December 10-16

Green, light - GO! The Universe is finally operating at full speed ahead. All personal planets - I repeat, literally ALL - planets are finally direct. And so the zodiac can take very actionable steps that help move forward in the direction of their goals. So long as meaningful contemplation on the themes, experiences, and lessons from June to the current moment have provided you with direction, you can make value-informed decisions that take you closer to righteous living.

On Wednesday, messenger planet Mercury returns to mutable fire Sagittarius (where it was both direct and retrograde from October 31st until December 1st) which will help the zodiac incorporate the power of optimism, generous assumptions, and direct verbal communication in all we do. Mercury in Sagittarius inspires us to live out of vision not our circumstances.

The weekend is a dreamy and creative one under the transiting Pisces Moon which allows us to experience the enchantment of the holiday season. If wordly activity is taking you out of cherishing the current moment, deliberately plan something festive this weekend. Joy is a nonnegotiable of wholehearted living and it needs a conscious effort. Go out of your way under the Pisces Moon to notice, soften in, and give gratitude for joy in all its forms.

Damn, Ram! You are absolutely on fire. Mercury touring through fellow fire sign Sagittarius is giving your vision the powerful glass-half full perspective. And you’ll feel wanderlust and passion for the next adventure. Follow your quickest, fiery impulses to find what experience the Universe is trying to give you. Whether that means a new educational opportunity or an divinely inspired getaway. Don’t delay. Just do it. An emotionally tender weekend under the Pisces Moon could have you feeling emotionally raw and in your feels. So honor whatever comes up for you while avoiding anything too reactive. Share your emotionality with the right people who consistently share empathy for healing results.

Alright, Taurus. Get your ace-card up. It’s time for “the talk”. Mercury in Sagittarius is reminding you there’s something important you need to share on your intimacy and someone who really, really needs to hear it. Let’s keep it real by accepting that it will be vulnerable and bit messy. Though your honesty not comfort is called for now. You can do it! The weekend’s energy is just the shit you need if you can gather with your friends while the moon shines light on your socialization and community space. Go to the holiday party or watch your favorite holiday movie with friends to bond over ritual and shared emotional experience.

It takes two to make a thing go right, Gemini! No other zodiac sign knows this more than the sign of the twins. Mercury in Sagittarius lights up your interpersonal, romantic sector. This is a mentally electric time to seek understanding of others more than being understood from others. Opposites-attract chemistry with Mercury in Sagittarius will keep you very curious about partners which will only increase the desire between you. This weekend you’ll have work on your brilliant brain thanks to the Pisces Moon transiting through your disciplined, professional sector! Honor what inspires you, give thanks to the muses when they visit, and make it happen.

It’s practically 2019 already because you’re getting a head-start on your resolutions, Cancer. I always think your organization and goal setting skills are often under-appreciated. Not anymore! With Mercury lighting through Sagittarius the courageous ruler of your responsibility sector, hardly anyone will be able to deny your efficiency skills. Make sure you see your efforts as both internal/external. Strategize inner organization with mindfulness and routine while tending to the outer management like time scheduling. Weekend getaway? Spend time exploring both new places or books that peak your curiosity and desire for adventure. Bon voyage, moon child!

The original definition of courage is the sharing the story of one’s whole heart. So keep it classic and share the story of your beautiful heart, Leo! Mercury’s back in Sagittarius and reigniting your courage and confidence sector.  Mercury will motivate you to speak your truth, share your creative dreams, and pursue joy with abandon. Get a royal head start on the artistic/entrepreneurial endeavor that’s gnawing at your lion’s mane. Under this weekend’s Pisces Moon, you’ll be a cat in heat while the moon electrifies your erotic and sexual desires. Maybe you’ll want to show your creative tantric side? Have fuuuuuun you two! Or four.

Your vulnerabilities make you beautiful, Virgo. Surface-level Astrology pitches you as the perfect one. Though faux perfectionism isn’t a value we want to celebrate anymore because it robs you of your right to imperfection, vulnerability, and sensitivities. Mercury in Sagittarius is really daring you to show the fires of your emotionally exposed, imperfect, and empathetic self. With a romantic partner perhaps? This weekend’s Pisces Moon inspires you to really lean in to love by pushing aside needless amor, emotional defense, and people-pleasing. Let your partners see your vulnerabilities because they make you beautiful.

Don’t waste your time, Libra. Just get to the point. Mercury in Sagittarius is making your verbal communication totally sugar-free and devoid of people-pleasing. Under this transit, you’ll allow your language to be both compassionate and direct. Only you the master of balance can find the tender spot between both. Make the weekend proactive while the Pisces moon motivates you to get a super head-start on organizing, task-managing, and getting ahead. It’s one sure fire way you’ll avoid the holiday stress which gives you more time to balance that line between compassion and direct communication.

Call in the bodyguard, Scorpio! Mercury in Sagittarius is running up in you which is here to teach the ideas, values, and financial specifics that help keep you safe. A masterful intuition given you at birth, trust what you think and feel related to money and personal security. Remember - your worth is not circumstance dependent. Money, work, and validation does not determine the worth in your heart. Make this weekend a memorable one while the Pisces moon inspires you to pursue happiness at full speed. Go a bit out of your way for it. You deserve it always.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Your most brilliant thinking and communication skills return in the nick of time when Mercury joins your sign where it was all of November spending half of the month direct and the second half retrograde. Genius ideas and gorgeous eloquence will charm your birthday party guests. Remember what you wonder and trust the visions you receive while Mercury shines from your constellation. Under this weekend’s Pisces Moon, reconnect with family or those who feel like it because you’ll want to be right at home.  

It’s detox time, Capricorn! Mercury’s move in Sagittarius - the sacred sign before yours! - which often inspires rest, relaxation, and a necessary social sabbatical. This detachment from meaningless activity and distraction, allows your subconscious mind to detox where it needs to. Though hardly encouraged by worldly thinking of social obligation, you’ve earned this rest. So do so without apology. It’ll help you focus/concentrate more powerfully when the transits move into your sign. The weekend is a mental one while the Pisces moon gets you very curious about new ideas, practices on communication, and ways to up your intellectual quota. Follow your intuition to the right wisdom!

The Spice Girls once said, “Make it last forever, friendship never ends!” Mercury’s in joyful Sagittarius which will reunite you with your closest connections and help you tend to the friendships that truly determine the quality of your life. Right now, social support is all that matters, Waterbearer. So prioritize your life according to this value. The weekend’s Pisces Moon has you redefining how you interpret personal-security and your financial literacy. So given the financial strain of the holiday season, make sure you brush up on your budget and strategize new ways of money management.

No holiday recess for you, Pisces! Mercury’s return to Sagittarius the powerful ruler of your professional purpose is giving you both the energy and experiences to make your career dreams manifest. Use this annual energy well by tending to whatever overdo tasks are piling up and pay close attention to the details that point you in the right professional direction. After you work your fish’s tail off, the weekend’s all about you! The moon shines behind your beautiful constellation in the winter sky so make joy the bottom line of every decision you make and inspire others to do the same.