October 22-28

There is no me without we. There is no you without us. The last four weeks of relationally focused Libra helped the zodiac firmly grasp and practice their ideas on belonging and harmonious partnership. Even though Venus - the planet which rules these topics - turned retrograde on October 5th, Venus Retrograde is inspiring us to reevaluate our relationship between commitment and freedom, love and desire, passion and stability, autonomy and closeness.

The connection curriculum continues when the Sun enters Scorpio on Tuesday at 7:22am EST.

Scorpio is often known as the most sexually charged sign given their knowledge of the erotic, mysticism, and the psychological depth required to sustain meaningful relationships. Libra introduces the connection between opposites so Scorpio can consummate the bond. It is the mystery of the opposites and their conjunction that makes Scorpio sex a transcendent experience. Scorpio Season inspires us to flex our curiosity muscles and our imaginations when we’re indulging in sex, intimacy, and pleasure.

Wednesday’s night sky holds the annual Full Moon in Taurus where a full circle moon moment gives us the change we need in the aspects below. As always, integrate the values of Taurus under the Full Moon to receive its moon magic. Ask yourself - “What steadfast and purposeful convictions do I need to integrate into my life to set my psychology up for safety?” Taurus reminds the zodiac about the importance of luxury, pleasure, happiness, and joy. We think we can engage in bliss, but can we really? Like poet Rilke writes in his first Elegy, “Every Angel is terrifying.” Talk to Angels of bliss on Wednesday without fear.

The weekend continues the theme of the erotic and depth after Friday’s Sun/Venus conjunction in intimate and passion-fueled Scorpio. Since conjunctions are collisions and Friday’s players are between Venus and the Sun, we’ll want to approach the depth, intimacy, and authenticity of our relationships passionately so that we can be transformed under the Scorpio Sun by Sunday.

You’re completely allowed to feel uncertain about romance and love, Ram. Like Aries Esther Perel reminds us, when you choose a partner you choose their story. So a decision of this magnitude takes time and contemplation. Scorpio Season’s commencement on Tuesday continues the experiences that help you understand your heart’s desire and with whom you’d like to write a love story with. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus will give you a boost of financial abundance and a careful commitment to the values you’ll lean on that inform your best decisions. This weekend could have you nostalgic for a lover past under Friday’s Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Was it a matter of being ill-prepared for the depth of the connection or is the Universe telling you need to move on for good?

Ready to romance, Taurus? Scorpio Season helps you deepen current partnerships or prepare for a special someone. As beautiful children of Love Goddess Venus, you’re ready to experience romance in all its glory. A helpful beginning to this journey is Wednesday’s Full Moon which shines for you in Taurus. Full Moons are full circle moments so this one is your most powerful annual opportunity periods for the divine receiving of closure. It’ll offer completion where you need it most so your heart’s more available to love fully the people in the present. The weekend has a powerful opposites-attract chemistry thanks to the Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio and an unlikely suitor could impact your heart.

Aren’t clean slates the best? Scorpio Season’s dawn on Tuesday is your capstone to last year’s commitment of health and wellness from the help of abundant Jupiter touring through your personal responsibility secor. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus shines a full circle moment in your closure, self-care, and surrender sector. Harness the powers of forgiveness, tenderness, and mercy for yourself and others. Then work to release low-level things holding you back from the cleanest new beginning as the Full Moon is receptive to your release. The weekend continues your growth with heartfelt dialogues under the Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio and the power of compassion.

Live and love out loud, Cancer! Tuesday’s start to courageous Scorpio Season wants you to leave the protective crab shell at home all month long. The armor has a time, place, and reason but it’s not the next four weeks. Scorpio Season inspires you to show up confident, imperfect, happy, and optimistic about your life because what you’re visualizing will quickly materialize. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus shines for the strength of your friendships and the glory of meaningful social support. Which carries you carefully to the weekend which is a fun and creative one. Make sure you soften in to happiness, flirtatious charm, and charisma.

Which Queens and Kings are in your royal family, Leo? Scorpio Season opens the front door on Tuesday to experiences with your family, castle, and emotional safety. The right foundation for Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus which lights up your your career sector and inspiries profound transitions in your professional life for the next six months. The theme of this week is finding the right emotional foundation from family and home with support from Scorpio Season so you can make the royal mark in the world under the Taurus Full Moon. Lovely, cozy nights in this weekend with Netflix and another cat in heat could be just the activity for you.

Use your words, Virgo! Scorpio Season’s start on Tuesday has you practicing direct and authentic communication. You’re a careful sign who likes to consider evidence before articulating observation/description. Though this season inspires you to be outspoken proactively about speaking the Truth kindly when you know it. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus has you feeling like you’re ready for the rewards of magical thinking, international travel, and expansion through wisdom. So follow your heart’s intelligence to the right area code, airport, or book to receive what you desire. Once again, this weekend reminds you that straight talk leads to straight understanding so do it!

All that birthday cash burning a great big hole in your pocket? Scorpio Season’s start on Tuesday has your cherishing your values, finances, and material things carefully. Indulge wisely and err on the side of caution since Venus is still retrograde in your abundance sector until October 31st. The sexiest Full Moon in Taurus lights up your sex drive on Wednesday evening. Pursue your erotic desires, intimacy, and pleasure without apology but with the right partners who help you feel safe and cherished. The weekend invites you to luxurious self-care and sensual play under the Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio.

The happiest of happy birthdays to you Scorpio! May all your wishes come true this Solar Season. Is a romantic desire on the top of the wish list? Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus is the most receptive to hear your wish. Declare optimistic values about love for magical manifestation. Whether that’s a relationship carefully transitioning to a conclusion, the possibility of a brand new beginning within the current one, or a new partner altogether. Keep your wishes high-minded, loving, and optimistic. This weekend will point you in the right direction from Wednesday efforts on love so check in with your intuition for direction.

It’s finally your time to rest, Sagittarius. Your month long chapter of sabbatical, self-care, recharge and closure begins on Tuesday under Scorpio Season’s stars. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus gives you keen insight into the gift of routine and consistency which can help you avoid burnout or under delivering on expectations from others. The question is - what life arena can you work on every day to help your life work every day? This weekend is a tender and emotionally sensitive one. So be gentle with yourself and others. Try to avoid taking things too personally in an effort to preserve your peace.

Relationships determine your quality of life, Capricorn. You’ll know this well when Scorpio Season starts on Tuesday and inspires meaningful connection for the next four weeks. After working your Seagoat’s ass all Libra Season long, you want to reconnect with your friends and social support system. The Full Moon on Wednesday in Taurus invigorates you with confidence, charisma, joy, and passion.. This weekend will have you reunite with old friends to celebrate the progress you’ve made together under the Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Take dialogue to the depths of connection and remind each other how relationships determine the quality of our lives.

Dive, turn and Werk, Waterbearer! Scorpio Season lights up your ambition and competency at work starting on Tuesday. This energy all month long can make you the MVP on the job and/or provide the ambition and opportunity to make your best case professional scenario to happen. Be brave in your pursuit! The Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday brings up all the feels on home, safety, and chosen/bood family. Reach out to your safest companions to receive the magic of this moon. If you’re hit with the dream of relocating then put your focus in the direction of a move. Reflect this weekend on the values behind your ambition then network with women in the field who believe in your mission under the Venus/Sun conjunction in Scorpio.

Safe travels, Pisces! Scorpio Season gets the jet setting wheels turning quickly and you’re off to far corners of the intellectual or international worlds all month long. If you’re thinking about traveling or returning to school, ask the Universe to provide you with the right direction and resources to make your dreams happen for quick manifestation. A Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday has you elevating the way you consciously think and verbally communicate to handle all the expansion coming your way. An exotic admirer could catch your eye this weekend after Friday’s Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Remember, there’s powerful chemistry in the unknown and contrast! So be willing to “visit” the other person’s world even if it’s not your type.