September 11-17

Bye, bye, Mercury Retrograde blame! We can't project onto astrology's most basic ass transit anymore for your life not working. We've moved passed the worst of the storm now and we're due to walk around the aftermath looking for debris, unrecognized mistakes, and errors in this light of new understanding. Trust me when I say, whatever discomfort came up for you over the last 3.5 weeks or whatever "opportunities" fell through was never yours to begin with. Lovingly let them all go. Retrogrades are benchmarks only allowing what's your highest good to pass through. A new path has been laid out for you in its absence. So look ahead. Not behind.

Because the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are now in methodical, inefficiency abhorring Virgo, the majority of the cosmic energy is asking us all to clean up our mental and behavioral patterns. We all know what we think/do that keeps our personalities sloppy. And if you don't know, ask your friends. For the record, there's hardly a legitimate excuse to staying in dysfunction other than our own resistance to doing it differently. Pain is a perverse imposter of comfort in that it's familiar. The Devil We Know. But give yourself the gift of a life unlike the pain of the past by actively aligning your thoughts, emotions, and behavior with new wellness, proactive peace, and inner calm habits.

On Monday September 11th, my advice is to let your heart to feel very deeply. Do a bit more than "remember" what happened to you on 9/11/2001. Light a candle for the 2,966 fallen. Light a candle for New York. Light a candle for the 1.3 million to 2 million casualties in American military operations throughout Afghanistan and Iraq. And for my American readers (because we inherit the collective karma of our ancestors which isn't spiritual woo woo it's Law) let us take a rigorously honest sense of responsibility for the ways our government pre, during, and post Bush administration promulgated fear, a vicious war economy, and islamophobia. Let us take responsibility for decades of American imperialism and horrendously dangerous meddling into political affairs that aren't ours. Let us remember responsibly forevermore than the Law of Cause & Effect doesn't stop at the personal level but transcends to the national. And we must do better as the children who saw the Twin Towers fell so that our children will never have to endure a fifteen year war. America can and will do better.

On September 14th, a fire trine between Venus in Royal Leo with Saturn in Philosophical Sagittarius will help motivate us to take a deeper sense of commitment in love. The Fire element is instinct, action, life-force. Do you have an instinctual, action-oriented, life sustaining urge to partner up with a special someone? Don't delay. Tell them. If coupled, and the fire is burning out - consider fleshing out the willingness of the both of you to keep it burning. Indecisiveness and apathy should be a turn off, by the way. Don't go into a mental shut down if Wednesday September 13th acts like a big scary bouncer between you and getting your projects and ideas off the ground. The Sun in Virgo will harshly square up against Saturn in Sagittarius so the direction points to slowing down the pace, smoothing out rough edges, and letting these high minded goals percolate beneath the surface a bit more before their grand debut.

Your slow pace will be rewarded because when Mars and Mercury burn the house down in Virgo on Saturday giving us all the gasoline to speed into health, wellness, cleanliness, and proactive peace of mind strategies. Remember, Virgo uplifts preparation, hard work, strategy, and impulse control to divine right order. Make sure you're coming correct at the Universe to get the gifts of the Mercury & Mars conjunction. With your fresh face from all of Saturday's momentum, make plans on Sunday to step out into your best light. Venus in Leo lights up Uranus in Aries making our friendships more romantic and our romances more friendly. Warm up by the fire of laugher and joy among your favorite faces to remind you love is really all that matters


When it comes to love, Ram - what's your guiding light? When it comes to sharing your courage, what's the foundation you share it on? Every single one of us needs a kind of moral, high minded framework to share our emotional exposure. Hit and run intimacy can get you into hot water. Take the time to commit to learning how/when people have earned the right to hear your heart's story. Not every relationship dynamic can bear the weight of your story so be careful not to throw your pearls at swine. In the middle of the week, three planets will ignite your health, daily ritual, attention to detail, and nutritional zones. A healthy Ram is a brave one. So be vigilantly committed to your own wellness. Fuel your own fire so you can help light up everyone's who romantically staring at yours. You'll need that sense of proactive clarity on Sunday when Venus in Leo lights up Uranus in Aries currently revolutionizing your individuality, self-love, assertion. You'll explore your own preference for emotional freedom and perhaps a star studded makeover. Whatever you do, do it without apology. Do it for the fuck of it. Step out in your beauty, glory, and charisma. You didn't ask to be born the leader of the Zodiac when the Universe invites you to step it up, don't delay - burn the house down.


Can you handle the Truth, Taurus?! The beginning of this week carries a radical commitment to honoring the Truth that the Universe is trying gently to help you understand. Expand your thinking of what that Truth is beyond your belief but to your experience. What is the Truth of your relationships? What is the Truth of your emotional security? Find answers in your experience. Because for the middle of the week the astrology sets fire to your zone of joy, emotional exposure, romance, and upfront communication. Once you've landed on your ideas of Truth in love, home, intimacy, and security - you'll be called to share it with the person or people you're building these experiences with. Do your best not to monologue. Make this conversation a dialogue. Actively listen to the experience of your partners and believe them at their word. Because on Sunday those themes will be aspected by a sudden, out of the blue experience inspiring a new understanding. The theme has an ending attached to it but that doesn't mean a break up. You could be called to begin again and renew your commitments. But rest assured, you'll need to let something go in order to walk ahead to the mountain you have your eyes on. Do so with good form, tenderness, and grace.


If there ever was a transit to have "the talk" with your partners, it's the one on Monday. Venus in emotionally exposed Leo trines harmoniously with Committed Saturn in your relationship sector. Don't buy into the Gemini Witch Hunts saying how we can't stick around long. Yes we can. We just require mentally agile, emotionally intelligent, and communicative partners. So if you're lucky to have found one, tell them. Don't be afraid. If you're single, flesh out your relationship to thinking about relationships. All thoughts are form. So what thoughts do you keep on love and are they helping or distancing you form your highest romantic opportunity? The middle of the week carries the concentration of Virgo Season which demands us to (re)cognize emotional security as the bottom line. But we need to be very clear about what that looks like. Ok Sunday, the romantic transit from Monday inspires our love to be a bit more friendly. Treat your loved ones like a friend. Be a space of unconditional availability to your closest companions. You never know who will suddenly become more than a friend.


Cancer and commitment go together beautifully. When the Moon child makes up their mind, they're faster than green light go. Monday's energy will inspire Cancer to commit to a daily value system with an emphasis on security that will help (in)form your decisions on love. Try to pick a strong ideology of romantic detachment - it's not an oxymoron, trust me - and where you're not asking others to serve your needs as you define them. Needs come across as control and who likes being controlled? Be a partner who's so secure and unshakable that the tenor of your day is not dependent on what others say or do. Happiness is a decision. A practice you can commit to. And the crux of Virgo Season and the middle of the week has an emphasis on cleaning up your mental habit patterns so that you can choose joy instead of fear. Don't go looking for evidence of guilt, how people wronged you, or why so and so is an asshole. Because you'll find it, but you won't be happy, others will feel your judgment, and they'll be subconsciously repelled by you. If you sharpen the commitment to the joyful value system, it'll extend beyond your love life; to your work life and life purpose mission too. Everything in life is connected. So be the person at work or in career who is a context of high minded accomplishment, achievement, and success.


I'm writing this horoscope to Faith Hill's "This Kiss" and did you see the scene in Practical Magic when Leo Sandra Bullock runs up to her crush, he's smiling at her, and she jumps on him? That's Monday's horoscope for you. Venus is lighting up Leo and your zone of romance, joy, and emotional transparency so why not just run up to your loved ones and kiss them? Run straight towards love, Leo. Life's too fragile to deny ourselves the opportunity of joy. In the middle of the week, the benchmark will focus on income, material gain, and value. If you keep your financial intentions high, where equal abundance for all is the bottom line - don't be surprised if all the coin starts appearing. You're the least guilty of being frugal so that's usually why the Universe rewards your generosity. Hopefully you'll take my advice on "taking off like a rocket, shooting straight across the sky" towards love because another Venus cycle will inspire you to examine what happened. The beginning of the week inspires experience, the second half is about choosing your beliefs of the romantic experience. Keep your reflections blessed in loving Leo light, generosity, romance, understanding, and compromise for your romance to be lifted to the highest.


Happy Birthday, Virgo! So many of my most cherished Virgos will celebrate their birthday this week. And the Universe songs a sweeter song when it lights up the sun in your honor. For your birthday, give yourself the glorious gift of a life unlike the past. The Universe put Mercury RX and the Eclipses in your zones of closure, endings, and surrender so there's clearly something from your past that needs consciousness correction so you don't subconsciously program the present with shadows of the past. You're too fucking fabulous to emotionally inflict ruthless self-harm, ya hear me?! The middle of the week puts three key planetary players in your zone of assertion, identity, will, confidence and motivation. So there's so much work to be done! And you'll have this momentum in key force this week and Mars in Virgo till 10/22. This week also carries two harmonious transits for your love life assuming you're meeting each other with realness to realness and not mask to mask. Authenticity builds intimacy. It shouldn't weaken it unless your relationship was never meaningful to begin with. The energy points to releasing a psychological construct or behavioral pattern that prevents you from elevating the dynamic to its maximum possibility. Are you being transparent with that needs to be said? Don't hide your self. Show up imperfectly, with glory, self love and mutuality to help strengthen your relationships.


Your relationship to group dynamics, social justice, activism and personal growth have grown significantly since the summer. It's amazing to watch the sign of gifted partnership extend themselves into being gifted in the group. And in doing so, letting go of the disease to people please more and more because you're concerned with common welfare. Do not be surprised if your newfound social intelligence becomes something the Universe highlights within you so that you can be of service even more. You'll need to lean on spiritual wisdom more than ever in the middle of the week while the crux of the three planetary players in Virgo asks Libra to make conscious contact with the divine through meditation, prayer, retreats, and or any kind of activity involving stillness. I'm encouraging a devoted spiritual practice especially because the themes here to do point towards closure and endings. So having a divine framework to help you navigate these moments with tenderness and grace could prove helpful. If you're curious, ask the Universe for help. And the books will fall at your feet and the teacher will appear. Perhaps you'll be inspired to ask your friends and partners to join you for a joyful weekend? The energy of Saturday and Sunday as love, friendship, and bliss written all over it so get the girls together and celebrate your lives.


Its elevation time Scorpio! You're committing to your values involving financial security and income with a higher cosmic intention so you'll be called to elevate at your career. It's all connected remember. Since you're healing your relationship with money and security, then you're healing your resonance in the public eye and in work. Love planet Venus will bless you with all the charm, grace, and beauty so if you're thinking of the right time to leverage yourself now's the time to do it with all the extra light in your eye. In the middle of the week, the crux of the 3 planets will point towards social activism, collective identity, and group communication. I know you hate group chats but would a night out with your closest comrades from school, home, etc. speak to you? I think so. Celebrate the qualities and histories you share. And perhaps bounce your career ideas off of them into the weekend too? Another astrological aspect involving work and day to day activities will align on Sunday inspiring a more loving, generous, and transparent orientation at work which people will radically respond favorably to Scorpio. It's your humanism, vulnerability, imperfections, and courage that people connect to so don't be afraid to show it.


Since December 2014, Saturn - ruler of structure, boundaries, and discipline - has hunkered down in Sagittarius. Over the last 2.5 years, your philosophical structure on identity has changed radically. Which is a beautiful thing! Now locate the lessons learned and consider carrying them towards an opportunity in publishing or higher education. You're wiser with theory and experience so you can offer intelligence in a public ways. In the middle of the week, the energy points towards your biggest goals of career and public service. If you're happy at your current job, then enjoy the extra cosmic mojo and know that your bosses will be so impressed with your job performance. If you're looking to find gainful employment elsewhere, now's the moment to put all your focused attention into making it happen. Get a detailed plan going and commit to actionable goals.  Because when the weekend comes, the friendship and romantic cycles will aspect you beautifully so - why not work really hard in the weekday ? - so that you can revel with loved ones and a night out on the town without guilt? You'll be looking for richly meaningful conversations, intelligent dialogue, and cross cultural connection with spontaneous confessions of emotional transparency. Sounds like paradise. Enjoy!


Whosever said "Sunny does have too many expectations" was probably a Capricorn. The beginning and end of the week has an indoor, boudoir energy to it. So I say, run with it Capricorn! A little sexual healing never hurt nobody. The energy does carry a cosmic support of meaningful intimacy so be careful who you let close to your mind, body, and heart. In the middle of the week, the benchmark will focus on your high minded approach to education, publishing, travel, meeting new strangers, blunt speaking, and intelligence. How lovely! Everyone has a rich story to share so do your best to proactively initiate conversations with others. You never know what you'll learn or who you're lucky enough to connect to when you start talking, right? The sexual healing returns in the weekend so meditate on who you're secure enough to offer and receive intimacy with. This weekend is not conducive to casual relationships but the most meaningful ones. So you can deepen intimacy with a special someone or explain why you're not feeling like you're safe enough to fully let down the wall. Emotional security is the bottom line for you so outline what that looks like for someone who you'd like to receive it from. If you're without suitors, never fear. We do some of our best work for relationships when we're not in them. So watch everything Sex Therapist Esther Perel ever spoke on intimacy and sexuality. You'll be so glad you did!


One of the greatest lessons Aquarius teaches in the Zodiac is that romantic relationships are strengthened when they're friendly. Some of the best romances begin from a foundation of friendship, right? Well take a honest look at your own friendships and ask yourself if anyone of them have piano music in the background when you're talking because you're due for a committed partner from your friendship circle. In the middle of the week, the cosmic forces point towards you fleshing out intimacy, authenticity, sexual healing, and deep commitment. High expressions of Aquarius don't like to single anyone out but you're being called to this week. You don't have to give special treatment persay but you might want to elevate your experience of them in your mind perhaps? And I would definitely spend this week digging deeper in my own personal Truth as I understand it; working to infuse as much of my Truth with love, generosity, compassion, and forgiveness so that your resonance is lifted to the highest. Go very deep this week, Aquarius.  If you've made progress on seeing someone as more than a friend then you'll feel urged to express your emotions this weekend while your communication zone gets aspected to inspire your specific expression of the relationship dynamic.


Alrighty, Pisces - put your phone on silent and tell all the energy vampires that you're out of the office this week. A gorgeous transit aspects your day to day routine of health, wellness, and clarity inspiring you to get very committed to your own self-care first and prioritizing your own wellness before tending to everyone else's. This will have a quantum effect on your resonance at work so if you've been struggling to find footing in career consider the connection with how often you're drained from helping everyone else as to why you can't show up in glory at work. If you consider your time and energy as a limited amount of money you can spend on a daily basis, you'll have more discretion with where it goes and with whom. The middle of the week has three planetary players lighting your romantic partnership zone. You're feeling more capable and willing to invite someone else in to your heart and you're equally willing to get comfortable in someone else's. You deserve it, Pisces, and someone would be so lucky to be the beautiful benefactor of your love. The theme of self-care returns this weekend with an aspect to do with your financial security. Do you work for your money or does your money work for you? Let your money show up for you. Be very proactive in learning about financial literacy so your information can (in)form your money to work for you.