February 26 - March 4th

I love Pisces Season. Because it seems it’s very difficult for us to indulge distractions and participate in meaningless stimuli while we’re swimming in Neptune’s waters. Pisces Season reminds us that our emotions are teachers. When they knock on our heart’s door, we’re encouraged to invite them in and ask, “What are you here to help me understand?”

When we think of what it means to be emotional, we don’t leap to how practical it is. Though this week’s horoscope easily does it for us. Monday begins, not with blues, but with success through emotional insight and language. It can be uncomfortable and raw but remember - emotions arrive to help us understand. There’s practicality in their clarification and expression. Even if the minimum is us learning how to reality check the emotional conspiracy we write in our heads.

With Wednesday’s horoscope the Moon in Leo clashes against Mercury, Mars, and even Pluto. So the lesson among them all is - stay calm, curious, and collected on your emotional state. There will be ambiguity of your experience. That’s completely normal. What we all need not to do is invent stories in our heads that make sense of the uncertainty. Stay adaptable and unattached to certainty for maximum peace and success.

Thursday/Friday’s Full Moon in mutable maiden Virgo transitions the week long feels into practical steps that’ll help you achieve your goals. You’ll receive the clarification or intel you need to help you make sense of the ambiguity. Full Moons call forth transitions because they salute things to the light. To the light of understanding. So now that you know, you need to think, feel, and act better in the highest of integrity.

Aries: At the end of all days, Rams are still sheep. The animal kingdom’s symbol for sensitivity and innocence. Just with powerful horns. To maximize this week’s emotional alchemy, do your best to keep your sensitivity vocalized. And keep your ram horns disarmed. Not everyone - including you! - realizes how sensitive you can be. So reintroduce yourself to both you and others who would benefit from seeing a more tender expression of your personality structure. You can make progress if you stay a sensitive, heart-centered warrior. Friday’s Full Moon in healthy Virgo inspires a routine that keeps your body, mind, and heart safe. Ideas and realistic strategies on exercise, nutrition, and/or meditation will permeate your thinking this weekend. So remember which ones gave your Ram’s heart the most fire and make it happen.

Taurus: Of course you deserve to be understood. There’s no question. But remember, communication is a dialogue. Not parallel monologues, Taurus.  Make sure you’re actively listening as often and as mutually as you’re expecting to be heard. The horoscope for this week has an emphasis on interfacing communication where you will be asked to listen as much as you speak. If social experiences are peaceful, then you’ve done a great job. If not, ask people around you if they feel like their perspectives are understood by you. Friday’s Full Moon in Mercury ruled Virgo is your weekend of sharing the words within your heart’s story. Hopefully you practiced your listening skills during the week because this weekend gives you the permission to speak on and soften in to what gives you joy and romance.

Gemini: Call ADT, Gemini - it’s security time! All of this moon magic throughout the week will encourage strategies on your personal and financial safety. Think deeply and stay in serious contemplation on values that promote your economic goals. Is it a career of security? Is it a career of creativity and risk? Stay in this space of reflection while your career is receiving the Universe’ blessings until the end of March. How are your emotions while you work? Check them for guidance on where to go next. Friday’s Full Moon in Virgo will give you an emotional homecoming. A sensitive transition in how you define home is sure to come. Return to your roots, call the family, cry it out and/or get cozy.

Cancer: I don’t have to remind the zodiac’s Moonchidlren of the power of their sensitivity. Monitor your emotional insight all week for clues on ways for you to stay secure and worthy. Your horoscope is centered on emotional curiosity. Since you’re a cardinal sign, your mind rushes to make sense of what’s going but often it lands on mythology. So rather than connecting 2-3 limited data points and writing a fictional masterpiece about it remind yourself, “I don’t know. And I’ll know when I’m ready to know.” It could feel uncomfortable but the reward of sitting with the edge will come soon. Paint the town red this weekend while the Full Moon on Friday commences a lively, intelligent, and friendly itinerary when it harkens into beautiful Virgo. I love telling you when it’s time to leave the crab shell at home and this weekend is one of them!

Leo: For the royals among us, a little emotional detox goes a long way. Especially because clinging to low-level feels like blame, victimhood, and anger prevents you from being the monarch you’re capable of. This week’s horoscope will teach you to do what must be done to align your emotionality and experiences with acceptance, closure, and forgiveness. As a fixed sign, change is uncomfortable. I know. But this week wants you to move out of what gives you pain and introduce strategies to give you peace. Friday’s Full Moon in Virgo inspires you to understand a more balanced give and take. You don’t want to live in a lonely castle, right? Share! Compromise your resources, materiality, and even income where necessary to let the moon work its magic.

Virgo: Everyone and their Mother knows you’re a loyal friend and an emotional doctor to all who lean on you for counsel. Myself included! You’re happy and capable to be service-oriented throughout the first half of the week. On Wednesday, you’re heading to destination closure. Stay receptive and open to the Universe’s messages trying to come through on ways you can surrender, release, and give yourself the gift of closure. This is so crucial because Friday’s Full Moon is in your sign of Virgo! If you’re properly released all low-level drama,  this weekend rewards your experience with unapologetic self-love and quick manifestation of high-level circumstances after your detox. Just in time. Check in with your heart for self-care clues that will promote your very best self.

Libra: When it comes to  work, Libra  - “contribute” is one of the most powerful verbs to align ourselves with. Do you feel like you’re contributing your gifts and abilities at your job? If so, keep up the great work. If not, get proactive within wherever you are and align your behavior with ways to contribute your gifts at work. Get proactive. Ask your supervisors questions on ways you can excel and improve. Polish your Linkedin and hit the ground running. Do what must be done to secure the work that fortifies your lavish lifestyle! You deserve to feel valued and that you can contribute. This Virgo Full Moon lights up your sector of surrender, release, and endings. If closure if what you’re seeking, the Full Moon will give you just that. Spend the weekend in a serious spiritual detox. Cleanse, sage, burn. Do what must be done to purge yourself of the pain from the past so you can begin again.

Scorpio: I know you’ll feel inclined to reflexively disagree with me on this, but emotional optimism is helpful. It serves Scorpio. As seekers, we know our philosophies on our our feels determine where we all go within our experiences. Keep your heart generous, compassionate, and understanding this week. Do not seek guilt within yourself and or others. Seek innocence in both. This alternative grounding will guide will you to best case scenarios all week because your philosophies on feels are where they need to be. Connect with your Scorpio legion this weekend under Friday’s Full Moon in Virgo! Under its light, it’ll offer powerful friendship, renewed sense of community, and social connection. Check in with your comrades and identify ways you can all support one another.

Sagittarius: People don’t always need to see you as the happiest person in the room, Sag. The Universe is reminding you this month that you’re allowed to be vulnerable, allowed to feel afraid, and open about your imperfections. If people aren’t comfortable with your multidimension, fuck em. They’re not worth your time. What will help you throughout this swim through the emotion ocean is if you stay proactively upfront about your emotional state. Let others know quickly when, how, and why you’re not entirely on board. So they can act in integrity with you. If career transition is what you seek, Friday’s Full Moon in beautiful Virgo will give you the moon magic to make major moves. First let go of what no longer serves your capabilities to contribute in a meaningful way. Then stay focused, disciplined, and productive to let the Virgo energy work its magic in your career.

Capricorn: Opposites attract at any given moment, yes - but your intentions on relationship are grounded in connecting with someone who’s as much a earth force to be reckoned with as you. Nothing wrong with that! When it comes to relational proficiency, you'll need to align yourself with someone who performs that proficiency in the same powerful was as you. The Universe supports this strategy so make sure your conversations and experiences with potential suitors reflect it. Friday’s Full Moon in Virgo inspires a beautiful leap of faith. Of optimism and taking risk with straightforward communication. Be brave, Seagoat! Speak on what you want, what’s not okay, and what makes your heart happy for maximum results.

Aquarius: Trust me, Waterbear - routine, focus, and a bit of organization can set you free. I know you’re the most free spirited, anti-establishment sign in the zodiac. But consider implementing some consistent structure in your week that can strengthen your wellbeing and goals. It might feel boring and very difficult at first but you’ll see the results in your personal and professional results very quickly. Thanks to all the bright ideas from Aquarius Season, I’m sure you’re brimming with potential so start with the small details this week. And you’ll be very rewarded for it! Because this weekend is bound to be intimate and sexy thanks to Friday’s sexy Full Moon in Virgo. So safely indulge your erotic self and desire. Let others understand how intimacy is "into-me-you-see."

Pisces: Happy Birthday, Merpeople! It’s all about you during the week as it should be during Pisces Season. Speak up on your desire, share your feelings, identify with your glory. You deserve the worthiness you give away so happily to others. This week asks you to connect your truth with words because you’re wonderful at showing your heart but not always saying it. Some people may need both. I think we all do. Speaking of, Friday’s Full Moon in Virgo - your relationship sector -  inspires an opposites attract romantic compromise. If handled well, your love life is bound to get a boost from someone drastically different than you. Under the Moon, you’ll want to know who you are, what your intentions are and compare them with potential suitors to see if there’s any mutual expectations between you two. And then you're off to the chapel. I mean the races!