February 12-18th

Don't let go of my hand. We’re almost finished with this winter’s trial by fire. For the Harry Potter fans, “I open at the close” is the touchstone to Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. It’s the end of the first half of 2018’s Eclipse story; but the start of a story that will develop for the next 6 months. It’ll invoke the beginning to alternative circumstances, situations, and events in the Aquarius ruled themes for us. It’ll open at the close. The Lunar Eclipse on January 31st was a symbolic conclusion. February 15th’s Solar Eclipse is a cosmic beginning.

For the observers of Valentine’s Day (don’t be grumpy or bitter over there!) the first hours of the Solar Eclipse holds this holiday. Whether you’re single, committed, complicated, or whatever - give yourself the Valentine’s gift of new, sweeter beliefs on love. Solar Eclipses are New Moons remember so it’s magic hour to elevate our thinking on romance, intimacy, and partnerships. Maybe you’ll want to learn love?

I’m dividing my research between Virgo Harville Hendrix and Taurus John Gottman. I was pissed when I read my North Node in the 7th House determined my soul's highest function is “a spouse”. Like, that’s … I-T? I’ve come around. What’s a more enlightened expression than supporting another on the deepest level? Thanks to Dr. Hendrix and Gottman. Premiere researchers on sustained commitment. I guarantee a little viewing of their talks wouldn’t be a waste of your time.  
On Thursday, February 15th the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is exact at 4:05pm EST. Where and how it restarts your sign is below. The energy will percolate and receive our intentions for the 48 hours following so ground your being in deep conviction, clarity of values, and purpose.

Our zodiac seasons change on Sunday when the Sun finishes its flight in the Aquarius skies and takes its deep dive in the waters of Pisces at 12:05 EST. Now that we’ve intellectually aligned with many and identified with our collective, the Oceans of Neptune inspire spiritualizing. We can get a bit caught up in the logical, black/white, this or that, body identification. When Pisces Season begins, we’ll see through those classifications and remember our spiritual identification. More to come on the zodiac’s grand finale.

Aries: Feeling a bit of romance and friendship recently, Ram? Luck you! The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius puts the hearts in your Martian eyes and inspires you to open your heart to romantic, intimate partners who feel like close friends. If it’s true, then you’ll find yourself with the best of both worlds in romantic relationships. If you’re looking to surround yourself with a unit that supports your confidence, vision, and joy, declare intentions to manifest that on Thursday. We really are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with. So who makes up your sum? Are your friends thoughtful, engaged, righteous, and committed to fortifying their lives? You can’t save everyone. Or allow low-level people in your energy field. Step over the bodies if you have to. Sunday’s start to Pisces Season is Aries’ month long journey of closure, surrender, and detox since it’s the zodiac season before yours. This is your permissible time to take a social sabbatical, detach, rest, and go within.

Taurus: You’re happily married to your career, Bull. Of course as a child of lovely Venus you’re still a romantic, but Valentine’s Day is inspiring you to be the MVP in your career, your life-purpose, and the arena of what you’re here to do. This is divinely timed because once you feel like you have this on lockdown, you can share your professional fulfillment and wholeness with a special someone later. On Thursday, perform a ritual of some kind that confirms your highest intentions for work and career. And this weekend, you’ll connect to Team Taurus. Experiences on friendship, community, and support will guide your next month. Venus is in this sector, too, so your friendships are to become more romantic and your romances more friendly. Check in with your closest friends and make sure mutual support is being given and received. 

Gemini: Surprise, surprise Messenger Gemini, the Universe’s microphone is in YOUR quicksilver hands. You surely have some existential thing to speak on. And Valentine’s Day will prove your moment for show time. Maybe an emotional confession? Or a creative reveal? This Solar Eclipse is cosmically restarting your flight into broadcast communications, international travel, publishing, and academics. Your curious mind will join on a path that will walk you closer to your mental heaven. This weekend, your focus becomes more career oriented and the next month guarantees you opportunities to shine in big ways when the Sun enters Pisces. The divine feminine will support you in your road to career success. 

Cancer: Can you handle the Truth, Cancer? Align your emotional honesty with what you’re asking for and acting on this Valentine’s Day. Your courage will inspire the Universe to manifest your honest desires. The Solar Eclipse restarts your relationship to meaningful pursuits into intimacy, authenticity, sexual healing, and commitment. As an endlessly compassionate water sign, you can handle your partner’s ugly side. Though you’re quick to show up with light to cast away others’ shadow without head first confrontation of yours. Do both. Grab the passport and get ready to jet set. This Sunday’s start to Pisces Season begins a month long international tour in cross-cultural exploration and higher learning.

Leo: The Royal Wedding comes early for you, Leo. Valentine’s Day is your moment to declare and experience your most romantic love under the Solar Eclipse. Aquarius rules your relationship with relationships. So a Solar Eclipse here - which happens approximately every 8/9 years! - is a time sensitive, urgent moment for Leo to make permanent, progressive change in their love life. A major romantic turning point is sure to come. Sunday’s swim in Pisces Season begins your adventure into radical truth, transformation, and some steamy sexual healing. Venus is already swimming in Pisces. So the energetic context promises both erotic desire and meaningful love.

Virgo: A sexy Valentine’s Day is lovely, Virgo. But you have your sharp Mercury mind focused on a different ménage à trois: health, mindfulness, and organization. You’re committed to personal-growth and self development for this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. As a mutable sign, your self-awareness is accurate. So identify all the psychological issues holding you back from being the most brilliant person in the room. Let it all go on Thursday. Identify the alternative realities and make room for manifestation.  Which is your launching point for Sunday’s start to Pisces Season. As it begins the most romantic time of your year while the Sun and Venus light up your romantic experiences. Now that you’re striving to be your best, you’re ready to share your fullness.

Libra: Lucky Libra, Valentine’s Day aligns perfectly to your romantic desires. The first few hours of the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is your evening for intending emotional expression, blossoming love, and pleasure. When it happens, own your worthiness (Libra, seriously - I love you. I hope you love you as much I do!) Soften in to joy. Allow yourself a new mental, emotional, and spiritual space to experience your divinity and worthiness. Because school starts early for you on Sunday when Pisces Season begins. As you commence your intensive, month long semester on personal-growth, nutrition and, wellness. I call this season “personal administration”. So you’ll want to see what efficiency, management, and responsibility tactics you have working for you

Scorpio: This Valentine’s Day, home is where your Scorpio heart is. You’ll feel the desire to merge emotional security with romantic suitors. Make peace with softening in to vulnerability, transparency, and proactive communication now. The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is recharging your relationship to emotional security, Mother figures, and home/family. If you want to move, redecorate, or heal your family’s racket - tell the Universe specifically on Thursday for maximum manifestation. Once you get the emotionally charged matters on lockdown, Sunday’s beginning to Pisces Season initiates your month long pursuit of joy, pleasure, and claiming your worthiness. Venus is currently in Pisces so the next month offers creative, bountiful, romantic, and lovely experiences.

Sagittarius: All that you are is a result of what you’re thinking, Centaur. As the philosophical fire sign, you don’t need to be reminded of your causative thoughts. So where’s your mind on Valentine’s Day? Keep your thoughts as optimistic, available to others, and intelligent so your personality embodies them. The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is activating a new way of thinking about thinking. And thinking about speaking. Within consciousness and communication, what strategies would you like to incorporate so that you’re the wisest, most articulate person in the room? Tell the Universe on Thursday. Super Soul Sunday lasts all month long beginning February 18th while you discover what makes your home, heart, and feelings safe. Let emotional curiosity - not hijacking or confrontation - guide you.

Capricorn: Trust me, Seagoat. There is no security “out there”. It’s an inside job. Valentine’s Day is your moment to claim an inner personal security. A feeling that remains unattached to dependence on external circumstance. The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius restarts your relationship with values, personal security, and purpose. So often we’re giving permission and encouraged to identify those qualities as dependent on circumstance. But the spiritual path reminds us that inherent security is free from external “reality”. Identify on Thursday what your inner self needs - like peace, security, stillness, compassion, joy, and gratitude. Let those values guide to climb the highest mountaintop. Look who’s talking! Sunday’s start to Pisces Season begins a month of learning practices on effective communication and listening.

Aquarius: The Eclipse is yours, Waterbearer! What are your birthday wishes? Declare them without fear on Valentine’s Day. From personal, romantic, professional, to financial. Leave no space in your life without a loving, joyful intention. Eclipses in our signs happen approximately every 8/9 years so this is hugely powerful moment to self-correct your path to the most self-actualizing direction. Infuse your Thursday intentions with love, joy, compassion, and even forgiveness for mighty cosmic companionship from the Universe. Sunday’s start to Pisces Season begins your abundance tour so make way for the coin and direct-deposit to hit. I hope you enjoyed your annual Solar Return tour. May your new year give you everything.

Pisces: My Pisces Ascendant reminded me that closure is always a gift you give yourself. Fall in love with letting go. With this surrender, only new beginnings can be yours on Valentine’s Day. The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is in your most healing, delicate, and spiritual sector. So with conscious consideration, offer all the psychological shit that prevents you from swimming at full tail span. Like, self-sabotage, upside down communication, and/or projection. You’re too sacred to consistently drown yourself. Imagine all the low-level swamps you want to swim away from. Tell the Universe what it is on Thursday. And prepare for safer shores. Since Sunday is the start to Pisces Season! Your motivation, focus, and drive returns just in time for your birthday month. Venus is in Pisces so your romances and love are sure to be boosted.