August 14-20th

We're not out of the woods just yet, Stargazers. As you hopefully know by know, Messenger Planet Mercury is officially Retrograde in careful, calculating Virgo until September 5th. Now since these transits - even the witch hunted Mercury Retrograde - are here to help our soul’s curriculum, this mental recalibration will allow us all to stay put in a careful, more calculated interior space of understanding. Non-reactivity is the name of the game! My Mercury RX mantra is a resounding “Could I be mistaken?” Last week's Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and/or the entirety of fixed fire Leo Season is summoning life altering circumstances, situations, and events from its flames. Hello, Eclipse Season '17! Now that the frantic and dysfunctional speed of modernity has an emergency brake on it, we can process the lessons that have has come up for us over the last 2.5 weeks and consider high minded strategies to align ourselves with the most loving response during Mercury RX.

Interpersonally, as my Scorpio Astrology Hero contextualized, Mercury RX asks us to follow The 4 Agreements. Written by a Virgo Don Miguel Ruiz, they're the perfect answer for the complicated energy. As Ruiz's interpretation of ancient Toltec wisdom states: 1) Don't Make Assumptions 2) Be Impeccable With Your Word 3) Do Your Best and 3) Don't Take Anything Personally. With proper implementation of these principles from your mind to your heart, you'll set yourself free from such unnecessary suffering. Because what the RX energy forces us all to remember is that we are not the ones in charge here. There's a cosmic force, a natural powerful intelligence that knows more than we do so we'd be wise to stay in our lane and pay attention.

Looking at the current state of events particularly in Charlottesville, I think Mercury RX is unearthing what we ignore. There is no doubt that the United States was built on the African Slave Trade and the belief of White "Supremacy". So now that White America is being confronted with its ugly history, we must do our part to reckon with it.  

You'll want to strengthen your attitudinal and emotional muscles while Love Goddess Venus enters a lover's quarrel with Pluto first on Tuesday August 15th. Venus is currently committed to Cancer in this transit. Whose bottom line is emotional security, loyal protection, and a traditional reverence for family, mother figures, and the hearth. In a fight with Venus’ opposite sign - Pluto In Capricorn - the deepest question Venus in Cancer will ask us is: are my closest relationships actually keeping me emotionally secure? Is my highest-self or is my ego safe in this relationship? Am I asking other people to serve my needs as I define them? Careful when it comes to “need”. Your partner isn't your pain reliever. Generally speaking, whatever thoughts give you pain is your responsibility to clean. Again, always look to what your experience is telling you; not just your belief. If your relationship experience is textured with primarily pain, discomfort, and confusion - then new beliefs would be the primary solution to manifest new experience. This opposition will tear down false belief when it comes to romantic connection. Let them fall and let new understanding and experience in your heart instead.

Only two days later, Venus squares up (literally!) with Jupiter in Libra. Short term confusion and experiences with boundaries could be in arm's reach. A clash of context between excess grandiosity and security. My intuition is telling me that this will be a "Love Says No" benchmark. There's a loving way to tell people no. It's delicate but you can do it. And you can lovingly say no without explanation or apology. Remember, thinking and acting with love doesn't make you a pushover. It gives you more spine to own your no, to own your boundaries, and proactively draw the line in the sand so people can behave properly around you. The Universe loves radical responsibility especially when we take responsibility for what behavior we will and won't allow in our relationships.

This energy will carry until Sunday when a helpful, innovate transit inspires us to break away from the restricting behavior and lay claim to our personal agency and control. Since the weekdays were spent exploring potential blind spots and boundary issues in our closest relationships, Sunday offers us breakthroughs and ah-ha! moments that we can apply to this relationship dynamics under review by the Universe. Alcoholics Anonymous teaches us "Every problem comes bearing a solution." Native American spiritual wisdom teaches that there is always an antidote in the forest close by to any poison . To find your medicine, to find your solution - first remember that no problem is unsolvable when you lean on divine intelligence. Own that Truth and the Universe will take you into the soul of the forest and right to your miraculous innovate answer.