January 22-28

The 11th season is upon us. The Sun and lovely Venus are transiting community focused Aquarius and its Uranian themes for the next month. The Zodiac’s fixed (tenacious and concentrated) air (intellect and communication) sign, Aquarius wants us all to identify the beliefs we share in common with humanity. If you ask any integrous spiritualist, they’ll locate the concept of shared humanity as the road we need to travel home. I heard/read Thought Leaders like Gary Zukov, Marianne Williamson, MLK, Oprah, Dr. Brene Brown and others put forth the idea of the beloved community as the North Star we need to follow out of this contemporary mess we got ourselves in. And there is no sign in the Zodiac that holds and actualizes this concept like Aquarius.

With 2 eclipses heading to the Leo/Aquarius axis in the month ahead and a preexisting urgency, now is the time to ask ourselves, “How can I seek to identify myself with the deepest virtues that every person shares with me?” All one needs to do is ask the Universe and the virtues will appear in your mind’s eye to help you find your first step towards shared human humanity. Since the majority of the week is cosmically calm, center yourself with that interior questioning.

Because on Friday, when Mars - the planet of action, energy, and sexuality - leaves its 2 month tour of Scorpio, it’ll enter Sagittarius and we won’t get a whole lot of permission to sit still. This biennial transit will motivate all Sagittarius ruled themes in our lives like higher-education, publishing, travel, cross-cultural connection, and generous assumptions. I think this Mars in Sagittarius transit sings a beautiful harmony with the Aquarius transits because we’ll be called to seek collective understanding more than being personally understood. Which seems like the most appropriate foundation to align yourself with the notions of Aquarius’ shared humanity and the beloved community. Spend the weekend traveling to inner and exterior places you’ve never been before and you’ll find the power of this Mars transit.


Aries: Although you’re the first kick ass warrior in the Zodiac, you’re not just concerned with numero uno. Don’t listen to surface-level astrology. You too can be as interpersonally supportive! The Sun and Venus transiting loyal Aquarius will show your passionate gifts as a champion for the underdog. And of course a generous cheerleader for your friends. With beautiful Venus here inspiring new romantic beliefs, maybe one friend could leave the friend zone for the bed zone throughout the next month? It’s likely, Ram. I’ll be honest with you! So if you’re been wondering whether or not it’s chemistry or sympatico, you’ll find out very soon. So my advice is stay flexible and stay curious about who the Universe is trying to romantically align you with. On Friday, your red ruling planet Mars leaves Scorpio’s Chamber of Secrets to Sagittarius’ bright, beautiful sunlit horizons. This transit could send you jet-setting, presenting ideas, getting accepted to school, or harnessing more generous assumptions in your belief system. Or as the main character in an international love affair. You’ll feel more bravely inclined to step out of the norm so don’t delay - be fearless!

 Taurus: Office romance, Taurus? I’m a big believer in the ancient Sanskrit mantra  “Don’t shit where you eat”.  But with your gorgeous ruling planet Venus and the Sun in Aquarius beautifying your work spaces, the Universe could set some sparks flying with cute coworkers. So be especially thoughtful about your emotional pace. I’m not opposed to office fraternization; but I think you could temper the chemistry with discernment. Throughout this month, it’s also likely that a female mentor could help you with a major promotion. So speak on your intentions for career progress with women who’ve demonstrated their support. No one will know your intentions unless you speak on them. So tell the powers that be where your preferred finish line is. Friday’s start to Mars in Sagittarius transit will inspire you to get motivated about your mental and sexual health. After two months in Scorpio, your relationship with relationships might’ve been set on fire. Now that you have the ashes on the ground, what relationship beliefs do you want build on them? Mars in Sagittarius will give you the optimism to begin again in this process throughout the next 8 weeks.

 Gemini: And the zodiac’s size queen is you, Gemini! You have a big important message that needs to be shared on a big stage. “Author” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The blazing Sun and beautiful Venus are electrifying your zone of expanded communication and international travel. You’re looking to get out and go. On your adventures, Keep an eye out for your feminine mentors, because they’re trying to help you present inspiring work on an intellectual stage. Stay magnetic not assertive in these efforts for maximum manifestation. Whereas Mars entering Sagittarius this Friday will activate more masculine energy in your romantic experiences. Think back to Spring 2016. That was the last time Mars was in Sagittarius so consider a cosmic continuation likely. Now that you’ve gotten a tighter grip on your personal administration, you’re ready to share your gifts, expression, and love. Throughout the next 2 months dynamic activities, emotional expression, and conflict resolution are likely. So lean on your Mercury flexibility and natural resilience for romantic success.

 Cancer: You could easily liken the Zodiac’s “Crab” as the fierce protector of her priceless Pearls on the bottom of the ocean floor. With the gorgeous Sun and beautiful Venus in fierce Aquarius, the Universe wants you to identify your deep truths on intimacy, transformation, and sexual health. Unconsciousness is these arenas is dangerous. You have to consciously identify “The Pearls” that need your powerful protection. It could take some uncomfortable digging but you can do it. I’m here to help. Friday’s Mars transit leaves your zone of emotional exposure and inspires you to reclaim your power. Mars in Sagittarius will give you major Martian energy to help you on your preexisting efforts towards radical mental, nutritional, and physical health recovery. In my careful observations of the Moon children, I’ve noticed a very strong focus on attention to detail. Which doesn’t get the astrological exposure it deserves. This transit will fortify your detailed personal administration and I’ll be cheering you on because organization is the name of the game for the next 2 months.

 Leo: Meghan and Will, WHO? There’s a new royal couple in town! Lucky you, Leo - your love season has begun. With our galaxy’s ruling star and, oh you know, just the Goddess of Love herself in your romance sector, the next month will encourage you to step up your love life, ability to compromise, and practices on  understand. Especially while this Venus theme has a sexy “opposites attract” vibe to it. You’re still looking for a fellow monarch that’s for sure. You just don’t care what Kingdom they come from. Enjoy it all. On Friday Mars finally leaves your hypersensitive and emotionally centered zone. And joins with Sagittarius for 2 months! This will have the zodiac’s cute kitty cats bravely sharing the story of their whole hearts. I know vulnerability fucking sucks. But it’s the birthplace, the necessary prerequisite of the gifts that the Universe has in store for you. It’s also prime time to get to work on creative and entrepreneurial efforts. Think back to Spring/Summer 2016 (the last time Mars was in Sagittarius) and consider what can creatively cosmically continue.

 Virgo: They say the devil’s in the details. But as a Mercury ruled sign, you’re finding God there, Virgo. Well done! With the galaxy’s bright center star and love planet Venus in intellectual Aquarius, the month is here to electrify and beautify your motivations on personal administration. One of your favorite things! Your preexisting actions and strategies on organization, time-management, and feminine-health will be at the forefront of the Universe’s topics for alchemy. I’m excited to see your increase and strengthen your self-composure even more rigorously. On Friday, Mars leaves Scorpio’s zone of curious intellect and enters Sagittarius for 8 weeks. Now that you’ve learned a special thing over the last two months, you will be asked to learn about your emotions. It could trigger unusual hypersensitivity within you. So stay as centered and grounded as possible. Mars in Sagittarius could inspire a hometown hottie to connect with you too. Who knows?! Stay curious and willing to experience what chemistry is a bit more homegrown.

 Libra: Grab the loudspeaker, Libra. And place it closely to your heart. Now that your emotional security was fleshed out during Capricorn Season, your ruling planet Venus wants you to (first shove your impulse for politeness aside) and share your heart’s truth loudly without apology. Don’t wait for permission. You’re worthy to speak first. Because not only is Mother Venus inspiring you to speak your courage, the Sun is too. These two heavy hitters want Libras to declare their personal worthiness, their commitment to living a wholehearted life, and engage with vulnerability and imperfections. It can get a little messy for your more refined sensibilities but it’s necessary for the growth you’re trying to achieve. On Friday when Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, it will motivate you on the level of action to increase your intellectual and personal growth efforts. This transit is a powerful time to speak to mental health professionals about the way you choose to experience and experience. It’s also prime time to begin a serious meditation practice. Fellow Libra Deepak Chopra has wonderful resources to help you beautify your mind.

 Scorpio: Click your ruby red slippers three times, Scorpio. You’re going “home”. Whether that means a literal homecoming or perhaps a meaningful journey to your inner place of rest. With the bright blazing Sun and beautiful Venus in Aquarius, these energies want you to beautify your interior and residential sanctuary. Additionally, this is a month to strengthen relationships with the Mother figures in your life and your understanding of family. It’s a tough network. But since family is truly the stomping grounds for forgiveness, start there. Learn more. Show up and inhabit the glory of a family member more than ever to impress the Universe. I hope you enjoyed the last 8 weeks of Mars in Scorpio! Your creative and personal efforts were in fire. And we all saw it. It’ll leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius on Friday. Now that you’re feeling the momentum from your ruling planet Mars, you’ll be pushed forward to take serious action on financial health, personal security, and what you can do to strengthen your income boosts. Cha-Ching!

 Sagittarius: Valedictorian, thy name is Sagittarius. You’re one of the premiere vocal communicators and intellectuals in the Zodiac. With the expansive Sun and lovely Venus in brilliant Aquarius, these combined efforts will help you harmonize and beautify your thinking and your relationship to language. Honey will fall from your mouth and your sentence structure will be as smooth as satin ribbons. Gone are the days where you shove your foot in your mouth. Well, for now. Get excited because Mars is finally leaving your zone of cosmic closure. After two months, you’ve felt unusually hypertensive. A bit raw. On Friday, Mars enters Sagittarius! Wahoo! A mighty transit that occurs every other year, this Mars in Sagittarius ‘18 will give you the power from the God of War himself to help you pursue your wildest passions and dreams mercilessly. Go “confidently in the directions of your dreams” for mighty companionship joins you. Make us proud!

 Capricorn: You’re climbing the money mountain, Capricorn. The glorious Sun and lovely Venus are joining in Aquarius and lighting up your income and personal security sector. Aquarian Abundance is your middle name, Seagoat! I don’t need to remind you, the ever practical sign, the importance of financial security. But with Venus in this aspect, you’re being given the permission to lean into and experience more joy. So give yourself the gift of a bit more indulgence. You don’t need to go HAM but you’re allowed to reward yourself. You too are deserving. After a two month reinvention tour in your friendship and socializing sector, Mars will enter your zone of self-care and spirituality on Friday. This 8-week long transit will give you the impulse to personally reign it in. It’ll help you identify and release existential, personal, and emotional circumstances that are keeping you from rising to your maximum excellence. So I anticipate more sensitivity than you’re comfortable with. Just stay adaptable and curious. After the holidays and your birthday, you could use a staycation so take one. You’ve earned it!

 Aquarius: Happy Birthday brilliant Aquarius! Oh Lord, does the Universe need your energy right about now. Don’t delay! Step in to your glory. The Universe is giving you the gift of being irresistible and magnetic. Obviously the Sun is in Aquarius because it’s your birthday but Venus is in Aquarius too. So charisma and grace from the Goddess of Love herself will follow you throughout the next month so use this advantage well. You’ll be hard to say no to; so speak on your desires to people who need to hear it. From personal to professional. On Friday, Mars leaves your professional sector after a two month fire tour. You’re holding newfound insights into your work and career. A promotion perhaps? So go celebrate with your loved ones! You’ve worked hard so you deserve it. Mars in Sagittarius will light up your friendships for the next 8 weeks. Letting you know very quickly who’s on your team and who won’t get a birthday invite this year. It’s also a powerful time to review your own record of friendship. Take an honest inventory of your friendship ability to check in, show up to socializing, celebrating their success, etc.

 Pisces: Your ocean’s tide are receding, Pisces. Let it happen. It’s the Universe’s orders. With both the Sun and Venus in Aquarius, your horoscope wants you to put radical self-care and healing at the top of your priorities. The Sun and Venus aligned in your zone of cosmic closure, surrender, and release wants you to review the last year very consciously. Identify where you got it right and give gratitude to your personality structure. Identify where you got it wrong too and then take a moment in your mind’s eye to surrender those aspects to the Universe for divine correction. Make amends to another person where appropriate. Detox. Release. Begin Again. You could connect to the divine feminine for maximum results. On a brighter note, get ready for career reinvention. On Friday, Mars enters Sagittarius and will sets your professional plans on fire. Additionally, conflict with male figures/Daddy are likely. So just stay curious not confrontational. Your efforts are full speed ahead and you’ll shine magnificently at work.