November 19-25

This week is serving Authenticity on a silver platter on the Scorpion’s tail end of its season, Mercury Retrograde underway in Sagittarius, and the Centaur Season beginning.

The zodiac will see the big-picture and the radical Truth where they need it. Especially when Sagittarius Season begins dawns on Thursday, November 22nd beginning four weeks of radical optimism, curiosity, generosity, and arrow-to-the-heart honesty.

Pay close attention to experiences, themes, and people of this month. As Jupiter begins its year long tour of Sagittarius, I suspect that while the Sun tours through Sagittarius it’ll shine a megawatt light on the arenas about to receive Jupiter’s mighty touch. Just a day later, the annual Full Moon in Gemini inspires us to find our twins, sharpers our verbal language techniques, and connect through rich conversation on Black Friday. It’s also a powerful reception period to ask for the changes you need on the personal level to move forward from dysfunctional habit patterns of the past.

On Sunday the 24th, Neptune moves direct in Pisces and our intuitions are back on track!Since June our psychic wires were crossed amidst the retrograde marathon series. Now the Neptune’s Direct our intuitional accuracy is sharper than ever. Trust the gut, ask the right questions, and you’ll operationalize spiritual integrity where you need it most.

Bon Voyage, Ram! Thursday’s start to Sagittarius Season begins a month of travels, expansion, perhaps a return to educational opportunities, and optimism. Mercury’s still retrograde in Sagittarius so just make sure you double-check the details, confirm the right airport code, or restaurant, to avoid any snafus on your adventures. Friday’s Full Moon in Gemini has you speaking your emotions in succinct ways. Under this verbal moon, help loved ones understand your sensitivities with the right language while demonstrating how curious you are about listening to theirs. Neptune’s direct in Pisces the divine ruler your spirituality zone on Sunday so trust your intuition and act on it in the weeks ahead.

As Esther Perel reminds us “Intimacy” is really “into-me-you-see”, Taurus. Sagittarius Season’s start on Thursday inspires you to invite others “in” to your soul, heart, and psyche. Open up vulnerably and carefully to people who’ve earned it while Mercury’s retrograde. You wouldn't want to give your precious interior existential world without proper earring and trust or you’ll throw your pearls at swine. The Full Moon in Gemini on Friday changes the rhythm of your bank account. Offer up any financial blockages and stay grateful/convicted that the money will always come! Because it always does. Neptune moves direct in your friendship sector on Sunday so you’ll reunite more compassionately and lovingly with friends in the weeks ahead.

You’re not imagining things - love’s in the air, Gemini! Sagittarius Season has you leading with your heart over your mind to deepen current romances or seek the right ones that match best-case scenario for you. Though Mercury’s still retrograde there so you’ll need to identify the blockages that keep you from generously giving love and feeling like your psychic needs are getting met. The Full Moon on Friday is in Gemini; therefore it’s your annual emotional reset as It’s a half-birthday of sorts.. Be courageous and brave while you inhabit your best and let go of your shadow. On Sunday, Neptune moves direct in Pisces the creative ruler of your career sector which’ll provide clarity on current projects and potential plans in the weeks ahead.

Ritual is healing, Cancer. Routine is a miraculous balm on your peace of mind. Sagittarius Season’s dawn this Thursday helps you find mental health through organization and routine. Mercury’s Retrograde in Sagittarius still so make sure you’re staying flexible and patient for the results. Friday’s Full Moon in Gemini offers you closure and healing as it applies moon magic to your sector of endings and surrender. It’ll likely be a tender Full Moon so be gentle with yourself and others. Neptune moves direct in Pisces the powerful ruler of your optimism zone so proactively choose to search for innocence and opportunity over guilt and barrier throughout the weeks ahead.

The Queen of Courage is you! Sagittarius Season’s dawn on Thursday inspires you to share the story of your heart confidently through creative and powerful efforts in the weeks ahead. Mercury’s retrograde in this sector too; so yes, it’ll feel vulnerable and scary but it’s the necessary assignment for you now. Make us proud while you show up bravely and speak your beautiful truth. Friday’s a joyful Full Moon in Gemini so surround yourself with friends, parties, laughter, and fun. You’ve earned it. Neptune moves direct in your Pisces ruled intimacy sector on Sunday so you’ll explore sexuality, intimacy, and deep bonding in new ways that align with your preferences. Make sure you hold on to those learning outcomes and make decisions based on them for the joy of sexual pleasure.

There’s no place like home, Virgo! Sagittarius Season’s start on Thursday opens the front door to meaningful experiences with home, family, and emotionality all month long. Mercury’s retrograde in Sagittarius too so a bit of conflict at home, fighting with a roommate, or family is likely this month. Just make sure you’re staying curious, questioning, and avoid impulsive confrontation. A Full Moon in Gemini the Friday boosts some Mercury moon magic for your career! Promotions, raises, and opportunities are yours in the weeks ahead. Neptune moves direct in your romantic relationship sector on Sunday thus helping you see your partner and love more clearly.

Hey, Chatty Kathy! Sagittarius Season’s start on Thursday has your curiosity, communication skills, and thinking off the charts. Which is a beautiful thing because you’re the leader of the air signs so show the zodiac how righteous communication and active listening is done, plz. Mercury’s retrograde in Sagittarius still so be just a tad skeptical of thoughts that give you stress and the legitimacy of the words you hear. It’s terrifying but not everyone says what they mean. So don’t get jailed behind their faulty interpretation of reality. A Full Moon in Gemini on Friday inspires you to explore, share your courage, and travel. All you need to do is follow your intuition to the right places and you’ll find the joy you crave.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! I hope all your wishes come true and that you receive the celebration you deserve. If you’re craving stability again, you’ll return to solid ground on Thursday when Sagittarius Season begins. Financial stability and consistency become your focus in the weeks ahead. Mercury’s retrograde in this area so examine money and security carefully because the Universe’s wires are crossed so you may not be seeing things clearly. The Full Moon in Gemini on Friday has you feeling sexy all weekend. You want to go deep with your partners and explore the erotic on a metal, pleasurable Make it an unforgettable one. Enoy!

You’re almost out of the woods, Sagittarius. On Thursday your Season begins! Happy Birthday to the zodiac’s beautiful and powerful centaurs! May all your wishes come true in the weeks ahead. Mercury’s still retrograde in your sign so just double check birthday plans and details to avoid any miscommunication. A Full Moon in Gemini the intellectual ruler of your romantic sector on Friday makes the weekend powerful with opposites-attract style chemistry and opportunities for love. So party the weekend away with a suitor, current lover, or stay optimistic about the possibility of a chance encounter. Neptune moves direct in your home and sensitivity sector on Sunday so you’ll be feeling less reactive and raw in the weeks ahead. Just in time for your birth celebration!

Let it all go, Capricorn. Sagittarius Season starts your powerful month of closure, surrender, and healing on Thursday. See yourself trying to magnetize opportunity as opposed to seizing it. Allow the Universe to bring you experiences of healing, closure, and completion while Mercury’s retrograde in this sector for you. Friday’s Full Moon in Gemini inspires a new routine, organization, and structure that could sustain and promote the efficient results you need. So you’re allowed to work on the weekend if you have to. You know you love it! If you let Mercury Retrorgade/Sagittarius Season work its magic, you’ll psychically and emotionally detox all the low level things that keep you stuck from achievement and wholehearted experiences. Make it be yours!

Friendship never ends, Aquarius! Thank God the Spice Girls are reuniting. Sagittarius Season on Thursday has you socializing, connecting, and joyfully reuniting with the girls. Mercury’s retrograde so it’s a wonderful time to reconnect with friends you miss. Plan a reunite and double check the details. A Full Moon in Gemini on Friday wants you to be brave, direct, and open about your heart’s desire all weekend long with the people you co create it with. Share your courage directly with someone who needs to hear it. Don’t wait for an invitation. Just do it. Neptune moves direct in your closure sector this Sunday thus returning a sense of divine help to your efforts on radical personal growth and success. Trust your intuition for clues and insight on ways to be the best Waterbearer you can be.

You better WORK Pisces! Sagittarius Season begins your ambitious month of career promotion and success. You’re ready to rise! While Mercury’s retrograde in your professional zone, it’s time to return to tasks and goals that are overdue. Be optimistic about the outcome no matter what the current moment is going to show you. You WILL be a triumph, Pisces. A sensitive Full Moon in Gemini on Friday has you looking for the places and people who feel like home. It could be a sensitive weekend so let the feelings happen but don’t dwell on the self-indulgent ones. When Neptune moves direct on Sunday, it’ll show you where to go and who to talk to to find the home and success you need. Looks like it’s all systems go! Enjoy!