December 31 - January 6

Happy New Year, one and all! “New” being the very operative word this week since two transits inspire two brand new beginnings. Bear in mind, the astrological calendar is under no obligation to honor the Gregorian one. Yet when it does, like this week for example, then let’s not treat it as coincidence. Let’s see it as divine synchronicity.

A moment where “As above, So below” shines for the zodiac to see the handwriting of the Universe and the message is its love story for you.

Up first is a New Year’s Eve moment when the Universe’s red planet Mars ruler of fighting and fornication enters the first zodiac sign Aries. This is an exceptional alignment where the secular and spiritual schedules are one. January 2019 begins a Mars transit where we will work through our beliefs and practices in the direction of self-esteem, ambition, confidence, and bravery. This is not the Mars transit that glorifies how wounded we are. This is Mars transit where we realize how powerful we are when our minds are focused, our hearts in love, and our arms open to live the adventure of our hero’s journey.

The next is the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday January 5th. Thus beginning the month of Eclipse Season! Once again, another transit of new beginnings since are super charged new moons. Since this is the first eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis that sets the tone for the next two years, we’ll want to stylize our goals with Capricorn qualities like discipline, responsibility, and hard work to make it happen. Capricorn energy inspects for inefficient and validates righteous work. So if there’s resistance in a particular arena, ask the Universe for help in correcting your inefficiency with radical responsibility. If you feel peaceful in other arenas, take it as a sign that you’ve passed Capricorn’s strict curriculum and give gratitude to yourself.


Ready-set-fire, Ram! Your ruling planet Mars enters Aries on New Year’s Eve until mid February. So you have every right to feel optimistic proactively about the new opportunities in the new year ahead. After the last two months of low energy, unusual hypersensitivity, and bizarre bouts of hopelessness, you’re back to your passionate, optimistic soldier self. Mars in Aries is a transit that happens once every other year. So take full advantage of the gumption you’ll have! Pursue your overdue desires and relationships unapologetically. Just be a tiny but careful not to steamroll others! A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday manifests major changes for your career! Envision best case scenario. What would it look like? Then get very brave, willing to take risks, and work your tail off to make the dream come true.


Closure is always a gift you give to yourself, Taurus. It’s never a byproduct of circumstances but a proactive decision you make first, act on later, and the Universe organizes itself to make it happen. You want to be new and better in 2019. But you need to do your part to initiate closure first in order for the changes to unfold. Mars in Aries will help you end, release, and surrender what needs to be so you can have the new experiences and opportunities magnetized to you in the absence of whatever you let go of. Release first, then receive your answer prayers. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday gives you the optimism, education, and experiences that sustain your resolutions. If you’re hit with wanderlust or insatiable curiosity, book the ticket and/or research the academic programs. If so, this Eclipse will expand your horizons and comfort zones in amazing ways!


Friends are looking up to you, Gemini! When warrior Mars enters passionate Aries, this transit will show you the leadership and inspiration you offer to your friends and community. So take the lead on New Year’s plans and most of what occurs in January. Along the way, make sure you let Mars help you hold space for the brilliance of your community to come forth. When you identify other people’s areas of genius, they’re more likely to express it. And when smart people connect with other smart people, miracles occur naturally. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn this Saturday helps you release and reimagine intimacy and commitment. Your relationship with relationships are about to get really real! So take current dynamics to depth and loyalty to receive the gifts of this Eclipse and if you’re ready to call in something real, know that it’s on way. Happy Manifesting!


Ready for lift off, Cancer?! Mars in Aries is setting fire to your career sector. After learning what motivates and excites you throughout the last two months, you want to put it to use at work. Your ambition, hustle, and excitement to contribute meaningfully will reward you with amazing results in the New Year. Make sure you texture every juncture with “How can I be of service?” and you’ll make it happen. It’s not all work and no play. The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday uplifts your romantic relationship to maximum possibility. Beginning two years of  major changes on love wherever you need it if you’re willing to check your role in relationships (releasing low level patterns like control, need, inaccessibility) while making space for opportunities that align with your integrity. Whether that’s deeping partnerships, releasing them, or making way for the new ones. May the new year make all your romantic dreams come true!


Call in the royal air-force, Leo! Because you’ll be off and exploring in glamour. Mars in Aries is helping you expand your thinking through international travel and/or higher-education. Are you thinking about returning or continuing school? Let the wanderlust and curiosity be your guide to wonderful places. Since Mars and the New Year offers you wonderful opportunities to help your qualifications and passport visas expand. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday inspires you to commit to disinclined and responsible strategies that fortify your health and wellness resolutions all year long. As a fixed fire sign, your follow through is already legendary. So know that when you tend to the micro details like nutrition, organization, and time-management - the macro like emotional happiness, peace of mind, and right place/right time moments of success will be yours. so make it happen, your majesty!


The only resolution you need to concern yourself with is “Authenticity”, Virgo. Mars in Aries is strengthening your practices for both honesty and boundaries given and received. It’s the transit of warriors so it’ll help you rise above people-pleasing and perfection. Because you’re worthy! Strive for authenticity over accommodating in everything you do. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday gives you a rush of confidence, worthiness, and courage to make authenticity, courage, and creativity your bottom line all things. If you’re considering launching a new entrepreneurial adventure or creative project, this Eclipse will lay the groundwork for you to make it happen. Brace yourself now for the inevitable moments of risk, emotional exposure, and uncertainty. But on the otherwise of these painful emotions is the adventure of a lifetime waiting for you to begin.


Love can bring everything up unlike itself, Libra. Warrior Mars is in Aries; the ruler of your romance sector which could make conflicts likely. Thereby bringing everything up unlike itself. Along the way, stay curious about the unmet need, practice nonviolent communication, keep yourself boundaried but not hyper-confrontational. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday activates your emotional safety, family, and home sector beginning a two year story. You’ll start asking yourself: Is time for a move? Or healing family dynamics? How emotionally literate am I? Can I identify my feelings? Whatever ideas and strategies come up for you, treat them as the Universe’s intelligence trying to tell you something vital. And then take the appropriate steps to make it happen for you. Wishing you a meaningful homecoming surrounded by the people and places that keep your heart safe.


Drop and gimme twenty, Scorpio! Warrior Mars is in Aries; the intensely strong ruler of your wellness sector until mid February. This transit will inspire you to look at your cardiovascular health and physical mobility more seriously as opportunity for increased health, wellness, and personal excellence. If possible, schedule a doctor’s visit too just to get one step closer to that clean bill of health. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday has you reconsidering the effects of your introversion. It’s a moment to begin thinking differently on mindfulness, active-listening, and verbal communication. Yes you’re a master of the nonverbal ethers but this eclipse wants you to balance both words spoken and silently. Since straight talk leads to straight understanding, commit to strategies that improve your capacity for both for a new year filled with clarity and integrity.


It’s time for Courage, Centaur! This powerful Mars in Aries transit wants you to begin the new year by sharing the story of your whole heart. Mars is inspiring more open heartedness, confidence, and worthiness of living a heart-centered life and creative life. This can only be done through speaking your heart’s desires! So gallop right towards risk, emotional exposure, and uncertainty with all the bravery you can muster and make it happen. You’ll want to exercise discipline in a different arena on Saturday when A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn has you strengthening your financial wealth and values. Think about what you cherish. What keeps your personal security safe. Try to find things that are not circumstance dependent. But born of emotional well-being. Like “inner peace, relationship satisfaction, connection with my professional purpose” and the Universe will organize itself to sustain externally what you declare internally.


Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Hardly a party animal, lately all you want for your birthday is the feeling, places, and people who remind you of home, sweet home. Fortunately Mars is in Aries and its working hard to make it happen! There could be a bit of conflict at the current home-base to help you find the right one. Or to help you own your mistakes there so you can see with a different perspective, act more righteously, and find happiness. This Saturday’s Solar Eclipse is in Capricorn. Mark my words, this weekend begins one of the most - if not the greatest thus far - transformative two years of your life. So the best way to experience all the changes righteously is to prepare! This Eclipse is listening all your birthday wishes. So identify your desires and tell the Universe exactly what you want. Then it gets to manifesting in time for your birthday. May all your wishes come true!


Be proactive, Aquarius! B-E PROACTIVE! Mars in Aries is helping you break free from the standard passivity and detachment in favor of a more urgent directness. So you’ll want to pick up the pace of this supportive energy and move ahead quickly! Especially in conversations. Make sure you’re not siding on the sidelines but asking questions, guiding the listener to the point, speak up on what you want, ask others what they want, and take the right steps towards the “win/win”!! A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn the hardworking ruler of your spirituality sector this Saturday may have you in your feels. You’ll want to make sure you’re proactively letting go of all the low-level beliefs, circumstances, and relationships that  hold you back from your best-self. In their absence, the Universe won’t waste any time attacking higher things in their absence and getting you set up to make the new year your best year.


Self-sabotage, no more Pisces! Mars is now in tough as nails Aries. This transit will help you find the right safety and responsibility measures in both values and behavior that keep you happy and not in fear. Other people are often mean to us, but it’s generally nothing compared to how cruel we are to ourselves. Mars in Aries is helping you treat yourself like you would your most loved. Commit to making personal and relationship decisions from more integrity driven values to feel more well-adjusted to life’s experiences. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday has you and your friends supporting each other in wonderful ways to make each other’s dreams come true. It’ll also inspect both you and your friend’s responsibilities to each other. Are you all carrying your own weight to keep the relationship alive because it’s tended to? Don’t be afraid to have check ins on the status of the relationships so you can receive and give the connection you crave.