October 15-21

What does it mean to be “emotionally intelligent”? Social scientists concluded the vast majority of people can quickly identify three emotions: happy, sad, and pissed off. How many emotions are in our lexicon? More than 500.

So Monday’s transit heralding Venus (still retrograde!) in Scorpio conjunct Mercury in Scorpio inspires you to know emotional intelligence by, “I feel (emotion) about (circumstance) so can we (strategic action)?” Since this a Venus and Mercury collusion, the talk could focus on a romantic topic from the past that needs to be addressed in the present. If an ugly pattern keeps repeating itself, do what you can to identify it, admit responsibility, and quickly ask the Universe for help to reinterpret the events.

This weekend, a Pisces Moon is a creative, empathetic, and dreamy one. It could be just the Lunar energy we need after some heavily uncomfortable talks. Let the Pisces magic work it’s healing balm over your heart and lean in to forgiveness, tenderness, and compassion all weekend.


The premiere cardinal fire sign, you can’t help move fast and focus on the future. Though Monday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction could inspire you to slow down and carefully look behind you to try to take care of an intimacy or romance issue that keeps coming up. Without a doubt, a neglected wound from the past needs your attention so you can fall in love more deeply with the present more. A sensitive and tender Pisces Moon gives you a weekend of well swerve self-care, recharge, and rest this weekend. Use the Pisces harmonizing energy well by making forgiveness and apology two strategies you actively lean in to this weekend.


Children of Venus, you of course deserve the love you desire to receive. With Venus retrograde in your partnership sector and Mercury touring through the same zone, something within your thinking needs to change so you can dismantle the barrier between you and your best case romantic scenario. If negative patterns keep repeating themselves, you have to own your part in the pattern, find a solution, and commit to applying it. A friendly Pisces moon this weekend gravitates your closest friends to you for healing conversations and emotional support. They’re here to help you move forward together.


Trust me when I say, your life works when you work at making your life work, Gemini. It’s as simple and complicated as that. If something’s not right in your life, Monday’s transit will show you the strategy and solution to help it operate better. It’s likely to be an overdue health or nutrition issue that needs your attention as it’s been a bit ignored. Thankfully, a very productive and ambitious Pisces Moon will give you the focused emotion energy to work on the weekend at whatever goals this week wants you to achieve.


Self-esteem is not dependent on circumstances, Cancer. No matter what the world or your fears tell you, Monday’s transit reminds you that your confidence is a gift that you can give to yourself at any moment. It’s not negotiated  between you and other people or born from other circumstances like work, relationships, or money. Is it time for weekend getaway? The Pisces Moon has you exploring a range of new horizons with friends or picking up the book you’ve wanted to read to help you see life differently.


There’s no place like your royal castle Leo. You’ll think about your home, emotional safety, and family very deeply on Monday and ways to cultivate a more healthy place of rest and recharge for yourself. Think carefully about redecorating and adjusting the feng shui or even moving if that’s what feels right in your heart. A sexy Pisces Moon this weekend has you like purring like a cat in heat. Explore your erotic desires, intimacies, pleasures, and have fun!


Your ruling planet Mercury wants you take deep breaths and maintain impulse control on Monday. I know this will be bananas for you to read but did you know people don’t always say what they mean so then you don’t have to respond? Just because you’re as logical, technical, and literal as they come doesn’t mean everyone else is. Though I wish they were! Make sure you can listen carefully and check in with yourself without quick reactivity. This weekend’s romantic and charming Pisces Moon could have Cupid’s arrows, romance, and fun planned. May it all be yours!


The happiest of happy birthdays to you, Libra! In the middle of the glamorous parties, good vibes, and birthday cash rolling in, the question is - are you thinking about how to spend/save responsibly? Monday’s transit with Venus retrograde in your income sector colliding with consciousness planet Mercury is inspiring you to strengthen financial literacy. Your money should work for you and not the other way around. This weekend is a grounding, healthy, and organizing Pisces moon which could help get you back into our happiest, most productive routine.


Extreme makeover, Scorpio? Libra Season is helping you identify ways in which you change your beliefs so you can be a happier you. Libra transits give you closure, completion, and surrender where you need it. So work with the energy that helps you end old patterns and incorporate new beliefs. Monday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction will help you think of values like joy, gratitude, and courage on Monday and ways you can make decisions from them to live a happier life. Thanks to the Pisces moon, you’ll be the most popular talk of the town this weekend regaling crowds with your storytelling, charming listening, and elegance.


Surrender is the sweetest thing, Sagittarius. Whatever circumstance, relationships, or events keep you feeling low, you can let go of. Monday’s transit will show you the things that need your surrender to find the sweetness in the other side. Since it’s Venus and Mercury colliding, it’s likely to be a limiting romantic belief or circumstance so stay alert. The weekend’s Pisces Moon has you wanting to stay indoors and enjoy your home to process your sensitivities and recharge. That’s completely acceptable and encouraged! So enjoy the relaxation and social sabbatical.


After working your butt off the last few you weeks, you want to reconnect with friends and play as hard as you work. Monday’s transit inspires reunions, social gatherings, and a lot of laughter thanks to Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. Life is meant to be enjoyed so give that joy to yourself and others. That’s why you work so hard! To give yourself and your loved ones emotional joy. This weekend takes an intellectual and curious turn. Crack open the book you want to read, visit the museum, and let your brain run wild under the brilliant Pisces moon.


Dejavu much? If a goal from the past keeps coming up again, give it the attention it deserves, Aquarius. Trust those hunches and intuitions as they’re pushing you in the right  direction of your best case career scenario. Don’t quit and don’t forget! Make sure you’re concentrate your brilliance in service to your professional aspirations. Then you can take the time this weekend to indulge in a bit of luxury and pleasure under the Pisces moon. Plan the massage or splurge a little on your favorite decadent things. You’ve earned it!


Thinking optimistically is a wise idea since what you visualize materializes, Pisces. Approach Monday with the assumption that things will go well for you and people are here to help not harm for wonderful results. If this is a new strategy for you, then like the adage says - fake it, till you make it! You’re in control of your mental dominion and you deserve to have wholehearted, meaningful, and blissful experiences. Especially this weekend! Take the time to let your courage and confidence shine while the moon shines from the Pisces constellation to bring a little heaven to your earth.