February 5-11

After last Wednesday's mighty Lunar Eclipse in Leo, the Universe is giving us seven days of necessary down time to process the emotional breakthroughs. Which is why this week’s horoscope is short and sweet. It’s roaring effects on my chart were textbook. They were painful but healing and necessary. I feel liberated. And dangerous. But like you, I still need to sift through my realities a bit more before February 15th’s Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. Good thing we have February 7th’s Scorpio Moon to help. The Plutonian power of the zodiac's most authentic sign will lend us its clarity and/or uncomfortable Truths to process the middle ground between these eclipses. Sit with the edge and share whatever Truths you have with relationship dynamics that can hold its weight.

And in divine timing, the divine healing begins on Saturday when Love Planet Venus enters the adoring oceans of Pisces for three-and-half weeks. Meaningful, spiritual, and compassionate romantic love is what we’ll all be striving for. A sense of communion. Two souls accepting, understanding, and bonding as one. When the Goddess of Love joins with Pisces, Venus will accept nothing below a standard of unconditional love. I’ve experienced that love a generous handful of times. I know that light is at the top of the mountain. So can you. Emerge in loving relationships proactively without armor. Without fear. And begin to walk into the light of Venus in Pisces’. 

Aries: Play the slow jams, Ram. Lower the blinds. It’s time for some sexual healing. So clear Wednesday night for an intimate one-on-one. You’ll be craving meaningful bonds of depth and you could find them midweek. Use the evening to connect on a more spiritual space with prospective or current partners who are burning your heart up. On Saturday, Venus’ soirée in lovely Pisces will begin a chapter of romantic transition. If you’re looking for new beginnings, find what needs to be surrendered first. This a time to identify what you no longer want to carry into your relationship with relationships. You might decide to respectfully separate. And you could feel more hypersensitive. So identify which partners have the competency to show up for your emotional facilitation.

Taurus: Romantic dinner for two? Wednesday’s romantic Scorpio Moon will put the hearts in your bull eyes. You’re so deserving of love, sweet Taurus, so lean in to it. The evening carries an opposites attract chemistry so seek to understand a bit more than being understood. I think you’ll be surprised if you’re willing to see what chemistry lies in the heart of someone who’s drastically different than you. When Venus joins Pisces on Saturday, your friendships could become more romantic. And your romances could be more friendly. If you consider equalizing relationship dynamics - meaning treating every single person you meet regardless of the dynamic’s form - with a minimum social standard of excellence, you can strengthen your overall relationship competency.

Gemini: Make your routine a ritual, Gemini. I know your free Mercury spirit loves variety but Wednesday’s Moon will inspire you to commit to a consistent organizational strategy that promotes your success. Believe me, discipline could set you free. It doesn’t hold you back. When Venus joins Pisces this Saturday, the Goddess of Love will bring the beauty and the divine feminine mentors to your career. Together you’ll all move forward. Don’t be surprised if you get a raise or promotion as Venus rules our income and she’s touring you career sector while transiting Pisces. You’ll receive more devotion at work so use the magnetism and attention responsibly.

Cancer: No more sidestepping, Crab. Forward march! You can do it. Wednesday’s Moon will inspire you to speak and act directly with inspired momentum. Vocalize and pursue your bliss unapologetically. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. When Venus begins swimming with like minded water sign Pisces on Saturday, an international suitor could sweep you out of your shell. If you’re currently coupled, could you take a romantic getaway? Or travel somewhere “exotic” within your backyard? Doing different things with your partner sustains the spark so experiment with strategies and let the sparks fly. 

Leo: Lock the royal castle door on Wednesday. A night at home is the Universe’s preference for you to process last week’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo. I’m sure an emotional breakthrough took your lion’s mane by surprise last week. And you’re still fleshing out what it means for your personal, relational, and professional wellbeing. If I were you, I’d call a Mother figure to bounce perspectives off of on Wednesday. Venus bonding in Pisces on Saturday will inspire you to find committed, meaningful romantic bonds built to last. And a healthy doses of sexual healing. Make sacred intimacy your bottom line the next 3.5 weeks throughout romantic relationships for maximum results.

Virgo: Work that room, Maiden! Mercury ruled Wednesday will have the crowd hanging on every word you say wherever you find yourself midweek. Curious conversation will prove your charisma’s foundation so ask meaningful questions in dialogue to get the room’s gravity going. Saturday’s start to Venus in Pisces will begin your most romantic chapter of 2018. Let compromise, understanding, and magnetism be your touchstones. This 3.5 week long transit will have an opposites attract style to it. So honor your values but stay open to what romantic contrast has to offer. You’ll be surprised by what the Universe wants to teach if you’re open and resilient.

Libra: Financial insecurity disrupting your sacred balance? Wednesday’s Scorpio Moon could provide an “ah-ha!” moment on ways for you to protect your financial security. Pay deep attention to the signs and gut feelings for solutions. It could also trigger an emotional trip wire. So use it as a means of interior learning. I bet you’ll arrive at a value and/or a personal touchstone you never knew you had. Pain is a traveling professor. What’s it trying to teach you? When Venus joins Pisces on Saturday, Neptune’s mighty healing waters will begin washing your psychology clean of resentment, blame, and anger. But it cannot remove low-level emotionality without your permission first. Offer it up. And then let it be.

Scorpio: Live out loud, Scorpio. Wednesday’s beautiful Moon shines from your constellation alone. Be outspoken, daring, and empowered for maximum results midweek. While Jupiter tours through Scorpio till November, this time of success and abundance belongs to you. And this joyful theme continues when Venus joins Pisces on Saturday. Let courage, emotional exposure, and the pursuit of pleasure guide you to lean into a wholehearted life. You’re so deserving so make sure you’re opening yourself up to the miracles the Universe has in store for you this year.

Sagittarius: An early bedtime on Wednesday wouldn’t hurt, Sagittarius. You’ve been galloping passionately and working hard since Mars entered Sagittarius on January 26th . So give yourself some well-deserved rest. Especially because you’ll have this Martian energy till mid-March. When Venus begins its swim in Pisces on Saturday, you’ll feel inspired to swim in your own emotion ocean. You’ll learn more about your emotional intelligence and security. And by the end of this deeply healing transit, you’ll feel more inspired to articulate the contexts you need to preserve your emotional security. You too are allowed to “be” sensitive and own what you need to keep your heart safe.

Capricorn: Communal Capricorn, Wednesday is your night! Gather your closest friends, share career goals, and check in with your network. As always, the nature of the collaboration determines the outcome of the result. So seek your comrades and identify how you can all support one another on your roads to success. On Saturday, thanks to Venus joining in Pisces, you’ll have your Saturnian heart set on partners who demonstrate high-minded intelligence, charming curiosity, and the best communicators in the room. After all, Love looks not with the eyes but begins with the mind. Therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

Aquarius: Rise and grind, Aquarius. Wednesday’s Moon supercharges your productivity and makes you the most valuable professional at work. Say yes to tasks and assignments that showcase your gifts because with Wednesday’s level of competency, you’re sure to set your job on fire. Be fearless. Unhappy at the current 9-5? Then apply to your dream job and know cosmic companionship supports your endeavor. Your financial security is set for fortification. Venus in Pisces will bless you with major economic abundance. Your financial literacy and relationship to personal security will experience a beautiful makeover. Indulge and discern. It’ll prove a paradox you can manage.

Pisces: As it’s the month before your season, your energy level is allowed to be low. Rest, recharge, recuperate. Say no unapologetically. And let whatever must end lovingly reach its conclusion. It doesn’t have to be the end of a good thing. As I recently discovered. Use the last few days before Pisces Season to end low-level emotional habit patterns that prevent you from swimming at full tail span. Let Wednesday’s Moon give you the permission to practice self-care. Venus joins Pisces on Saturday and you’ll be supremely irresistible with romantic opportunity following you everywhere for 3.5 weeks. Your personal and interpersonal relationships will be beautified significantly by this transit and the love that you seek can/will be yours.