars enters Capricorn on Saturday, the Universe is giving you many months of pleasure, creativity, and emotional expression. It’ll help you redefine your personal worthiness and present creative efforts to the world. So strut your stuff and speak your heart!

Libra: You’re not imagining it, Libra. Yes indeed the chemistry is thermonuclear and the desire is mutual. Check! So now ask yourself  - is my heart safe in this relationship dynamic? We know you’re attracted to one another but are the values aligned? I do believe you can have it all. And I know the Universe is working hard to make sure you can. So to do your part, make sure you’re carefully identifying which suitors have both the magnetism for the physical and protection of the emotional. When Mars enters Capricorn this Saturday, your emotional well being becomes the focus again. In order to help your intellectual side get in touch with the language of your heart. Perhaps you’ll want take a staycation this weekend? Not only your heart center, but your family and relationship to home are getting the Universe’s Martian mojo. So if you’re thinking about moving, redecorating - now is the time!

Scorpio: The Children of dark Pluto are beautifying their thoughts and words with the light of spiritual wisdom. Well done, Scorpio! This is a smart move and very generous out of self-interest. Considering all that we are is a result of what we’re thinking. Thoughts, language, and emotions are causative. Meaning they control your life experience. Not the other way around. Keep up the good routine work! You’re meant for greatness this year while Jupiter (though currently retrograde) in Scorpio. So stay focused on positive conviction. On your way to greatness, begin action steps this Saturday when Mars enters mighty Capricorn that strengthen your verbal communication and listening skills. Communication is now at the center of everything meaningful and the sharper you are in its expression, the happier you’ll be.

Sagittarius: Ruled by bountiful Jupiter, optimism is your birthright, Sagittarius. It’s your value. And you’re hardwired for it in all personal and social experiences. Divine luck and fortune is abound when you’re focused on perceiving with love and generosity. So how can you find ways to secure this inherent positivity and its natural joy? Integrate your beliefs on happiness with your experience on Tuesday. Run a tighter ship, declare stricter boundaries. Do what must be done to keep the energy vampires too far to drain your precious optimism. Your resourcefulness on financial prosperity skyrocket on Saturday when Mars enters Capricorn. Follow your hunches, pursue your personal security, and let it rain!  

Capricorn: You only want to reveal your sensitive side to partners who cherish it. Not everyone has earned the right to hear your shame story and/or allow you to hold space for theirs. With this in mind, Cap, notice how we say “empathy” often but do you even know its definition? One of those vague, assumedly understood expressions. It’s feeling with someone. Not for. So recognize those who help you feel like your sensitivity is understood and safe to feel with them. That’s empathy. Saturday begins a two-month confidence and power boost when Mars enters Capricorn. This happens every other year so rejoice!  If you need bravery and forward-march, it’s yours. And while it’s retrograde, it’ll help you redefine your focus. I’m so excited to see what you accomplish.

Aquarius: It’s bananas to me but communication is actually 3% verbal and 97% nonverbal. As the premiere fixed Air sign, you can hear/listen across those verbal/nonverbal barriers. Be proactive about translating for others to help them understand what they’re not hearing or saying. A Course in Miracles say “To teach, is to demonstrate…” so demonstrate what communication across differences looks like to help other people understand. It’s your role as an air sign and you’re being asked to rise to this occasion. When Mars enters strict Capricorn on Saturday, it’ll inspire strict surrender. Remember - it’s not about quitting. It’s about releasing tight attachment to outcomes that don't serve your highest good. Mars will enter Aquarius shortly so this moment of closure and transition is necessary first to receive the changes coming your way.

Pisces: Happy Birthday, Pisces! You’re shining so powerfully while the Sun beams behind your mythological constellation. Throughout this new slate, remember now and forever - your convictions will determine your experiences upcoming. So it’s important to examine your beliefs on friendships and romance. How do they determine the experiences of social connection? Do they uplift support and mutality? Or do they diminish it? Work hard to dismantle the self-sabotaging tendencies you can fall on. Speak on them with those who you are co creating relationship with and seek only those who compliment your values for beautiful compatibility. Especially since Saturday when Mars enters Capricorn - it’ll begin experiences of you showing up for the healing of your friends. You’ll be the most high-minded support center in every room you show up for.