September 25-October 1st

Happy Libra Season, one and all! Say it with me now – 2 is better than 1. The 7th sign in the zodiac, ruled by Venus – Goddess of Love, Beauty, Finances, Value + Joy – Libra will inspire us all to maximize our relationship with relationships. So often we find ourselves in messy connection experiences because we weren’t proactive about understanding relationship theory. There’s no shortage of information for us to be prepared when it comes to showing up to our relationships in glory. So let’s take full advantage of this month long season of love to understand the theory and practice of excellence in love.

In the romantic vibes of Libra Season, Mercury in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius on September 25th so the clash of details and high minded philosophy may come up in Monday gloom. Try not to indulge to your cynicism or go into analysis paralysis. It’s too cliché but it’s so important not to sweat the small stuff or get caught in the gnarly quagmire of complexities and nuances. Seek instead the beliefs and experiences that we all have in common to better understand the subtle differences in between to make sense of the discomfort.

On Thursday September 28th, Jupiter in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries which will bestow luck through a bit of indivdiality. Don’t be afraid to belong to no one, no thing, and no place except yourself. Which will give you the impetus to connect to all things when you’re ready. Let your freak flag fly and you’ll be heavily rewarded for it. That same day, Pluto ends it retrograde cycle and moves direct in Capricorn. This forward march will inspire you putting the petal to the metal on all ideas having to do with your discipline, self-contrainment, authenticity, personal growth, and integrity. Connecting this transit to Libra Season of course will then strengthen your experiences in love because this seemingly uncomfortable ideas will fortify not break your strongest unions.

Having a strong value system will come in handy on Friday when Venus in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces. This is an annual transit that will signal vague, sometimes confusing uncertainties when it comes to love. For a transit like this, my rule would be – don’t text, talk, or type. Uncertainty might feel like a torture chamber but I say ride it out.

Because of Friday, messenger planet Mercury will begin courting Libra on Friday. Until then, we've had a longer than usual transit with Mercury in Virgo thanks to the Retrograde where we carefully considered more detailed and simplistic ideas on consciousness and communication. We've curated our thoughts, emotions, and language styles to precise proportions. Now that we've become close to their mastery we share them with our closest partners with Mercury in Libra.


It's a love story Aries just say yes. Well what do we have here? Our freedom first, pioneering, Mars ruled soldier sign of the zodiac is looking for a comfortable place or heart to rest their weary head. The next four weeks will present you with enormous potential to open your heart to someone and build a container, a context for the highest expression of you, of them, and the context of the relationship itself. Perhaps asserting yourself in an atypical way will allow you to find the relationship you're looking for? Burn bright, Aries you can do it. It'll attract an array of admirers who want to fan your flames. How are you feeling at work? Come Thursday, Pluto - planet of intensity and focused concentration - will move direct in your zone of career aspirations and public standing. Pluto is touring this zone for a long time so the theme here for all Aries is making sure you're taking your work responsibilities very seriously and honestly while aligning them with all the integrity you can muster. Pluto isn't here to make anyone comfortable so where are you betraying yourself at work to make others comfortable? Of course don't bite the hand that feeds you but be very clear that boundaries, "no", and accountability at work are required for you to be the very best employee you can be.


How's that work out routine going, Taurus? Or your progress towards healthier eating, proactive peace of mind building, structure sustaining, and organization? You can either find the Devil or God on the details and of course if you're proactive you'll find a bit more of Heaven and God in the details than anything else. Take your time management, personal growth, and health very seriously this month. Especially while a major catalyst inspires a profound surrendering thought to help you find the success you're looking for in those arenas on Thursday. Make no mistake, you'll have to get out of your own way. But if you do, you'll find that you've been standing on top of your own abundance and joy. Pluto - planet of intensity and focused concentration - will move direct in your zone of big picture, cross cultural ideas, and international travel. Taurus tunnel vision is a vision to behold when a goal needs to be executed. But it can sometimes keep your brilliance stuck behind three narrow walls. Now that Pluto is direct, you'll want to see big picture common denominators of that which you have in common with everyone and don't place meaningless things there. Go very deep into understanding to find the rewards of this transit.


Your heart has the loudest speaker on it now, Gemini! The last month has helped you understand what you're feeling, with whom, and why. So if there's something you need do say, there's someone who genuinely needs to hear it. Don't hold back. Share your truth. I have a feeling someone in your friend circle might present romantic opportunities for you if you let them. Give it a try! And since you often trust friends more than we do our romantic partners, Pluto's direct this week in your zone of sexuality, intimacy, and authenticity. If that's the foundation of every romantic relationship you're in, then consider yourself lucky.


It's nesting time, Cancer! Libra Season presents you with beautiful four weeks of learning more about your emotional security, your emotional intelligence, your relationship with mother figures and the symbol of "home". It's where you're most comfortable and where you'll be happiest. The more you learn about your emotional security, the more likely you'll find yourself in changing your relationship at work. So if you need a change up at work, then try a change up at home. If you've been feeling stuck in a romantic relationship, Pluto - the planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will move forward in your zone of love and romance. Reflect on what you've learned on love over the last few months and apply those lessons to your romantic arenas to make the most of your experiences.


It's time to think more clearly and communicate more articulately, Leo! You're more comfortable showing your emotionality rather than telling for sure but the Universe wants you to speak your truth during Libra Season. Not just show it. Keep your eyes peeled this week for experiences that allow you to understand consciousness and communication in powerful ways. Pay attention to what's being said around you, read a book on these ideas, and imagine the Universe trying to help you get a message in. If you're been feeling more emotionally and physically under the weather, fear not now that Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will move direct in your zone of wellness, health, and proactive peace of mind. Pluto is the smallest but one of the most powerful planetary energies we have so use it well to advance your health and personal growth this week.


All those financial gains could be yours this week Virgo while Libra Season lights up your zone of income, value, and materiality. You're often proactive around keeping your finances clean so keep up the amazing work while you move forward financially with all the goals you want to manifest. A surprise lesson or experience is coming your way mid week that will help you on the journey of financial literacy and abundance. Don't be afraid of trying new things because you'll find the success you need that way. Pluto Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will move direct on Thursday inspired a deeper understanding of emotional exposure, risk, and joy. You've learned your deepest truths when it comes to these topics over the last few months so make sure you're applying them to your experience in order to find maximum opportunity for soul growth.


Happy Birthday, Libras! I just spent a week in England safe in the arms of two Libra women I love and adore. They were all things impeccably Libra: kind, generous, loyal, uplifting, lovely, and service oriented. The world will be a bit more Libra this month! So make the most of this month by putting your goals and visions first so you can rise to your maximum creative possibility. Let go of all low level things that prevent you from flying beautifully at full wing span. A surprise in relationship development could help you find success mid week while you sort out spontaneous attraction. Let it happen as it's meant to. Your definition of emotional security and what you consider home will change in the forward direction once Pluto Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - goes direct on Thursday. Self care needs to be your bottom line this month so please charge through on this mission without apology while the sun blazes through your beautiful sign. You're too kind, too good to others to have to constantly self sacrifice your dreams so you don't upset others. Give yourself the gift of a brand new life for your birthday.


Let it go, Scorpio. I know that's difficult but it's absolutely necessary this month. Reflect deeply on this last year and consider ideas, circumstances, situations, and relationships that don't uplift your life to its highest possibility. Once you've located them, now let them go. This a month of endings and closure. So give yourself that experience. Midweek a shift in thinking will give you a new understanding of these topics; particularly on health, wellness, and nutrition. Allow this all to occur without any kind of resistance on your part of possible. You'll have to get out of your own way this way midweek to earn the reward. You're the only thing preventing yourself from rising. At the end of the week, Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will move direct in your zone of thinking and communication so you'll be working out the kinks of consciousness and language. Show up to this assignment responsibly Scorpio because your words are wands.


Power to the people, Sagittarius! You're charisma and relentlessly optimistic orientation will begin to inspire social activism and deeper friendships this Libra Season. You have a gift for speaking to the best within people and you'll be leaned on this month to show others what's alternatively possible when it comes to equality and the advancement for all. Well done you! Careful not to take up too much "space" in these spaces however as a midweek transit might inspire more oversharing than some social spaces have earned. On Friday, Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will move direct in your zone of values and income so if you've been feeling muddy about your finances and the things you value then now's the time to start saving, redefining, and taking your responsibilities seriously.


You smell that promotion in the air, Capricorn? You're always working so diligently to make a mark in your career world and this month will give you the hard earned rewards for how much you've executed responsibilities. If you're looking for a new job, then don't be afraid to start putting yourself and your resume out there to more places so you can find yourself content at work. A change in thinking on emotionality and emotional security could be the major impetus towards you and your dream career. Nothing is disconnected remember so consider how your feelings might stop you or uplift you to your highest professional possibility. And now that Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - moves direct in Capricorn on Thursday, you'll have the mightiest but smallest planet pushing you with conviction and major integrity towards making all these dreams come true.


Is it back to school time for Aquarius? You better believe it. It's all about the bigger, higher picture this month while you sort out your relationship to that which you have in common with all people. Yes you're special and Aquarian unique but you're deepest level of identification is that which you can identity with all people. A surprise conversation or insight midweek could inspire this new philosophical pursuit beautifully come mid week. You're adaptable but yet you're very fixed in your ways so don't get in your own way. Now that Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will be direct in your zone of closure and endings on Friday, you'll have a very accurate idea of all things holding you back so once you've located those existential things, figure out strategies to conquer them.


Can you handle the big Truth, Pisces? Libra Season is upon you and the themes are radical honesty, intimacy, a depth of knowledge, and commitment. That might feel like a prison cell for your freedom loving and peace seeking sign, but you'll be called to understand deep Truths in your efforts. Don't let discomfort stop you from playing the game. Because midweek you'll be thrown in the middle of laying claim to your value system. What are you attached to? What are you looking to commit to? I know you're 2 fish swimming in opposite directions but you'll need to pick a lane on this one for the gifts to come through. On Thursday, Pluto - planet of intensity and focused consciousness  - will inspire radical understanding of your role within the social collective and your responsibility towards activism and advancing social causes. Again, you'll be amazing in these arenas. Have faith in your ability to be the alternative possibility.