October 8-14

All we need is love.

It’s not naive or anti-intellectual to believe this principle. The dawn of the “All You Need Is Love” movement in the sixties impeached a corrupt president and ended a senseless war. So let’s know love inspires righteous activism on the national level and gifts our life’s the most meaning on the personal. Monday’s New Moon in relational Libra reminds us of the gifts of romance and partnerships and the applicability of all we need is love. 

Rather than writing down a list of what you want to manifest in romantic partners, I’d take the route of writing down what you’d like to manifest on the personal level. Do you want to be a more trusting, open hearted, romantic, optimistic, and supportive lover? Write it down. Do you want to let finally banish the shadows of romantic partners from the passed? Write that down, too. Love requires we give up control of other people and manage ourselves responsibly. So write down the qualities you’d like to generate within yourself that allows your personality structure to receive, deepen, or transition the love we crave.

In a more occult turn of events, Secrets could be revealed after Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday making honesty the best policy for next three weeks. You’ll find the most meaningful in the hidden, undiscovered, intimate, and erotic arenas in your life. I’m a big proponent of verbal communication but this transit doesn’t require it. The nonverbal, “occult” - hidden from sight - is all we can see while Mercury is in Scorpio.

Friday’s beginning of the Moon in happy go lucky Sagittarius promises a passionate, outspoken, and joyful weekend. After a tumultuous few weeks, we owe it to ourselves to soften in to joy, surround ourselves with love, and recharge with the light so we can steward it to the darkness.

Two is way better than one, Ram! Monday’s New Moon in romantic Libra lights up your love life helping you balance your independence with romantic partnerships. If you set honest intentions and imagine your best case outcome in love, the manifestation is sure to come over the next six months. Confront your desire for commitment, love, and the knowing that a partner can support you as much as you want to support them. Is it time for a weekend getaway? Explore “the unknown” if you can. Take a mini-vacation, explore uncharted horizons, discover yourself there, and enjoy the adventure! 

Children of Venus, hardly anyone in the zodiac loves “love” more than you Taurus. So try let Monday’s New Moon in beautiful Libra beautify your wellness sector to inspire you to become the healthiest version of yourself. This matters significantly in love because you can then give your healthiest self in love. Be so full you’re overflowing to share with others. Tuesday’s Mercury in Scorpio transit flexes your compromise muscles for the next three weeks. You’ll be happy to understand others a bit more than requesting to be understood. Which is the perfect context for this weekend’s moon because it’s an erotic one.

Know this, Gemini! There’s no such thing as a non-creative. Everyone’s born an artist. Monday’s New Moon in Libra will remind you of the Matisse within and inspire your creativity, design, and artistic skills to showcase themselves. You have to believe in your capabilities and show the world what you got over the next six months. Mercury in Scorpio will polish off the health, wellness, and responsibility efforts of the last year to divine perfection over the next three weeks. Could a date night happen this this weekend? A romantic and optimistic moon guarantees opposites-attract chemistry with new, existing, and in transit partners. Ooh-la-la!

Do I need to remind you, there’s no place like home, Cancer? Definitely not. Monday’s New Moon in beautiful Libra beautifully reminds you of the importance of the people and places that feel like home. Under this annual transit in the arena you love most, I’d declare high minded intentions for moving, redecorating, or acceptance to manifest your dream sanctuary. Mercury joining Scorpio on Tuesday brings out the inner creative and inspires you to produce, contribute, and present. Don’t be scared! You can do it. Work on the weekend? You’re glad to! Set yourself up for huge success by organizing and planning for the week ahead.

Communication is two-fold, your highness. It’s both speaking articulately and listening actively, Leo! Think which one needs your attention more. Then tell Monday’s New Moon in Libra the beautiful ruler of your communication sector how you’d like to beautifully step it up. Mercury entering Scorpio on Tuesday could have you manage both the head and heart. Your emotional sensitivities, empathy skills, and vulnerabilities will receive the alchemy of this transit. Just in time for this weekend’s Sagittarius moon the happy go lucky ruler of your heart-opening courage sector. Speak the words of your heart optimistically and be brave!

Call in your “bodyguard”, Virgo. Think deeply on what the context your heart needs to feel a bit safer. Would it be a bit more money, self-esteem, and/or values to feel safe? Tell the New Moon in harmonious Libra on Monday so the Universe can manifest it quickly. Mercury joining Scorpio on Tuesday has your ruling planet sharpening your verbal communication, analytical, and listening skills over the next three weeks. If you’re curious about writing or producing something theoretical, now’s the time to do it. This weekend’s moon has you carefully in your feelings. Let emotions come up, get curious about their wisdom, ask what they’re trying to teach you, and share responsibly with friends who can help you.

Happy Birthday glamazon Libra! The New Moon shines for your Libra! Outline your birthday dreams to the Universe on Monday and when the candles blow out, the manifesting occurs. This is your most powerful annual time to declare all your most high-minded intentions. I’m joining in consciousness with you and intending tha all your wishes come true! Mercury joining Scorpio will have you thinking of innovative ways to secure wealth and financial security. Make sure you trust that gut so you can live the high life you deserve. You’re the most talkative and charming of them all this weekend under the Sagittarius moon. Showcase your intelligence, storytelling, and active listening to birthday admirers.

It’s an act of self-love to release attachment to outcome, Scorpio. The New Moon in Libra inspires you to surrender, close a book, and let go of what’s offering too much resistance. It’s not quitting. It’s one of the most daring acts of self-love. Mercury joining Scorpio on Tuesday has your mind, mouth, and ears working at peak performance providing maximum capacity results. Brilliance, eloquence, observation, and analysis flows so naturally over the next three weeks so use it well. The weekend’s moon in shines for your personal security giving you the happy feels of knowing you walked it like you talked it. You’ll know the effects of, “virtue is its own reward”.

You are a champion for your friends, Sagittarius. Monday’s New Moon in Libra asks for your intentions on strengthening friendly social bonds. Think deeply on how you may crave more support or do you need to be the one proactively supporting? Mercury joining Scorpio on Tuesday helps you find all the barriers between you and your highest, most loving self. Our resistances to love need to be carefully detoxed by an uncomfortable identification. So let the id’ing come up for you and know your best self is on the other side of the work. This weekend’s moon shines for you in Sagittarius and happily returns confidence, power, and self-esteem where you need it. Enjoy the shine!

Think bigger than “career”, Capricorn. You’re too smart to limit yourself. The question before you now is - what’s your life purpose? Tell the Universe honestly and specifically on Monday’s New Moon in Libra which is receptive to your strategies on becoming the vision of your wildest professional dreams. It’s possible that professional circumstance may need to be let go first to welcome in the rewards of the new. So be proactive around arenas where you gut is telling you to release. Don’t wait till it’s too late to be proven correct. Mercury joining Scorpio on Tuesday has you reconnecting with friends and intelligence activity quickly over the next three weeks. Is your museum membership still valid? This weekend’s moon in Sagittarius offers you a bit of closure, rest, and self-care where you need it.

Bon voyage, Aquarius! You’re off and exploring far corners of the international and even academic worlds this Libra Season. Monday’s New Moon in the beautiful sign of the scales is listening to intentions on expanded thinking on travel or education. If you want to fly off more, return to school, or even get involved in publishing - tell the Universe. Tuesday’s Mercury transiting joining in Scorpio has you your intelligence leveling the office. You’ll prove yourself as the smartest, most capable professional over the next three weeks. The weekend’s moon in Sagittarius has you socializing joyfully with friends over nights on the town. Have a blast!

Make friends and peace with the Truth, Pisces. Monday’s New Moon in Libra is  listening carefully to your intentions on managing uncomfortable authenticities, intimacy, and reality. Ask specifically for healthy and resilient strategies to move from being bitter to better, victim to victor, reactive to responsible. Mercury joining Scopio on Tuesday will give you the optimism to implement the intentions you set forth. Successful execution of goals are predicated on the ability to believe they’re possible so Mercury in Scorpio will remind you of your infinite capabilities. The weekend’s moon in Sagittarius gives you even more courageous ambition to achieve your personal growth and inevitable success in the weeks to come.