October 29 - November 4

Halloween is the main headliner of the week with two back-to-back transits! But first, Monday shows us the transformative power of authentic communication when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. I want you to reflect on the primary arenas in your life that started percolating since last October 2017. Jupiter has toured through the Scorpio ruled themes in our life helping us apply the gifts of honesty, intimacy, and transformation where we needed it most. Monday’s Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio collision asks us to firmly integrate the the lessons of the year and personally/interpersonally communicate them.

On Halloween, Mercury leaves Scorpio’s Chamber of Secrets and sets fire to the passionate, courageous, and optimistic Sagittarius for the next three weeks. The concentration of Scorpio energy is helping us hold our breath while we dive deep into the subconscious, “the edge”, the darkness that keeps up at night. Mercury in Sagittarius is like a big exhale. It’ll helps us share what we’ve discovered to the people who need to hear it.

On Wednesday Venus retrogrades in its signsake the relational Libra. The last time Venus was in Libra was August 6th to September 6th of this year. So if you’d like a redo in life areas pertaining to romance, values, and finance that came up for you in that timeframe - you’ll have it now until November 16th. So long as you infuse the Libra balance of accountability and apology, you can work wonders where you need it. The weekend’s productive Virgo Moon has the zodiac thinking about organization and responsibilities proactively. Just in time for Sunday’s Daylight Savings Time!

Happiness looks so beautiful on you, Aries! You’ll be burning so bright on Halloween when Mercury enters Sagittarius and starts three weeks of you elevating the way you think and speak optimistically. Assume everything will go well and everyone’s doing the best they can. This can’t but materialize your convictions quickly in your experience. Venus retrogrades in Libra on Wednesday. The beautiful ruler of your romantic sector. So it may be time to speak up and/or listen to relationship needs not being met until November 15. Stay curious about what you’re feeling and hearing not reactive or confrontational. A productive Virgo moon all weekend has you setting yourself up for success with proactive preparation, organization, and scheduling.

Can you handle the changes of Truth, Taurus? Mercury’s transit into honest-to-God Sagittarius on Wednesday has you exploring the mystical, honest, and the intimate throughout the next three weeks. Try carefully to observe the experiences and not the words of others to really see the Truth of the situations. Venus turning retrograde in Libra on Wednesday in your nutrition, mental health, and organization sector inspires a review. Commit to a consistent daily strategy that sets you up for the success you deserve. If there’s an arena in your life that needs to be changed, schedule a morning practice that helps you experience or problem-solve it differently. The weekend’s Virgo Moon has you leaning in to joy, courage, and confidence.

Two is better than one, Gemini! You know this as the zodiac’s twin. You’re born in partnership! Mercury enters your partnership sign Sagittarius on Halloween which inspires relational compromising and understanding among “opposites” for the next three weeks. Find the common point of interest in between your view and there’s so you won’t feel so opposite. Venus turns retrograde in Libra on Wednesday which could make lovers long dead suddenly rise from the grave. If it was “bad-timing”, consider listening to what they have to say. And if there’s newfound awareness you have in the present on romances from the past, don’t hesitate to share it with someone for healing and closure. Perhaps even as soon as this weekend because the Virgo Moon is emotionally receptive and generous.

There’s no mystery why the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was a triumph, Cancer! Mercury’s transit in Sagittarius on Wednesday wants you to passionately prioritize “organize”. You’ll see a huge difference in the experiences of your inner-world when the home of your outer world is cleaner. Venus turns retrograde in Libra on Wednesday is inspiring a sort of sensitive homecoming. Venus retrograde in Libra motivates you to apply a delicate balance between honoring your needs and the needs of the others within the careful arenas of emotional safety/intelligence, home, and family until November 15.

Courage, mighty Leo! Mercury enters Sagittarius lights up your outspoken, daring, and wholehearted sector on Halloween for the next three weeks. The more you lean in to bravery and share your heart’s story, your creative efforts, and divine confidence - the more you’ll see magical effects in your life experience. Venus retrograde in Libra on Wednesday will work to beautify your thinking and communication on romantic lovers from the past. Problem-solve uncomfortable conversations with the balance of speaking/listening, accountability/apology, closeness/autonomy. Then schedule premium self-care this weekend under the healthy Virgo Moon!

There’s no place like “home”, Virgo! Mercury entering Sagittarius will passionately elevate your thinking and language on emotional safety, family, and family this Wednesday. Your heart is on the search for the places and people who feel like the magic of home and so it is. Remain optimistic about your efforts and the bids for familial connection to let this transit work its magic. Venus retrogrades in your Libra ruled income sector on Wednesday so err on the side of caution before spending until November 16th. This weekend is courageous and all-about-you under the transiting Virgo Moon. Enjoy your happiness and self-love!

A wise Leo once told me that “Straight talk leads to straight understanding”. Mercury entering the bluntest of them all Sagittarius this Wednesday pushes aside the disease to people-please and passivity for direct, straight-talk communication. It’ll be an uncomfortable practice period but it’s a necessary psychological training for you to live the meaningful life you deserve because you’re not meant to abandon your truth for the comfort of others. Venus retrogrades in Libra inspires one of the most meaningful reviews on love, values, finances, and thinking deeply on romance. Schedule healthy self-care and rest this weekend.

Happy Birthday to you Scorpio! The Universe is letting the abundance rain down on you starting on Halloween when Mercury enters Sagittarius. The intention you’ll want to approach this transit with is staying relentlessly optimistic about the abundance you deserve to receive it and assuming everyone is doing the best they can. Because if you believe they are proactively, they’ll show up in their glory upon your invitation which is exactly the kind of social energy you need throughout your birthday soirees. Venus retrogrades in Libra on Wednesday promoting the beautification of your closure and surrender. Is it time to let go of pain from the past to find love in the present? You’ll know and experience it until November 15th. Celebrate your new year surrounded by friends under the communal Virgo moon this weekend!

Speak now, Sagittarius! Mercury enters your sign on Halloween beginning an annual new way of thinking and speaking straight from your heart. Optimistic thoughts and the right words will find you with ease and fill your life with the joy you deserve. Venus turns retrograde in Libra the equitable ruler of your friendship sector. Until November 15th, you’ll want to audit your friendships and examine how you show up for them in mutuality with the quality of them showing up for you. Balance and equality are the two operating values while qualifying the quality of connection. Then you'll work all weekend to prepare for the professional success coming your way under the Virgo moon.

I know it’s difficult to imagine the pragmatism of what I’m about to share but trust me when I write- closure is not circumstance-dependent, Capricorn. Mercury’s transit into Sagittarius on Halloween inspires you to decide - not wait - for endings or closure where you need it to heal. The outcome is not outside of you or in the hands of another. Closure is entirely in your control. Venus turns retrograde in Libra the harmonious ruler your work sector this Wednesday hich could stall plans temporarily until November 15th so stay patient and optimistic. Under this weekend’s Virgo Moon, take a getaway in a new book or a new place that expands your thinking.

You’ll be a hit on Halloween, Aquarius! When Mercury enters Sagittarius, the happy-go-lucky ruler of your friendship zone this Wednesday you’ll be surrounded by the people you love and laughing the night away for three weeks to come. It’s a time to presently tend to the joys of friendship and social connection while giving gratitude for the people in your life who make it meaningful. Venus retrogrades in the Libra governed big-picture sector this Wednesday so try to apply the right balance between paying attention to the micro and macro for success. Which one needs your focus? Start there and the other side of the balance will line up easily. An intimate and tantric weekend is yours under a Virgo moon so pursue your sexual pleasures!

Ready for career liftoff, Pisces? Mercury enters your Sagittarius ruled professional arena this Wednesday helping you think and speak optimistically on best-case career outcomes. Stay relentlessly positive and certain about its success, the collaborative experiences to support the vision coming your way, and so it shall be yours. Venus retrogrades in your Libra ruled intimacy and sexuality sector on Halloween until November 15th so carefully examine your balanced approach to authenticity, the erotic, and sexuality. Were you too hungry to receive that you neglected to give? Or were you too reactive to give that you sabotaged opportunities for others to give to you? A romantic weekend and opposites-attract style chemistry under the Virgo Moon is yours!