October 1-8

The Truth doesn’t have to be sugarcoated this week! I love a sugar free authenticity moment. And we have many opportunities to do that this week! Of course when it’s softened with compassion, Tuesday’s Mercury (in Libra) square Pluto (in Capricorn) gives us the momentum to speak our honesty in service to the Plutonian transformation of Libra’s justice and equality. If there’s something you need to say, there’s absolutely someone who needs to hear it.

If you’re feeling the weight of the Kavanaugh Trials and perhaps the discomfort of powerlessness, know that if you follow Dr. Christine Ford’s contagious courage, you’ll impact the ethers. You’ll be a part of the solution. Tuesday’s Mercury/Pluto square invites you to understand your role in speaking Truth to bullshit on the personal level which impacts the national level in miraculous ways.

On Friday, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio begins. Venus Retrogrades every 18 months so this is a big deal and is a finale of the retrograde marathon. For the next 40 days, the Universe will review the Venus ruled areas in our lives like values, finances, and romantic love. It retrogrades in Scorpio first then Libra so the antidote to any Venus retrograde in Scorpio discomfort is always the Scorpio solution of radical honesty, erotic intelligence, and sexual healing. It’s likely that this transit will return lovers from the past and intimate experiences in the present will help you redefine romance for many futures to come.


  Is it really just office politics, Aries? The Universe is trying to help you see that some boundaries could have been broken in your professional life. If you or someone else was out of integrity, you have every right to speak up on Tuesday. Say, “I experienced...” to own your reflection and then invite them into a new possibility. It’ll be uncomfortable but it’ll help you practice conflict management with sobriety and elegance. Venus retrograde on Friday reviews your Scorpio ruled sector of intimacy and sexual health. When it comes to experience of sexuality and intimacy, try to make decisions from the bottom line of radical self-care and honesty a bit more than pleasure and fun for the next fourty days. God speed, Ram!

The Battle of the Big and Little Picture wages on, Taurus! Consider whether proactive joy and the big picture or proactive responsibility on the little one could be the helpful solution to Tuesday’s possible stress. You’re a master of concentration so the Universe is trying to see which concentration and focus will serve you best between proactive responsibility or proactive joy. It could also be a delicate managing of both. Friday’s Venus Retrograde in Scorpio returns all the lovers from your past, could even offers closure to dynamics where you need it, or help you deepen the bonds you have with current partners.


Share nicely with others, Gemini! Tuesday’s Mercury/Pluto square could have you unusually overprotective of what you’re attached to. You’re a quick mind so if you feel it coming and you know it’s irrational, just breathe it out. If you risk betraying your integrity and boundaries possibly crossed, you have all the permission to speak up. Venus retrogrades in Scorpio this Friday which returns you to nutrition, wellness, and mental health efforts you made last October. Know that if you finally schedule an overdue doctor visit, talk to a therapist, and even a dentist’s appointment it’ll make a huge impact on your personal success in the weeks to come. Commit to helpful strategies on the mind, body, and spirit front and watch your excellence come forward.

Spend time contemplating whether or not romantic partners cherish your feelings. In those same moments, ask yourself if you cherish your romantic partner’s feelings equally? Tuesday’s Pluto/Mercury square asks for righteous balance between understanding and being understood. A little help from A Course in Miracles would be the idea that only what you’re not receiving is something you’re not giving proactively. If you want appreciation, a listening ear, loyalty - give it away first to receive it. Venus Retrograde beginning on Friday in Scorpio inspires you to own your confidence authentically and security more passionately. Like the Rupaul adage asks us: “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

You tawkin’ that tawk, Leo? On Tuesday’s Pluto/Mercury square, the Universe will ask you to choose your words very carefully and listen attentively to avoid conflict born of  miscommunication. As a fire sign, you’re a better do-er than talk-er. Try to up your communication ante so your behavior has a higher integrity. Venus retrograde in Scorpio beginning this Friday helps you express your sensitivities, empathy, and compassion. It could even reunite you with a lover from home or you former stomping grounds. It’s very likely to bring out your deepest feels from your royal heart. So try to see your vulnerabilities and imperfections as your greatest gifts for love and belonging for the rewards of this Venus retrograde transit.

You create an external stirring when you want to get the job done, Virgo. You execute responsible action and decisiveness. So Tuesday’s Pluto/Mercury square asks for you to get stirring on your internal power. In other words, ask yourself: what values inform my confidence? Is it embracing imperfection, authenticity, soulfulness? Ask for the right words and the Universe will waste no time getting them to you. Venus retrograde in Scorpio on Friday takes you straight to the heart of relationship matters - verbal communication. The next forty days will strengthen your verbal and listening skills beautifully. Proper communication is something you have a strong mastery on already so consider this an intensive glow up and you’ll inspire other people to do the same.

Happiest of happy birthdays to you Libra! Let’s get really real really quickly. If you see your vulnerabilities as weakness, please be willing to change your mind on Tuesday during the Pluto/Mercury square. Tell the story of your heart even if it’s scary and messy. Since vulnerability is not weakness but the cornerstone of all life’s most meaningful experiences like creativity, joy, and love. So the sooner you strengthen your comfort level with it, the quicker you’ll live the life of your dreams this birthday. Venus retrograde beginning on Friday wants you to save your birthday money and ease up a little on the excess. There’s great wisdom in saving for a rainy day after all. So book the vacation, buy the statement piece, and indulge after November!

You have one Scorpionic foot in this world but definitely one foot out of it. Your intuition and dreams are so powerful because you’re receiving otherworldly intelligence. So since you’re in this world still, you may have to speak on it this Tuesday. Believe what you’re feeling and use your words around it. Especially before Venus turns retrograde in your sign this Friday. Simply put, your love life is about to undergo a revolution. Along the way, your values and love life will be tested almost audited by the Universe. If you’re on the right track, the next forty days will confirm and validate the convictions and connections. If you need to step it up, you’ll know. And be willing to change your mind to receive the lessons positively.

Are you showing up for your friends to keep the relationships strong? Are they showing up for you? Tuesday’s Pluto/Mercury square could help you see the mutuality. Or show you where your friends and you need to tend the relationships more to help them stay meaningful. Venus turns retrograde in your Scorpio ruled endings and healing sector this Friday. If there’s something under finances and romance you need significant closure from, it can be yours. So long as you approach closure as a gift you give to yourself and not see it as something that’s circumstance-dependent. If you need to let go of the lover you have now or deepen the intimacy, Venus retrograde could help if you if allow it.

Sweet relief! The scales of professional justice are finally bending to your favor on Tuesday, Capricorn. If you’ve hustled for a work outcome, it’s coming sooner than you think. If you need to step it up, you’ll know. And you’ll receive the reward when you put in the work! Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on Friday which’ll blur the lines between friend and lover. Is it a crush and connection or is it comfort? Is it the comfort of a friend or is it feelings? Is it both? The Universe appreciates when we transfer the best of platonic and romantic connections to the other. Venus retrograde could help you make your romances more friendly and your friendships more romantic. Since the Universe doesn’t see anyone - regardless of their tile in your life! - as more or less special. So treat everyone with the golden rule and watch your life change in unbelievably miraculous ways.

  Are you optimistic about what happens after closure, Aquarius? Tuesday’s Pluto/Mercury square wants you to break up with the devil you know. Yes it’s certain and familiar but it’s not working in your favor. So let go of the certainty of the present to firmly lay claim optimistically of what’s to come. Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio the powerful ruler of your career and responsibility sector which could bring female mentors and support to help you all advance your goals. This transit will help you feel a bit more affable, tender, and compassionate in work spaces and if you trust the decisions born of these feelings, I think it’ll take you straight to professional excellence.


Dr. Maya Angelou said,  “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Tuesday will have your friends showing you their true selves so you have to believe them. You’ll know who shows up for you in glory and you’ll also know where you need to step it too. If you’re not receiving the friendships you want, ask yourself when was the last time you proactively gave the emotion you’re hoping to receive? Make it mutual or get to work! Venus turns retrograde in your Scorpio ruled optimism, travel, academics, and publishing sector on Friday. Ask yourself, “Am I optimistic about love, the unknown, and belonging?” If yes, you’ll be off and running to the experiences that prove your belief. If not, ask the Universe to inspire a change of heart and so it is.