November 12-19

Whatever you do, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” please! Up first this week, a little emotional disruption never hurt anyone right? Tuesday’s innovative Aquarius Moon helps us focus on what rules need to be broken until Friday. Ask this liberating moon to help you find the bondages of fear in your life so that you can elect freedom instead. When the Moon enters Pisces throughout the weekend, we’ll feel Neptune’s divine companionship and its compassion moving us beyond habit patterns that cause us pain into habit patterns for peace.

Mars leaves Aquarius on Thursday to help us fight for compassion and forgiveness in Pisces until the end of the year. Let’s look at Mars in Pisces in conversation with the marathon of retrogrades since last June. In doing so, the zodiac can continue ambitious efforts and practices that provide the gifts of completion and surrender. Now I understand surrender as releasing attachment to outcome. Surrender is never resignation. So Mars in Pisces could help us cease the appetite for control, managing and prediction. Let us offer our strategies to be reinterpreted by the Universe. Mars in Pisces is the gift of endings and since Mars enters the first sign Aries on New Year’s Day, this transit is offering us arguable the most powerful renewal and rebirth in recent astrological history.

On Friday, Venus retrograde in Libra comes to an end at 5:50am EST. Since October 5th, the zodiac’s relationship with romantic relationships and our intimacy issues were reviewed. It’s likely that we reconnected with lovers from the past for check-ins, consolations, apologies, and closure where we needed it. This was hopefully helpful because we’re reborn whenever we don’t take the past into the present. So now that we’re theoretically not carrying the dysfunction from the relationship past into the present, we can love current and future partners with depth and maturity.

We’ll have fifteen hours of Venus and Mercury both direct on Friday until Mercury retrogrades at 8:33pm. Yikes! Mercury backspins in Sagittarius first then Scorpio until December 6. Though remember the Universe is firmly invested in our growth and enlightenment. So this Mercury retrograde cycle is particularly supportive since it’ll give us the context to integrate, integrate, integrate - or “make whole” - all the retrograde experiences we’ve had since last June. Take this Mercury retrograde as a divine opportunity to assimilate the learning into your decision making so you can make more righteous momentum in the weeks ahead.

No case of the dreary “Mondays” for you, Ram! You’re allowed to leave work a lil early and socialize with your friends under the Aquarius Moon. You’ve worked diligently so reward yourself with some refueling of rich conversation and friendship. You’ll see your tender side to and so will others when Mars enters Pisces on Thursday until the end of the year. The holidays often bring up uncomfortable emotions so give yourself a permission slip to both honor and express your sensitivities. If you miss the way things “used to be”, then say it. Shame and fear cannot survive once you speak it. Speak your shame in spaces where you trust the listener for miraculous empathy. Venus moves direct in your relationship sector and so you will be feeling optimistic and joyful again on current and future romantic opportunities. That same day, Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius. This can help you avoid messy impulse driven confrontation in favor or curiosity from the uncomfortable emotion. Make sure you build bridges. Don’t burn ‘em!

The office is pleased to report...the Most Valuable Professional is YOU, Taurus! Your focus, ambition, and productivity is off the charts this week. Remember and leverage your successes well. You never know when you need to remind a higher-up about your contributions. Mars enters Pisces on Friday which will light up your friendship sector until the end of the year. Mars will motivate you to connect more frequently with friends now that your workload is starting to minimize. Venus turns direct in your health and wellness sector giving you the momentum to apply new strategies. Stay committed to your organizational and nutritional efforts! When Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius, power struggles could occur in your intimacy and honesty sector. So make it a win/win or no deal with closest comrades till the end of the year!

Proactive optimism is always a practical idea, Gemini. The transiting Aquarius Moon helps you see on the bright side so you can transform what you see and other people will subconsciously feel inspired to help. Thereby increasing the odds of your success! That’s as practical as it gets. On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces and sets glorious fire to your ambition and career sector. Mars in Pisces will help you move forward in your professional goals and achieve the pinnacles you deserve until the end of the year. Venus moves direct in your confidence and courage sector on Friday morning which returns your worthiness and self-direction. That evening, Mercury will retrograde in your Sagittarius ruled romance sector. Mercury could return unresolved issues and lovers. Stay curious over certain about these relationships and open to learning!

You’re craving the real deal, Cancer. The transiting Aquarius Moon ignites a passion for intimate and authentic connection among friendships and even sexual partners. So articulate expectations to those who you’re co-creating connection with and watch the Moon make it happen! Perhaps internationally? Mars’ move into Pisces on Thursday sends you off and flying to far corners of the academic and/or international world until the end of the year. Just in time for Friday when Venus moves direct in your homebound sector giving you the nudge to leave the nest and explore. That say day,  Mercury retrogrades in your micro, health, and wellness sector. So make sure you’re triple-checking all details over the weeks ahead as to not trip yourself up.

The winter temperature's dropping but the romantic chemistry sure is rising, Leo. The transiting Aquarius Moon electrifies the week with opposites-attract energy in current or potential partners. Be emotionally open to the one who isn’t your type or seeing your partner as brand new to reinvigorate the desire. Mars enters Pisces the sensitive ruler of your sexuality and secrets chamber on Thursday making you a cat in heat until the end of the year. It’s a chapter of erotic exploration with partners who can meet you on the level of depth you crave. Venus moves retrograde on Friday helping you find the right words to express your heart’s desire! The same day, Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius the fellow fire sign ruler of your confidence and courage sector. So try not to get hijacked by awful comparison or insecurity in the winter. Remember you’re a Kween!

Whatever you do, Virgo...don’t sweat the small stuff! Guess what? It’s all small stuff this week. So before your anxiety’s off to the races over completely insignificant minutiae, count to three and let it go. On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces and generously gives its energy to your romantic pursuits helping you both focus and find the love from you crave from an unlikely almost completely opposite source until the end of the year. Venus moves direct on Friday in your income and security sector helping you reclaim your grip on financial success. By nightfall, Mercury will retrograde in your Sagittarius governed home, family, and emotional intelligence sector. So allow Mercury retrograde to help you cultivate the skills and practices to engage with emotional resilience to help you keep your brilliant peace of mind.

Politeness and people-pleasing, be gone! The transiting Aquarius Moon inspires you to live and love loudly, Libra. This rebellious moon iny your fellow air sign helps you put your confidence and leadership on display. The Universe takes an interesting turn when Mars enters Pisces on Friday which will help you pursue organization, nutrition, and health. Mars in Pisces is motivating you to find a sense of spiritual success from sticking to your routine of all things. Venus finally moves direct in Libra on Friday which returns all your Venus inherited charm, charisma, elegance, and popularity to you where it belongs. Then Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius the optimistic ruler of your thinking and communication sector. So avoid making up fictional stories in your head narrated by fear. Ask questions to yourself and others to clarify.

The happiest of happy birthdays to you Scorpio! If you’re celebrating your solar return this week, the transiting Aquarius Moon could inspire a cozy dinner at home with your nearest and dearest. On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces until the end of the year which promotes your your confidence and creativity sector and giving you the power to make your personal visualizations materialize. Love Goddess Venus moves direct in your closure sector which could reinvigorate you with optimism on your current and future experiences with love. Mercury will then retrograde in the Sagittarius held income and security sector in your chart. So discipline your financial spending just a bit and make sure your personal happiness is free from anything that is circumstance dependent. Your worth is not contingent upon work, money, relationships. You’re already worthy of love and belonging right now. So act like it!


Rise and shine, mighty Sagittarius! Can you hear me screaming for you? Jupiter the luckiest planet in astrology and your ruling one is helping you achieve all year long as it tours your sign until Winter 2019. The Moon transiting Aquarius this week wants you to speak on your heart’s desires so the Universe can make it happen. Practice this technique as often as you can all year long! Time for a move? Mars enters Pisces on Thursday the compassionate ruler of your home sector where it’ll stay all year long. If you’re inspired to redecorate, move, and/or transform conflict with your roommates - now’s the time to do it. Venus moves direct in Libra the equitable ruler of your friendship sector which helps you recognize the friends who’ve earned the right to your proximity.  Then Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius on Friday evening so keep thoughts high and words specifically accurate to let this transit help you.

A little luxury and pampering wouldn’t kill ya, Cap. Under the transiting Aquarius moon your horoscope is fairly simple - take the time this week to indulge. Lord knows you’ve earned it! Mars finally enters Pisces on Thursday the compassionate ruler of your thinking and communication sector. Mars is encouraging you to take the time to effectively learn how to speak and listen carefully until the end of the year. Venus moves direct in your career sector on Friday which returns more momentum to the arena you love it the most. Take time to be grateful for your progress while focusing on what you’d like to achieve. Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius that evening inspiring nightfall on your closure sector. If you allow it, Mercury retrograde will remove the barriers between you and your highest experiences of love and joy. So it is!


This week’s moon shines just for you, Aquarius! While it transits the Waterbearer constellation, let your courage and confidence shine without apology. You’ll inspire others to rise to your occasion while you fully inhabit the space given you. Mars enters your Pisces ruled financial sector on Thursday helping you find the right income and values to achieve abundance for the rest of the year. If you infuse your work with the intention of being of service to as many people as you can, you’ll magnetize extraordinary wealth to you. Venus moves direct in Libra the sign which governs your optimism, travel, and big-picture thinking this Friday. So if you’re feeling called to a book, a country, or a new idea  - run straight towards for it success. Mercury will then retrograde in Sagittarius that same day which governs your friendships and community. This transit could inspire heartfelt reunions and reflections on all the progress you’ve made together. Enjoy!

A week of opposite energy is here, Pisces. Good thing you’re two fish and can always handle both extremes! At first, you’ll feel a bit low energy this week. You’re ready to let go of existential things holding you back so you’ll want to the time under the transiting Aquarius Moon to recharge with responsible self-care. On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces! Until the final day of 2018, Mars in Pisces will give you a huge rush and sustained momentum of energy, confidence, and ambition. Venus moves direct on Friday in your intimacy, authenticity sector so you’re feeling secure on where you’re sexually safe. Make sure you own your desires and speak on them for maximum integrity. Mercury turns retrograde in your Sagittarius ruled career sector so  use Mars in Pisces to help you tend to your past-due professional projects and goals. Can’t wait to see all that you accomplish!