January 1-7th

Happy New Year! It seems like almost everyone I spoke to regarding their end of 2017 found themselves in a similar emotional intersection. Perhaps it was a blossoming Full Moon in Cancer or more evidence to prove how connected we all are, but the theme was - I want to have a mindful not a mindless holiday. 2017 was life-changing and life-defining for so many and there was this general impulse to go within. Which I was happy to see.

A full moon on the first day of 2018 is sure to center this new year with a powerful swim in the Moon’s emotion ocean. As such, our emotional ideas and experiences with family, home, mother figures, and the context we need for preserving our emotional security will be strengthened by the Full Moon in Cancer on January 1st. Remember, Full Moons are full circle moments so think back to 6 months ago on June 23rd 2017 to find the beginning of a theme that will reach a strong conclusion/continuation. This a Full Moon that will give you permission to own your emotions without apology. So be upfront and clear about what emotions are driving you to make certain decisions so others can act in integrity aground you. 

Mercury isn’t the planet to retrograde - though I wish we were in January 10th and out of the shadow period already! - as you’ll learn on Tuesday when Uranus in Aries moves direct. Uranus went retrograde on August 3rd 2017 so wherever Uranus and Aries energy is in your horoscope - explored below - you’ll feel like you’re earning your mojo back.

 This weekend, Saturday will provide an optimistic push towards a leap of Faith. If you’re brave and move forward, the Universe can and will reward you thanks to a mighty meeting between the planets Mars (Action/Sexuality) and Jupiter (Luck/Abundance) in powerful Scorpio. This is a relatively uncommon occurrence so use it well. Wishing you all a wonderful beginning to this new year.


Aries: As a child of Mars, you’re the bravest among us often, Ram. Your fearlessness is inspiring to everyone lucky enough to stand and stay in your fire. In a “different” but similar theme,  New Year’s Day’s Full Moon wants you to own and vocalize what contexts you need to feel emotionally safe. This makes you brave because you’re allowed to be sensitive AND tough without apology. It’s dishonest and “weak” to act like you’re insensitive when you’re feeling anything but, right? Tuesday will self-correct and push you back to owning your individuality and strength as soon as Uranus moves direct in Aries. Since early August, Uranus retrograde might have slowed you down, pulled you back a bit.  It was a necessary time of strategizing and reviewing. Now you can move ahead because you’ll feel like you got your fire back. Speaking of fire, this weekend has sultry,  steamy, tantric vibes to it thanks to the Mars and Jupiter conjunction on Saturday.. If you’re picking up on chemistry or interest from an available suitor and you’re interested too, go for it. If you’re committed, spend Saturday in bed with your partner going places you’ve never gone before.

 Taurus: Look who’s talking, Taurus. It’s you! The Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day wants the Taurus born and influenced to emotionally understand both talking and a high-quality of listening in your most meaningful relationships. As a child of the Goddess of Love, it’s up to you to put the “commune” back in communication. Meet in the conversational middle with delicate balance of talking and listening. On Tuesday, your five month long emotional rawness could be tempered when Uranus ends its retrograde in your zone of psychological unconsciousness, trauma, and unacknowledged pain. Think about the unforeseen emotional experiences you’ve had since August and consider what you learned, how you handled the discomfort. Reach out to your loved ones and share your shame story so you can heal healthily.  Speaking of coming together, this weekend has meaningful romantic experiences ready for the taking because of the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in your romance house on Saturday. To maximize this rare transit,  you have to be upfront about your readiness for patience, commitment, exploration, etc. Honesty will set you free!

 Gemini: Let it rain, Gemini! A financially Full Moon in your income and personal values sector of New Year’s Day is bound to transition the financial woes keeping you up at night. I’m 100% with you on that. Since June 23rd, a new story on your values, how you make money, and how your gifts contribute to your financial security has been developing. And the Full Moon is the lunar culmination, continuation of this story. If it’s time to make professional transitions, the Universe will make it happen. So stay prepared to move in necessary and make way for the inevitable abundance. Uranus ending its retrograde will conclude an emotional review of how you define and experience friendship. Since early August, you’ve had some high and low experiences of friendship asking you to consider with whom and why your friendship experiences are safe. Which friends let you grow? Which ones don’t clap for you? Embed the into your new year so you’re surrounded by the highest quality connection. Speaking of connection, an electrifying meeting this weekend in your health and wellness pursuits thanks to Mars and Jupiter could change up your vitamin regimen and/or workout routine. Try something new to feel and look your best for the new year.

Cancer: Happy New Year, Cancer! I haven’t wished any other sign a happy new year directly because a Full Moon in your sign on New Year’s Day is giving Cancer born a perfectly timed blank slate, reset button on the first day of the new year.  Reflect deeply, meaningfully beginning from June 23rd 2017 to the current moment on what you’d like to give up, surrender, and clean house on because Full Moons are cosmic closure remember. If finality is what you seek, the Universe is ready and willing to give it to you. Speaking of endings, Uranus ends it  five month long retrograde in your career, life-purpose, and public standing sector. If you’ve been feeling stuck at work not sure where to go next, consider that chapter behind you now. Review what you learned at your workplace so you can make the most informed work related decisions moving forward. I hope you have exciting plans on Saturday because a rare, pleasurable, flirty weekend is available for you thanks to the Mars and Jupiter meetup in Scorpio. Leave the shell at home this weekend, be emotionally exposed, empowered, charismatic, and daring for maximum results.

 Leo: I don’t need to remind you-  given the time of the year - that before you can make way for the new, you have to surrender the past. How fortunate for Leo that A Full Moon on New Year’s Day in Leo’s sector of closure and endings will ask the kitty cats to consciously and permanently surrender pain from 2017. Your thoughts are creative and causative Leo so if you use this full moon well you could completely detach from low-level existential drama. Might I suggest a deep home cleaning, saging, and forgiveness meditation? Anything you can do to “clean” yourself so that you’re mentally, emotionally, and spiritually empty of all but your highest energy. Uranus moving direct in your higher wisdom sector on Tuesday will give you the continued insight to move forward on your efforts to be the very best royal version of yourself. This weekend could inspire forward moment on the castle front especially on Saturday thanks to the Mars and Jupiter collision in mighty Scorpio. If you’re considering moving, family planning, redecorating, or reaching out to Mommy to tell you love her - that’s the time to do it.

 Virgo: If you wannabe my lover...you gotta get with ? My friends! A glorious Full Moon in your friendship sector on New Year’s Day wants Virgo to emotionally identify who shows up in friendship glory for them so you can honor those friends and which friends you have play it small around so you can adjust your expectations and dynamics. You gladly offer and deserve loyalty, generosity, empowerment, and availability.  You should never shrink yourself around friends. Uranus ends its retrograde in your house of hidden truths, intimacy, and radical honesty. Since early August, you’re relationship with the big Truth has stayed in a review phase from the Universe. It’s easy to make up stories in your head so hopefully you’ve risen above the need to make up master conspiracy in your head. On that note, let your mental magic shine this weekend. Plan something educational and informative on Saturday thanks to the Mars/Jupiter conjunction to let the world know who’s the Valedictorian of the Zodiac.

 Libra: Are you ready for your career close up? Of course you’re camera ready. You’re a Libra! The first day of 2018 is a Full Moon in your highest professional pursuits. So New Year’s Day is bound to have all eyes on Libra. With this new attention at work, be clear now on where you’d like to go next when hiring managers or recruiters come knocking. What’s your relationship with relationships? Since early August, Uranus retrograde in your romance and relationship sector has hopefully inspired a conscious review about your role in half of the partnership. Consider the stories that have developed since then till now on your romance and love experiences to find the  theme and the wisdom. When Uranus moves direct on Tuesday, you’ll be called to make higher decisions with your relationship to relationships. Financial fabulosity will be yours this weekend if you’re daring and taking action on Saturday. Submit a project, apply to your dream job. Take a risk! You’ll be rewarded.

 Scorpio: I know it’s theoretically easier said than done. but don’t sweat the small stuff, Scorpio! A Full Moon in your big-picture ideas and expansive communication wants you to expand your thinking beyond the small stuff on New Year’s Day. Don’t get jailed to devilish details. You can find some of the answers you seek if you look in higher, more expansive places. Particularly on any health related, personal growth related efforts after Tuesday when Uranus ends its retrograde. Since last August, you’ve had to review and reconsider ways to be more personally responsible and self-controlled. By now, you should have some strategies to help aid this effort. Embed your resolutions with them. Especially because this weekend’s “Leap of Faith” is supporting Scorpio success on Saturday. So while it’s seductive and very easy to wait until everything feels perfect before proceeding, now’s the time to act and take the leap of faith  - imperfections and all.

Sagittarius: The first day of 2018 is destined to be sexy for Sagittarius with a passionate full moon activating your desire for intimacy and powerful bonding. In this new year, you’re not looking for meaningless frivolous connection. You’re all about the realness. So stay in bed with bae or whoever you’re sharing it with! On Tuesday, Uranus moves direct in your courage, emotional exposure, creativity, and joy sector. Since early August, you might’ve feel like an artist without a muse. On Tuesday they return. You’ll get your inspiration and energy back quickly. Especially because this weekend’s forecast is both inspiring and healing. If you can help it, try not to socially overcommit but rather pay attention to your dreams, visions, and gut instincts on Saturday particularly when Mars and Jupiter connect to give you divine messages that allow you to be the very best version of yourself.

Capricorn: I hope you’re enjoying your Capricorn Season! Power couples, unite. A Full Moon in your committed romantic efforts on New Year’s Day wants Capricorn to align emotionally and mentally with partners who support their highest wellbeing. Think of the Barack to your Capricorn Michelle.  During and after this Cancer Full Moon, your current relationships will experience a strong transition. Either deeper intimacy or  you can facilitate healthy ending for the dynamics that have served their purpose. Speaking of endings, when Uranus moves direct in Aries on Tuesday and ends its retrograde your unusual sensitivity will temper a bit. You’ve felt a bit susceptible to emotional reaction and triggers since early August. By now you should have located the source of the unresolved pain so when Uranus moves direct you can use that energy to heal. And with your  closest comrades. Friendship and joy is on this weekend’s itinerary so join passionately with your friends and enjoy the connections you all share on Saturday when Mars and Jupiter connect giving you and your network blessings on blessings.

 Aquarius: Self-improvement, thy name is The Waterbearer. A powerful Full Moon on New Year’s Day can and will supercharge your resolutions to maximum manifestation. Naturally, the Universe wants you to focus a bit on what I’ve heard referred to as “personal administration” efforts like mental, physical, financial, and emotional health. Clean house, do your laundry, organize your agenda, pay some bills, etc to receive the most Moon support. If you’re wondering what you need to learn to do better, Uranus ending its retrograde in your zone of mental curiosity will help you receive the divine inspiration to be the very best version of yourself. Don’t dismiss ideas or “weird” thoughts that come up for you after Tuesday and they can offer you the help you need.Looking for career success? This weekend’s activity will electrify any action taken so take risks and pursue your passion on Saturday’s helpful Mars and Jupiter collision.

Pisces: Courage, mighty Pisces. You can do it. A Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day will help give you the bravery you may need for the necessary emotional exposure to help you lean into romance and joy throughout 2018. But some kind of confession and/or storytelling on your end is a prerequisite. Trust me, I know how much vulnerability sucks but it’s the greatest measure of courage we have so be brave! I believe in you. Tuesday will help electrify and self-correct your financial woes thanks to Uranus moving direct. Since early August, you might have felt financially insecure and uncertain about what to do next. Let the energy come back to you after Tuesday and motivate you to make financially secure decisions. This weekend’s activity will push you out beyond your social comfort zones and inspire cross-cultural connection on Saturday thanks to a mighty meeting between Mars and Jupiter. 2018 wants you to lean into uncertainty and let go of any need for controlling the outcome. Let yourself be surprised.