January 8-14th

One week in 2018 down, fifty-one left to go. I hope you were able to anchor 2018 in joy, gratitude, and a commitment to radical recovery. If not, let us begin again. Especially since this Thursday the “shadow period” of December ‘17’s Mercury Retrograde finally comes to end. Because I’m a mutable sun sign, this Mercury RX really tested my emotional and psychological resilience so I can’t push it out of the door fast enough. I’m over it!

Enough about me, the curriculum for this week is consistent in cardinal Earth Capricorn. The Seagoat sign who holds high-minded discipline, responsibility, impulse-control, and a passionate inclination to be of service. We can all invoke the power of the 10th sign’s energy especially when resolutions, intention setting, and personal growth strategies are are the forefront of January’s conscience.

To help, passionate Pluto and messenger Mercury are partners in cosmic crime throughout this week’s horoscope. So your thoughts on personal growth, communication, and efficiency could be strengthened and integrity checked. On January 9th, approach your resolutions seriously since the Zodiac’s first and last bookends - Sun and Pluto - align in Capricorn and will carefully listen to your goals and examine your behavior for this intended transformation. And Mercury’s move into Capricorn on January 11th (1–11!) for three-and-a-half weeks will give us all the Saturnian mental magic to manifest our strategies with discipline. It’s important to hold the “Be Impeccable With Your Word” Agreement from Don Miguel Ruiz’s landmark 4 Agreements while Mercury is in Saturn’s signsake. I’ll leave you with the condensed version of this Toltec touchstone, “Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.”


Aries: Ready to rise, Aries? Down boy. Not like that. I’m so proud of you for working your ram’s tail off at your job and the Universe is looking to seriously reward you for your passionate career commitment. Consider Tuesday a turning Plutonian point in your professional development. Brace yourself for career change. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, finding yourself unhappy, under-appreciated, overworked etc - use the power of Tuesday to release your attachment to your current career circumstance. Ask instead for transformation while owning responsibility for your low-level “stuff” at work. Since there’s no such thing as a no-fault situation. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday, you’ll be focused on thoughtful and disciplined strategies for the success goal you’re currently thinking about. Ask the Universe what it would have you learn about self-development then pay attention to what comes up for you so you can develop a well thought out plan for your inevitable success. I can’t wait to see what the champion of the Zodiac achieves! 

Taurus: Your least favorite thing “change” is coming, Taurus. Brace yourself. I know intimately well how much you prefer consistency and comfort over uncertainty. But Tuesday’s Sun and Pluto in Capricorn collision want you to work towards putting limiting beliefs in the sun’s fire. Release thoughts that 1) prevent you from your personal growth and 2) do not allow others to evolve in your personal resonance. Because the only existential truth we can rely on is that change is inevitable. So your response and resilience to this change is critically important for where you and your loved ones go next.  Period. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday, your thoughts and communication on “change” will get electrified by the smartest planet in the zodiac over the next three-and-half-weeks. So the Universe wants you to stay mentally, emotionally “open” or adaptable. Stay unattached to permanence and willing to learn modalities that push your growth and your interpersonal dynamics forward.

 Gemini: Can you handle the Truth, Gemini? Whatever deeply meaningful circumstances you’d like the Universe’s clarification on will receive it on Tuesday. When the Sun’s mighty collision with Pluto in strict-ass Capricorn energizes but integrity-checks your experiences with honesty, intimacy, and even relationship commitment. Heavy stuff! So exercise the personal muscles required to sift through these discussions. And who knows you might move past the annoying “it’s complicated” status and into very certain territory if you’re proactive and working with values that ensure your alignment and righteousness with all parties involved. Emotional discomfort and conflict could arise so stay non reactive. Especially when Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday for the next three and half week. And your ruling planet or Zaddy will give you the Saturnian disciplined psychology and words to experience this newfound level of meaningful truth with your iconic mind. 

Cancer: 2 is better than 1, Cancer. Your interpersonally focused moon magic sign needs no reminder of the joy when two hearts come together. So I’m happy to report that meaningful experiences with partnership, romance, and careful consideration of relationship compatibility are upon you. Thanks to all this Capricorn cosmic activity. For the record, any activity involving Capricorn should automatically ring the love bells in your sweet little head. Anyway, it’ll be a week of intense and casual opportunities when it comes to matters of the heart. The galaxy’s ruling Star and intense Pluto’s activity on Tuesday in Capricorn is both fiery passionate and dramatically powerful for your current romantic circumstances. You might want to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door for Wednesday because it’s gonna get hot Tuesday night. Then when Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday for the next three and a half weeks, you’ll feel less inclined for carnal intimacy and more enamored by an opposites attract style of intellect. You might even wants to put your ace card down on the table and proactively begin “the talk.” Regardless of form, let your suitors know the way to your beautiful heart begins with your mind.

Leo: Are you reading this horoscope at the gym, Leo? Making a green smoothie? Or how about at a preventive-care appointment at the doctor’s? I am so happy to report that no sign appears more focused on manifesting healthy resolutions and wellness this month quite like yours, Leo. To help your royal efforts, Tuesday’s intense Sun/Pluto alchemy could strengthen your particular efforts on mental health. A powerful psychological breakthrough or “ah-ha!” moment could help you execute your 2018 resolutions with a concise idea on personal administration. Think efforts like: time-management, increased financial literacy, mindfulness, etc. Head’s up the Universe is doing this self-care work because romance is coming! But first, Mercury entering Capricorn on Thursday will bless with you the discipline, self-composure, and grace to be the powerful King and/or Queen you’re capable of for the next three and a half weeks. So slay, bitch!

 Virgo: Everyone and their Mother knows how hard you work, Virgo. Like literally every one of us. Now let everyone see that you’re not just all work and no play. The Universe is giving you the support to approach the ways you engage and practice joy, romance, and pleasure. When Pluto intensifies your efforts to enjoy life as hard as you work this Tuesday, you’ll feel a deep pull to express your creative and/or romantic efforts. Push the perfectionism aside and just do it. Create it. Say it. Be seen, Virgo! Begin demonstrating that you work so hard because life is meant to be enjoyed. Show us all your precise, creative gifts and abilities. Not for nothing, but there’s no such thing as a “non-creative person”. But if there is such thing as a person who just doesn’t use theirs which is not benign. So Mercury entering Capricorn will push you to work hard at experiencing and leaning into your joy. While giving you the mental magic to produce this creative effort and speak more joy, Love, appreciation, and righteous words. My Virgo Gala Darling is radically committing to her joy by staying in the “vortex” - contextualized by Esther Hicks - a space of happiness, unlimited potential, and talent as much as she can. Give it a try!

 Libra: There’s no place like home. Right, Libra? And no sign knows the comfort of emotional security, divine feminity, mother figures, redecorating, and family quite like yours this month. So if you feel more inclined to “stay in” and politely decline social invitations, do it. Without apology or explanation. Especially when Tuesday’s Plutonian power aligning with the Sun in Capricorn will push you to commit in an effort that strengthens the ideas and experiences. Full disclosure, my Libra darlings, there is a likely consequence of hypersensitivity. So try not to take too much personally or make assumptions about whatever emotionally charged situation is hijacking your peace of mind. Stay centered. Ask questions for maximum clarity. Especially beginning Thursday when the planet of Communication Mercury enters Capricorn for next three and a half weeks. It’ll give you the ability to articulate your emotionality and outline what you need to keep your heart safe. 

Scorpio: Speak now, Scorpio - speak! I know you’re more comfortable in the nonverbal. I know you’d rather sit back and observe quietly without a whole lot of talking but your relationship to vocal communication and listening are the critically important themes you must get over your resistance to. Because on Tuesday, a mighty collision between our galaxy’s ruling Star and the intense Pluto in Capricorn will intensify these efforts in your communication practice through a possible conflict so be curious about the experience(s) not impulsively confrontational. Curiosity and non-reactivity is the name of the game. Also up for the Universe’s consideration is the way you choose to experience an experience. What frameworks, modalities, values, teachings contextualize your reality? If you don’t know, ask the Universe and the books will fall at your feet. Especially when Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday for next three and a half weeks., it will give you the disciplined and responsible efforts/experiences to elevate your speaking capabilities and communication styles with grace and wisdom.

Sagittarius: Now that it’s time for you to be brave and be “seen” since Sagittarius Season has recently concluded, the next most important step you’ll need to take is a clarification of your values. Meaning the personal convictions that guide you to make important decisions. It’s deep but necessary work and speaking of deep, Pluto’s collision in the Capricorn Sun will passionately electrify and transform your financial status/literacy and your values on Tuesday. So meditate on what personal touchstones and/or convictions guide your personal decisions. Life is not meant to be lived unconsciously. If you don’t know, Pluto will help you understand quickly. And so will Mercury in Capricorn beginning on Thursday for the next three and a half weeks. This Mercury transit which will fortify your personal security exponentially and the beliefs/values that guide your most important decisions. Only if you’re prepared and proactive about taking the necessary steps to learn more about the values that guide you to the success of the Sagittarius horizons.

Capricorn: Happy Birthday my beloved Capricorn! Barf, was that too much sentimentality? I can’t stop myself. I’m sorry I just really appreciate your disciplined energy! I hope you’re enjoying your Seagoat Season because you are so very deserving of the joy and celebrations the Universe is giving to you. As a self-aware sign, you’re intimately in touch with what you’d like to personally change since you’re aware of your gifts and opportunities for growth. Tuesday’s Plutonian Power since it’s cosmically colliding with the Sun in Capricorn will give you an intense energy completely available for your healing, growth, intimacy, and forward movement. Speaking of forward, when Mercury joins Capricorn on Thursday and stays in your sign for the next three and a half weeks, your intellectual and vocal efforts will be strengthened significantly. The two areas you’ll want to focus on are 1) the ways your consciousness chooses to experience an experience and 2) your relationship to listening and spoken communication. Ask the Universe what it would have you learn in these efforts and your consciousness/communication curriculum will be given to you.

 Aquarius: Believe it or not, Waterbearer, surrender can be sweet. Don’t consider it as quitting, despite what your tenaciously convinced fixed energy likes to tell you. Don’t consider surrender a resignation either but a very necessary and healthy letting go of all low-level circumstances that fail to contribute to your highest Aquarian good. When our galaxy’s ruler in Capricorn collides with the planet hell bent on transformation Pluto this Tuesday, it will become an energy that will give you the strong push to release, detach, surrender, and invite new existential circumstances in it’s place so that you can transform. If you’re feeling uncharacteristically raw, painfully vulnerable and/or emotionally exposed, that’s totally normal. Sit with it until it passes because I promise it isn’t permanent. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday where the messenger God will stay for three and a half weeks, your mental connection or communion (frankly) to spirituality as you define it will become the most powerful source for your healing and personal growth. Commit with discipline to let worldly drama fade and invite otherworldly peace instead this season. 

 Pisces: When was the last time you checked the roster of Team Pisces? Remember this, my beautiful mutable merpeople - anyone lucky enough to call you their friend is a fortunate benefactor of Neptune’s unconditional generosity, high-quality empathy, and tremendous loyalty. But mutuality is the bottom line of friendship connection. So first examine how you show up for friends. Are you inhabiting the Pisces glory of unconditional love or the shadow of self-preoccupied suffering? Because Tuesday’s Pluto activity aligned with the mighty Sun in Capricorn will show you who can reciprocate your friendship capabilities AND where you can step it up too. When Mercury steps into Capricorn on Thursday where the God of Communication will stay for three and half weeks, you’ll want to mentally join with your friends in powerful ways and support each other’s dreams, goals, and resolutions. Because the nature of the collaboration determines the outcome’s result.