December 17-23

Every Full Moon is a monthly transit that’s astrologically identified as a Solar/Lunar opposition. Despite the charged energy and reflexive ideas of conflict when we think of “opposition”, isn’t it something that a celestial moment so beautiful is born when two seemingly opposed luminaries balance each other? I love meditating on that.

And I love that a Full Moon is only achieved when opposite signs reach perfect balance across the zodiac wheel. Since the Moon only achieves its fullness in a sign when the Sun shines exactly opposite of it from its polarity sign. Which makes me curious about what other beautiful things we can achieve if we learned to connect with the parts in ourselves and others that feel oppositional.

This week gives us the practice! Since we have two scary beautiful oppositions and a new zodiac season beginning. Up first is Wedesday’s Venus in Scorpio’s opposition to the Moon in Taurus. Nothing like the prequel activity of the holidays to get the zodiac really real about love and romance. You might want to inspect your love life with internal questions like, “Is this even working? Am I working hard enough to make it work? Are they? Are we a good match based on our values?”

Capricorn Season arrives punctually of course on Friday at 5:22pm EST to give the zodiac the needed stability in between this week’s oppositional energy. And the last opposition is Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer which helps us apply a full circle moment on emotions, home, and family with compassion throughout the holidays when we need it the most.

Children of fearless Mars, you should never be afraid to keep it all the way real, Aries! On Wednesday’s Moon/Venus opposition in your values and sexuality sectors, your intentions and words can get right to the heart of the matter of intimacy and relationships. But you’ll need to be brave and speak on what you’re feeling so you can stay in your integrity and invite others to new possibilities. Capricorn Season’s start on Friday puts your name in bright lights. Is it time for a promotion? Or a new career altogether? Capricorn Season will show you what you need to motivate yourself to and the opportunities to make it happen. The Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday is a sensitive one while it lights up your emotionality, home, and family zone. Sit with and share your emotions with people who’ve earned the right to hear it.

Do you love them or do you love them not, Taurus? It’s time to follow through on desire. Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition is asking you to make a decision from your values on whether or not you should stay to deepen the bond or lovingly leave if the relationship served its purpose. Stable ambiguity is not the norm you want to operate relationships in. So ask and provide clarity on romantic expectations. Bon voyage! Capricorn Season’s start on Friday sends you off to exciting mental and international places. You’re more curious and passionate for wanderlust and exploring the unknown. This weekend’s Full Moon in Cancer helps you think, speak, and listen with more compassion. Ask your loved ones how you can improve your communication and listening skills to receive the magic of this moon.

If only Pulitzer award prizes for conspiracy writing. You’d sweep those awards this week, Gemini because - you’re making up stories in your head! Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition reality-checks your conspiracy on romantic love from the past. It’ll help you get the insight you need into what really went down. Capricorn Season’s start on Friday helps you experience and feel the joys of intimacy. The gifts of what can only emerge in your heart from soulful bonding with another all month long. Saturday’s Full Moon in protective Cancer gives your wealth and values the extra boost you need to help you feel secure throughout the holidays. Make abundance your mindset and you’ll be taken care of!

One of the wisest Cancers I know said, “When I started spiritual seeking, it made my friendships more romantic and my romances more friendly.” Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition will help your friendships teach you about romance and the opposite. See little boundaries between them for a boost of holiday magic. Capricorn Season’s start on Friday begins your most lovely time of year. All that you desire like - deepening of relationships, date-nights, a new romance, or gentle conclusions if you need it. A Full Moon in Cancer this Saturday is your annual cosmic reset. Give yourself the gift of a new chapter in your life story this weekend by inhabiting the best within you and letting go of whatever prevents you from accessing it.

Meaningful relationships at work determine the quality of your success there, Leo. Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition helps you cherishing the people who support you, boost morale where you need it, and return the loyalty for maximum happiness. Capricorn Season’s beginning on Friday has you getting a very cheeky head-start on 2019 resolutions while it activates your routine, regimen, organization, and health/wellness skills. Trust whatever comes up for you as the divine direction it is towards making your goals a bonafide reality all year long. Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer gives you the gift of closure and completion wherever you ask for it. It’s also a wonderful Full Moon to call in your divine gifts and abilities so you can use them well in making your dreams come true and relationships as healthy as possible.

Look who’s tawkin’, Virgo! Introvert, no more. Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition has you out, about, and acting like belle of all the holiday balls. You’re a gifted comedienne so don’t be afraid to let your sense of humor shine. When the parties die down, remember what you wonder as soon as Capricorn Season begins on Friday. Under this consistent stabilizing energy, you’ll be motivated to create, design, and share your unique gifts all month long. This isn’t the month to be practical or risk-averse. The Full Moon in emotionally-charged Cancer on Saturday gets you compassionately connected to the friendships and community that feel like home. You’ll even see how you can understand your role within the collective more deeply. You’ll realize how, why, and when friends rely on you and alternatively too.

Don’t let the holiday bills and stress convince you otherwise, you’re a wealth creator, Libra! Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition reminds you that your material abundance is born from your mindset so lay claim to your financial freedom first. Reverse the paradigm and the Universe will self-organize itself to honor what your mindset initiated. If the holidays teach us anything, it’s that home and chosen family is where our heart is. Capricorn Season beginning on Friday has you longing for the people/places that keep your heart safe. It could be both the tending to the bonds in family of origin while making space for the special chosen ones who remind you of family. Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer lights up your career sector in wonderful ways. Amazing professional changes are en route whether that’s a promotion or transition, if you stay focused and optimistic - the outcome will be inevitably favorably.

I know it’s an inopportune time for “the talk”, Scorpio but the Universe is pushing you to have it now. The Venus/Moon opposition on Wednesday is reminding you that your relationship with romantic relationships is changing. So you’ll want to be as compassionately honest with yourself and transparent with romantic partners so you can operationalize the dynamic in integrity given how quickly your preferences are changing. Capricorn Season has you flexing your curiosity and communication muscles on Friday and all month long. You don’t always have to be the introverted so let your dynamic, outspoken, and curious qualities shine! Weekend getaway? If you follow your intuition, the Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday can take you on an magnificent adventure.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Just a bit more letting-go this week especially on Wednesday’s Venus/Moon opposition to make space for the new experiences coming your way this new year. Particularly when it comes to romance and meaningful partnerships. How can you actively surrender all low-level beliefs and/or circumstances that prevent you from reaching maximum success in relationships? Trust your gut and make your choices from it. Capricorn Season’s start on Friday has you thinking about security and wealth for weeks to come. Saturday’s Moon in Cancer is your sexiest. So pursue your intimate pleasures without apology!

You’re almost at the mountaintop, Capricorn. Don’t give up now! You’ll get closer to to achieving its peak with a little help from your closest friends this week should you actively request it. Allow yourself the gift of receiving their support especially since you deserve it based upon how you are always showing up for someone’s rescue. Your birthday season begins on Friday when the Sun enters Capricorn and that’s when you’ll finally reach the mountaintop. A romantic weekend is yours under Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer. If you want to deepen a relationship, make space for a new one, or lovingly end the one you’re in, this Full Moon is ready and willing to help you manifest the love.

The nature of the collaboration determines the success of the outcome, Aquarius. Wednesday’s Moon/Venus opposition brings forth your intellectual skills which can’t help but allow you to connect to your colleagues in wonderful ways and achieve success wherever you apply your minds. Friday’s start to Capricorn Season begins your social sabbatical season. Take the time to spend alone all month long in an effort to recharge, review, release, and renew before your season begins. Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer has you thinking about 2019 resolutions for maximum commitment and ways you can commit to their expression in the new year. Trust what comes up for you and remember what you wonder as cosmic companionship in making your goals a bonafide reality.

You’re crushing hard on the nerd with glasses, Pisces. Wednesday is reminding you that Intelligence is your biggest turn-on right now right now and you want to find a meeting of the minds before joining of the body or heart. That’s why winged Cupid is painted blind after all because “he looks with eyes not the mind” as Shakespeare said. Follow the partners who are blessed with the tender heart you need and a sexy cerebrum. Friday’s start to Capricorn Season gets you socializing with friends after a workhorse of a month and you’ll be the brightest star in all the rooms you find yourself in this holiday season. The Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday lights up your creativity, joy, and courage zone. Be brave and share the story of your heart with someone who needs to hear it.