December 3-10

The marathon of the back-to-back retrogrades which kicked off in late June finally ends this week! Sweet baby Jesus, do we need the direct momentum of the personal planets while we approach the holidays and carefully wrap up 2018. The cheekiest of them all, messenger planet Mercury moves direct in Scorpio on Thursday at 4:21pm EST.

Since November 16, Mercury’s done the moonwalk in Sagittarius until December 1st when he returned to Scorpio. Secrets were revealed. Past-due truths were finally spoken. And so with Mercury direct, the zodiac must rumble with their interpretation of Truth and their integrity-driven decisions around it.

Venus’ return to Scorpio last Sunday (since it was retrograde from October 6 - October 31st) can help us beautify and harmonize the possible relational discomfort we’ve experienced this fall. Now since Scorpio and Sagittarius transits value proactive honesty and full disclosure. Make sure you keep it really transparent without invitation. If you can admit your wrongs, describe delicately where your needs weren’t met with partners, and maintain emotional curiosity throughout the process, Venus in Scorpio can alchemize wherever you share its depth.

On a lighter, more receptive note, the New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday asks for our most optimistic intentions that ground the zodiac in the year ahead. This is an urgent New Moon because while Jupiter is in Sagittarius all year long for the first time in 11/12 years, that which we declare on Friday will receive the manifestations all year long.

I know proactive optimism is a value that could be considered anti-intellectual or even naive for the times in which we live. Though the responsibility of the spiritual seeker is to make manifest otherworldly energies that can only transcend the worldly laws of separation, blame, cynicism, and emotional violence. Under the New Moon in Sagittarius, ask to be given the psyche that can handle the great big joyful picture and the capabilities to express it all year long. We can’t banish darkness with darkness. We can only bring our light to it. Ask for the light on Friday.

Keep it really real, Aires. It’s time for the ace-card up conversation this week. First, tell yourself what your heart’s desires are. It’s a radically brave and nonnegotiable prerequisite for a worthy life. Once you’ve accepted what you dream of, then tell the romantic/sexual partners what your needs are. Meditate on whether that’s more space between you, meaningful closeness, or perhaps a delicate balance of both. Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius inspires you to restore your psychology’s factory settings to optimism and expansion. If you’re thinking it’s time to travel, return to school, or contribute your creativity in order to think more joyfully and with innovation, do it. Believe you can on Friday and so it is all year long.

Can you make it a “win/win or no-deal”, Taurus? Venus and Mercury are now in Scorpio. The deeply passionate and authentic ruler of your romantic sector which will inspire you to imagine outcomes where you and everyone else lucky enough to grace your path are happy. It’ll take your strongest, most capable compromise skills but with the Universe on your side, I think it’s safe to say your success is inevitable. Along the way, ask clarifying questions on what others need so their needs are being honored. The New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday asks you to let go of intimacy-issues by requesting the emotional skills to process emotional exposure, risk, and uncertainty all year long. You’re a sign who prefers the confirmation of a return on emotional investment. There’s a time and place for that, but it’s not now. So ask the Universe for its help to dismantle those fears and defense-mechanisms to receive the relationships you crave.

Radical responsibility is your middle name Gemini. You’re thinking more carefully on health, inner-peace, and the positive psychological effects born of organization. Little things go a long way! Balance the holiday season’s decadence with a focused consistent effort to maintain your personal-development goals. Especially because the effort you contribute to your self-actualization will magnetize romantic partners that can meet you where you’re at. Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius wants to help your love story begin! Tell the Universe your wish-list for a current or future partner and it’ll get to manifesting. Also, make sure you declare the emotions/experiences you’re willing to give and who you want to be when they arrive. It’s not enough to dream up a partner. We need to share who want to be when they get here, too.

No need for the crab shell, Cancer. You better leave it at home. Make sure with Mercury and Venus in courageous Scorpio, you’ll want to let others see/hear you in all your beauty, intelligence, and imperfections. Perfectionism and clinging to the illusion of control won’t serve you one bit. So make sure you open up proactively and tell the words written in the story of your heart. It’ll be a little messy, probably uncomfortable. But the Universe is invested in your growth not your comfort. So the sooner you reckon with it, the more quickly you can experience the most meaningful moments of life. Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius asks you to find health/wellness goals that’ll help you sustain self-care, organization, and nutrition all year long.

A bit of royal family fighting, Leo? Now that Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, it’s time to get your hands dirty with tough conversations, call up your loved ones, and clean up any dramatic messes between you all. Now’s the perfect time to redecorate and beautify your castle while you’re at it. If the external styling of your home/apartment is a reflection if the internal styling - what does your chateau say about you? The New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday wants you to release low-level insecurities and the crisis of confidence. If you’re thinking about creative contributions, softening in to joy and romance too, tell the Universe you’re ready. Don’t let anxieties hijack you. You’re a monarch, after all. So believe it and act like it!

Ruled by Mercury - the most brilliant of them all - you’re a natural intellectual and communicator, Virgo. So with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, make sure you accept this truth (even if your insecurities tell you otherwise!) and do your best to apply your techniques of verbal conversation, active-listening, and curiosity to all the experiences that require it. Trust me when I say, that the more your mentally show up to the party, you’ll receive abundance and success from unexpected sources. Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius wants your high-minded intentions on home, family, and emotional safety.  If it’s time for a move, working with ancestors, healing family trauma, etc - now’s the year to make it happen.

The “Great Depression” is officially behind you, Libra. With quicksilver Mercury and beautiful Venus both in your Scorpio ruled income sector, you’ll be feeling more secure about money as it quickly begins circulating in your account again just in time for the holidays. Now remember, your personal worth is never dependent on your wealth. Don’t let this unchecked capitalistic, utilitarian paradigm make you think otherwise - ya hear me?! The New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday wants you to apply straight-talk as a value and committing to overcoming the heinous disease to people-please. You can do it! Speak without apology, get to the point from your clarity of values, and if someone takes it personally - that’s their problem, not yours.

Venus and Mercury are touring through your sign, Scorpio! I know you’d rather fly under the radar post-birthday soirees but that’s not the Universe’s curriculum for you. These supportive transits are making you the most articulate, critically thinking, and magnetic of them all. Use this divine charisma and quicksilver intelligence in service to the accomplishment of your personal goals and helping others for brownie points. The New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday asks for your high-minded intentions on income and financial security. Define what you need for your best peace of mind and let the Universe work on its speedy manifestation.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Is emotional or romantic closure on your wish-list? Venus and Mercury are touring your sector of endings which offer you a time-sensitive moment that receives what you’d like to surrender all month long. You’re right while you’re intuit something big’s coming this year. With Jupiter in Sagittarius all year long for the first time in over a decade, let’s make space for the big changes to come through. Give yourself the birthday gift only you can. Which is the proper release of all outdated beliefs, relationships, circumstances in your life that keep you blocked from joy and interpersonal health. Friday’s New Moon is in your sign! Be very intentional and specific on all your dreams to watch them materialize this year. Happy manifesting!

We’ve all heard it said that the best romances have friendship as a foundation, Capricorn. With Venus and Mercury in your Scorpio governed platonic sector, try seeing your friendships as more romantic. Go deep, connect meaningfully, and apply a romantic technique to those you’re asexual with. And then make your romances more friendly with low expectations, emotional resilience, and generous assumptions. Minimize the barriers between both. You’ll strengthen your intimacy skills in non intimate relationships. Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius asks you to identify closure where you need. What stories, relationships, beliefs, and low-level circumstances do you need to let go of? Don’t forget or be afraid to request any kind of divine companionship where where you need it.

Don’t despair, Waterbearer. Are you ready for career lift-off? Counting down in 3...2...1! Professional success, feminine mentors, and your most intelligence will come to your aid now that Venus and Mercury are colliding in Scorpio. You want to contribute your best, fullest self to a dream career. And so it is! Friday’s New New Moon in Sagittarius is in your friendship sector. After spending the last year letting the professional rubber meet the road, you’re feeling the desire to reconnect to friends and community. Declare high minded intentions on what you’re willing to give to your social system and what you’re hoping to receive in the year ahead.

Bon voyage, Pisces! With Venus and Mercury returning to the Scorpio ruled adventure in your chart, you want to explore new, exotic places and even people with a profound sense of curiosity and optimism. As a highly intuitional sign, all you need to is follow your instincts to where the Universe wants you to travel to and explore with. It’s also prime time to deeply reflect on returning to school or pursuing an educational opportunities. Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius  asks you to identify your best-case scenario career dreams. No matter the past failures, rejections, or critiques, you need to be consistently brave while you define your professional wishes and the Universe will waste no time manifesting your intentions.