November 5-11

This is non-negotiable week to read your horoscope, Kweens and Kings! Two transits in the next seven days texture the tone of the Universe for the next two years. Like the adage says, the stars impel they do not compel. So it’s vital we know what the stars are impelling us to understand.

Up first is Tuesday’s Grand Rising of the Divine Feminine when the North Node leaves Leo and enters Cancer on Election Day until May 2020. For my witch readers, I’m fascinated by the Triple Goddess Archetype of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The North Node in Cancer salutes the best of the Mother energy. So the stars impel themes of ripeness, fertility, sexuality, , stability, power and life embodied by the full feminine moon which is the luminary that rules Cancer. Does the Divine Feminine begin and end with expressions of motherhood? Of course not. Though the most powerful expression in nature is the mother when she feels a threat to her home and family. So if all us can imagine the world as our home and everyone as family, we can invoke the most powerful force in nature over the next two years. Every 6 months until 2020, Solar and Lunar eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn will provide us with the context to inhabit the best of both energies to tend and protect our “home” and “family”.

Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio provided us with deep contemplation on the themes of the year passed. Since October 2017, benevolent Jupiter has toured through Scorpio’s Chamber of Secrets. Calling collective consciousness to see abuses of power against marginalized folks on the gender and sexuality intersection from the shadows into the light . From #MeToo, #TimesUp, the TERF mobilizing, Kavanaugh hearings, and the most recent #WontBeErased. The Universe helps us heal through delicate detoxification. Our collective injustices have to be consciously considered in order to be released. Which Jupiter in Scorpio has aided - albeit painfully - us in doing. On the personal level, we are acutely aware of what needs transformation since Jupiter highlighted the Scorpio ruled themes all year long. Offer your best strategies with a healthy dose of receptivity to the Universe’s strategy on Wednesday’s New Moon that covers these Scorpio ruled areas, gives gratitude for its conclusion, and prepares for the new.  

Happy-go-lucky Jupiter concludes its year of touring through fixed-water Scorpio on Thursday and enters mutable-fire Sagittarius where unpopular values like optimism, gratitude, education, expansion, and joy transform the dark into the light for entirety of the year. I’m so excited for this transit I’m about to blow all circuits. Since now that we know where, what, and who the problem is from Jupiter in Scorpio, this transit empowers us to transform it with our alternative possibilities, empowerment, and generous assumptions. With the right vision, we can miraculously elevate personal, relational, and national circumstances from fear to love so long as we do so with conviction and passion.

Happy Homecoming, Aries! The North Node’s shift on Tuesday into Cancer will ignite an inspiring search for you to find the people and places that feel like home for the next two years. Once you find it all, make sure you concentrate on tending to this home carefully for the joy to be yours. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday is listening to your high-minded intentions on intimacy, bonding, sexuality, and authenticity. If you want to clear away intimacy issues, ask the Universe for the willingness and power to do so. If you need help confronting the Truth of a situation, this New Moon is ready to help. Back to school? Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Thursday; the ruler of your expansion, international travel, and education sector motivating you to think more optimistically all year long.

Look who’s talking, Taurus! It’s you! The North Node’s shift into Cancer lights up your communication sector on Tuesday motivating you to speak more intelligently and actively listen to the right information for the two years ahead. You’ll still be a sign more comfortable to pay attention to what others do rather than what they say but this North Node shift reminds you verbal communication is at the precious heart of every matter. A New Moon in your romantic Scorpio rulership on Wednesday asks for your high-minded intentions on love, partnership, and commitment. Tell the Universe what you’re willing to give and hoping to receive in your romantic experiences. On Thursday happy-go-lucky Jupiter begins an annual tour of your intimacy, authenticity,  and sexuality sector which will dish out truth serums all year long.

Let it rain, Gemini! A financially abundant journey becomes the focus for the next two years when the North Node shifts into Cancer. You’re psychologically ready to earn abundantly and save ever so wisely to protect and elevate your personal security through finances and values. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday offers you the  chance to commit to healthy psychology, nutrition, and organization strategies that prepare you for how much wealth you’re about to receive. Ready to romance? Jupiter enters Sagittarius the optimistic ruler of your partnership sector on Thursday! This will inspire an opposites-attract-style chemistry all year long with exciting opportunities for new love, deepening of the current bonds, or healthy endings with the promise of a new love story.  

Come through, Cancer! The North Node shifts into your sign on Tuesday asking your beautiful values to lead the rest of the zodiac to joy and connection. Honor and express that which you can do beautifully like emotional safety, empathy, generosity, and loyalty while holding space for the rest of the zodiac’s heathens to catch up to your level. Wednesday’s New Moon wants you to take a nostalgic stroll and review the last year’s topics related to creativity, confidence, and worthiness. Have you taken a risk, presented work, and/or said, “I love you” first? Bravo! The New Moon on Wednesday asks for your intentions on what you’d like to do with all the bravery and courage you developed this year. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself in the weeks ahead since Jupiter enters Sagittarius the ruler of your health, wellness, and nutrition sector on Thursday all year long. A year of proactive personal responsibility and the sacred routine sets you up carefully for success in the year ahead!

I mean, all you need to do is watch a single episode of The Crown to know the best Queens lead from the heart-center, Leo. The North Node’s shift into Cancer on Tuesday inspires you to follow the path of the heart by practicing your spirituality over the next two years. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday inspires you to declare high-minded inventions related to home, family, and emotional safety. Is it time to move castles? Perhaps you need to let others know about your sensitivities? The heart-center theme continues when Jupiter enters Sagittarius; fellow fire sign ruler of your courage, creativity, and confidence sector on Thursday. This will help you share the story of your heart with innovative projects, happiness, and even romance all year long.

Cross everything off your To-Do list that doesn’t say “Go have fun, Virgo”. I mean it! The Universe knows you earned it when the North Node shifts into Cancer. The beautiful ruler of your friendship and social support sector which will inspire fun with your closest connections for the next two years. It’ll be full of experiences reminding you why you work so hard. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday helps you review your relationship to verbal communication. Tell the Universe you’re ready to shoot straighter from the hip and match your intentions to words and behavior. Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Thursday the fellow mutable ruler of your home of home, family, and emotional sensitivities. So you’ll be more comfortable sharing vulnerabilities all year long. Renovating, moving, or real estate ventures will prove hugely successful for you!

You ready for career takeoff, Libra? It’s starting on Tuesday at 3...2...1! The transiting North Node enters Cancer where it’ll activate your professional aspirations and ambitions for the next two years. Push aside fears and fearlessly pursue your dreams as the Universe supports every authentic move you make towards the expression of your soul purpose. Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio helps you declare high-minded intentions on personal security. Ask to release all circumstance-dependent qualifiers of your inner peace. Your safety is not conditional. It’s an inside job only you can declare. Jupiter sets fire to your communication sector this Thursday when it enters Sagittarius for the next year. This transit will remind you of the value of direct communication. You’ll bravely ask for what you need, declare boundaries more quickly, and see the benefit of straight talk all year long to receive many rewards.

Happy Birthday Scorpio! The North Node shifts into Cancer on Tuesday which places your newfound desire for education, storytelling, and travel at the top of your birthday wish list. Just start before you’re ready. Launch your website, order the transcripts, and pack your bags because you’ll be off and learning new things whether you’re prepared or not! A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday is your annual moment to declare high-minded personal intentions informed by the year of dreams fulfilled and spiritual awakenings. Be fearless and confront your heart’s desire to receive the manifestation over the next six months. Jupiter leaves Scorpio on Thursday and enters your Sagittarius ruled income sector which gives you the financial means to make your dreams come true all year long. Approach your relationship to money with optimism, intelligence, and generosity and watch the Universe work its magic.

You’re over cheap, fun, fast, and easy connection. The North Node’s move into Cancer on Tuesday wants to honor your intention of a power partnership that can weather the storm. You’ll experience connection of quality and trust for the next two years. Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio asks you to fearlessly identify your character-defects and inventory of what’s holding you back from bliss. If you offer them all up on the Universe’s altar, it’ll altar it to divine correction. Birthday bliss comes early when Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Thursday! The next year stands to become one of the greatest of your life if you keep your hands on the wheel of confidence, courage, and the belief that your dreams can and will come true.

Your boss won't cuddle you at night, Capricorn! Only a loving partner can do that and Tuesday’s shift inspires you to focus a little less on responsibility and more on romantic relationships for two years. The North Node in Cancer wants you to cherish connection and partnership above all else. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday helps you elevate and refine your friendships with more honesty and meaning. If connections became shallow, lovingly release them. Cherish the connections of depth and loyalty. Jupiter’s year long adventure into Sagittarius starting in Thursday will inspire you to release low-level things and intimacy issues holding you back from receiving the love you deserve. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Your heart will thank you!

Believe me when I say, the Divine’s in the details, Aquarius! The North Node’s move into Cancer - the ruler of your micro sector of routine, organization, and health - will help you take your personal details seriously for the next two years. It’ll feel annoying at first but it will help the Universe take your success very seriously. A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled professional sector on Wednesday will ask you to declare high-minded intentions on your professional purpose. Ask the Universe to help you access your prodigious gifts and abilities to be used of service to the collective and find ways to receive financial support to make it happen. You’ll get more than enough help from your friends when Jupiter ignites your community sector in Sagittarius all year long. You’ll have those magnificent nights you’ll never forget with cherished loved ones as the rule rather than the exception all year long.

You’re so worthy of joy, love, and belonging, Pisces. The North Node points the way to help you practice your comfort level with receiving love and happiness as it enters Cancer on Tuesday until 2020. It’s not as easy as we think so the next two years are here to help you practice touchstones of a wholehearted life of courage, imperfection, vulnerability, and resilience. A New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesdays is the hit of optimism you may need to make it feel like this wholehearted life can and will be yours. Especially because Jupiter’s entering Sagittarius the fiery ruler of your career and ambition sector on Thursday which is sure to manifest experiences of professional success all year long. So we’ll want to have you nice and ready for the inevitable success!