September 18-24th

My beloved Virgo influenced souls are going to have to cram their month long Golden Season into the joy of this week's astrology! Which feels deserved since Mercury Retrograde stalled plans and the highest expression of the zodiac's detailed little Saints. You can do it!

First off on Tuesday September 19th, Venus enters Virgo which kicks off a 3.5 week pursuit of practical, sensible, and clean Love. One corner of astrological thinking says Venus is in its "fall" in Virgo because this week is about aligning our love lives with purpose not romance. I get it but I don't. A little conscientious and deliberate intentionality when it comes to our heart is always a good idea. Seeing as who we decide to open our hearts to should be the last decision we approach casually. That being said, beware the impulse to criticize and make it difficult for our partners to make us happy while Venus joins with Virgo. I always find it funny frankly that we neglect to understand how our bad attitude is the very last thing our partners want to see. Even if all we want to see is their bid for connection. Yet we do it anyway? A chip on our shoulder doesn't inspire attraction it repels it. We act like we'd rather be anywhere other than right in front of them when all we want them to do is pull us close? Too weird. Let's cut that shit out.

That same day, Mercury in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces. The word opposition has a tense energy for a reason seeing as you'll either recognize God or the Devil in the details that day. Confusions, misspeaking, and overlooking the small stuff might get you into how neptunian water so be very careful to look over the fine print and read slowly before committing to anything.

Use Tuesday's 24 hours to get intimate with what Virgo energy means in your chart and life because a New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday September 20th begins a two week long opportunity period of serious inquiry into simplifying our lives and making healthier choices. New Moons are the perfect time to set our highest intentions that serve our self-actualizations and our relationships with others. Go deeper than asking the Universe to do what you want. Perhaps ask the Universe what it wants and how you can serve it *with* your New Moon in Virgo intentions?

On Thursday September 22nd on the Autumn Equinox, Libra Season begins. The first day of fall is only one of two days a year where there's the same amount of nighttime and daytime. How very balanced and Libra! The next month will inspire a very intellectual and experiential inquiry into love, romance, and meaningful connection. So often we "do" relationship but how often are we learning the "how"? Make the most of Libra Season by self educating your thinking on relationship psychology. More to come on Libra Season next week but for now enjoy the final productive moments of our 6th Sign Virgo.


Drop and give the Universe, 20 push ups, Ram! You can do it. Don't quit! We're in the final stretch of all the active soldiers and dutiful children of Mars committing radically to health, nutrition, and mental clarity throughout Virgo Season for all the upcoming battles the Universe is bound to put you on. From my experience, you're hardly a mess when it comes to how seriously you take your wellness. A healthy Ram is a common and joyful one. The energy of the week just wants you take the amazing work you're doing so far and step it all the way up. Add 2 more repetitions to your routine, clean up your eating habits even more, meditate longer, etc. The New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday will ask you to finalize your highest intentions for the health required of you to be the best version of yourself. Write down 10-15 intentions for your maximum result of inner peace and health on September 20th. A possible misinterpretation of events having to do with surrender and closure could come up. Maybe you thought you were over "it" or that you were apathetic about an existential circumstance that you're clearly still in fear with? Let it all reveal itself so you can get to work. After the New Moon, You'll want to spare no detail to help you manifest your best self because on Friday September 22nd, your romantic love season begins! So you see what the Universe is doing ? Helping you become the best, healthiest version of yourself so you can share it with the people who deserve it.


After a bumpy few weeks in the interpersonal and romantic realities, the first born children of Venus are ready to get back to doing what they do best - making themselves and others comfortable in harmony, joy, and aesthetic beauty. 3 planetary players are lighting up your zone of romance, creativity, emotional exposure, and courage. You've got stories to tell and sentiments  to share with us, mythological bull! So spare no detail. The New Moon in Virgo on September 20th will ask you to confirm your most elevated intentions having to do with just that: romantic courting, charisma, joy, dating, risk, and emotional exposure. You know how to make people feel valued and cherished there's no doubt. It's the getting in to the Taurus' heart that's so challenging. So do yourself a favor and write down your highest, best case scenarios that serve your most loving self and your connection compatibility with others who need to see and feel it. You may feel inspired on September 19th to share your newfound reflections; but the energy of the day is a bit confusing so perhaps smooth out all details to avoid miscommunication? Get a plan going. On Friday 's Autumn Equinox, Libra Season begins and you'll feel inspired to reign the excess in and take care of number one - YOU. Don't be shocked if you're returning to the gym, cutting back on garbage food, or even getting a meditation practice going to help strengthen that peace of mind of yours.


Feeling particularly DONE with your recent thin skinned and hypersensitive experiences, Gemini? I know, I know. Me too. But never fear - these existential circumstances helped you get more in touch with the *who, what, where, when, and why* of your emotional intelligence. Review all the data that came up for you and try to find patterns that emerged to help you proactively understand your heart a little more so you can anticipate  AND articulate them if necessary. September 20th's New Moon in Virgo will ask you to get very clear on your intentions having to do with emotional security, mother figures, and the symbol of the home. If you're thinking about moving or deepening your relationship with the Mothers, Wednesday is prime time to really locate what those best case scenarios look like for you and the others who lean on you. That same day, possible miscommunication with the parental figures in your life and the foundations between inner and outer life could go through a snafu so do your best to stay out of your own way. On the beautiful autumn equinox, Libra Season begins and now that you've successfully fleshed out your heart's parameters - you'll be feeling so inclined to share it with a special someone over the next four weeks. Romance, joy, charisma, and star quality will follow you everywhere. Enjoy it!


At the end of this month, you better not let anyone tell you Cancers can't communicate! The Universe has really tested the Cancer born and influenced among us on their communication skills, language styles, their methods of thinking, and how they choose to experience the experience. It's so easy for us to jump to conclusions but that's a sure fire way for us to get into psychological trouble so hopefully careful impulse control and speech monitoring is within your grasp. If not, the New Moon in Virgo on September 20th will inspire you to locate your highest intentions for consciousness and communication. Write down 10-15 best case scenarios in the thinking and speaking department of your life that'll help elevate you beyond intellectual limitations into a place where you can hear others on the level they speak from not from the depth of your wounds. That same day, a small miscommunication can occur which may trigger you to react from low level thinking so my gentle suggestion is to take deep breaths and ask yourself, "Could I be mistaken?" You probably are. We always are. On the autumnal equinox, your favorite nesting season begins and you'll want to cancel most of your social plans in preference for a night in with yourself or a special someone. Libra Season rules home, mother figures, family, and emotional security so those topics will be on your horizon this month. Sounds like just what you love - cozy!


A Course in Miracles tells us that "conviction is a force multiplier". Meaning, whatever values we hold become our convictions and those values increase the force of their influence and presence in our lives. So choosing convictions wisely is pretty necessary for you to roar at full volume. The majority of the astrological energy of this week points to Leo selecting their convictions that elevate circumstances to their greatest potential. Choose values of courage, authenticity, gratitude, accountability, and discipline to impress the Laws of the Universe the most. On September 20th, a New Moon in Virgo will inspire Leos to reflect on their intentions for income and possessions. Having already selected the most meaningful convictions, I hope, you'll be able to intend on the New Moon for both self-interested and communal outcomes that serve financial abundance for everyone. Make your job a blessing on others and the money will come, I promise. There could be a bit of misunderstanding between these private and public convictions that may come up for you in interpersonal relationships so my suggestion is to seek to understand than to be understood. Listen more than speak. On Friday's Autumn Equinox, Libra Season begins and your month long theme of consciousness and communication commences. It'll feel like back to school time for the Leo born among us and the world could use many more intelligent leaders


You know that scene - also my favorite gif - where Angela Bassett in "Waiting to Exhale" turns around from the burning car and stomps away in full glory? That's Virgo this week. You got your groove back after a hard summer with Mercury RX in Virgo and Mars bringing about major endings, 4 planetary players are direct in Virgo pushing all your joy forward. Reflect and review on what's occurred in your life this summer, the lessons you've freshly acquired, and the goals you've set forth into action. On September 20th, the annual New Moon in Virgo is your prime time to set your highest, most redeemed, generous and service oriented intentions for the year ahead. The Universe will bend its entire ear to listen carefully to the children of Virgo first so spare no detail and write 10-15 best case scenario intentions for your life and your relationships. A possible miscommunication in the romantic relationship arena could come up for you while you're trying to just be your best self so don't take anything personally. Just breathe, reflect, (re)mind yourself "What others do has nothing to do with me." and keep it moving. On Friday's Autumnal Equinox, Libra Season begins and your zone of income, financial gain, and value systems will be consciously considered for the next four weeks. Brace yourself for the momentum and money coming your way. Enjoy the last few days of 2017 Virgo Season and I hope you all have/had the most splendid birthday!


I'm so tired of writing themes like "endings, closure, and surrender" in my Libra horoscopes but I promise it's almost over my sweet friends and soul family (Hi Holly!) because Libra Season starts this week! But first, a season for everything. Make the most of the four planetary players in your zone of cosmic completion until Thursday. It's so easy to forget while we're in the throws of pain, heartbreak, and the dark nights of the soul - that the dawn WILL come. The morning sun will arrive. And you will laugh, lean into joy, and be fully present in the moment under the morning sun so soon. On Wednesday, a New Moon in Virgo will inspire you to locate 10-15 service oriented intentions that allow you to lovingly let go, give yourself closure, and make space for the new beginnings to arrive. There's a grand architecture to this here Universe and the wisest orientation to have is to trust this belief and adapt to its plan. Speaking of adapting, do your best to avoid taking anything personally on September 19th while a communication error is likely in your zone of romance. Ask questions. Don't make assumptions. And then on Friday's Autumnal Equinox, Libra Season begins and the bright lights of your new year will begin. I can't wait to see what you accomplish and manifest in your golden month and I will be there every step of the way to encourage you to rise to your maximum possibility.


I spent the weekend with my Scorpio Cousin and her newborn Scorpio daughter and I was so impressed by her ability to facilitate the entire family group with ease, intelligence, generosity, and most importantly - love. The energy of this week points to all Scorpios understanding their role within the collective. Be it family, friends, classmates, neighborhood, or work - your sign can and will do Supreme wonders in the group context. Never underestimate the way people lean on you for direction. On Wednesday, a New Moon in Virgo will ask the Scorpios to loyally commit to 10-15 intentions inspired to uplift all their circumstances and experiences in the group, social causes, and kindred spirits. So if you're finding yourself in a space of potential leadership within these spaces, perhaps locate your best case scenarios that allow you to help others. Make service the bottom line of these meditations and the Universe will make serving you it's bottom line too. If someone or something gets under your razor sharp skin that day don't let it distract you from the work to be done. Try not to make any assumptions or take anything personally. On Friday, the Autumnal Equinox marks the beginning of Libra Season thereby Scorpio's 4 week long Season of surrender, release, and detachment from outcome. More on that next week. 


It's promotion time, Sagittarius! Are you ready to rise the ladder? My centaurs are elevating their professional purpose in truly magnificent ways and I'm so proud of their contributions. The New Moon in Virgo on September 20th, points to Sagittarius getting very clear and disciplined in locating what their purpose is. Reflect on a professional circumstance that's much bigger than what is required to pay the bills but really what's required for your soul to pay its dues. That's the kind of question you'll want answer this week. I'll say it before and I'll say it 62153x more, do not play it small, Centaur! You can do it. If a possible low level thought or feelings comes up about your ability to execute this task, lovingly let it go. Introduce your own skepticism to those thoughts so they don't keep you stuck. We need you at your full glory Sagittarius. On Friday, the autumnal equinox will mark the beginning of Libra Season and your four week journey of social activism, communal identification, and romantic friendships. Your naturally extroverted sign thrives in groups so get ready to rock and roll this fall with a busy social events calendar and all the experiences that help you become your best self.


Though you don't always lead on to it, given your more naturally introverted self, you can see the big picture. Always. And so intelligently too! And the energy of this week will inspire you to really get focused on the expansive understanding and not get tripped up on the details. Perhaps an experience in long distance travel, the classroom, or publishing might inspire you to see 360 degrees of a situation? On Wednesday, the New Moon in Virgo will help you locate 10-15 intentions in your zone of academics, cross cultural affairs, and legal outcomes. If you'd strongly benefit from an existential aspect in anything have to do with what you've read so far, write them down with a service oriented mentality and you'll watch like magic as they become yours over the next 6 months. Just be very disciplined in your approach and keep it macro not micro. Let your control go. Even if on Tuesday a possible miscommunication error makes you want to speak to the worst of humanity and the low level psychology. Keep your thoughts high! On Friday, the Autumnal Equinox begins and your four week long journey of career, life purpose, service and public standing will commence. With this in mind, make the most of this week so you're (in)formed with nothing but intelligence. I can't wait to see what you accomplish this season!


It's crisis control time, Aquarius. This week has multiple and major planetary players in your zone of intense existential realities. You're a supremely intelligent sign and your brilliance will be called upon to handle difficult ideas this week. Don't fall into low level passive Aquarius energy. Get as proactive as you can so you can handle whatever happens with wisdom, competence, and a problem solving energy that can't help but make miracles happen. On Wednesday, September 20th a New Moon in Virgo will inspire you to get clear about 10-15 intentions having to do with intimacy, commitment, merging, and sexual psychology. Make service and healthy generosity your bottom line to lift the intentions to maximum creative possibility. Compare your experiences - not just your beliefs! - to see how certain habit patterns bring you closer to or farther from your highest good. I suspect there could be a reinterpretation of values that could help you get rigorously honest about your behavior and align it more deeply with integrity and authenticity. On Friday, the Autumnal Equinox harkens Libra Season and a four week journey of higher education, publishing, international travel, and cross cultural experiences. Go find your suitcase and/of your curriculum vitae because you're going to need it.


Do you love them or do you love them not, Pisces? Your unconditionally loving sign does romance like nobody's business. Hardwired to give rather than receive, a Pisces heart is a gift for those who receive it. But it's the act of the giving that takes a while. If there's someone you care about and love, Pisces, don't dress rehearse tragedy. Don't imagine disaster. Or if there's someone you need to release, don't rip the band aid off slowly just pull the trigger. I know joy is terrifying but what'll prove scarier is looking back at the end of your life wishing you developed more of a fish's spine and went after your own happiness in love. Trust me. On Wednesday, September 20th, a New Moon in Virgo will ask you to locate 10-15 intentions in your love life. I want you to imagine best case scenario. No fear. No skepticism. Just you and your widely imaginative bliss. A little interpersonal hiccup on Tuesday could be the evidence you need that people are out to get you and yaddayaddayadda. But the real Tea is we're always at choice whether we choose to look for evidence of people's guilt or innocence. One gives us pain. The other joy. Choose wisely. On Friday, the Autumnal Equinox begins Libra Season and will transfer your newfound romantic philosophies into the realm of sexual intimacy, deep commitment, and merging. So use this week to get clear about who's worthy of such qualities of yours and whether or not you're holding up your end of the bargain too.