January 29 - February 4th

The first eclipse of 2018 is upon us! For those new to the astrological dialogue, welcome! The fuck took you so long? Kidding! You’re right on time. What you need to know is that every 6 months the Universe gives us a Lunar (Full Moon) and Solar (New Moon) Eclipse within 2 weeks of each other. They usher in quick cosmic completions and beginnings. They’ll remove or supply what you need immediately. And we have our first one of 2018 this Wednesday. A roaring Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Think back to August ‘17 - particularly the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st - and identify themes/experiences that began. It’s incredibly likely whatever you just pinpointed will be alchemized under this Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Since it’s a Full Moon, it’s a cosmic completion. Now that doesn’t mean it has to be a horrific ending. More like a necessary finishing of one chapter to make room for the beginnings of the next. Leo ruled expressions like: courage, emotional exposure, unapologetic confidence, and owning our personal divinity could prove the most helpful touchstones while walking through this moonlight.

It’s an emotionally charged Eclipse where we’ll want to identity with our highest identity. Not our wounded selves. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a bit too much dazzling with our traumas and wounds. Why? The Universe wants you to release your wounds to it for correction. Not coddle or protect the ego’s malfunctions. Leo energy hardly gives in to that nonsense (because monarchs don’t identify with their personality defects) so take a page out of their royal decree and consider aligning yourself with your highest expression.

That same day, messenger planet Mercury enters communal loving Aquarius. So your weekend guarantees a very lively social atmosphere. Of course this is necessary because the Universe is invested in your self-actualization through its gorgeously divine timing. Your emotional “ah-ha!” moments from the Leo Lunar Eclipse will be shared and understood among your closest friends. Let Dr. Brene Brown’s research guide you. Shame (our hustle for worthiness and fears on disconnection) cannot survive being spoken. It gorges on the illusion that you’re the only one being held back by life’s problem. But if you share your shame, applying language to it in relationship dynamics that can handle the weight - proper empathy can and will be medicine. That’s what Mercury in Aquarius energy will give you. A social container among friends to share shame and allow empathy to heal it. So you can remember you’re not alone. We’re all with you.


Aries: Of the many expressions you can do beautifully - it’s live and love loudly, Ram. When an Aries lights up a room with their joy and romance, you can’t help but feel empowered from their bright red Martian resonance. You’ll be expanding that field of possibility for us all under Wednesday’s Moon. Without question, your preexisting passions, strong confidence, pursuit of happiness, and romantic prospect will be set aflame by the Leo Lunar Eclipse. I’ve had to tell you to stand down for a while but I’m thrilled to tell you finally that you can now move full speed ahead. Green light, go. Run fast right towards the direction of your wildest dreams or into the arms of a lover you feel safe with. Fuck fear. Just do it! With Wednesday’s start to Mercury in Aquarius, you’ll be inspired to reach out to your friends this weekend. If I were you, I’d gather the friends to compare eclipse notes. They’ll help you make sense of what happened. And of course, you’ll finalize a strategy of where to go next.


Taurus: Click your ruby red slippers three times, Taurus. Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo helps you emotionally charge your current relationship to “home” - whether that’s your interior and/or exterior - place of rest. Because that’s where you feel the most at home. Wednesday is likely to feel unusually heart centered and sensitive. You’ll also want to integrity-check your emotional beliefs on Mother figures and the family network. Do your beliefs limit or support the bonds among your chosen/genetic bloodlines? Probe your context for emotional security with that same question. Do your beliefs on emotional safety uplift your joy or keep you in fear? Because it’s a Full Moon, the outcome is closure. Release whatever limiting emotional racket you have holding you back from becoming the best version of your beautiful Taurus self. On the flip side, when Mercury enters Aquarius, you’ll want to immediately pay attention to important ideas and goals on career this weekend. Divine inspiration will come through. And The Universe will happily point the way to your professional success.


Gemini: Well, well, well - look who’s talking! Surprise, it’s you Gemini. In other breaking news, bears shit in the woods. Without question, you have a story to tell that you want to share with your whole heart. And the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wednesday is your moment to grab the microphone, run to the stage, and speak. As a descendant of the God of Communication, you’re a gifted observer, listener, writer, and speaker. Because the Eclipse is in Royal Leo, I’d like to see you righteously see yourself as the King/Queen of communication. Own your position of authority. Demonstrate what high-minded communication practices look. And if you’re uncomfortable with the way someone speaks with you, identify kindly where they missed the mark. You have a keen ear on (commune)ication so prove it. Speaking of, this  weekend - just click “Post”! When Mercury enters Aquarius, your words and wisdom will take social media by storm so don’t hold back. Say what you need to say.


Cancer: Check your security-system, Cancer. Make sure it’s working. Testing, testing 1-2-3! This Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo wants the Moon children to identify and protect what you need to keep your joy safe. First, I’ll ask you to sift through two differences. Identify what keeps your love, patience, and tenderness safe. That’s your highest self. If you find instead what keeps your ego safe; like say, codependence, control, hypersensitivity and defensiveness, know that’s not your self love - that’s your self annihilation. So let that nonsense go on Wednesday. Tell the Universe you want to contexts to preserve your best self. Speak on it specifically and proactively so people around you can help. Then you’ll go deep in dialogue this weekend after Mercury enters Aquarius. Push conventional appropriateness aside and lead your friends in a deep dive towards talks on life’s meaning.


Leo: You’re going to love what I’m about to say - It’s all about you, Leo! As it should be. But like when is it not? Anyway, the mighty Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday roars for the Zodiac’s royal family. Without a doubt, a powerful emotional benchmark will set your heart on fire under the Full Moon. Say and do what you feel called to do. Speak your heart. Claim what your soul desires. Offer up all low level circumstances that prevent you from being the Monarch you’re capable of. Extend forgiveness, say “I’m sorry” to someone who genuinely needs to hear it, or tell others that you’re no longer participating in their bullshit. Most of your actions should point towards closure. So do what you can to give yourself the closure required to help you transition. This weekend, thanks to messenger Mercury entering Aquarius - the sign who rules your Love life!  - you’ll feel more capable for romantic interpersonal dialogue. You’ll want to get curious to hear other stories. And willing to engage with “opposites attract” chemistry.


Virgo:  Closure is not circumstance-dependent, Virgo. The sweet release of existential endings is not something you need to patiently wait for an invitation for. It’s a gift you have to proactively give yourself. Period. Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a royal degree from the Universe that says “Let go”. Collect all the emotional debris, the racket, interpersonal bullshit, and whatever other personal nonsense isn’t serving you and light it on fire this Wednesday. You’re a Mercury ruled sign so maybe you’ll want to write it all down and burn that shit? Because that’s how you reclaim your power. That’s how you give you the gift of cosmic closure from the Universe. And because the zodiac is so cumulatively beautiful, when Mercury enters Aquarius - your mental health and communication habits will feel the effects of your detox this weekend. Your sharp focus will return and make no mistake it’s because you made space for it.


Libra: The Spice Girls once said, “Friendship never ends.” And Queen of the Universe Beyoncé once asked, “Who runs the world?”. You know who, children of Venus. Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo has gorgeous and empowering girl-power on Libra’s mind. You’re a sign who is obligated to feel romantically focused.  Now you’ll expand your focus to include more capabilities on friendship, community, and tribe. You’ll make your romances more friendly and your friendships more romantic. Blurring the “lines” between  relationship boundaries. Connect and give gratitude to the friends who support you. You’re modeling high-minded relationship dynamics and the world needs to see it. Keep up the amazing work. An emotional confession is likely this weekend after Mercury enters Aquarius on Wednesday. You’ll need your friends beside you to support your risk and bravery.


Scorpio: Dive, turn, werk Scorpio! Lucky you, because not only is favorable Jupiter working its magic in Scorpio until November, but your career is on the Lunar Eclipse in Leo’s mind this Wednesday. In order to maximize this magic, recognize how powerful, brilliant, and capable you are. Because your emotional beliefs will take you to your highest career outcome. Discipline your thinking to align only with your unlimited glory. Push aside attack thoughts and abandon the mission of guilt collection. Know that moving mountains is small compared to what Scorpio can do. That same day, Messenger Mercury moves into Aquarius. Your sector of home, family, and emotional security. So apply rigorous consciousness and language to those arenas. Call your family and/or Mommy this weekend. Tell them you love ‘em. And connect to whatever makes you feel at home.


Sagittarius: Grab your passport, Sagittarius! Knowing your adventure seeking heart, it probably ain’t far from your hands. I’m happy to inform you that In your experience or your thinking, you’re off to far corners in the world. Feeling passionately inspired to explore the great unknown. And you’ll need your emotional foundation on lockdown for this journey. So Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo wants you to powerfully reclaim your optimism and personal expansion. I’m sure Saturn touring Sagittarius from December 2014-17 made you wonder if you’d ever feel like you’ll bounce back to your old self. Well this Wednesday, it’s time. You’re back. Welcome. We’ve missed you. Now fly off! That same day, when Mercury enters Aquarius - your vocal skills will be sharp as a tack. You (and Gemini) are corulers of the Axis of Communication. So know you can use the gift of the gab well because you’ll be hard to say no to!


Capricorn: What the Truth of your understanding, Capricorn? Probe your loyal beliefs on concepts like intimacy, “death”, transformation, and your shadow self. These are uncomfortable internal dialogues but they’re necessary for forward movement. Schedule them on Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo because it will urge you to share your most authentic ideas on commitment and even intimacy with those you’re building the experiences with. I know emotional exposure and vulnerability are God awful torture chambers but your ability to rise to personal excellence depends on how well you wrestle with them. Don’t be afraid to let others “see” and/or hear your emotional side. You’ll walk away from Wednesday with a higher understanding of your truth and values. So when Mercury enters Aquarius, this weekend will help you locate practical strategies for financial security to help your climb to the top of professional success mountain.


Aquarius: “Detached” Aquarius? Where? Put down the pop astrology book and remember you are as emotionally invested as the rest of the zodiac. This Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo will push you to get your hands dirty in relationship. You’re feeling the impulse to call it off or romantically commit intensely. To either say, “I’m sorry.”, “You’re forgiven.” or both? Be compromising and the Universe will reward you for it. Make sure you proactively outline mutual expectations and then sign on the dotted line with your partner(s) for maximum integrity. That same day Messenger Planet Mercury enters Aquarius! So it follows that during the next 3.5 weeks, your Uranian intelligence and mental charisma will fill every room and conversation you’re in. Bonus points if you’re more the curious conversationalist. Asking questions and helping others open up. I hope you’re enjoying your birthdays! We love you.


Pisces:  Self-sabotage, no more. You have the entire power of the world’s ocean in your beautiful heart. When maximized, you help deliver yourself and others from pain. When disregarded, you drown in yours. If as many dysfunctional habit patterns are surrendered by you, Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo could incinerate what mental habits are holding you back from highest personal success. Let it all go. You deserve love, joy, and belonging. So identify what you want on the level of personal administration. Think time management, organization, attention to detail, and wellness. Imagine best case scenarios there and release what prevents it from manifestation. When Mercury enters Aquarius on Wednesday, you’ll feel particularly creative, possibly insulated tired but inspired this weekend. Greet the divine muses and record what they bless you with.