August 28th-September 3rd

Class is in session!  

 Virgo Season has begun and it’s back to school for us all. The sixth sign in the zodiac, the mutable earth maiden, Mercury’s second born #flawless child and the Hermione Granger archetype - the most critically thinking and intellectually responsible among us will have the Universe’s highest blessing for the next four weeks. Remember, the zodiac is a chronological narrative; a cosmic inquiry into soulful evolution. The month past shined its blazing Leo sunlight on experiences that asked us to lay claim to our power, an intrinsic sense of worth and divinity, personal agency, and self-determination. At this point in the zodiac’s calendar, given the Solar Eclipse and Mars in Leo energy, we should all feel like we’re holding the power of the sun in our hands. But now what? What do we do with the power.

 We serve. Punctual Virgo arrives at the nick of time inspiring responsible service-oriented understanding and containment of this newly acquired power. Now’s not the time to approach our lives and relationships with casual unconsciousness making the same mistakes we’ve made before defending ourselves with the horrid excuse “easier said than done.” when it comes to doing better. That's a lie. The Universe needs honest, hard-working miracle workers who help advance peace for us all even if it requires mental unlearning. The Virgo born and influenced among us will help the cause. Since Mercury is still retrograde in carefully conscious Virgo until Thursday August 31st, the (re)trograde (re)view for us all is to consciously (re)consider the mental habit patterns that keep us stuck and our relationships in painful dysfunction. If you’re not close to inner joy and your relationships cause more pain than joy, it’s time for a review. Whatever habit pattern just came to your mind is probably the first place you’ll want to start.

 Now that Saturn is direct in Sagittarius since last Friday, we’ll want to break new ground on the philosophical structures in our lives; particularly on ideas having to do with personal development. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “easier said than done” as a delay tactic towards offering/receiving forgiveness, mercy, tenderness, gratitude, and other emotional virtues that promote inner peace. I’m dumbfounded. Because it’s NOT easier to stay incarcerated behind the emotional barbed wire of resentment, anger, judgement, blame, and attack. That's more difficult than defenselessness. The emotional alternative is just different. We have to get over our resistance to these different strategies or we can stay stuck in a cycle of emotional self-mutilation. With this cumulative, and beautifully comprehensive, energy in Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius, all signs point to - get to work because it's back to school time. All signs point to us beginning to learn and practice what helps us actualize our highest self-development, listening and following the Angels of Better Nature, and producing meaningful connection to all people involved.

 On a lighter note (because I promise I’m not such a strict drill sergeant, I swear) Love Planet Venus entered Leo last Friday, so the Leo born and influenced among us will feel even more blessed by charisma, popularity, graces, romantic opportunities and joy. For the other eleven signs, Venus in Leo will help us understand that risking emotional exposure is not as painful as denying ourselves the beautiful opportunity for our hearts to be seen and heard. Leos are brave because the share the story of the whole heart without apology because they know their worthiness. That’s courage. We could all stand to let people listen to the story of our hearts instead of shutting them out.

 I like to research and collect data that connects to the Solar season. For Virgo, I'm reading The Quaker Book of Wisdom for its relevant, simplistic approaches to spirituality. The author quotes French essayist Montaigne and I think it beautifully sums up what the month ahead. “If you have know how to compose your life, you have accomplished a great deal more the man who knows how to compose a book.  All other things - to reign, to hoard, to build - are, at most, inconsiderable. The great and glorious masterpiece of a person is to be able to live on the point.”


It's detox time! The next three and half weeks have a strong emphasis on mental health, nutrition, and wellness. If you're thinking about going back to the gym, eating more cleanly, or introducing a meditation practice to your daily activities, the universe highly supports these endeavors. Unconscious Rams can sometimes speak and act without a sensitive impulse control so the desired outcome of this season is the habit to count to three before sending the text, buying the cake, interrupting the sacred moment, etc. Lucky Venus lights up your zone of emotional exposure, courage, and truth telling so you'll be feeling much more romantic about the blossoming connections in your life and perhaps you'll want to speak on those emotions. Again, Aries is more comfortable doing than saying but some people need to hear why you bravely do what only you can do. It won't cheapen your action. It'll strengthen it. Since April, karmic planet Saturn has restructured your big picture ideas on communication, higher education and long distance travel. Reflect on what you've learned in those areas since April, locate the wisdom, and commit to applying the newfound realizations in whatever areas call for it for your highest good.


Beautiful bulls and mythological Minotaurs - now is your season to let the cosmic spotlight radiate from within you. You have so many gifts and abilities in the aesthetic, visual, and entertainment industries so don't hide your light for fear of criticism. Let them shine with the loving intention of putting your gifts out in the world to be of service to others. Your abilities can inform other people they're know alone because Taurus feels it too. The Goddess of Love is officially knocking on your zone of home and emotional security. Your romantic heart is looking for a relationship that keeps you safe and that aligns with your inner most value systems. Make sure your partner understands this so they can agree, make a counteroffer, or lovingly go. Drill Sargent Saturn has inspired you to redefine your philosophies on sexuality, intimacy, and merging since April. If specific experiences, lessons, and wisdom came up for you then spend time reflecting on what you've learned over the last 5 months. And then apply those lessons to your deepest, most meaningful intimacy driven relationships so you can let the universe know you learned the lesson.


Home sweet Home, Gemini! Your winged sandals can take you anywhere with lighting fast speed but you'll want to hang them up for the next 3.5 weeks while Virgo Season inspires nesting and understanding the context your emotional security craves. Geminis are sensitive too, ya know! Now's the time to pay attention to the people and circumstances who make your heart feel safe. Venus will help you speak a new love language while she chats it up with you zone of communication and attention to detailed language. I know it's difficult, but stay open to listening to other love language that aren't so verbal. Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and accountability has inspired you to review your relationship with relationships since April. Perhaps you've reconnected with lovers passed for a renewal or closure? The emphasis of this transit is about allowing cosmic correction to work in your connections. You're wiser, stronger, and more upfront when it comes to your love life so own these ideas and build a durable partnership with them moving forward.


A friend once told me that crabs don't have vocal chords. But that's no excuse for Cancers this month while they sharpen their thoughts and vocal skills. As a water sign, you're much more comfortable within the nonverbal, "the feelers", right? But you're being called to learn the ways to consciously communicate your thoughts and emotions. The world would sing a sweeter song if they could learn a thing or three about emotional intelligence from Cancer so don't be afraid to speak. Your wisdom is so valuable! Love planet Venus lights up your zone of financial income and value systems. Don't be surprised if more valuable pearls are thrown your way that need protection on the ocean floor. If you're looking to increase financially literacy, now's the time to polish those skills so you don't lose sleep over your credit score. If you've also fallen off the health, nutrition, and wellness bandwagon now's the time to get back on. Since April, you've been called to review your diet, your health habits, and wellness practices. I'm sure you've located some outcomes of this educational experience so now you can apply what you've learned to your overall health and wellness.


Call your royal secretary of treasury, Leo - because you'll be need counsel in the financial literacy and value systems for the next 3.5 weeks. If you've stayed proactive around your money, then you'll be rewarded. If not, be extremely careful to develop impulse control. Especially when Venus is in your zone of self! You'll be beaming with even more charisma, social graces, and popularity. But tell everyone else to buy you things. Not the other way around! You'll feel a deeper understanding of romance, joy, and the courting period of love. Enjoy every second of this transit. Since April, you've been tested by Saturn - planet of growth, self-development - on topics having to do with emotional exposure and courage. I suspect you've been silently reviewing where you emotionally stand and not speaking every feeling that came up. That's a good thing! Now share what you've learned with the people who earned the right to hear it. Not everyone has the keys to unlock the lion's heart so be careful not throw your pearls at swine.


Happy Birthday my Virgos! I love you, my fellow Mercury siblings, more than I can possibly say. The Sun shines for you. In your zone of self, identity, and reinvention. You've learned a great deal about who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to do about it. So run wild and experience Virgo Season with bravery and joy. The Goddess of Love is swimming in your zone of closure and release. You'll be called to let go of all the low-level thoughts and perhaps people who keep your heart stuck. Lean on forgiveness, tenderness, and mercy for yourself and others. Who among us hasn't made mistakes? Midwife new relationship circumstances and demonstrate what impeccable values Virgos excel in. In doing so, where do you rest your weary head? Since April, Saturn - the planet of restructuring and growth -  has asked you to review and reconsider your relationship to home, emotional security, and mother figures. Maybe you'll want to be the version of motherhood you never had? Or are you outgrowing your home? There's no doubt you know a Truth you had not before so with this newfound existential understanding, you will be called to apply the wisdom to your home. And your heart. I support this endeavor and I love you so much. Happy Birthday!


Cease and desist, Libra. It's the Universe's orders. The next 3.5 weeks inspire deep reflection, social sabbaticals, and a heavy leaning on the cosmic wisdom that helps you give and receive the closure towards inner peace. If your heart is leaning towards a more serious spiritual path, let it happen. This is a short time in your life for inner work, forgiveness, and surrendering attachment. This doesn't limit your thinking of likelihood of peace; if anything, it accelerates it because you're out of your own way. Love Planet Venus lights up your zone of social activism, community support, and ideals on equality for all. You'll feel right at home in this energy - hello, balanced Libra Scales! - and you're clear on learning the proper strategies to improve the conditions of everyone and the Universe will firmly support this endeavor. Since last April, Saturn the Drill Sergeant Planet, has inspired you to review the way you think about thinking and verbal/written communication. I'm sure new experiences and ideas around these topics have come up for you. And you'll want to use your freshly acquired acumen to uplift your peace of mind and interpersonal communication styles so that you can let the Universe know he lesson has been learned.


You were born with a presentiment of what's okay and what's not okay with your selfhood. A gorgeous compass directing you towards your highest Truth. Although you usually keep the methods to your internal guidance system a secret, the next 3.5 weeks will inspire you to take center stage on vocalizing ideas having to do with ways people can come together and seek an ethical, equal standard for us all. Let it happen. Don't be afraid to share your inner most intuitional instrument if necessary especially if it's used in service for justice. Love Planet Venus blesses your zone of public standing, life purpose, and career aspirations. You're making big moves Scorpio and the Universe is adding a special touch of beauty, glamour, and divine charisma to whatever situations you look for to find joy. Since last April, Saturn - Ruler of Integrity, Discipline + Growth - has inspired you to review your finances. Perhaps you've cut back? Scaled down? Or just increased financial literacy? This is all supported by the Universe because you deserve to be in financial peace; you just have to know what steps to take to do it. So now that you've learned, apply. Watch your savings account grow wth your new wisdom.


What's the song only you can sing, Sag? The book only you can write? What's your best case scenario for your life purpose and career? You'll find the answers to these questions for the next 3.5 weeks while you review your philosophies on work, entrepreneurial endeavors, and meaningful employment. Don't play it small or let the ego mind make you think you're not good enough or call you out for your confidence. You're unlimited, Centaur.  And you can do it all. So let it happen. If publishing or academics are calling your intelligent name, Love Goddess Venus will give you gifts of elegance, grace, charisma, and the charm to say the right thing in front of the right people who will help your career. Lucky you! Since April, Saturn - Ruler of Integrity and Personal Growth - had tested your self-awareness and responsibility for blind spots and areas of improvement. I'm sure it feels like you're getting the shitty end of the stick but the Universe is here to help you. But first you need to know what's not working. Now that you know, you can and will do better.


I've never known a Capricorn who makes the same mistake over and over again. What impresses me so much about them is how it usually takes one time for them to see the error and they'll commit to never making it again. The next 3.5 weeks will ask you to proactively consider systems of educational, personal growth. Are you trying to launch a business? Or improve a relationship? Lock yourself in the self-help section of the nearest book store and get to learning so you don't make ignorant mistakes. Walk in saying "What would you have me learn, Universe?" and the books will fall at your feet like magic. Then treat yourself to the Love Goddess Venus in your zone of intimacy, sexuality, and merging. You've got stamina, Seagoat. So go show it off to the people who deserve and crave it. Since last April, woo woo ideas on spiritual reflection and cosmic surrender were consciously considered by you. Did you learn something about higher wisdom that, when applied appropriately, could uplift particular areas in your circumstances? Nothing wrong with learning the mechanics that explain spirituality and love. You deserve the peace of a virtuous life.


Can you handle the Truth, Aquarius? You're feeling a deeper gravity towards understanding a non-dogmatic approach towards the God of your understanding. You're looking for deep, unabashed honesty that honors life and justice. When it comes to your own self-awareness and of course your relationship with others. Don't be surprised if your libido goes into high gear over the next 3.5 weeks. I mean, bodies don't lie, right? What's your body saying next to your partner's? Pay attention to your body's messages while Venus flies through your zone of meaningful relationship and committed partnership. You're happily independent but you also want to experience romantic adventures with another free spirited soul. Be proactive in your emotional exposure and intentions so you can build the container for a secure relationship. And then demonstrate what you spoke on. Since April, Saturn - Ruler of Integrity, Discipline & Self Development - has asked you to reconsider your politics, philosophies on activism, and group identification. You of all people know the nature of the collaboration determines the outcome. So properly align with your tribe and watch in delight as you all soar to new heights together.


Love is in the air. Or the water. Or wherever you find yourself these days, Pisces. The Universe is supporting your romantic experiences over the next 3.5 weeks in both theory and practice. Meaning, you'll be called to consciously reconsider the ideas/thoughts/theories you hold on relationship practice. Are they supporting or inhibiting you? Are they uplifting or binding your partner(s)? Or are they keeping you looking forward or both stuck in the past? It's time to review so you can call forth new experiences for you and/or your beloveds. Love planet Venus will help beautify your thoughts and your very important relationship to health. You're trying now more than ever to get into healthy practices for your consciousness and your body. Have you felt stalled in your career and professional pursuits since April? Saturn - Planet of Discipline, Integrity & Growth-  has asked you to redefine what you imagine out of your best case professional scenario. Thing big and go after it, Pisces. You're gifted in so many ways so make sure you're actively strengthening those Neptunian gifts for meaningful employment and for your own peace of mind knowing you made a difference with your natural talent and abilities.