November 26 - December 2

After last weekend’s outspoken Gemini Full Moon, the zodiac feels like dropping a press release. While blunt Sagittarius Season is passionately underway and the transiting Moon burns bright in personally-focused Leo, I still don’t think this is the week to get the big messages out but get the messages in. Integrate, integrate! This is week is about self-realizations not interpersonal proclamations.

Remember we’re completing a retrograde marathon that began in June. So in practically all areas of life, we’re holding lessons learned on communication, sexuality, romance, and values. So now we willingly assimilate the lessons and ask the Universe for its help to keep our concentration focused on progress.

Especially while Mercury which backspins into investigative Scorpio on December 1st. Mercury was direct in Scorpio last in October 9th until October 31st of this year. Now that messenger Mercury is retrograde in the Scorpio’s Chamber of Secrets, we’ll want to reflect on October’s experiences and realizations. Do you need a do-over? This Mercury retrograde can provide you with just that.

Children of mighty Mars, you’re too powerful to let life’s little mishaps get in your way. Everyone has imperfections - we just don’t talk about it! - and this week helps you realize that your vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth make you beautiful and worthy of love/belonging. Push perfectionism aside and let your authenticity shine brighter than ever before. Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio on Saturday; the passionate ruler of your intimacy zone. So you’ll be inspired to get really real and see others for who they are, too. If the Truth gets uncomfortable, sit with it until it passes. Avoid distraction, denying, or numbing to find the pearl of wisdom in it.

My Mother (a Venus in Taurus) always said at the home  “Family is the stomping grounds for forgiveness.” Isn’t that beautiful? Family’s not perfect and neither are you. So practice your forgiveness muscles to your family so you can extend it to others. Perhaps a romantic partner? Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio on Saturday. Scorpio holds the experiences of your experiences with romance and love. So Mercury Retrograde can bring back unresolved relationship issues, miscommunication, and/or closure where you need it. If something comes repeating itself, ask the Universe to help you find your role in the cycle. So then you can take responsibility for it and break the pattern permanently.

You’re brand new, Gemini! After last weekend’s full moon in your sign, you’re feeling ever so confident and secure about the next steps of your life. Now that you’re elevating, think about the potential/current romantic relationships that offer you the momentum to make your dreams come true. All this Sagittarius energy is trying to help you put the power in power couple. Align with others who can meet you where you’re at romantically, psychologically, and emotionally for the gifts of Sagittarius Season. Mercury will retrograde in your health sector on Saturday so double-check what you’re hearing from medical professionals in the weeks ahead. Make sure you don’t let paranoia hijack you, either. 

I’d bet since you went above and beyond holiday hosting last week, you can give yourself a little holiday gift early, Cancer. Book a massage or something totally pleasurable this week to help you prepare for the weeks ahead. Lord knows you’ve earned it. When Mercury backspins this Saturday is Scorpio as the ruler of your confidence and courage sector, you’ll want to reflect on how the year helped you succeed. It’ll feel egoic but you should save a photo album on your phone of triumphs from last year as a steadfast reminder of what you can achieve when you choose love over fear. Don’t allow Mercury retrograde in your worthiness sector let insecurities/anxieties take you hostage. You got this!

The Moon shines for you, your majesty! The transiting Moon beams from the Lion constellation so your glamour radiates all week. Your confidence can help others shine as brightly as you. So try to empower others through spoken affirmation and demonstrative support! Mercury will retrograde in your Scorpio ruled home/family sector on Saturday so stay non confrontational in the weeks ahead. Approach every uncomfortable conversation with the knowing that conflict is a disguised wish. So figure out the camouflaged wish before fighting and then lead the dialogue to understand what need isn’t being met.

It’s totally normal to feel raw and emotionally hungover after the holidays, Virgo. So schedule self-care this week if you can. The Moon highlights your sensitive space for emotional processing so give yourself time to sit with your feels this week. I’m sure the holidays brought “stuff” up to your psyche’s conscious consideration. So ask yourself where you need closure to receive it all week long. Mercury retrogrades in your Scorpio ruled communication zone. So for the weeks ahead, be very skeptical of what you hear (not everyone means what they say!) and the assumptions you may make. Not all dots need to be connected. Your power is in the knowing that you do not know. Let Truth reveal itself to you.

Happiness is a look that never goes out of style on you, Libra! Forgive the cheese, but it’s true. So gather round with your friends and laugh the night away this week. You’ll shine joyfully in social spaces! And this week you’ll be the brightest of them all. So wear the happiness you’re meant to and the Universe will harmonize experiences to sustain it. Mercury will retrograde in your Scorpio ruled financial sector on Saturday so be very careful with where your money goes in the weeks ahead. Err on the side of caution, while staying secure about abundance, to receive it.

You’re in absolutely no mood for forced office parties. You want to work, Scorpio! This week you’re feeling ambitious, responsible, and ready to get the job done. So stay focused unapologetically and get to it! Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio on Saturday. Reflect deeply on the experiences from October 6-31st. Is it time to share a newfound awareness? Have an overdue conversation? Along the way, you’ll want to be especially careful about miscommunication, assumptions, and projections. So make sure you’re leaning on curiosity not certainty to guide you to righteous behavior and integrity.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Your birthday celebrations will be a bonafide blast this week under the lunar cycles. Make sure you reunite your old friends with your new friends and let the nights carry you to wishes coming true in the year ahead. Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio this Saturday the intense ruler your closure zone. So give yourself the gift of letting go of all low-level racket from the past to receive the amazing gifts the new year has for you. Make a fearless inventory of all the circumstances, relationships, and places that have no place in your new year. Consciously release it to the Universe. Then blow out the candles considering your request divinely done.

You’re not all work this week, Capricorn. You want to experience the most meaningful intimacy. It won’t look or feel like your standard behavior. So don’t feel guilty or talk yourself out of sexual pleasure this week. Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio on Saturday the ruler of your friendship and community sector. Mercury will quickly work to reunite you with old friends! And help you examine your current friends’  ability to “show up” for you. Use this transit to identify how you need to tend to friendship dynamics and pay attention to the friends who meet you where you’re at.

You’re anything but detached this week, Aquarius. You’re feeling romantic, interpersonally focused, and emotionally invested in your relationships this week. Make sure you’re platonically and romantically aligning with those who meet you in the middle. Mercury will retrograde in your Scorpio ruled work zone on Saturday so you’ll need to review your performance and happiness at work in the weeks ahead. If  you’re ready for a change, make it happen. Take the first steps towards consciously changing your experiences in career. An early congratulations to you!

It’s time to tidy up, Pisces! You’ll see how amazing a bit of proactive effort to organize and simplify will translate to positive mental health. If you see your space as a reflection of your inner world, you’ll go out of your way to harmonize your space to harmonize your mind. Make sure you time-manage effectively this week and notice the divine in the details. Mercury will retrograde in your Scorpio ruled optimism sector this Saturday. If you’d like to receive the benefits of optimistic perception, this Mercury Retrograde can help you do it. Offer up your thinking and communication to the Universe to reinterpret more joyfully and innocently. Then it’ll helping you see the gifs of expansion and the glass half full!