August 21-28

Dress rehearsal is over, King & Queens.


Standing by in 3… 2 ...1 -  it’s SHOWTIME. On the Universe’s grand stage this week is the headline event that astrologers have studied for months -  the Great American Solar Eclipse. On Monday August 21st at 2:30pm EST, the Sun will go “dark”, blocked by the Moon, for a grand total of two minutes and forty seconds. Southern States will watch while the Moon completely blocks the Sun. Daytime becomes a deep twilight. And the Sun’s corona shines in the darkened sky. This bottom line of this headliner is a New Moon in Leo. And whenever Leo energy shows up, you could liken its arrival to their ruling luminary -  the Sun - because like our galaxy’s center star, Leo energy is hard to miss. It’s dramatic. It’s glorious. It’s demanding. A dramatic, glorious, demanding chapter in your life story begins now.

For compelling reasons, this Solar Eclipse was researched ad infinitum because it’s the most complete Solar Eclipse in solar totality terms in America since 1979. Particularly in contextualizing the American politics. For my fellow history nerds, I shared my reflections on those connections with The Numinous here if interested in learning more. On the collective scale, this Eclipse is calling in a meaningful responsibility towards understanding a history of America that isn’t whitewashed. There is no mystery behind why American citizens are chained to the wheel of suffering and it’s because America has not admitted mea culpa (Latin for “though my fault”) for its historical crimes committed against humanity since 1492. All students of personal-growth systems know on the personal level that without a strong foundation of thorough accountability, our errors can only repeat themselves. Why would our nation be different? That’s why a President deeply connected to Leo, Aquarius Abraham Lincoln in 1863 wrote, “It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.” 

On the personal level, the Solar Eclipse radiates the same theme. It’ll begin a brand new chapter in your life story. It shall be done. Depending on your rising and sun sign, it will inspire you to own your shadow, admit “mea culpa” in a particular area in your life, and commit to walking with love - shining a new light instead -  so that your new chapter has a rock solid foundation. Remember, the highest monarch isn’t distracted from their personal growth by looking for evidence of guilt in others. The highest monarch recognizes their mistakes and commits to applying the lesson(s) to their life experience for a different outcome. If you take this royal step in righteousness, then you’ll reclaim your power, and ground the entire year in an energy of integrity. Eclipses can bring Eureka! circumstances and moments, for sure; but my intuition is telling me the Great American Solar Eclipse is just an action packed chapter within a larger story that’ll develop a story in your life until 2019. So expand observation to connections - not just singularity -  for the best clues of this glorious story you’re co creating with the Universe. To see what area of your life the Solar Eclipse will activate a new chapter, read more below.


You’re not one to play it small, Aries. Especially when it comes to going after the opportunity or relationship that sets your heart on fire. Your soul is more comfortable when it comes to demonstrating your intention. Action-oriented expressions. This Solar Eclipse is about sharing the words - not only the actions - of your heart and soul. You're going to have to charge passed your fears of risk, uncertainty, rejection, and emotional exposure. You have a story to tell now not just show. Be as equally unapologetic about speaking your heart’s desires not just showing up to make it happen. Use your words beautifully and in authentic service to your highest expression of your personality structure, your hopes, and intentions for romantic relationships.


My favorite bulls love to armor up and check out when conversations get emotionally charged and uncomfortable. No shame, no judgement - you're spiritually responsible to create Venus ruled harmony and emotions are messy. But since all souls are on Earth for love school, the Solar Eclipse wants you to cease stampeding away from discomfort and start swimming in the emotion ocean. This eclipse will help you process emotional intelligence - the ability to say “I feel XY+Z because of 123” on command - and the experiential framework for your maximum emotional security. You will be called to express how you've come to understand your heart centered intelligence and security in divine timing. For now it's an emotional processing phase, let yourself learn from the experiences. But you can't check out. Stay out for maximal learning.


Look who’s talking! Surprise, surprise - it's you Gemini! The entire Universe is bending its ear to listen to what you have to say. The Solar Eclipse will inspire you to take your quicksilver mind to the most meaningful places because now that you have a microphone in your hand, you'll want to make sure you have something of value to contribute to the conversation. On the other side of the coin, you'll want to begin to reframe your thinking about thinking. Have you proactively introduced mental strategies that cultivate your mind to its highest creative possibility? Then don't be surprised if you're tripping on your words or if you're vocally sloppy. Change your mind, change your life. Consider a meditation practice to sharpen those mental and communicative muscles.


“Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything”, Cancer. What principles of self-improvement, relationship ideas, and spiritual themes do you stand for? Your cardinal energy likes to be in many different emotional places at once but this Solar Eclipse is asking you to cling to a value system that will serve your self-actualization. But choose wisely. What values you decide to lay claim in this powerful moment will act like a North Star in your life and they’ll either walk you home or to more confusion. Life doesn't have to be so confusing if you're serious about studying the worldly and otherworldly forces at work in all of our experiences. Knowledge will be magic in your financial and personal wellbeing.


Look up, Leo! The Solar Eclipse is for you, your majesty. What an honor. Reflecting on the last four weeks of your life, I'm sure you can can track prolific changes both personally and interpersonally. Your soul is comfortable with that which is more familiar but the Universe is pushing your royal star in the darkness of the unknown. Let it happen and let it shine. Declare the most loving, high minded interpretations for yourself in service of all living things past, present, and future. And the Universe will align itself in such a way to place your gifts and abilities in reverent service for all people who lean on your life force. And glory will be yours. This will not drain but empower you to own your authority and your divine rulership. 


Inhale love, exhale fear Virgo. By orders of the divine physician! The Solar Eclipse shines its power in your house of self-care, surrender, closure, and self-undoing. When left to your own devices, you're a master self-sabotager. But the Universe wants you to do much better. Declare intentions that strengthen your ability to declare boundaries proactively, to own your no, and to detach from people who are sucking the life force out of you. You might have to step over the bodies, Virgo, but you're not responsible for other people’s misery. Let it all go. If you're looking to strengthen your intuitional capabilities, now is the time to let the Universe know. You can be psychic too, ya know! This is a moment to give the Universe permission to reveal your mystical gifts so that you may serve its plan for the healing of us all.


As the sign of one on one compatibility, you’re revealing your deepest Venusian gifts and showing the world how to participate in meaningful social participation, activism, engagement, and what is responsible for all of us to harness the highest actualization of the collective good. This Solar Eclipse has a spirit of dissent to it. You're looking to: upset the status quo with your better ideas, engage with more enlightened political participation, and seek equality for underrepresented identities. I'm very proud of my Libras for stepping up to the plate, conquering their fears of people pleasing, and advancing circumstances for all. Consider Solar Eclipse intentions then that help you actualize a social value system so you can use it as source material for your social justice movements.


Are you ready to rise, Scorpio? Down girl, not like that. I mean publically. Are you ready to have the Universe have all its eyes on you? You don't have much choice in the matter as this Solar Eclipse is bringing the sunlight to your specific gifts, abilities, and powers so that through collective awareness of them, you'll be called on to exercise authority either at your place of work or in very public ways. Consider intentions for the Solar Eclipse then that will mentally, emotionally prepare you for your cosmic close up. What are you willing to offer to help advance the world? Don't play it small. You're so Plutonian powerful and the world needs Scorpios who have one hand on the big Truth and the other on their glory.


It’s back to school time, Sagittarius! Good thing your happy place is in the classroom. Your intellectually gifted mind is always ready to devour more philosophy, lessons, culture, and wisdom. Now is an opportune moment to declare Solar Eclipse intentions that help put the right reference material in your grasp so your life could be lifted to its highest creative possibility. If higher education is out of the question, then maybe it's not a professor but a publisher who needs to talk to you. Polish off your manuscripts. Have your work reviewed and edited by close confidants who can help you get your story out there with superb quality. Don't play it small, Sag. You've been working so hard on your philosophical structures since 2014 and now’s the time to share what you learned.


Long gone are the days of superficial, meaningless interactions with people. You're looking for connection built to last. Not counterfeit connection for you, Capricorn. This Solar Eclipse will have you reviewing the commitment values you're looking for in a partner. Since the causal ones are behind you, be very specific in your mind’s eye on the kind of relationship sanctuary you'd need to feel the safest. To feel like you can share the bounty you've worked hard so far with someone else who has earned it. You're not feeling like you want to be a loner anymore so make sure you land on the kind of values, ideas, and expressions of loyalty, commitment, and trust that would make you feel like you can be deeply seen and heard in the company of that person.


“It’s a love story, baby / just say ‘yes’.” How lucky you are to have a Solar Eclipse in your relationship zone, Aquarius! Singled? Never fear. This transit will have the infinitely powerful Universe pouring all its energy into the water bearer’s cup for love. Be very clear, and specific about not just what you want from love but what you're willing to give to them, too. If you're coupled, expect a deepening of intimacy and bonding with the lucky soul or the complete opposite - a conscious break up. Eclipses are checkpoints. That which do not serve us, do not pass with us. The next year and half will serve up all the cosmic stories for your relationship with relationships so keep your heart open and your thoughts high so you can show up to those loving experiences in Aquarian excellence.


You know how the airplane safety demonstrations inform us to put on the oxygen mask first before assisting others? This Solar Eclipse is asking you to make sure you can breathe first before you run off trying to give someone CPR. You're everyone’s favorite friend in a time of crisis and emotional trauma because your healing powers are a gift. But you need to be nourished before you become just another self sacrificing Pisces cliche. Use this life affirming, powerful, glory claiming Solar Eclipse to declare your intentions for self-care, wellness, protection, and health. Cut the bad habits. Starve them if you must. Do not cling to thoughts, emotions, people, or behavior that give you dysfunction. Pick up a better habit. Whatever just came to mind is where you need to start; exercise, meditation, clean eating, journaling, professional counseling, etc. You need to be the strongest, best version of yourself to save the world, Pisces.