September 4-10th

All I can do is give my body a deep inhale when I think of Summer 2017. 

The ground beneath us shifted in quantum leaps and bounds underneath the August sun. We wanted change and the Universe gave it to us. Ask and ye shall receive. On the level of experience and external circumstances, there is a great deal for each and every one of us to examine and unpack in an effort to discover the lessons of the season. If the Universe is always self-correcting and self-organizing to help us achieve our self-actualization, then this week is prime time to put your critical thinking to the test. Compare Summer 2017 to the process of becoming your highest self. Where did you get it right? Where did you miss the mark? Where did you speak to the best of people? What can you take responsibility for?

 The still, calm energy of Monday September 4th would be best served through deep contemplation and answering the questions above if possible. After all, Monday was named in honor of the Moon. So go within to your lunar domain and spend as much time as you need to check in with your conscience on how you experienced the Summer. Revel in the calm because on Tuesday September 5th, Mars - Planet of Action, Sexuality & Motivation - will put the Universe's big petal to the metal. That same day, Mercury - Planet of Consciousness & Communication - ends the retrograde it began on August 12th. So both Mercury and Mars will inspire a forward march within our thinking and behavior. Why not infuse this accelerated cosmic speed with a deep, meaningful understanding of your current experiences so that you make the most informed decisions? Unconsciousness is so uncool. So be proactive instead.

 In the night sky on Tuesday, the annual Pisces Full Moon will rise from the depths of Neptune’s Ocean and present us all with a full circle moment in the ideas and situations Pisces rules. If closure is what you’re looking for, then it really doesn’t get any final than Pisces as the last sign in the zodiac. Think back to what began six months ago. February 26th to be exact. If there’s a thought, feeling, behavior, or circumstance that needs to die in your life so that you may be born anew, then September 5th will be the day to choose it and surrender it to the Universe. It’s important to remember that the Universe cannot violate our free will. If we want to let its power improve our life, then we must give it permission to enter into the situation first. There’s nothing too small or too big. What would you like its divine alchemy to transform in your life? If you can locate something that needs to end, do so on Tuesday, give permission, and then give its outcome to the Universe.

 Like Monday, Thursday and Friday is prime time for processing and reflecting. We’re bombarded and too tolerant of excess distraction, hyperactivity, and the performance of looking busy. So use Thursday and Friday to take it - whatever that may be - all in. On Saturday September 9th, when Mercury has a homecoming into Virgo again, we’ll have opportunity for precision thinking. Which sounds like I’m being redundant but since our thoughts are causative, then we can never properly think about thinking and language enough. That same day, the final harmonious trine between the Sun and Pluto will provide the cosmic context to help you fan the flames of your desire and will (Sun in Virgo) that will breathe the life into your long term goals (Pluto in Capricorn). Apply to the dream job, dream school, or do whatever must be done that’ll allow you to become the person you’re capable of and get paid to do it.



You're the song of new beginnings, Ram. Like a glorious spring after a harsh winter. Your energy inspires the glory of alternative possibility but an ending must predate whatever your fire gives life to first. With the center of our solar system in your zone of high attention to detail, though systems, daily ritual, health and wellness you've been on the hunt for new ways to make your life work better. Like so so many Aries I know I love - hi, Mia & Fran! - you're committing to new ways that'll proactively improve your wellbeing: mind, body, and spirit. You'll get all the momentum to make these goals a reality on Tuesday while the warrior planet ignites your self-improvement motivation. Though if my observations and research into my Aries lives is telling me anything it's that something major is coming to its grand finale. And perhaps the successful completion and letting go of what has reached its expiration date will be the first stop towards actualizing the new strategies you have. And the Full Moon on Wednesday will be a full circle moment in the zone of your surrender, closure, and releasing attachment to outcome. Whatever first came to mind is probably it. Let die what needs to die so that you can midwife the new realities for your life.


Well, well, well - aren't you the tenderheart, Bull! You're usually the sign that keeps the words of their gorgeous heart buried deep within because you feel more comfortable demonstrating not vocalizing their emotionality. But with Mercury Retrograde in your zone of tenderness, emotional security, and feelings with the Sun and soon-to-be Mars beaming the cosmic spotlight from within you, its very clear - the way to shine is by speaking your heart. Now since this week Mercury is Retrograde, it'll direct, and stay in shadow - its likely that you're not entirely sure of what you want to say. But I'm sure you know what you feel. Even if you say "Hey, I'm feeling shame, sadness, and or discomfort, but I can't pinpoint why. Can you come over and just be with me?" that'll be enough. On Wednesday, a Pisces Full Moon will present you with a conclusion on your zone of collective social engagement. Which means you'll be inspired to review what is the value system you lean on when you engage with the collective. Is it peace, love, and harmony at any cost? That works to a point. Don't be afraid to disrupt the status quo, Bull. Your level of communal activism and social engagement will be transformed so research ways it's been done successfully before to inform this transit meaningfully.


Gemini propaganda got you down? I know, I know. Usually our emotional resilience is high but we're feeling more sensitive, exposed, and raw than usual. The twins are looking for consistent emotional security to help and even more so on Tuesday when Mars lights up that passion for comfort, protection, and safety. Let the feelings happen so that you can learn more about who, what, where, when and why you're triggered. The only thing that'll get hurt is your ego. Offer it up anyway. We can stand to let it get a beating every once and a while. Perhaps you'll learn what parts of your personality are blocking you from your highest purpose on Wednesday under the light of the Pisces Full Moon. The Universe will sing a sweeter song Gemini if you present the natural gifts and abilities you have to be of service. You're imbued with something specific, something special that will elevate the world. Think about what that X Factor is and what parts of you are holding you back from sharing it. Those walls, armor, and defenses ought to be offered up for surrender at the full moon. Let the Universe work it's magic to heal you of where you play it small. And the promotion, the dream opportunity, and the growth will come.


Thoughts are causative, Cancer. Every thought we think has the potential to influence and even determine our external reality. Know this forevermore and you'll be less tolerant of your own mind wandering. Especially while it's directing your life. I know we get so much permission to stay distracted and busy but that's no excuse. Virgo as a Zodiac season and the transit of Mars in Virgo until 10/22 will inspire the Moon children to be very disciplined in their detailed thinking and their speech choices. I like this energy for Cancer especially silly because I think the world would benefit so deeply from your heart-centered thinking and perception. I say this as someone who's more comfortable with rationalism. We could all stand to understand our hearts more and I think the onus is on Cancer to help us through their own monitored thinking and story telling. The Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday will shine a cosmic conclusion in your zone of higher education, international travel, and publishing. Ready to let the world see how hard you've mentally prepared yourself on a project? Do it. And Don't be shocked if a publisher or professor wants to hear more from you. Own your brilliance.


When was the last time you checked your credit score, Leo? Financial literacy and valve system is the name of the autumn's. What ideologies do you lean on when it comes to your income security? Learning more from one of our family, Suze Orman, was so helpful "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, & Broke " was so valuable and informative for my own relationship with money. But it's bigger than just having a 675 and above. Its your psychology and attachment style to money. The Universe wants you to be in abundance but it can't do for you what it can't do through you. On Wednesday, the Pisces Full Moon shines its Moon magic on your zone of esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, intimacy, and sexual healing. After an eventful summer for you - and that's putting it mildly - you're looking for the deepest bonds of loyalty in love. Full Moons symbolize endings so perhaps you'll want to put an end to your own fears of commitment? Single Leos may acknowledge their readiness for this intimacy adventure. Having "the talk" with partners or letting some go that aren't footing the meaningful bill. You're ready for the real deal, Leo. And you deserve it so make sure the potential suitors have the mental and emotional skills to meet you there.


Happy Birthday, Virgos! Mercury was Retrograde in your zone of self, individuality, and personality structure so it hasn't felt like the most optimistic of Virgo Seasons but don't fret. Reflect on your lessons, experiences, and relationship to thinking and communication to incorporate them meaningfully into your day to day life. On Tuesday Mars enters Virgo until 10/22 - which only happens every two years! - so use this mojo to pursue your goals, self-improvement, and relationships. I can't wait to see what you accomplish! On Wednesday, the Pisces Full Moon shines its full circle moment in your relationship, romance, and commitment sector. It'll mark an annual turning point in your relationship to relationship theory. Singled Virgos would be wise to use this Moon moment to offer up all low-level thoughts/emotions that self-sabotage their likelihood of love and connection. To put it bluntly, just get out of your own way. People want to love you but your negative self-conditioning repels them because your mind can't receive something that's alien to its system. Proactively let it go and the suitors will come running. Coupled Virgos could expect a deepening of bonds, intimacy, and trust. Or you'll realize the relationship has served its purpose. Be honest with yourself, your partners, and leave the outcome to the Universe.


Let it go, Libra. All of it. You've had a game changer of a year with lucky planet Jupiter in Libra since September 2016. New jobs, apartments, promotions, love opportunities, etc. And now that this story is coming to a close, reflect on what went well and what came up short. The next few weeks will focus on your cosmic closure. What you want to let go of, forgive, make amends for, and surrender so that Libra Season can enter into your life and work its alchemy quickly. Work on cleaning the inner house - by letting go - so you'll be prepared for your golden month. The Pisces Full Moon will make a direct impact to your zone of health, wellness, daily activity for self-improvement and attention to detail. You'll be inspired to reform your habits so that the likelihood of peace and joy are stronger. Try a supplement program, a new exercise routine, journaling, or meditation. A daily mental system of some kind to promote inner peace and wellness is the name of the game. These spiritual exercises are like going to the gym in the sense that I won't have a 6 pack if I go to the gym 2x a year. You won't have inner peace if you only meditate once a month. Commit to something daily for maximum results.


The sign of one on one, the deepest sexual and psychology intimacy is being called to expand that loyalty beyond the personal to the collective. You've found a cause you're passionate about. A call for activism, an urge to help, and serve the group. I know this is unusual and slightly uncomfortable but Scorpionic commitment is a gift. Why not share it with a positive cause and a larger group? Whatever you "give away" in the spiritual sense you get to keep so give all the equality, loyalty, support you can muster. The Pisces Full Moon shines it lunar light on your zone of emotional exposure, courage, charisma, and star quality. But the caveat is, you must share your feelings first. I know, I know, that's the last thing you want to do but what's so brave and cool about pretending to be disengaged? Or indifferent? Make courage and vulnerability your bottom line for Wednesday to receive the Universe's gifts because it rewards heavily for letting your heart be seen and heard.


Is there an an entrepreneurial or professional opportunity running through your beautiful mind every night? I suspect so. One major theme lasting until 10/22 will have my Sagittarians seriously considering not day to day office work but honoring their life purpose. You're so creative, intelligent, and brilliant in many Jupiterian ways. Find a space and platform to put it so that you can feel like you're using your natural talent and abilities. This is not the time for hiding your light or playing it small. This is a moment to put it in public and let it shine. The Pisces Full Moon will impact one of the most sensitive zones of your chart dealing with mother figures, the home, emotional security/protection. Even the wildly independent Sag still wants a place or person they can call home. Maybe the initial acceptance of this existential reality will be the first step in building the experience. Then speak on it to people who can help give you the emotional and personal foundation you crave.


As the zodiac's premiere mountain climber, you're always on the move to accomplish a goal. The autumn's energy has a focus on another high mountaintop - higher wisdom, higher education, philosophy, cross cultural experience, and even publishing. Your mind is always seeking to grasp more intel and the Universe firmly supports this plan. If you've been considering going back to school or even becoming self-taught, you're on the money. The strategy should be around you learning what the Universe would have you learn so that you can be of service to the collective. The Pisces Full Moon shines its Moon magic on your zone of high attention to thinking, verbal communication, and literary studies. The Sun and the Moon are trying to focus your attention in the textual, verbal, and intellectual. Fortunately you're happy here in the logical. So use this forecast well to get to work, to learn, the apply, and to uplift your circumstances with newly acquired intel.


I'm so proud of my Aquarians. I'm seeing so many of them honor the astrology of the moment and focusing their collectivity consciousness of equality and service for all to a more one on one. They've come through for their partners, friends, and family in beautiful and very focused ways. Keep it up. Keep focusing on intimacy, bonding, loyalty, and even sexual healing. The Pisces Full Moon will shine its Moon magic on your zone of income, attachment to money, and the value systems you hold to experience financial situations. You'll experience a transition here in a powerful way. Either you'll elevate your standing, credit score, pay raise OR you'll be pushed to be proactive and learn more about financial literacy so that you're not blind to what's happening. Money can be funny, I know, but there are so many resources available for us all to understanding responsible spending and saving so we can have some security and make Long term goals come true.


As the sign of the two fish, one craves rational independence and the other craves spiritual commitment. As the sign of the twins, I get it. If I were you, Pisces, I'd listen to the one who craves commitment because that's the goal of autumn's astrology. You have romantic love opportunities in the most beautiful season we have so take full advantage of this divine timing. Pro tip - opposites *kinda* attract. I've seen many Pisces blissfully in love while their partners are the complete opposite of them and the Universe supports this balance. Yes it's uncomfortable and weird but it can be magic with righteous orientation. Which brings me to the Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday. An amazing annual event which will inspire radical personal closure and transformation. If commitment is what you crave, then you know what you do that prevents you from it. If you don't know, your best friends will know so ask them. Locate the barriers between you and the highest love of a lifetime so you can surrender them to the Universe. If you properly release the thought, emotion, or circumstance then you'll provide the space for the correction to occur. You can do it. I believe in you and want you to have the love you deserve.