January 15-21

January continues to promise us clean beginnings ushered in by the Moon, Venus, and the Sun this week. I don’t want to say “Happy MLK Day” because I don’t think Dr. King would be so happy over America. I’ll just share my favorite quote of the Capricorn Master. “We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.  We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.  For some strange reason I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.  This is the way God’s universe is made; this is the way it is structured.”

Up first is the New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday at 9:17pm EST. For the Capricorn rules arenas explored below, this New Moon is your time to declare the most high-minded, disciplined, accountable, and service-oriented intentions.

With every single one of the powerful astrological transits that can occur in any given horoscope, it’s vital that we identify and invoke the two-fold energy of the planets and signs to maximize our alignment with the Universe’s power. Who’s only power is that you rise your highest self-actualization. Hello! So with a New Moon in Capricorn, you’ll want to emotionally identify and emotionally invoke what areas in your life could benefit from righteous responsibility, discipline, accountability, and how to practice integrity.

Frankly, I don’t think there’s a single arena in any life that wouldn’t benefit from Capricorn energy. So reflect on your resolutions. And find ways to step it up with Saturn’s metaphysical energy to help you become the person you’re capable of.

On a more beautiful note, Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday. For all 12 signs, Venus wants us to destroy the illusion of the special relationship and treat as many people as you can with the minimum gold standard of compassion, kindness, and proactive love. Aquarius energy recognizes the worth and sacred light in every person so let us honor Venus by following her divine lead.

On Friday, Aquarius Season begins at 10:09pm. And now that you’ve worked so hard on your Capricorn goals, it’s time to to party and have a blast with your friends who have your back. Align with your tribe and connect with your comrades.


You’re the MVP, Ram! “Most Valuable Professional”. A major level-up is working it’s way to your current work situation during the New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday. So keep your visualizations as optimistic as possible for maximum manifestation. Because a Capricorn career story will begin and crystallize over the next 6 months. On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius for a beautification session in your friendship and community sector. This transit lasting a little less than a month will inspire you to connect to the divine feminine among your friendships. And perhaps support any feminist causes you’re passionate about. It could also create an energetic context when a friend becomes a crush. Why not make your friendships more romantic or your romances more friendly? Now that you’ve worked hard, it’s time to celebrate. Reach out to your fellow Wonder Women on Friday because when Aquarius Season begins it’s your time to rally with your girlfriends and support each other to the finish line.


I love the way your practical perception and your beautiful Venus eyes stay focused on the ground more often than not. Now the Universe wants you to look up at the sky. Keep your thoughts and perceptions focused on the optimistic expansion of your horizons. Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn is listening to Taurus’ most high-minded thoughts and plans on higher-education and international travel. What else could expand your thinking like higher education or leaving the comfort of your cozy Eden? So do whatever you can to get your personal statements and/or suitcase ready, bull! On Wednesday, your ruling Planet Venus begins to bless your career and public standing for 3.5 weeks. Popularity, grace, and charisma will allow you to maneuver your way around the office beautifully. Use this energy by asking for what you’d like and/or connecting to the women at the workplace. When Aquarius Season begins on Friday, your career will be the month’s focus. So if you’re looking for promotion or transition, get proactive and prepared for its lift off.


I know you love dirty talk, Mercury-ruled Gemini. So did you notice that you could actually articulate  “intimacy” as “into-me-you-see”? Well now you can and you ought to on Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn. Your orientation and emotions on intimacy, uncomfortable authenticity, and the psychology on emotional commitment will be washed clean if you’re willing. You’re a sign that can do commitment beautifully. But you’ll want to do so with heart-centered intellect. And Wednesday’s beginning to Venus in Aquarius is naturally the next best step to help. The Planet of Love & Values will enter the areas involving your wisdom, cross-cultural connection, and expanded communication. So you’ll feel a pull to the exotic. And/or an impulse to learn more about healthy practices to procure love. Which is the perfect springboard for this Friday’s start of Aquarius Season. Get ready to jet set! You’ll be back in your intellectual comfort zone this month with possibilities of mental and geographic expansion.


Your romantic outcomes are not circumstance-dependent, Cancer. Your romantic outcomes depend fully on how your mind and heart consciously hold the experience of love. So Tuesday’s New Moon is prime time for the Moon children to uplift their mind and heart’s imagination’s images on romance. Beyond subconscious defensiveness, victimhood, martyrdom and/or dress rehearsing betrayal thereby programming the Universe to make it happy. Know this - you’re already worthy of love. Right now. In this very moment. Regardless of the love not allegedly given to you in the past. So imagine what that romantic love would look and most importantly feel like in your life. Wednesday’s harkening of Venus into Aquarius puts the Goddess of Love in your erotic zone. If possible, meaningful sex could become a place where you and your partners heal one another over the next 3.5 weeks. Yes! Get clear on your best-case scenario for love and commitment by Friday’s start to Aquarius Season. Because this weekend and the month after holds sexy, radically honest, and serious relationship compatibility.


Long live Leo! I’m so proud to report to my readers that NO sign has committed to implementing their mental, nutritional, and spiritual resolutions like the royals among us. You better do it! The ribbon on top of these personal-growth efforts is Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn which governs all of the preexisting efforts you’re committing to. Which wants you to focus on those 2018 goals so they can manifest quickly over the next 6 months. To add more fuel to your sunlit fire, with Venus’ annual return to Aquarius on Wednesday your month long relationship beautification begins. Theories and experiences on romance and commitment will be harmonized by the Goddess of Love. You’ll find your relationship with relationships uplifted. And perhaps through an opposites attract style of chemistry. You’ll be rewarded for becoming the monarch you’re capable thanks to your commitment to Capricorn Season goals. When Aquarius Season begins on Friday, you’ll give your best self in relationships since the next month and Venus in Aquarius will fortify your momentum on romance, love, and beautiful partnerships.


Now that you understand the specifics within your next creative, entrepreneurial, and/or joyful endeavor, what do you want to do with it Virgo? Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn wants Virgos to visualize how to materialize this blossoming project and/or relationship with a calculated plan of action. Keep your thoughts optimistic and embrace the imperfections for maximum support throughout the next six months. The Love Doctor will be in on Wednesday. When the Goddess of Romance joins Aquarius, you’ll show us all who’s the sexiest medical professional in town. You’ll feel inclined to be of service more than your usual saintly modus operandi throughout the next month. It’s also likely that  birds with a broken wing may cling to you and your generous availability. Be discerning because the energy vampires are out for blood. Consider which dynamics have earned your presence/availability and which people are asking for your support because they’re willing to do it differently. On Friday, the focus is on you. When the Sun enters Aquarius, your season of proactive health, wellness, and personal administration begins. Think everything you know and love: organization, financial literacy, and time-management. Enjoy!


Keep holding your breath, Libra. Because you’re not done swimming in your feels. Our leader of the intellectual air sign trinity - as a Gemini, I salute you - you too are allowed to have emotional sensitivities without apology. Period. End of story. So Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn will help you understand where to put this heart-centered perspective and identify the exact parameters that you need to keep your emotional security safe. Experiences with “home”, mother figures, and emotional security will be at the front of the line. Your beautiful ruling Planet Venus joins another Air sign Aquarius on Wednesday for 3.5 weeks. Your Metaphysical Mother - The Goddess of Love - will help your focus your romantic beliefs and experiences around the people who give as much joy as they receive from you. “Balance” your namesake and bottom line is the primary emphasis of this Venus transit. TGIF because when Friday welcomes Aquarius Season, the month ahead promises joy, creativity, and a passionate pursuit of Venus pleasure. You deserve it so go get it.


Look who’s finally talking. It’s you, Scorpio! After a month long personal investigation into new ideas and practices on verbal communication, you suddenly have a lot to say. Yay! But since we never graduate from personal growth or master (commune)ication, I’ll be real with you - Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn wants you to step it up. You can do it! Ask the Universe what it would have you learn on communication and the books will fall at your feet. The TedTalks will appear in your timeline. Like magic. On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius for 3.5 weeks where the Goddess of Love will beautify your relationship with “home”, mother figures, and what your soul craves for emotional security. It’ll feel a tender and perhaps hypersensitive transit so stay as nonreactive as possible. Friday’s beginning to Aquarius Season will complement this Venus transit beautifully of course and will inspire a cozy, emotionally charged weekend at Chateau Scorpio. Stay curious about your sensitivities.


Cha-ching, Centaur! As your opposite sign, I have a bird’s eye view on my beautiful Sag. I know how much you hate the details but I’ll have to ask you to pay attention to them this week. Because it’s the Universe’s will for you that you finalize your financial and personal values that sustain your passion for education, travel, and community. Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn is listening carefully to your ideas and plans on income preservation and personal security. Boring, I know. But necessary! So do what you do best and keep your thoughts very optimistic. Which is what you do best anyway. On a lighter note, when Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, you’ll know why Winged Cupid is painted blind. Because love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. Intellectual and mental pursuits will turn you on. All the nerds to get to the front of the dating line. And then when Aquarius Season begins on Friday, you’ll demonstrate how intellectually and mentally curious you are. The world needs your informed perspective and your gift for truth telling.


Happy Birthday Season, Seagoat! I hope you’re all enjoying the experiences underneath the sun shining in your Capricorn stars. Work that disciplined mind of yours and find the bottom line of the month’s experiences. Since radical reinvention is the name of Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn game. Without fear, attachment to perfectionism, or emotional inaccessibility - identify your highest goals for your inevitable success for a manifestation period of 6 months. Don’t play it small! This New Moon is for you, Capricorn. On Wednesday, when Love Goddess Venus joins Aquarius - your values, income, and life-purpose will feel electrified and beautified like never before. This transit will last 3.5 weeks so use it well to help you sustain your personal security. To complement these efforts, mighty cosmic companionship will join you when Aquarius Season arrives on Friday. Experiences on embodying this new identity post Capricorn Season will take the Universe’s center stage so commit to being a person unlike your past.


You’re almost out of the woods, Waterbearer. The sun is rising. Hang in there my fellow air sign. I’m so proud to see you’ve taken necessary steps this month to give yourself the gift of closure and the miraculous benefits of surrender and release. Remember, it was not a resignation. Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn wants you to locate whatever the last issues are left standing that need to be consciously let go of. Work hard and stay focused to leave no stone unturned in your efforts towards healing. Midweek Venus enters Aquarius where the Goddess of Love herself will bless Aquarian born with immense charm, popularity, grace, and beauty. Your admirers will not being able to keep their gaze off of you. Use this magic well! And it will of course be beautifully textured by Friday when Aquarius Season commences. For the next month, the Universe celebrates YOU. And it will work hard to release what no longer serves you while the stars shine for you throughout your birth month. Happy Birthday my brethren!


If you don’t swim for something, you’ll drown for anything. That’s not how the lines goes. I tweaked it for you my beloved sign. So what do you stand for Pisces? What people help you stand for it? Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn is asking the zodiac’s Merpeople to find the causes they’ll passionately swim for and the comrades aligned on the mission they’re working passionately on. The nature of the collaboration determines the outcome of the result of course. On Wednesday, Venus joins Aquarius and ignites Pisces’ passion for spiritual love. Hardly a sign to engage with casual romantic connection, the next 3.5 weeks has soulmate love written all over it. If you’re single, identify who connects to your mind, body, heart and spirit. If coupled, a deepening of intimacy and/or a healthy conclusion is possibly if the relationship feels meaningless. Friday’s start to Aquarius Season is Pisces’ month long sojourn into cosmic closure. Get ready for some healing. Think psychological release, detachment to low level existential things, and healthy surrender. Might I recommend a weekend in for some interior searching?