February 19-25

We’re writing the first page of a new chapter. Now that the first half of 2018’s Eclipse Story is complete, the Universe gifted us cosmic closure and beginning. Lovingly let go of any and all existential circumstances with gratitude. And make way for the new grounded in theories of generosity. Pisces Season '18 has begun. So while we’re in the season of the Grand Finale, we can use Pisces’ waters to wash us clean. With Neptune’s magic, we will begin a process of spiritualizing our lives. We will lean on valuable - and practical - expressions like compassion, creativity, forgiveness, and kindness.

In the beginning days of Pisces Season, the Planets of Love and War are the stars of the show. Lovely Venus - currently in Pisces! - is up first on Wednesday. Although it’s popular to misbehave in romance, try not to be tolerant of that social code. Venus in Pisces wants us to honor the reverence in romance. Especially midweek when Venus connects to Neptune in Pisces where we’re asked to meet everyone with a namaste consciousness. In other words, greet all with “The light in me salutes the light in you.”

Most of my writing is trying to help the reader understand and practice relationship competency. The is no serious spiritual technique - or secular school of thought - that neglects to underscore how crucial it is to have our hearts connect to others. The more we practice, the more skilled we become at love given and received. Especially when others cross our wires, trigger us, etc. Which could happen this weekend when Venus in Pisces squares up with Mars in Sagittarius. If you’ve smoothed out your rough edges, you won’t fly off the handle. If you do, there’s work to be done. Let curiosity and impulse control guide you to make the best decisions.

Aries: You’re the first fire sign who usually loves out loud in bright burning red. Now you’re more comfortable loving behind closed doors. In gray subtlety. Practicing restraint, discernment, and a slow pace before charging first and having the talk later. The Universe wants you to take your sweet ass time to understand the identity of these developing feelings. You’re asked to build a loving, compassionate foundation of emotional security. It will guide you to the most appropriate romantic circumstances. Especially because you may have an opportunity to share and/or act on them this weekend. Make like your opposite sign Libra and do your best to strike a balance between discernment/sharing the need-to-know facts AND disclosure/appropriate action. Trust your heart-space.

Taurus:  “People of the world!...” It’s all about girl power, Taurus. So put the Spice Girls greatest hits album on repeat for the next month. Because your meaningful friendships, communal network, and social spaces are receiving significant harmonization and beautification. Especially wherever you are, Daughter of Venus. Use this transit powerfully by strengthening your competency and responsibility as friend. If you’re willing to receive the feedback, perhaps even ask your closest friends how you’re doing in the giving department. How you’re filling up their emotional gas tank. Which is likely to happen this weekend. A circumstance on Saturday could invite you to be the best listener, healer, and/or supporter in the room. Your resonance is so helpful to those in need. If the situation calls for it, ask what needs to be done and then do it.

Gemini: It’s time for a prettier picture on Linkedin, Gemini. Because your career is ready for take off! Thanks to the Pisces deluge, this week (and month, for that matters) brings the charm, grace, cosmic boost, and popularity to your professional influence on Botticelli seashells. Use this magnetism the most appropriately by imagining best-case scenario for your work life. Words like “influence” and “new thought leadership” are in Vogue these days but what’s the point of this influencing platform if you don’t have anything meaningful to share? When the eyes and ears look to you, speak in to that listening with value, wisdom, and grace. Speaking of work, do your best to work your forgiveness muscles this weekend. Yikes with Mars in Sagittarius squaring Venus in Pisces, romantic conflict is a possibility.  Do your best to stay calm, curious, and understanding.

Cancer: “Homebody”? You? Where? It’s no longer your middle name, Cancer. With concurrent transits inspiring expansion and curiosity, you’re off in far corners of the internal/external world. You’re a long way from “home”. Whether on a jetplane, a new book, or both - you’re connecting, understanding, and falling in love with contrast. Wednesday’s transit with Venus and Neptune in Pisces will give a broader array of spiritual understanding in your personal and romantic experiences. You’re excited to pull together principles of higher-consciousness and apply them. To complement these new but still abstract understanding, add an action-oriented routine this weekend that promotes your positive psychology. Maybe a consistent meditation practice? Consider and commit to a tangible routine that allows your behavior to embody these new lessons.

Leo: Urge to merge much? Ruled by the courageous Lion, you’re hardly a half hearted sign. You’re all in or you couldn’t be bothered. This week gives you intense experiences of desire, commitment, and eroticism to be “all in” on. Especially on Wednesday’s Venus and Neptune conjunction. It’ll remind you that Intimacy reveals not just our gifts and blind spots but our partner’s too. So let the energies of Venus and Neptune who ask us to stay loving and forgiving guide you while you seek commitment and intimacy. Those energy heal us of our blind spots and prepare a sacred context for meaningful relationship. This weekend when Venus and Mars square off, use your magical gift of interpersonal empowerment. Remind whoever needs to hear it that we’re all flawed and doing the best we can. Your words are confidence alchemy, Leo.

Virgo: You’re the first person on the scene to respond to a distress signal, Virgo. But if you’re the one doing all the saving - who rescues you? At this moment, you’re very ready to have a partner who cherishes, challenges, and understands you at the deepest level. You too are deserving of receiving support and love. Pisces energy holds your relationship possibilities. Since we’re swimming it, keep assumptions of romantic partners or suitors very generous. While observing your partner’s relationship techniques. See where they’re at. Measure up with what you’re giving. Align expectation with reality. And let the Universe guide you from there.  This weekend has one destination - Chateau Virgo. Focus on getting your house, administration, organization, and emotional safety in order.

Libra: Pardon me, Libra … but are those sparks flying at the office? I know what I’m seeing. Possibly. One thing’s for sure - you’re falling in love with and/or at work. Your natural understanding of appropriateness will keep you sophisticated. If not, I’m sure you’re realizing that routine tasks which once bored you are suddenly maximizing your emotional fulfillment. Consider reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo for more context. You’ll see how organization gives you balance on Wednesday. It rewards you with harmony thanks to the Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. To keep it, do yourself a favor and count to 3 this weekend if someone emotionally triggers you. You’re hardly a sign to come out swinging but you have your moments of rage. So ask questions internally, interpersonally, or both before writing a conspiracy in your head and acting on it.

Scorpio: Who are you and what have you done with Scorpio? Suddenly you’re ready to get the stories of your heart out. I’m so proud of you! You truly are feeling the motivation and giving yourself the permission to be emotionally seen and heard. It’s vulnerable, scary, but necessary. Trust me, the more courageous you are on Wednesday’s beautiful Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces, the higher the reward from the Universe. So as nerve racking as it is, do yourself a favor and open up proactively. Especially because ideas around your attachment styles can come up this weekend. The way you perceive what you allegedly “own”. If so, manage the delicate but plausible balance between firm and compromising with the experience. Don’t go on the warpath. Implement a peace treaty if you can.

Sagittarius: Most of the coverage on Sagittarius is how free-spirited and optimistic you are. Which is true! But you’re no one trick pony, centaur. You’re emotionally intelligent and you too are allowed to be sensitive. With the Pisces waters among us all, you’ll be asked to proactively speak on what is and is not allowed in your emotional boundaries. This makes you strong (not weak) to admit where you’re vulnerable. Especially because people need to hear where your lines are. On Saturday, thanks to a square between Venus in Pisces and Mars currently in Sagittarius, a powerful opportunity for forgiveness and healing is possible for those at home. Maybe a healing of your own family trauma. A closure, a valuable insight, and a shift in perception could allow you to reinterpret the past differently so you can stay in power within the present.

Capricorn: “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind / and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”. From a Midsummer’s Night Dream, your deepest romantic desire is a romantic intellectual. Smart move, Saturn child. You’ll understand how matters of the heart require mental fortitude, strong communication, and skill. Relationships rightfully demand attitudinal focus. This Wednesday, if you adore someone’s consciousness and verbal communication styles, I suspect a beautiful reward from Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. If you see through the bullshit for the gift. Speaking of gifts, you don’t have to be a water sign to be psychic because you’ll have a gifted intuition this weekend. And its guiding you accurately to your highest successful outcomes. So push logic and reason aside, trust your gut, waste no time, act accordingly. Godspeed, Seagoat!

Aquarius: There’s a time and place for financial lockdown. We know this. But this week isn’t one of them! I’m so happy to tell you that you’re permitted to soften in to joy and splurge the money you’ve worked hard for. Within reason, spend your birthday money and treat yourself. There’s a transit that encouraging your highest productivity at work - and I know my Waterbearers are rocking it there - so now it’s time to balance that productivity with fun, pleasure, and/or whatever else makes your Aquarius heart happy. You’ve earned it. Speaking of fun, go ahead and paint the town Mars red this weekend with your closest comrades. I don’t always get the honor to give the green light there so don’t delay. With Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius, your friends will remind you of your cherished role in their life.

Pisces: Happy Birthday, Pisces! The entire Universe lights your sacred name and is singing the song of your heart. I’m thrilled to tell you that enchanting, powerful, and beautiful romantic love is waiting for you Pisces. On Wednesday - with your ruling planet Neptune currently in Pisces and love planet Venus in Pisces - tell the Universe you’re ready for love. Be defenseless, keep your heart open, and stay optimistic about the potentiality. Then align your behavior to prove it. Whether you’re single or committed, you’re ready to receive and give the love you desire. This weekend, your balance is between discipline and self-indulgence. It’s delicate - especially during the celebrations - but you can do it. If your birthday is this week, I wish you endless joy. I wish for all your wishes to come true.